Sint Eustatius - Football History

A (first?) league was started on Sint Eustatius (better known as Statia or Statius locally) in June 1980, with the participation of three clubs. Of these, Golden Eagles were by far the most active in the following half-decade, making trips to Saint Thomas (October 1981), Aruba (April 1982 and April 1983) and the three Benedenwindse Eilanden (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) in November 1984. They also organised visits to Sint Eustatius of Aruban teams (police side P.O.V.A. in November 1982 and customs team Douane at the end of 1983). In August 1982, Sparta from Sint Maarten visited the island.
A football federation for the island, the Statia Football Association, is documented for 1984 but presumably was already founded on the occasion of the first known league in 1980. Nothing is known of football activities after 1984, apart from a match between a local side and a team from visiting ship "Van Nes" on 25 June 1986, the locals winning 5-1.


1980      not known
1981      not known
1982      not known
1983    Golden Eagles
1984    Golden Eagles



Participants (3):
Golden Eagles
Golden Stars
Peps Monks

First Match [Jun 15]
Golden Eagles       3-1 Golden Stars

No further data available.



Participants (3):
Golden Eagles
Shell Superstars

First Match [Oct ?]
Aswad               3-0 Shell Superstars

NB: teams to play each other 4 times


NB: tournament held on Statia-day (16 November).

Semifinals [Nov 16]
Aswad               7-0 Lion Club
  [Alfonso Arnaud (3), Robert Redan (2), Julian Bass, Carl Houtman]
Golden Eagles       2-0 Shell Superstars
  [Reginald Dambrook, Winston Brown]

Final [Nov 16]
Golden Eagles       2-0 Aswad
  [Reginald Dambrook, Winston Brown]


Golden Eagles visited Saint Thomas in October 1981; no forther data available.



Golden Eagles visited Aruba in April 1982, playing two matches.

[Apr 23]
P.O.V.A.            5-1 Golden Eagles
[Apr 24]
Eilandsontvanger     -  Golden Eagles

NB: Eilandsontvanger (presumably a customs side) were champions of the
    governmental league on Aruba, P.O.V.A. (police) its runners-up.

Sparta (Sint Maarten) visited Sint Eustatius in August, playing two matches
against an island selection.

Statia XI           1-4 Sparta
Statia XI           1-5 Sparta

P.O.V.A. (police side on Aruba, see above) visited Sint Eustatius on
invitation of Golden Eagles, playing three matches.

[Nov 14]
Golden Eagles       0-3 P.O.V.A.
[Nov 15]
Radiy               1-1 P.O.V.A.
[Nov 16]
Aswad               1-7 P.O.V.A.



Top Final Standings:

 1.Golden Eagles

NB: Raddics are presumably identical to the team reportedly called Radiy in 1982.


Golden Eagles visited Aruba in April 1983, playing three matches (results not known).

[Apr 14]
P.O.V.A.             -  Golden Eagles
[Apr 15]
Douane               -  Golden Eagles
[Apr 16]
Lago XI              -  Golden Eagles

Douane were to make a return visit to Sint Eustatius later in 1983.



NB: organised by the Statia Football Association

Participants (3):
Golden Eagles
Statia Terminal

First Match [Aug 7]
Golden Eagles       2-1 Raddics

Champions: Golden Eagles.


Golden Eagles made a trip to Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao in November 1984.

Matches on Aruba
[Nov 16]
Dakota               -  Golden Eagles     
[Nov 17]
Universal            -  Golden Eagles     
Lago                 -  Golden Eagles  
D.O.W.               -  Golden Eagles  
Brandweer            -  Golden Eagles   

champions of Dutch Antilles

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