China - List of Champions

list of final tables

Championship of China

1951    North East China
1952	  not held
1953    August 1st
1954    North East China                     
1955    Central Sports Institute
1956    Beijing Youth B
1957    Beijing
1958    Beijing
1959	  not held
1960    Tianjin
1961    Shanghai
1962    Shanghai
1963    Beijing Youth                             
1964    Beijing Sports Institute (National Team)  
1965    Jilin
1966 	  not completed
1967	  not held
1968	  not held
1969	  not held
1970	  not held
1971	  not held
1972	  not held
1973    Beijing
1974    August 1st
1975	  not held
1976      not finished
1977    August 1st
1978    Liaoning
1979    Guangdong
1980    Tianjin
1981    August 1st
1982    Beijing
1983    Tianjin   (Northern Group)
        Guangdong (Southern Group)
1984    Beijing
1985    Liaoning
1986    August 1st
1987    Liaoning
1988    Liaoning
1989    China B
1990    Liaoning
1991    Liaoning
1992    Liaoning
Experimental Professional Championship
1993    Liaoning Dongyao
Professional Championship
1994    Dalian Wanda
1995    Shanghai Shenhua
1996    Dalian Wanda
1997    Dalian Wanda
1998    Dalian Wanda
1999    Shandong Luneng Taishan    
2000    Dalian Shide
2001    Dalian Shide
2002    Dalian Shide
2003      not awarded [*]
2004    Shenzhen Jianlibao
2005    Dalian Shide
2006    Shandong Luneng Taishan    
2007    Changchun Yatai  
2008    Shandong Luneng
2009    Beijing Guoan
2010    Shandong Luneng
2011    Guangzhou Evergrande
2012    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2013    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2014    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2015    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2016    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2017    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2018    Shanghai SIPG
2019    Guangzhou Evergrande  
2020    Jiangsu Suning
2021/22 Shandong Taishan
2022    Wuhan Three Towns
2023    Shanghai Port

[*] the 2003 title won by Shanghai Shenhua was revoked in February 2013 for match fixing

Number of Professional Titles (29; since 1994):

  8  Dalian Shide     [includes Dalian Wanda] 
     Guangzhou Evergrande

  5  Shandong Taishan [includes Shandong Luneng]

  2  Shanghai Port    [includes Shanghai SIPG]

  1  Beijing Guoan
     Changchun Yatai  
     Jiangsu Suning
     Shanghai Shenhua 
     Shenzhen Jianlibao
     Wuhan Three Towns

Number of Overall Titles (60; without 1983):

  8  Dalian Shide     [includes Dalian Wanda] 
     Guangzhou Evergrande
     Liaoning         [includes 1993]

  5  August 1st       ["Ba Yi"; Army Team]
     Shandong Taishan [includes Shandong Luneng]
  3  Shanghai Shenhua [includes Shanghai]

  2  North East China   
     Shanghai Port    [includes Shanghai SIPG]
     Tianjin          [does not include 1983]

  1  Beijing Guoan
     Beijing Youth 
     Beijing Youth B
     Beijing Sports Institute (National Team)
     Central Sports Institute
     Changchun Yatai  
     China B
     Guangdong        [does not include 1983]
     Jiangsu Suning
     Shenzhen Jianlibao
     Wuhan Three Towns

National Games

The National Games was a multi-sport event. The football tournament was initially 
between teams representing areas of China, while later they represented specific 
provinces, cities or institutions. The names of the venues are given in their present 
transliterations (i.e. Nanjing instead of Nanking)

Year	Winners			        	Venue
1910	South China	           		Nanjing
1914	East China		        	Beiping (now Beijing)
1924	East China	            		Wuchang (now part of Wuhan)
1930	Shanghai			        Hangzhou
1933	Shanghai	         		Nanjing
1935	Hong Kong		        	Shanghai
1948    Army, Hong Kong and Police (shared)	Shanghai
1959    August 1st                              Beijing and Tianjin 
1965	Hebei                                   Beijing 
1975	Guangdong and Liaoning (shared)         Beijing 
1979	Shandong                                Beijing 
1983	Shanghai                                Shanghai
1987	Guangdong                               Guangzhou
1993	Liaoning                                Beijing 
1997	Shandong (Under-23)                     Shanghai
2001    Liaoning (Under-21)                     Guangzhou
2005    Shandong                                Nanjing
2009    Shanghai                                Shandong
2013    Shandong (7-a-side)                     Shenyang      
2017                                            Tianjin            

Inter-Sectional Football Championship

A football tournament between selections representing various regions of China. 
The East China team was selected from Shanghai, South China from Hong Kong, 
North China from Beiping (now Beijing) and Tianjin, and Central China from Wuhan.

Year	Winners		           		Venue
1926	South China		        	Shanghai
1927	South China        			Hong Kong
1928	East China		        	Shanghai
1929	East China	           		Tientsin (Tianjin) and Beiping (now Beijing)
1930	South China		         	Hong Kong
1931	East China		         	Shanghai
1933	East China	            		Wuchang (now part of Wuhan) 

China Amateur Championship

Year    Winners                         Runners-up                    Venue
2002    Guangzhou Jiujia       0-0 3-1p Shenzhen Bogang               Xi'an
2003    Shenzhen Bogang        1-1 7-6p Hunan Titan                   Zhengzhou
2004    Shenzhen Bogang        2-0      Qingdao Liming                Kunming
2005    Shenzhen Bogang        bt       Shanghai Songjiang Tianranqi  Zhengzhou
2006    Shenzhen Bogang        3-1      Changchun Teachers College    Kunming
2007    Shenzhen Bogang        1-1 7-6p Yanbian Law Courts            Nanchang
2008    Wuhan Dongfeng Honda   6-1      Jilin Hunchun City            Taizhou
2009    Wuhan Hongxing         3-0      Wuhan Dongfeng Honda          Wuhan (3 Nov 2009)

China University Championship

Year    Winners                                                       Runners-up                                     Venue
2001    Northeast University of Finance & Economics (Dalian) 0-0 4-3p Donghua University (Shanghai)                  Tongji University, Shanghai
2002    Beijing Institute of Technology	                     1-1 4-2p Northeast University of Finance & Economics    Dalian Institute of Technology
2003    Beijing Institute of Technology	                     4-0      Northeast University of Finance & Economics    Sichuan University, Chengdu	
2004    Beijing Institute of Technology                      3-0      Shenzhen University                            Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan
2005    Donghua University (Shanghai)                        1-0      Renmin University (Beijing)                    Renmin University, Beijing
2006    Beijing Institute of Technology	                     5-2      Taiyuan Institute of Technology                Shenyang Institute of Technology
2007    Three Gorges University (Yichang)                    2-1      Shandong University (Ji'nan)                   South China Normal University, Guangzhou
2008    Three Gorges University (Yichang)                    2-0      Hohai University (Nanjing)                  Three Gorges University, Yichang
2009    Three Gorges University (Yichang)                    1-0      Hohai University (Nanjing)     


The Championship was run most seasons, sometimes in a two-tier format involving 
up to 50 teams in a first round, and sometimes in a league involving promotion 
and relegation. 

Teams represented provinces or institutions (August 1st is the Army team). In 
1994, a professional league was started, involving specially constituted clubs 
from the original teams. 

The championship was frequently interrupted by politics (1966-72, 1976) or  
the National Games.  The early years were particularly chaotic with the 
National Team frequently taking part in the competition, but not playing for 
points or position.

The National Games is a four-yearly (usually) multi-sport event similar to 
the Olympics, involving provincial teams. Usually, the championship was suspended 
or shortened in National Games years.  After the introduction of the professional 
league, the National Games football tournament became a championship for Under 23 

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