South Africa Champions

The first match on African soil reportedly took place on 23 August 1862 in Cape Town between soldiers and employees of the colonial administration.
Provincial Champions and Cup Winners
National Champions (since 1959)

Provincial Champions and Cup Winners

Note that Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State) and Transvaal were independent entities until the end of the Boer Wars in 1902. For most provinces no data after 1900 are available below (with the notable exception of Transvaal).

Note that provincial selections competed for the Currie Cup.

Western Province | Transvaal | Griqualand West| Border | Natal | Oranje Vrijstaat | Eastern Province

Western Province

The Western Province FA was formed in 1891, based at Green Point Track,
later to switch headquarters to Hartleyvale Stadium and they set up
league and cup competitions, the latter known as the O'Reilly Cup.

                Senior League                   O'Reilly Cup 

1891            Royal Artillery                 - 
1892            Royal Artillery                 - 
1893            Royal Artillery                 Royal Artillery 
1894            Black Watch Regiment            Black Watch Regiment 
1895            2nd York and Lancaster Reg.     Pioneer Club Cape Town 
1896            Middlesex Regiment              York and Lancaster Regiment 
1897            2nd King's Royal Rifles         2nd King's Royal Rifles 
1898            2nd King's Royal Rifles         Pioneer Club Cape Town 
1899            Royal North Lancashire Reg.     Docks Club Cape Town 
1900            Peninsula Club Cape Town          [no tournament] 


The Transvaal FA had been formed in 1889, under the chairmanship of A M
Campbell. Their main competition was the Transvaal Challenge Cup.

                Rand League

1909              not known            [*1]

[*1] participants included: Old Natalians, CSAR, Maraisburg United,
     Potchefstroom, Cinderella Deep, ERPM (East Rand Pro-prietary
     Mines), and Krugersdorp Wanderers;
     CSAR (Central South African Railways) were founded in 1900 as
     IMR (Imperial Military Railways) at Johannesburg; changed name
     to CSAR in 1903 and to JSAR (Johannesburg South African Railways)
     in 1912; after 1947 they were called Johannesburg Ramblers.

                Transvaal League

1919            Germiston Callies FC   [*2]
1920-26           not known            [8 teams in 1920; 12 teams in 1925]
1927            Germiston Callies FC       
1928            Germiston Callies FC       
1929-37           not known            [*3]
1938            Germiston Callies FC       
1939-45           not known
1946            Germiston Callies FC       
1947            Germiston Callies FC  
1948              not known
1949            Marist Brothers AFC
1950-54           not known
1955            Marist Brothers AFC    [*4]
1956            Rangers FC             [only 1 loss]
1957            Rangers FC             [undefeated]  [*5]
[*2] the 1919 league consisted of 11 clubs: Germiston Callies,
     Crown Mines, ERPM, Jeppe High Old Boys, Marist Brothers,
     Old Natalians, Queen's Park, Rangers, Roodepoort, JSAR,
     and Wanderers.
[*3] Transvaal was split into three regional FAs in 1933:
     Eastern Transvaal, Northern Transvaal and Southern Transvaal;
     the Transvaal league continued with 10 clubs.
[*4] in 1955, Marist Brothers won 19 trophies, including every 
     league championship title in the province from Under 14 to 
     Transvaal League - an all-time record.
[*5] the homepage of Delfos FC claim Delfos won the Transvaal
     League in 1957.

                Transvaal Challenge Cup 

1889            Wanderers Wasps Johannesburg 
1890            Rangers FC Johannesburg 
1891            Wanderers Wasps Johannesburg 
1892            Rangers FC Johannesburg 
1893            Rangers FC Johannesburg 
1894            Old Natalians Johannesburg 
1895            Old Natalians Johannesburg 
1896            Rangers FC Johannesburg 
1897            Old Natalians Johannesburg 
1898            City FC Johannesburg 
1899            City FC Johannesburg 
1900              [no tournament] 
1901              [no tournament] 
1902            Wanderers FC
1903            Thistle
1904            Rangers FC             [*5]
1905            Lancashire Fusiliers
1906            Knights Deep
1907            Cameron Highlanders
1908            Rangers FC             1-0 Marist Brothers AFC 
1909            Nourse Mines
1910            2nd Hampshires
1911            Knights Deep
1912            Marist Brothers AFC    bt  Royal Scots Fusiliers
1913            Germiston Callies FC
1914            Old Natalians
1915            Arcadia Shepherds      3-0 Germiston Callies FC
1916            Germiston Callies FC
1917              [no tournament] 
1918              [no tournament] 
1919            PSAR    
1920            Germistin Callies FC   6-2 Jeppe Old Boys
1921            PSAR
1922            PSAR
1923            Benoni FC
1924            PSAR
1925            PSAR
1926            JSAR
1927            Germiston Callies FC   3-2 Arcadia Shepherds
1928            Germiston Callies FC   4-2 Arcadia Shepherds 
1929            Benoni FC
1930            Germiston Callies FC
1931            JSAR
1932            Germiston Callies FC   5-2 Johannesburg Callies
1933            JSAR
1934            Germiston Callies FC
1935            JSAR
1936            JSAR
1937            Pretoria Municipals    5-2 State Mines 
1938            Germiston Callies FC   4-1 JSAR
1939            State Mines
1940-44          [no tournament] 
1945            Rangers FC             bt  Boksburg FC   
1946            Rangers FC             3-0 Arcadia Shepherds
1947            Arcadia Shepherds      2-1 Johannesburg Ramblers 
1948            Rangers FC             bt  Garrrison
1949            Rangers FC
1950            Rangers FC
1951            Delfos FC
1952            Delfos FC              bt  Marist Brothers AFC
1953            Berea Park FC          bt  Marist Brothers AFC  
1954            Rangers FC             bt  Marist Brothers AFC  
1955            Johannesburg Ramblers  
1956            Marist Brothers AFC    bt  Ramblers
1957            Marist Brothers AFC    bt  Benoni FC
1958            Marist Brothers AFC    bt  Randfontein
1959            Boksburg FC            2-1 Berea Park 
1960            Balfour Park
1961            Marist Brothers AFC
1962            Johannesburg Municipals    
1963            Wanderers FC
1964            Crown Mines
1965            Johannesburg Municipals
1966            Balfour Park
1967            Blyvooruitzicht
1968            Wanderers FC
1969            Crown Mines
1970            Defence
1971            Marist-Robertsham
1972            Wanderers FC
1973            Sparta
1974            Balfour Park
1975            Balfour Park
1976            Kempton Park
1977            Wanderers FC
1978            Vaal United
1979              [no tournament] 
1980            Robertsham
1981            Robertsham
1982            Robertsham
1983            Robertsham
1984            Army                   4-1 Southern Callies
1985-86           [not known]
1987            Berea Park             1-0 Jeppe Quandon

NB: PSAR = Pretoria South African Railway; they were renamed
           Berea Park FC in 1935

[*5] in the 1904 semifinals Rangers FC eliminated CSAR after a 2-2
     draw in the first match, two more draws in replays, and a win
     on a penalty in the third replay after two periods of extra time     

                Ward and Salomons Cup

1913            Germiston Callies FC   2-1 Knights Deep
1916            Germiston Callies FC   2-1 JSAR
1920            Germiston Callies FC   6-2 Jeppe Old Boys
1927            Germiston Callies FC   3-2 Arcadia Shepherds
1928            Germiston Callies FC   4-2 Arcadia Shepherds
1930            Germiston Callies FC   1-0 State Mines
1931            Germiston Callies FC   5-2 Johannesburg Callies
1933            JSAR                   5-2 Germiston Callies FC   [aet]
1934            Germiston Callies FC   2-0 Berea Park        
1938            Germiston Callies FC   4-1 JSAR 
1951            Germiston Callies FC   3-0 Arcadia Shepherds
1953            Berea Park             3-0 Germiston Callies FC    
NB: missing winners not known 

                NRC Challenge Cup [NRC = Native Recruiting Corporation]

1920            Caledonians (Village Creek, Johannesburg)   bt  "Transvaal Champions"
1932            Simmer and Jack Natalians (Johannesburg)    5-0 Pretoria Callies

Griqualand West

The Griqualand West FA was formed in 1890 and by 1893 a Senior League
competition was under way.

                Kimberley Senior League Challenge Cup 

1893            Kenilworth Kimberley            - 
1894            Kenilworth Kimberley            - 
1895            Pirates Kimberley               - 
1896            United Mines Kimberley          - 
1897            United Mines Kimberley          - 
1898            United Mines Kimberley          Kimberley Juniors 
1899            United Mines Kimberley            [no tournament] 
1900              [no tournament]                 [no tournament] 


                East London Senior League       Frontier Challenge Shield 

1894            -                               Queen's Park FC King Williamstown 
1895            -                               Williamstown 
1896            -                               Pioneers FC King Williamstown 
1897            -                               Pioneers FC King Williamstown 
1898            -                               Royal Berkshire Regiment 
1899            Rangers FC East London  Rangers FC East London 
1900            Caledonians FC East London        [no tournament] 

Natal Province
The Natal Football Association was formed in 1882 and with it, a league
comprising four clubs, Pietermaritzburg County being joined by Natal
Wasps, Durban Alpha and Umgeni Stars. By the following year, the league
had grown to a strength of ten clubs.
The Natal Cup was presented to the Natal Football Association by 
Mr E.L. St John Greaves in 1883.

                Challenge Cup     
1883            Natal Wasps FC Durban    
1884            Natal Wasps FC Durban    
1885            Natal Wasps FC Durban    
1886            Natal Wasps FC Durban    
1887            Victoria AC Durban 
1888            Victoria AC Durban 
1889            Victoria AC Durban 
1890            Victoria AC Durban 
1891            Victoria AC Durban 
1892            Savages FC Pietermaritzburg 
1893            Victoria AC Durban 
1894            York and Lancaster Regiment (Pietermaritzburg)
1895            Standard Pietermaritzburg
1896            Queen's Park Durban 
1897            Queen's Park Durban 
1898            Leicestershire Regiment (Pietermaritzburg)
1899            Pirates Pietermaritzburg 
1900            Pirates Pietermaritzburg 
1901            Queen's Park Durban
1902            Etcetera Pietermaritzburg
1903            King's Royal Rifles (Harrismith)
1904            N.G.R. Durban
1905            Pirates Pietermaritzburg
1906            Berea Durban
1907            Berea Durban
1908            Thistle Durban
1909            N.G.R. Durban
1910            Wilts Pietermaritzburg
1911            Stella Durban or Etcetera Pietermaritzburg [0-0 draw, result replay n/a]

Oranje Vrijstaat (Orange Free State)

                Bloemfontein Senior League              Challenge Cup 

1895            -                                       Heilbron FC [*]
1896            Rangers FC Bloemfontein                 Heilbron FC 
1897            Rangers FC Bloemfontein                 Jagersfontein FC 
1898            Railway Bloemfontein                    Heilbron FC 
1899            Railway Bloemfontein                    Jagersfontein FC 
1900              [no tournament]                         [no tournament] 

[*] 4 participants including, apart from Heilbron FC, newly founded Ramblers (Bloemfontein)

Eastern Province

                Port Elizabeth Senior League 

1899            Caledonians East London 
1900            Wanderers Port Elizabeth 

National Championships

The NFL was the traditional 'white' league, which folded in 1977. In the 1960s, a 'black' league, the NPSL was formed, which established a national professional league in 1970 after previous unsuccessful attempts (various regional league were organised before). Also in the 1960s, the 'coloured' and Indian communities set up the SASL, which did not last very long and was succeeded by the FPL at the end of the decade. When the NFL folded, most of its clubs joined the NPSL, though some (like Durban City) preferred joining the FPL until realising the crowds were elsewhere. In 1984, a rival NPSL split off following boardroom politics, upon which the major federation continued as NSL. The 'new' NPSL soon fizzled out, and the NSL also 'swallowed' the rival FPL in 1991. In 1996 the NSL changed into the PSL, when adopting the English August-May 'calendar'.

National Champions

year    NFL (whites)                               SASL (coloureds)
1959    Durban City
1960    Highlands Park
1961    Durban City                                Transvaal United
1962    Highlands Park                             Avalon Athletic
1963    Addington                                  Avalon Athletic
1964    Highlands Park                             Black Swallows
1965    Highlands Park                             Moroka Swallows
1966    Highlands Park                             Maritzburg City
1967    Port Elizabeth City                        Verulam Suburbs
1968    Highlands Park                          
year    NFL                                        FPL (coloureds)
1969    Durban Spurs                               Verulam Suburbs
1970    Durban City                                Cape Town Spurs 

year    NFL                   NPSL (blacks)        FPL
                              NPSL Castle League   Mainstay League
1971    Hellenic              Orlando Pirates      Cape Town Spurs
1972    Durban City           AmaZulu              Glenville
1973    Cape Town City        Orlando Pirates      Cape Town Spurs
1974    Arcadia Shepherds     Kaizer Chiefs        Cape Town Spurs 
1975    Highlands Park        Orlando Pirates      Berea 
1976    Cape Town City        Orlando Pirates      Cape Town Spurs 
        Datsun League
1977    Highlands Park        Kaizer Chiefs        Swaraj United 
year                          NPSL                 FPL                     
                              NPSL Castle League   FPL Castle League
1978                          Lusitano Club        Durban City
                                                   Seven Seas League
1979                          Kaizer Chiefs        Cape Town Spurs
1980                          Highlands Park       Glenville
1981                          Kaizer Chiefs        Cape Town Spurs
1982                          Durban City          Glendene
1983                          Durban City          Lightbody's Santos
1984                          Kaizer Chiefs        Lightbody's Santos

year    NSL                   NPSL                 FPL                  OK (feeder NSL)
        NSL Castle League     NPSL League          Quindrink League
1985    Bush Bucks                                 Swaraj United        QwaQwa Stars
                                                   La Mercy Beach League
1986    Rangers               Vaal Professionals   Lightbody's Santos   Leeds United
1987    Jomo Cosmos           Vaal Professionals   Lightbody's Santos   Cape Town Spurs
1988    Mamelodi Sundowns     Vaal Professionals   Lightbody's Santos   Giant Blackpool
1989    Kaizer Chiefs         Real Sweepers        Battswood            Umtata Bucks 
1990    Mamelodi Sundowns     De Beers             Lightbody's Santos   African Wanderers
1991    Kaizer Chiefs         Oriental Spurs         dissolved          Cape Town Spurs
1992    Kaizer Chiefs         Arcadia Shepherds                         Vaal Professionals
1993    Mamelodi Sundowns                                               Real Rovers
1994    Orlando Pirates                                                 African Wanderers
1995    Cape Town Spurs       Witbank All Stars
year    Coca Cola Challenge
1996    Kaizer Chiefs         [transitional single round robin season]
year    PSL
1996/97 Manning Rangers 
1997/98 Mamelodi Sundowns 
1998/99 Mamelodi Sundowns 
1999/00 Mamelodi Sundowns 
2000/01 Orlando Pirates
2001/02 Santos (Cape Town)
2002/03 Orlando Pirates
2003/04 Kaizer Chiefs
2004/05 Kaizer Chiefs
2005/06 Mamelodi Sundowns 
2006/07 Mamelodi Sundowns 
2007/08 SuperSport United
2008/09 SuperSport United
2009/10 SuperSport United
2010/11 Orlando Pirates
2011/12 Orlando Pirates
2012/13 Kaizer Chiefs
2013/14 Mamelodi Sundowns 
2014/15 Kaizer Chiefs
2015/16 Mamelodi Sundowns 
2016/17 Bidvest Wits University
2017/18 Mamelodi Sundowns
2018/19 Mamelodi Sundowns
2019/20 Mamelodi Sundowns
2020/21 Mamelodi Sundowns
2021/22 Mamelodi Sundowns

Number of NPSL/NSL/PSL championships (51; since 1971)

15 Mamelodi Sundowns 

12 Kaizer Chiefs (does not include 1996 transitional league)

 9 Orlando Pirates 

 3 SuperSport United
 2 Durban City (also won 4 NFL championships)

 1 AmaZulu
   Bidvest Wits University
   Bush Bucks
   Cape Town Spurs
   Highlands Park (also won 8 NFL championships)
   Jomo Cosmos
   Manning Rangers (Durban)
   Rangers (Johannesburg)
   Santos (Cape Town)

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