Belarus - List of Champions

Year   Champions                 Runners-Up               Third
before independence (as part of Russian Empire)
1911     none - city championships in Gomel and Mogilev

before independence (as Belarussian SSR)
1922   Minsk (city team)         Bobruisk (city team)     -

1924   Minsk (city team)         Vitebsk (city team)      -

1926   Bobruisk (city team)      Orsha (city team)        -

1928   Gomel (city team)         Polotsk (city team)      -

1933   Gomel (city team)  
1934   BVO (Minsk)               Dinamo (Minsk)           -
1935   BVO (Minsk)               Dinamo (Minsk)           Spartak (Minsk)
1936   BVO (Minsk)               Vitebsk (city team)      Bobruisk (city team)
1937   Dinamo (Minsk)            Spartak (Minsk)          -
1938   Dinamo (Minsk)            Spartak (Minsk)          KIM (Vitebesk)
1939   Dinamo (Minsk)            Dinamo (Vitebsk)         Spartak (Minsk)
1940   DKA (Minsk)               Voshod (Minsk)           Dinamo (Minsk)

1945   Dinamo (Minsk)            Dinamo (Brest)           Dinamo (Grodno)
1946   ODO (Minsk)               Dinamo (Minsk)           Spartak (Bobruisk)
1947   Torpedo (Minsk)           Spartak (Bobruisk)       Dinamo (Minsk)
1948   Traktor MTZ (Minsk)       Lokomotiv (Gomel)        Spartak (Bobruisk)
1949   Torpedo MTZ (Minsk)       Spartak (Bobruisk)       Dinamo (Molodechno)
1950   ODO (Minsk)               Torpedo (Minsk)          Spartak (Bobruisk)
1951   Dinamo (Minsk)            ODO (Minsk)              Spartak (Minsk)
1952   ODO (Minsk)               Dinamo (Minsk)           Spartak (Minsk)
1953   Spartak (Minsk)           Iskra SKIF (Minsk)       Dinamo (Pinsk)
1954   ODO (Pinsk)               Torpedo (Vitebsk)        ODO (Minsk)
1955   FSM (Minsk)               Zavod Molotova (Minsk)   Dinamo (Volkovysk)
1956   Spartak (Minsk)           Gomel (region team)      Mogilev (region team)
1957   Sputnik (Minsk)           Bobruisk                 Volkovysk
1958   Spartak (Bobruisk)        Krasnoye Znamya-1(Minsk) Gomel (region team)
1959   Minsk (city team)         Grodno (region team)     Molodechno (region team)
1960   Sputnik (Minsk)           Metallurg (Mogilev)      ODO (Pinsk)
1961   Volna (Pinsk)             Spartak (Molodechno)     Sputnik (Minsk)
1962   Torpedo (Minsk)           Spartak (Molodechno)     Sputnik (Minsk)
1963   Naroch' (Molodechno)      Torpedo (Minsk)          Lokomotiv (Brest)
1964   SKA (Minsk)               Gvardeets (Minsk)        Volna (Pinsk)
1965   SKA (Minsk)               Himik (Grodno)           Naroch' (Molodechno)
1966   Torpedo (Minsk)           Sputnik (Minsk)          SKA (Minsk)
1967   Torpedo (Minsk)           Sputnik (Minsk)          Himik (Grodno)
1968   Sputnik (Minsk)           Torpedo (Minsk)          Metallurg (Mogilev)
1969   Torpedo (Minsk)           Impul's (Brest)          Gvardeets (Minsk)
1970   Torpedo (Zhodino)         Sputnik (Minsk)          Stroitel' (Bobruisk)
1971   Torpedo (Zhodino)         Stroitel' (Bobruisk)     Impul's (Brest)
1972   Stroitel' (Bobruisk)      Torpedo (Zhodino)        Torpedo (Minsk)
1973   Stroitel' (Bobruisk)      Sputnik (Minsk)          Motor (Minsk)
1974   BATE (Borisov)            Motor (Minsk)            SKA (Minsk)
1975   Dinamo (Minsk)            Stroitel' (Bobruisk)     Torpedo (Zhodino)
1976   BATE (Borisov)            Berezina (Bobruisk)      Torpedo (Minsk)
1977   Sputnik (Minsk)           Dinamo II (Minsk)        Burevestnik (Minsk)
1978   Shinnik (Bobruisk)        BATE (Borisov)           Temp (Orsha)
1979   BATE (Borisov)            Burevestnik (Minsk)      Torpedo (Mogilev)
1980   Torpedo (Zhodino)         Shinnik (Bobruisk)       Burevestnik (Minsk)
1981   Torpedo (Zhodino)         Impul's (Brest)          Metallist (Molodechno)
1982   Torpedo (Mogilev)         Burevestnik (Minsk)      Torpedo (Zhodino)
1983   Obuvschik (Lida)          Torpedo (Minsk)          Orbita (Minsk)
1984   Orbita (Minsk)            Torpedo (Mogilev)        Traktor (Minsk)
1985   Obuvschik (Lida)          Torpedo (Zhodino)        Traktor (Minsk)
1986   Obuvschik (Lida)          Shinnik (Bobruisk)       Sputnik (Minsk)
1987   Shinnik (Bobruisk)        Sputnik (Minsk)          Obuvschik (Lida)
1988   Sputnik (Minsk)           Shahter (Soligorsk)      Obuvschik (Lida)
1989   Obuvschik (Lida)          Sputnik (Minsk)          Shahter (Soligorsk)
1990   Sputnik (Minsk)           Shahter (Soligorsk)      Torpedo (Minsk)
1991   Metallurg (Molodechno)    Torpedo (Mogilev)        SKB (Vitebsk)

as independent championship
1992   Dynama (Minsk)            Dnyapro (Mahilyou)       Dynama (Brest)
1993   Dynama (Minsk)            KIM (Vitsebsk)           Belarus (Minsk)
1994   Dynama (Minsk)            Dynama-93 (Minsk)        KIM (Vitsebsk)
1995a  Dynama (Minsk)            Dvina (Vitsebsk)         Dynama-93 (Minsk)
1995b  Dynama (Minsk)            MPKC (Mazyr)             Dynama-93 (Minsk)
1996   MPKC (Mazyr)              Dynama (Minsk)           BelShyna (Babruisk)
1997   Dynama (Minsk)            BelShyna (Babruisk)      Lakamatyu-96 (Vitsebsk)
1998   Dnyapro-Tr. (Mahilyou)    BATE (Barysau)           BelShyna (Babruisk)   
1999   BATE (Barysau)            Slavia (Mazyr)           FK Homel
2000   Slavia (Mazyr)            BATE (Barysau)           Dynama (Minsk) 
2001   BelShyna (Babruisk)       Dynama (Minsk)           BATE (Barysau)       
2002   BATE (Barysau)            Nioman (Hrodna)          Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2003   FK Homel                  BATE (Barysau)           Dynama (Minsk)  
2004   Dynama (Minsk)            BATE (Barysau)           Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2005   Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)    Dynama (Minsk)           MTZ-RIPA (Minsk)
2006   BATE (Barysau)            Dynama (Minsk)           Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2007   BATE (Barysau)            FK Homel                 Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)  
2008   BATE (Barysau)            Dynama (Minsk)           MTZ-RIPA (Minsk)
2009   BATE (Barysau)            Dynama (Minsk)           Dnyapro (Mahilyou)
2010   BATE (Barysau)            Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)   FK Minsk
2011   BATE (Barysau)            Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)   FK Homel           
2012   BATE (Barysau)            Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)   Dynama (Minsk)    
2013   BATE (Barysau)            Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)   Dynama (Minsk)    
2014   BATE (Barysau)            Dynama (Minsk)           Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2015   BATE (Barysau)            Dynama (Minsk)           Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2016   BATE (Barysau)            Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)   Dynama (Minsk)   
2017   BATE (Barysau)            Dynama (Minsk)           Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2018   BATE (Barysau)            Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)   Dynama (Minsk)   
2019   Dynama-Brest (Brest)      BATE (Barysau)           Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)
2020   Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)    BATE (Barysau)           Tarpeda-BelAZ (Zhodzina)
2021   Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)    BATE (Barysau)           Dynama (Minsk) 
2022   Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk)    Enierhietyk-BDU (Minsk)  BATE (Barysau) 
2023   Dynama (Minsk)            Nioman (Hrodna)          Tarpeda-BelAZ (Zhodzina)

NB: the top-2 finishers of the 2022 season were both found guilty of match fixing and the
    championship title of Shakhtsyor was revoked

Number of Championships since Independence (32):

15 BATE (Barysau)

 8 Dynama (Minsk)     

 3 Shakhtsyor (Salihorsk) [2022 title revoked due to match fixing scandal]

 2 Slavia (Mazyr) [includes MPKC]

 1 BelShyna (Babruisk)  
   Dnyapro-Transmash (Mahilyou) 
   Dynama-Brest (Brest)
   FK Homel

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