East Germany - List of Champions

1948      SG Planitz
1949      ZSG Union Halle
1949/50   ZSG Horch Zwickau
1950/51   BSG Chemie Leipzig
1951/52   BSG Turbine Halle
1952/53   SG Dynamo Dresden   
1953/54   SC Turbine Erfurt
1954/55   SC Turbine Erfurt
1955      SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt (Aue)  [unofficial fall championship]
1956      SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt (Aue) 
1957      SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt (Aue) 
1958      ASK Vorwärts Berlin
1959      SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt (Aue) 
1960      ASK Vorwärts Berlin
1961/62   ASK Vorwärts Berlin
1962/63   SC Motor Jena
1963/64   BSG Chemie Leipzig
1964/65   ASK Vorwärts Berlin
1965/66   FC Vorwärts Berlin
1966/67   FC Karl-Marx-Stadt
1967/68   FC Carl-Zeiss Jena
1968/69   FC Vorwärts Berlin
1969/70   FC Carl-Zeiss Jena
1970/71   SG Dynamo Dresden
1971/72   1.FC Magdeburg
1972/73   SG Dynamo Dresden
1973/74   1.FC Magdeburg
1974/75   1.FC Magdeburg
1975/76   SG Dynamo Dresden
1976/77   SG Dynamo Dresden
1977/78   SG Dynamo Dresden
1978/79   Berliner FC Dynamo
1979/80   Berliner FC Dynamo
1980/81   Berliner FC Dynamo
1981/82   Berliner FC Dynamo
1982/83   Berliner FC Dynamo
1983/84   Berliner FC Dynamo
1984/85   Berliner FC Dynamo
1985/86   Berliner FC Dynamo
1986/87   Berliner FC Dynamo
1987/88   Berliner FC Dynamo
1988/89   SG Dynamo Dresden
1989/90   SG Dynamo Dresden
1990/91   FC Hansa Rostock  [winners NÖFV Liga after reunion with FR Germany]              

Number of wins (43)

10 Berliner FC Dynamo

 8 SG Dynamo Dresden

 6 FC Vorwärts Berlin [were later moved to Frankfurt/Oder]

 3 FC Carl-Zeiss Jena [includes Motor Jena]
 3 1.FC Magdeburg
 3 SC Wismut Karl-Marx-Stadt (Aue) [fall 1955 title not included]

 2 SC Chemie Halle [includes Turbine Halle and Union Halle]
 2 BSG Chemie Leipzig
 2 ZSG Horch Zwickau [includes SG Planitz]
 2 SC Turbine Erfurt

 1 FC Hansa Rostock 
 1 FC Karl-Marx-Stadt

NB: SC Wismut Aue were to be moved to Karl-Marx-Stadt in 1954; after local
    protests they were allowed to remain playing in Aue but had to add the
    town name of Karl-Marx-Stadt to their name.
    SG Planitz were moved to Zwickau and renamed Horch Zwickau in 1949, who
    were absorbed (under their new name BSG Aktivist Karl-Marx Zwickau) as
    the 2nd team of BSG Sachsenring Zwickau during the 1968/69 season. 

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