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The first championship of Curaçao was organised in 1921, the year in which the C.V.B. was founded. Football organisations were founded on Aruba in 1932 (A.V.B.) and on Bonaire in 1960 (B.V.B., after two earlier, short-lived attempts in the 1930s and 1950s).

On 20 December 1941, the federations of Aruba and Curaçao formed the N.A.V.B. (Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Bond) which made two attempts to organise a match between the champions of both islands to determine the champions of the Dutch Antilles: on 24 May 1942 between S.U.B.T. and R.C.A. and on 29 July 1944 between Jong Holland and Hollandia. The first attempt failed when S.U.B.T. withdrew due to a conflict with the C.V.B. (instead Curaçao runners-up Jong Holland played and defeated R.C.A.), the second when Jong Holland withdrew, also due to a conflict with the C.V.B. (instead representative teams of Curaçao and Aruba played each other; Jong Holland had beaten Hollandia 3-0 two weeks earlier, on 16 July on the occasion of the silver jubilee of the club).
An unofficial attempt in 1941 (before the official foundation of the N.A.V.B.) had been more successful, with Curaçao champions Jong Holland defeating their Aruban counterparts R.C.A. 5-2 on 16 March 1941 to claim a trophy offered by Ed. H. Raghunath. In 1943, between the two attempts by the N.A.V.B., Curaçao champions Independiente and runners-up S.U.B.T. both played Aruban champions R.C.A. in the Easter weekend, but these matches, organised by the C.V.B., were not official either. On 25 April 1943, R.C.A. beat Independiente 4-1.

The N.A.V.B. also organised a 4-nations tournament in Willemstad in April 1944 involving both Aruba and Curaçao as well as Haiti and Venezuela.
At its foundation, the F.I.F.A. membership of the C.V.B. (dating back to 1932) was transferred to the N.A.V.B. However, after the end of World War II this transfer was rejected by the F.I.F.A., upon which the N.A.V.B. was dissolved in 1946 and F.I.F.A. membership returned to the C.V.B. In the same year, the A.V.B. unsuccessfully applied for F.I.F.A. membership (eventually, Aruba would join F.I.F.A. in 1988, after having been granted a status aparte within the Kingdom of the Netherlands in 1986).

In 1956 a request by the C.V.B. to the A.V.B. to organise an Antillian championship in Oranjestad failed due to disagreements on dates. Eventually, after discussions dating back to 1954, the N.A.V.U. (Nederlands Antilliaanse Voetbal Unie) was founded on 5 September 1958 by the A.V.B. and C.V.B. In 1960, it organised a playoff for the championship of the Dutch Antilles between the top-2 clubs of Curaçao and Aruba playing a double round robin in three weeks. The first ten editions of the N.A.V.U. championship (the Kopa Antiano, also occurring in many alternative spellings with Kopa spelled Copa and Antiano as Antijano, Antillano, Antilliano or Antiyano, with occasional appearances of the feminine form of the adjective, in contemporary newspapers), from 1960 up to and including 1970 were all held in the same format.
The B.V.B. joined the N.A.V.U. on 4 August 1963, and after several earlier requests the Bonaire champions (but not the runners-up) were admitted to the 1972 edition (the Bonaire runners-up were not admitted until the 1977/78 edition). The Aruban clubs ceased to enter after the island obtained the status aparte in 1986. Due to an administrative reorganisation of the islands, which led to the F.F.K. (Federashon Futbol Korsou, the Papiamentu translation of C.V.B.) obtaining F.I.F.A. membership instead of the defunct N.A.V.U., the tournament involving the top-2 of Bonaire and Curaçao was discontinued after the 2010 edition. In fact, three of the last eight editions held had only included two clubs from Curaçao anyway, as Bonaire failed to have its championship finished in time.

In 2018, the tournament was revived as Kopa ABC, a knock-out competition between the champions and runners-up of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

Note that the federations on the Bovenwindse Eilanden Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten never joined the N.A.V.U. (no organised football was ever played on Saba). The N.A.V.U. was always restricted to the three Benedenwindse Eilanden Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao.

Season  Champions                              Runners-Up

1941    Jong Holland (Willemstad)          5-2 R.C.A. (Oranjestad) [Aruba]        [0]
1942    Jong Holland (Willemstad)          4-3 R.C.A. (Oranjestad) [Aruba]        [1]
1944      cancelled
1960    Jong Holland (Willemstad)              S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)
1961    Sithoc (Mahuma)                        R.C.A. (Oranjestad) [Aruba]
1962    Sithoc (Mahuma)                        Dakota (Oranjestad) [Aruba]
1963    Veendam                                  not determined
1964      not held
1965    R.C.A. (Oranjestad) [Aruba]            Jong Holland (Willemstad) 
1966    Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)              Veendam
1967    Scherpenheuvel                         Jong Colombia (Boca Samí) 
1968    Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)              Estrella (Santa Cruz) [Aruba]
1969    S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)                  Estrella (Santa Cruz) [Aruba]
1970    Estrella (Santa Cruz) [Aruba]          Dakota (Oranjestad) [Aruba]
1971      not held
1972    Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)              S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)
1973      not held
1974    Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)              Real (Rincon) [Bonaire]
1975/76 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)              S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)              [2]
1976/77 Jong Holland (Willemstad)              Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)          [3]
1977/78 Jong Holland (Willemstad)      1-0 2-2 R.C.A. (Oranjestad) [Aruba]
1978/79 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)      0-1 2-0 Jong Holland (Willemstad) 
1979/80 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)      1-0 0-0 S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)                  
1980/81 S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)          1-1 6-3 Sithoc (Mahuma)
1981/82 Jong Holland (Willemstad)      1-1 4-1 S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)
1982/83 S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)          2-1 2-1 Dakota (Oranjestad) [Aruba]
1983    S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)          6-2 1-0 Victory Boys (Zapateer)
1984    S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)                  Jong Holland (Willemstad)
1985    Undeba (Banda Abou)            2-1 3-2 Juventus (Antriol) [Bonaire]   
1986    Victory Boys (Zapateer)        1-0 0-0 Sithoc (Mahuma)
1987    Undeba (Banda Abou)        1-1 2-2 2-0 Centro Dominguito
1988/89 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)      4-2 3-2 Juventus (Antriol) [Bonaire]
1989/90 Undeba (Banda Abou)            1-0 1-0 Sithoc (Mahuma)                    [*]
1990/91 Sithoc (Mahuma)                        S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)              [*]
1991    Sithoc (Mahuma)            2-1 0-1 2-0 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)      
1992    Sithoc (Mahuma)                1-1 2-1 Juventus (Antriol) [Bonaire]       [2nd leg aet]
1993    Sithoc (Mahuma)                    3-0 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)       
1994    Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)          2-1 Sithoc (Mahuma) 
1995/96 Sithoc (Mahuma)                    1-0 Centro Dominguito
1996/97 Undeba (Banda Abou)            1-1 2-0 Real Rincon (Rincon) [Bonaire]
1997    Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)          2-1 Undeba (Banda Abou)                [asdet] 
1998      not held
1998/99 Sithoc (Mahuma)                    0-0 Jong Holland (Willemstad)          [asdet, 3-2 pen]
2000      not held
2000/01 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)          3-0 Juventus (Antriol) [Bonaire]   
2001/02 Centro Barber                      1-0 S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)              [aet]
2002/03 Centro Barber                      2-1 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)          [*]
2003/04 Centro Barber                      2-0 Victory Boys (Zapateer)
2004/05 Centro Barber                      2-1 Victory Boys (Zapateer)
2005/06 Centro Barber                      2-1 Undeba (Banda Abou)                [*]
2006/07 Centro Barber                      4-2 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí) 
2007/08 Centro Barber                      1-0 Juventus (Antriol) [Bonaire]
2009    Hubentut Fortuna (Seru Fortuna)    4-2 Centro Barber                      [*]
2009/10 Centro Barber                      2-0 Real (Rincon) [Bonaire]

NB: all clubs from Curaçao unless indicated otherwise

[0] unofficial edition, in which the two island champions played for a trophy
    offered by Ed. H. Raghunath in a match organised by the C.V.B.
[1] Jong Holland (runners-up of Curaçao) replaced champions S.U.B.T.
    who withdrew due to a conflict with the C.V.B.
[2] both participants from Aruba (Dakota and Estrella) withdrew from the 
    tournament on 2 December 1975, leaving only S.U.B.T., Jong Colombia and
    Estrellas (Bonaire) as participants.
[3] during the 1976/77 tournament, four of the five participants withdrew in 
    protest to various aspects of the organisation: first both Aruba entrants
    (Dakota and Estrella), then Bonaire champions Juventus, and finally Jong
    Colombia, giving Jong Holland the title in spite of having lost three of 
    the four matches they played.
[*] the 1989/90, 1990/91, 2002/03, 2005/06 and 2009 editions had no entrants
    from Bonaire; thus, the eventual champions and runners-up, both from 
    Curaçao, were the only entrants.

Number of Wins (47)

N.B.: includes N.A.V.B. title 1942 for Jong Holland, but not the 1941 unofficial edition.

11 Jong Colombia (Boca Samí)             [Curaçao]

 8 Centro Barber                         [Curaçao]
   Sithoc (Mahuma)                       [Curaçao]

 5 Jong Holland (Willemstad)             [Curaçao]
   S.U.B.T. (Willemstad)                 [Curaçao]

 4 Undeba (Banda Abou)                   [Curaçao] 

 1 Scherpenheuvel                        [Curaçao] 
   Estrella (Santa Cruz)                 [Aruba]
   Hubentut Fortuna (Seru Fortuna)       [Curaçao]
   R.C.A. (Oranjestad)                   [Aruba] 
   Veendam                               [Curaçao]
   Victory Boys (Zapateer)               [Curaçao]

champions of Aruba

champions of Bonaire

champions of Curaçao

champions of Sint Eustatius

champions of Sint Maarten

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