Yugoslavia/Serbia (and Montenegro) - List of Champions

Note that the Yugoslavia of the communist era dissolved in the early 1990s. Whereas clubs from all six constituent Republics had still participated in the 1990/91 league structure, by the start of the 1992/93 season, only two of these (Serbia and Montenegro) had remained. The departure of the Croatian clubs in 1991 effectively reduced the league to one dominated by Serbian clubs, although the country did not officially change name to Serbia and Montenegro until more than a decade later. Shortly after (in 2006), Montenegro opted out of the federation as well.

Note that prior to the first ever national championship of Yugoslavia in 1923, championships had already been organised in most constituent republics, e.g. in Croatia (1912, winners HAŠK (Zagreb)) Serbia (1919/20, winners Beogradski SK) and, Slovenia (1920, winners SK Ilirija (Ljubljana)).

During the inter-bellum, the championship was usually contested between the winners of regional championships (possibly with additional teams). Only at the end of the thirties a nationwide league championship was organised regularly (first in 1933, then not until the 1936/37 season).

Yugoslavia (until 1991)

Kingdom of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs
1923    Građanski (Zagreb)
1924    Jugoslavija (Beograd)
1925    Jugoslavija (Beograd)
1926    Građanski (Zagreb)
1927    Hajduk (Split)
1928    Građanski (Zagreb)
1929    Hajduk (Split)
Kingdom of Yugoslavia
1930    Concordia (Zagreb)
1931    Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
1932    Concordia (Zagreb)
1933    Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
1934      cancelled
1934/35 Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
1935/36   cancelled
1936    Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
1936/37 Građanski (Zagreb)
1937/38 HAŠK (Zagreb)
1938/39 Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
1939/40 Građanski (Zagreb)
1940/41   no championship
1941/42   no championship
1942/43   no championship
1943/44   no championship
1944/45   no championship
1945    Srbija                   [1]
1945/46 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)  [2]
1946/47 Partizan (Beograd)
1947/48 Dinamo (Zagreb)
1948/49 Partizan (Beograd)
1950    Hajduk (Split)
1951    Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1952    Hajduk (Split) 
1952/53 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1953/54 Dinamo (Zagreb)
1954/55 Hajduk (Split)
1955/56 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1956/57 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1957/58 Dinamo (Zagreb)
1958/59 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1959/60 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1960/61 Partizan (Beograd)
1961/62 Partizan (Beograd)
1962/63 Partizan (Beograd)
1963/64 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1964/65 Partizan (Beograd)
1965/66 Vojvodina (Novi Sad)
1966/67 FK Sarajevo (Sarajevo)
1967/68 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1968/69 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1969/70 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1970/71 Hajduk (Split)
1971/72 Željezničar (Sarajevo)
1972/73 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1973/74 Hajduk (Split)
1974/75 Hajduk (Split)
1975/76 Partizan (Beograd)
1976/77 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1977/78 Partizan (Beograd)
1978/79 Hajduk (Split)
1979/80 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1980/81 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1981/82 Dinamo (Zagreb)
1982/83 Partizan (Beograd)
1983/84 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1984/85 FK Sarajevo (Sarajevo)
1985/86 Partizan (Beograd)       [3]
1986/87 Partizan (Beograd)       [4]
1987/88 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1988/89 Vojvodina (Novi Sad)
1989/90 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1990/91 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)

Championships of 'traditional' Yugoslavia (62)

18 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)   

11 Partizan (Beograd)      

 9 Hajduk (Split)

 5 Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
   Građanski (Zagreb)
 4 Dinamo (Zagreb)

 2 Concordia (Zagreb)
   Jugoslavija (Beograd)
   FK Sarajevo (Sarajevo)
   Vojvodina (Novi Sad)

 1 HAŠK (Zagreb)
   Željezničar (Sarajevo)

NB: see files on Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Slovenia
    for champions in those countries after Yugoslavia was dissolved.


[1] This was a championship between representations of the 6 republics,
    the Yugoslav Army, and a representation of the autonomous province

[2] In the 1945/46 season, regional competitions were held from which 
    the winners would qualify for a national championship playoff which
    never took place.  In May 2019 (!) the FA of Serbia (which by FIFA
    and UEFA is considered the FA of Yugoslavia before the country fell
    apart) recognised Crvena zvezda, winners of the regional competition
    of Serbia in 1946, as official Serbian champions (in spite of the fact
    that for instance clubs from Vojvodina did not enter); Partizan appealed
    that decision at the Serbian constitutional court but that was rejected
    in February 2020.

[3] The Yugoslav FA decided that the last round of fixtures had to be
    replayed, after accusations that certain results had been fixed.
    Partizan, who had won the title with a 4-0 over Zeljeznicar Sarajevo,
    refused, after which the game was awarded 3-0 to Zeljeznicar, which
    gave Crvena zvezda the title.  Crvena zvezda played in the 1986/87
    European Champions Cup.  However, after a sequence of legal processes, 
    the original final table, with Partizan as champions, was officially
    recognized, in 1987.

[4] Ten clubs had started the 1986/87 season with a deduction of 6 points,
    among them Partizan and Crvena zvezda, because of the events in the
    previous season.  Vardar Skopje, who had not been deducted 6 points, won
    the title, and participated in the 1987/88 Champions Cup, but the points
    deduction was later annulled after more legal proceedings, and the title
    was given to Partizan, who headed the table without the deductions.

Serbia (and Montenegro) since 1991

"Remainder" Yugoslavia
1991/92 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)  [5]
1992/93 Partizan (Beograd)
1993/94 Partizan (Beograd)
1994/95 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
1995/96 Partizan (Beograd)
1996/97 Partizan (Beograd)
1997/98 FK Obilić (Beograd)
1998/99 Partizan (Beograd)       [6]
1999/00 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2000/01 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2001/02 Partizan (Beograd)  
Serbia and Montenegro (since February 2003)
2002/03 Partizan (Beograd)  
2003/04 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2004/05 Partizan (Beograd)  
2005/06 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
Serbia (since 2006)
2006/07 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2007/08 Partizan (Beograd)  
2008/09 Partizan (Beograd)  
2009/10 Partizan (Beograd)  
2010/11 Partizan (Beograd) 
2011/12 Partizan (Beograd) 
2012/13 Partizan (Beograd) 
2013/14 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2014/15 Partizan (Beograd)  
2015/16 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2016/17 Partizan (Beograd)  
2017/18 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2018/19 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2019/20 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2020/21 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2021/22 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2022/23 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)
2023/24 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)

NB: see file on Montenegro.

Championships of 'remainder' Yugoslavia/Serbia (and Montenegro) (33)

16 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)       [also won 18 championships in former Yugoslavia, as well
                                  as 1 Serbian championship within Yugoslavia (1946)]
   Partizan (Beograd)            [also won 11 championships in former Yugoslavia]

 1 FK Obilić (Beograd)


[5] Before the start of the season, the Croatian clubs (Dinamo (Zagreb), later
    renamed to Građanski (they meanwhile reverted to Dinamo after having
    been known as Croatia for a while as well), Hajduk (Split), NK Osijek,
    NK Rijeka, and NK Zagreb) and Olimpija Ljubljana (Slovenia) withdrew and 
    started to play in the 1991/92 championships of Croatia and Slovenia.
    During the season, the clubs from Bosnia-Hercegovina were not able to
    continue playing; this concerned FK Sarajevo, Sloboda Tuzla, Velez Mostar
    and Željezničar Sarajevo; Borac Banja Luka finished the season and were
    relocated to (Beograd) in 1992/93.  After the season, Vardar Skopje and
    Pelister Bitola withdrew to play in the championship of Macedonia.

[6] Season interrupted on May 12 due to the NATO attack on Yugoslavia, when
    there were 10 more rounds left to play; Partizan were declared champions
    on Jun 13, 1999.

Championships recognised by current FA of Serbia (96)

35 Crvena zvezda (Beograd)   

27 Partizan (Beograd)      

 9 Hajduk (Split)

 5 Beogradski SK (Beograd) 
   Građanski (Zagreb)
 4 Dinamo (Zagreb)

 2 Concordia (Zagreb)
   Jugoslavija (Beograd)
   FK Sarajevo (Sarajevo)
   Vojvodina (Novi Sad)

 1 HAŠK (Zagreb)
   FK Obilić (Beograd)
   Željezničar (Sarajevo)

NB: includes the 62 championships of Yugoslavia until 1991, the 11 championships of
    Yugoslavia between 1991 and 2002, the 4 championships of Serbia and Montenegro
    between 2002 and 2006, the 18 championships of Serbia since 2006, and the 1946
    title recognised in 2019.

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