Gouverneur Brons Trofee (Paramaribo) 1944

Triangular tournament in Paramaribo between the 3 Dutch West Indian federations, played as a double round robin. The second match between the hosts and Curaçao, played on Koninginnedag (August 31, the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina) also was played for the Gouverneur van Slobbe Beker.
25- 8-1944 Surinam   1-2 Curaçao
             [SUR: Knel; Patton, Lieuw On; Babb, Leeuwin, Babel;
                   Belgrave, Nelom, Samson, De Clerq, Spier;
              CUR: Grovell; J.Pieters, Confesor; Pieters, Mercera, Korps;
                   Heiliger, Suárez, F.Jansen, Jansen, Bernabela]

27- 8-1944 Surinam   5-0 Aruba    
             [Reader 1-0, Samson 2-0, Belgrave 3-0, Nelom (pen) 4-0, Samson 5-0; half-time 3-0]
             [SUR: Knel; Zwakke, Lieuw On; Babel, Patton, Babb;
                   Nelom, Belgrave, Samson, Reader, Spier;
              ARU: Franken; Julia, Quant; Orman, Wout, Kelly;
                   Tromp, Aparicio, Kelkboom, Kemp, Paulina]

29- 8-1944 Curaçao   2-1 Aruba    
             [5' F.Jansen 1-0, Paulina 1-1, Juliana 2-1; half-time 1-0]

31- 8-1944 Surinam   0-2 Curaçao
             [Juliana, Bernabela; half-time 0-2]
             [due to their win in this match, Curaçao won the Gouverneur van Slobbe Beker;
              as it also secured Curaçao first place in the tournament, they also made sure
              of the Gouverneur Brons Trofee]

 3- 9-1944 Curaçao   5-1 Aruba
             [Chirino 0-1, F.Jansen 1-1, F.Jansen 2-1, F.Jansen 3-1, Hernandez 4-1,
              Juliana 5-1; half-time 0-1]

 5- 9-1944 Surinam   2-3 Aruba 

Final Table:

 1.Curaçao    4   4  0  0  11- 3   8 
 2.Surinam    4   1  0  3   8- 7   2 
 3.Aruba      4   1  0  3   5-14   2 

Practice Matches Curaçao vs Aruba

NB: prior to departing for Paramaribo, Aruba and Curaçao played two practice matches
    in Willemstad:

29- 7-1944 Curaçao   2-4 Aruba
             [1' Kelkboom 0-1, 2' Tromp 0-2, Kemp 0-3, N.N. 0-4, Berkenveld 1-4,
              Pardo 2-4; half-time: 0-2 (2x40 min)]
             [CUR: Nepomuceno; Korps, Da Costa Gomez; Eduarda, Mercera, Hernandez
                   (41' Rosario); Heiliger, Boyé, Juliana, Pardo, Berkenveld;
              ARU: Reyes; Julia, H.Kelkboom; Orman, Wout, Kelly;
                   Tromp, Aparicio (41' NN), F.Kelkboom, Kemp, Paulina] 
             [ref: Zonruiter]

30- 7-1944 Curaçao   2-3 Aruba
             [Wout 0-1, Kemp 0-2, Wout (pen) 0-3, Heiliger 1-3, Rosario 2-3;
              half-time: 0-2]
             [CUR: Nepomuceno; Pietersz, Confesor; Rosario, Mercera, Korps;
                   Heiliger, Hernandez, Juliana, Felicia, Berkenveld;
              ARU: Reyes; Julia, H.Kelkboom; Orman, Wout, Kelly;
                   Tromp, Aparicio, F.Kelkboom, Kemp, Paulina] 

NB: the first match was played in lieu of the match for the championship of the N.A.V.B.
    scheduled for July 29 in Willemstad between the champions of Curaçao (Jong Holland) and
    Aruba (Hollandia), which was cancelled due to a conflict between Jong Holland and the C.V.B.
    Jong Holland players Eduarda, Boyé and Pardo refused to play in the second match.

Other Matches in Paramaribo

While in Surinam, Aruba and Curaçao also played matches against a Surinam B-side:

23- 8-1944 Surinam B 2-2 Curaçao  [HT: 1-0]
 1- 9-1944 Surinam B 2-3 Aruba
 7- 9-1944 Surinam B 1-6 Aruba

NB: Surinam B were also referred to as "Zwaluw".


  Gregorio Franken, Mateo Reyes; Jossy Quant, Hendrik Kelkboom, Pablo Julia;
  Emile Orman, Martinus Wout, Daniel Kelly; Tommy Tromp, Rosendo Aparicio,
  Frans Kelkboom, Angel Chirino, Charles Becker, A. Paulina, Raimundo "Mundo" Kemp,
  Selin Fingal   

  Grovell; Jossy M. Pietersz, Edmundo Confesor, Wilfred "Willie" Korps, Looi Mercera,
  M. Davelaar, Willys Heiligher, Federico "Dagadan" Jansen, Jossy Suárez, 
  Mario "Camaco" Jansen, L. Berkenveld, Ch. Salcedo, F. da Costa Gomez, E.A. Pietersz,
  Reinaldo "Shon Arei" Bernabela, Maximiliano "Chan" Juliana, Mario Hernandez 
  NB: Berkenveld did not play any match in the official tournament as he was a Surinam
      citizen, but he was available for other matches

  Knel, Rack; Zwakke, Patton, Lieuw On; Babb, Leeuwin, Babel, Echteld, MacDonald,
  Brasdorp; Nelom, Belgrave, Samson, Spier, Reader, De Clerq, Van Dams, De Meza, Fokké

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