(North) Macedonia - List of Champions

See partial list of final tables 1945-1992 See list of final tables 1992-1998

Before World War II, the Macedonian title was decided in a regional league (Skopje podsavez) mostly featuring Skopje clubs, whose winners gained access to national playoffs or promotion tournaments to the national league which was held occasionally. During the second world war, the territory was incorporated in Bulgaria for a few years. After the war, and until the break-up of Yugoslavia, the Macedonian championship was played for in a regional league without the presence of the clubs representing the republic at the national level (in particular Vardar Skopje).

Note that the country was renamed North Macedonia on 12 Feb 2019.

as part of the Kingdom of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
1927    SK Bitola     [later renamed Pelister]
1928      season not finished
1929    Pobeda Skopje
as part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1930      not awarded [Jug Skopje, SSK Skopje and Sparta Skopje finished equal on points]
1931      season not finished
1932    SSK Skopje    [runners-up: Gragjanski Skopje]
1933    SSK Skopje
1934    SSK Skopje
1935      season not finished
1936    Gragjanski Skopje
1937      season not finished
1938    Gragjanski Skopje
1939    Gragjanski Skopje
1940    SSK Skopje
1941    SSK Skopje
as part of Bulgaria
1942    Makedonija Skopje
1943    ZhSK Skopje
1944    ZhSK Skopje
as part of the Yugoslav federal republic
1944/45 Makedonija Skopje
1945/46 Pobeda Skopje
1946/47 Makedonija Skopje
1947/48 Dinamo Skopje
1948/49 11 Oktomvri Kumanovo
1949/50 Rabotnik Bitola
1950/51 Rabotnik Bitola
1951/52 Pobeda Prilep
1952/53 Rabotnički Skopje
1953/54 Pobeda Prilep
1954/55 Metalec Skopje
1955/56 Belasica Strumica
1956/57 Pelister Bitola
1957/58 Belasica Strumica
1958/59 Pobeda Prilep
1959/60 Pelister Bitola
1960/61 Pelister Bitola
1961/62 Pobeda Prilep
1962/63 Pobeda Prilep
1963/64  Bregalnica Štip
1964/65 Teteks Tetovo
1965/66 Rabotnički Skopje
1966/67 Bregalnica Štip
1967/68 Rabotnički Skopje
1968/69 Teteks Tetovo
1969/70 Metalska Industrija Kale Skopje
1970/71 Kumanovo
1971/72 Tikveš Kavadarci
1972/73 Rabotnički Skopje
1973/74 Teteks Tetovo
1974/75 Pelister Bitola
1975/76 Bregalnica Štip
1976/77 Rabotnički Skopje
1977/78 Tikveš Kavadarci
1978/79 Pobeda Prilep
1979/80 Rabotnički Skopje
1980/81 Pobeda Prilep
1981/82 Pelister Bitola
1982/83 Belasica Strumica
1983/84 Bregalnica Štip
1984/85 Teteks Tetovo
1985/86 Pobeda Prilep
1986/87 Metalurg Skopje
1987/88 Belasica Strumica
1988/89 Borec Titov Veles
1989/90 Balkan Skopje
1990/91 Makedonija Gjorče Petrov Skopje
1991/92 Sasa Makadonska Kamenica
Since independence
1992/93 Vardar Skopje
1993/94 Vardar Skopje
1994/95 Vardar Skopje
1995/96 Sileks Kratovo
1996/97 Sileks Kratovo
1997/98 Sileks Kratovo
1998/99 Sloga Jugomagnat Skopje
1999/00 Sloga Jugomagnat Skopje
2000/01 Sloga Jugomagnat Skopje
2001/02 Vardar Skopje
2002/03 Vardar Skopje
2003/04 Pobeda Prilep
2004/05 Rabotnički Kometal Skopje
2005/06 Rabotnički Kometal Skopje
2006/07 Pobeda Prilep
2007/08 Rabotnički Kometal Skopje
2008/09 Makedonija Gjorče Petrov Skopje
2009/10 Renova Čepčište
2010/11 Shkëndija Tetovo   
2011/12 Vardar Skopje
2012/13 Vardar Skopje
2013/14 Rabotnički Skopje
2014/15 Vardar Skopje
2015/16 Vardar Skopje
2016/17 Vardar Skopje
2017/18 Shkëndija Tetovo   
2018/19 Shkëndija Tetovo   
2019/20   season not finished
2020/21 Shkëndija Tetovo  
2021/22 Shkupi-1927 Skopje  

Number of Wins (29; since independence)

10 Vardar Skopje

 4 Rabotnički Skopje
   Shkëndija Tetovo 

 3 Sileks Kratovo
   Sloga Jugomagnat Skopje]

 2 Pobeda Prilep

 1 Makedonija Gjorče Petrov Skopje
   Renova Čepčište
   Shkupi-1927 Skopje [does not include Sloga Jugomagnat Skopje]

NB: Vardar also won the Yugoslav championship 1987,
    only to see it later awarded to Partizan (but playing in the 1987/88
    European Champions' Cup).

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