VII. Olympiad Antwerp 1920 Football Tournament

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At the first Olympics after the Great War, the former "central powers" (Germany, Austria, Hungary) and their allies (Bulgaria, Turkey) were not invited. The English F.A. had withdrawn from F.I.F.A. (together with the junior partners from Scotland, Ireland and Wales) after their demand that the federations of Germany, Austria and Hungary be excluded had been rejected, in spite of support from Belgium, France and Luxembourg. F.I.F.A. nevertheless accepted the entry of a Great Britain football team, judging that countries entering the Olympic Games in other sports should not be hindered entering the football tournament.
However, the gold medalists of the previous two Olympic football tournaments would not enjoy their participation long, as they were defeated 1-3 in the first round by Norway, who thus celebrated one of their iconic victories (to be followed by the elimination of Nazi Germany at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the 1993 win over England in World Cup qualifying, and the 2-1 defeat of reigning world champions Brazil at the 1998 World Cup).
Denmark, twice silver medalists before the war, fared no better, losing 0-1 to Spain in the latter's first ever official international match, thanks to an outstanding young goalkeeper by the name of Zamora. It was the beginning of a curse that would hit the Danish Dynamite team of the eighties over and over again. That left the Netherlands and Sweden as the only other countries to have entered both pre-war Olympic football tournaments, and they duly met for the third time, the Dutch winning an epic quarter-final match 5-4 after extra time on their way to finish third for the third time in succession.
If that high-scoring match was a highlight, the final played four days later remains one of the great Olympic scandals. In a hostile environment (after all, they were playing the hosts; that, as alleged by [IFF 00 (Band 1)] and repeated in [BuL (Band 3)], parts of the Belgian press had poisoned the atmosphere by portraying Czechoslovakia as one of the aggressor states in the Great War, for no other reason than that the country had emerged from the Austro-Hungarian Doppelmonarchie, is not corroborated by study of the contemporary papers available through Belgica Press and thus appears to be malicious slander), the Czechs (all players were based in Prague) felt the refereeing to be biased against them; when Steiner was sent off for a violent foul against Coppée, they walked off, two-nil down and apparently despairing of victory. After futile attempts by the referee to convince them to return, the Belgian crowd invaded the pitch to celebrate their team; that they also took the Czechoslovak flag down and tore it up was no more than an unsubstantiated accusation (cf. [BuL (Band 3)], pp. 62-65).

Czechoslovakia were duly disqualified and barred from entering the (separate) tournament to determine the silver and bronze medalists. The set-up of the 1920 football tournament was a fairly complicated affair (see below) and is usually presented incorrectly. The first correct explanation in a "modern" source that the author is aware of is that by Martialay and De Salazar [MaS 97] ("Rocambole en Amberes", pp. 183-191; however, they unwarrantedly involved Poland as first round opponents of Belgium, whereas in fact Poland, unlike Switzerland, never were part of the draw); in addition, Buschmann and Lennarts [BuL (Band 3)] got it almost right (considerably improving on Kluge [Klu 97], only erring in assuming that the friendly between Egypt and Yugoslavia was in some way part of the tournament); in contrast, the IFFHS [IFF 00 (Band 1)] fabricated fanciful fairytales.
However, the undisputably most outrageous blunder was published a full century after the tournament by World Soccer magazine ("Global football intelligence since 1960"), which absurdly credited Czechoslovakia with winning the silver medal ([ws] issue "Winter 2020", Vol. 61, No. 4, S. Kunti, "Antwerp clubs back on top", p. 84).

Tournament Set-Up

The team sports events at the 1920 Olympic Games were not set up as straight knock-out tournaments, but were to be played according to the so-called Bergvall system. The consideration behind this system, devised by Swedish sports official Erik Gustaf Bergvall, is that it is not fair that a team losing in an early round to the eventual gold medalists is out of the race for the remaining medals; after all, the draw could have paired the two strongest teams in the first round.
The basic format of the Bergvall system is that after all teams have played out the gold medalists in a straight knock-out tournament, the teams beaten during the tournament by the gold medalists play out the silver medalists in another knock-out tournament; after that, the teams to have been beaten by the silver medalists in either of those two tournaments enter a third and final knock-out tournament to determine the destination of the bronze medals.
As an aside, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (better known as Lewis Carroll) already addressed the same problem in 1883 in the context of lawn tennis [Dod 83] and suggested a truly sophisticated solution, reminiscent of later double-elimination systems, to assign the first three prizes fairly. His method is (like that of Bergvall) mathematically sound but (again like Bergvall) based on the assumption that the relative strength of the contestants is a transitive relation and remains constant from one day to another. Experience shows neither applies.

For the football tournament, it was decided to adapt the Bergvall system, so that the silver medal tournament could start before the gold medal tournament was finished (which is of course not possible in a strict application of the Bergvall system, which requires that the final be played before the entrants of the silver medal tournament are known – unlike Dodgson's proposed method, which has the additional advantage of guaranteeing every entrant at least two matches, as in the second round the first round losers are paired among each other, just as the first round winners).
The actual set-up of the Olympic football tournament was as follows: first, a normal knock-out tournament for the gold medal; meanwhile the losing quarter-finalists of the gold medal tournament played out the best among them over two rounds; the winners after those two rounds were then joined by all teams to have been beaten by the gold medalists (in the final, the semi-final and the first round) for the semi-finals of the tournament for silver and bronze medals (no separate bronze medal tournament was foreseen).
As final losers Czechoslovakia were disqualified from further participation following the scandal in the final and gold medalists Belgium had received a bye in the first round, only two teams (Spain as winners of the tournament among the losing quarter-finalists and the Netherlands as semi-final victims of Belgium) were left, and they played out the silver and bronze medals between them.

OS1920schedule The entire schedule, including all match dates, and the additional stipulation that if two teams were to meet in the tournament for silver and bronze medals who had already played each other in the gold medal tournament, then the earlier result would be carried over, was published three weeks before the start of the tournament in numerous Dutch newspapers (as one sample of many, we include the relevant article from the evening edition of De Telegraaf of 7 August 1920), so all claims in [IFF 00 (Band 1)] that the organisers changed the set-up on several occasions are ludicrous. That said, the format did lead to a considerable amount of confusion, not only among journalists but also among the organisers. The morning edition of the N.R.C. of 4 September included a fairly amusing account, presumably written by Hans Meerum Terwogt, of the discussions on the previous evening (after the exclusion of Czechoslovakia) on the matches for second and third place. While it was clear that Spain and the Netherlands were the only two teams left to contest the silver medals, it clearly was not clear at all to Alphonse Istace, secretary of the Belgian football federation, how the bronze medals were to be allocated – until the Spanish cited the regulations, published in the newspapers four weeks earlier. Presumably the confusion was partially due to the peculiar manner in which the Bergvall system had been adapted – even the Italians insisted, rather brazenly, they were still in with a shot at the bronze medals, in spite of having already lost twice, to France and Spain (both eliminated from the gold medal tournament before its final). Curiously, Denmark and Luxembourg (who in a proper application of the Bergvall system would have been entitled to compete for bronze in case Spain (for Denmark) resp. the Netherlands (for Luxembourg) would have won silver) were not considered at all. As the story might also explain the origin of the myth that the French were unable to play for the silver medals (which had been out of their reach as soon as Belgium had been declared winners of the final) because they had left already, we here quote it ad verbatim.

(Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, Zaterdag 4 September 1920 - Ochtendblad, p. 6)

Om de tweede en derde plaats
Antwerpen, Vrijdagavond.
Na een langdurig onderhoud met den heer Istace, een van de leiders van het Olympisch tornooi, dachten wij er eindelijk in geslaagd te zijn, nauwkeurig te weten te zijn gekomen, hoe het systeem, dat bij deze wedstrijden den doorslag geeft, eigenlijk werkt.
Zonneklaar had de heer Istace ons uiteengezet, dat Spanje, Tsjecho Slowakije en Nederland de eenige landen waren, welke nog voor den tweeden prijs in aanmerking kwamen.
Spanje was winnaar van de wedstrijden, gespeeld door de verliezers in de kwartfinales. Tsjecho Slowakije had van België in den eindstrijd verloren, terwijl ons land een ronde vroeger eveneens van België had verloren.
De Tsjecho Slowaken waren van verdere deelneming uitgesloten, zoodat alleen Nederland en Spanje overbleven voor den strijd om de tweede plaats.
Er was echter nog om de derde plaats te spelen, waarvoor in de eerste plaats in aanmerking kwam de verliezer van den wedstrijd Nederland-Spanje. Verder kwam voor die plaats nog in aanmerking Jugo Slavië, dat in de eerste ronde had verloren van Tsjecho Slowakije en dus verloren had van een elftal, dat voor de tweede plaats in aanmerking komt. Verder Frankrijk, dat eveneens alleen van de Tsjechen verloren heeft. Tusschen deze twee landen zou derhalve nogmaals gespeeld moeten worden en de winnaar van dezen wedstrijd zou dan tegen den verliezer van den wedstrijd Nederland-Spanje moeten spelen om de derde plaats.
Zoo was men na een langdurige berekening tot de slotsom gekomen, dat Zaterdag gespeeld zou worden Nederland-Spanje en Jugo Slavië-Frankrijk. Zondag zou dan om de derde plaats gespeeld worden tusschen den verliezer van den eersten wedstrijd en den winnaar van den tweeden wedstrijd.
Verheugd, dat wij eindelijk de oplossing van de puzzle hadden gevonden, snelden wij naar de telefoon om dit laatste nieuws aan ons blad te melden, toen wij onderweg den heer Seeldraayers ontmoetten, in ernstig gesprek met verschillende Italianen en Franschen. Wij begrepen dadelijk, dat er weer iets nieuws dreigde, hielden daarom den ijverigen secretaris van het regelingscomité even vast en zoo waar, het bleek, dat de Franschen vertrokken waren, waardoor alle schoone plannen in duigen lagen. Bovendien meenden de Italianen, aanspraak te moeten maken op het spelen van een wedstrijd voor de derde plaats.
Met hun bekende levendigheid meenden zij hun rechten te moeten verdedigen. Juist op het moment, dat de heer Seeldraayers zijn laatste argumenten in het vuur wilde brengen, verscheen de afgevaardigde der Spanjaarden, die kwam vertellen, dat volgens de officieele regeling Nederland zou hebben te spelen tegen Spanje om den tweeden en derden prijs.
De reglementen werden voor den dag gehaald en zoo waar, de Spanjaarden bleken gelijk te hebben. En zoo werd dan besloten, Zaterdagmiddag alleen te laten spelen den wedstrijd Nederland-Spanje, waarvan de winnaar dus nummer twee en de verliezer nummer drie van het tornooi zou worden.
Alweer wandelden wij naar de telefoon om dit heuglijk nieuws nog in ons avondblad te krijgen, maar al weer kwam er een kink in den kabel. Ditmaal kruiste de heer Hirschman ons pad. Wij vertelden hem, dat Nederland Zaterdag tegen Spanje zou spelen, waarop de voorzitter van onze elftalcommissie met de woorden: „het zal niet gaan”, antwoordde.
Het bleek n.l., dat enkele dagen geleden de heer Seeldraayers had toegezegd, dat Nederland eerst op a.s. Zondag zou spelen en in verband daarmede had de heer Hirschman aan enkele spelers verlof gegeven, naar Nederland terug te keeren, mits zij Zondag weer terug zouden zijn. Het zou hem onmogelijk zijn, Zaterdag het elftal in Antwerpen te krijgen.
Tegen een dergelijke logica konden wij niets inbrengen. Wij lieten daarom de telefoon nog maar wat aan den haak hangen en trokken voor de zooveelste maal naar het langzamerhand beroemd geworden secretariaat, waar de heer Seeldraayers in conferentie was.
Na enkele oogenblikken stelde hij zich voor den heer Hirschman beschikbaar. Deze ontvouwde zijn bezwaren en 5 minuten later konden wij zeggen, dat thans definitief was vastgesteld, dat voor de tweede en derde plaats alleen gespeeld zal worden de wedstrijd Nederland-Spanje, Zondagmiddag om 3 uur, op het Stadionterrein.
Wij vertrouwen, dat deze beslissing thans inderdaad definitief is, maar wij moeten erkennen, dat wij daaromtrent nog geen zekerheid kunnen geven, wat men na bovenstaande toelichting zal kunnen begrijpen.

The Bergvall system was (more strictly) applied in the waterpolo and ice hockey team tournaments as well as in the Greek-Roman wrestling competition. Its disadvantages most clearly came to light in the ice hockey event (yes, these were Summer Olympics but there were no Winter Olympics at the time): one day after losing the gold medal final to Canada (by 1-12), Sweden were forced to play the United States in the silver medal tournament, losing again (by 0-7; the USA did deserve to finish second), and after defeating Switzerland (4-0) in the first round of the bronze medal tournament, they lost 0-1 to Czechoslovakia (beaten by the United States 0-16 in the final of the silver medal tournament) in the bronze medal tournament final. (One of the bronze medalists in the Czechoslovak ice hockey team was Karel Pešek "Káďa", also the captain of their disqualified football side.) So, Sweden reached the final of the (gold medal) tournament but left the Olympics empty-handed after playing three more matches (apart from the final) in as many days. It is rather ironic that Sweden were the main victims of a convoluted tournament system devised by a Swede.
Thankfully, the format was never again applied in any Olympic football or ice hockey tournament, but still used in the waterpolo event at the 1924 Olympics in Paris (to the advantage of the United States, who had lost in the first round to eventual winners France but nevertheless returned home with bronze) and in a modified form (the final losers in the gold medal tournament won silver, but a separate tournament for determining the bronze medalists was held) in 1928 in Amsterdam (as a matter of fact, a similar set-up was used two decades earlier for the football tournament at the 1908 Olympics).

Venues and Attendances

No official report of the Antwerp 1920 Games was produced at the time, as the local Olympic Organizing Committee went bankrupt. In 1957, the Belgian Olympic Committee published a report "from the original data", but it offers but little information on the football tournament, and that faulty: the results overview on page 152, scant as it is, contains five errors (to wit: that the tournament started on 29 August; that Czechoslovakia defeated Yugoslavia 9-0; that France defeated Switzerland 10-0; that Belgium were awarded the final by 5-0; and that Spain played Italy to settle second place, omitting all other matches played in the tournament for silver and bronze medals).
The attendance overview in that 1957 report (p. 171) only lists the overall total of tickets sold (63,612 for the football events), adding that 30,000 spectators obtained free entry at football matches (these were in particular war invalids and school children). That does not fit the attendances usually reported (even adding all free tickets, one obtains only about two thirds of the overall reported attendance of over 140,000), unless one assumes that the attendances at each venue were counted per day rather than per match (meaning only the best attended match, invariably the last one, counted). See the summary below.
The sole and single certainty is that the final at the Stadion was the one and only match sold out (although the second semi-final must have come pretty close to having been so), resulting in a new record official attendance of 35,000 for an Olympic football game. Unofficially, the crowd at the final was much larger than that, with newspaper estimates ranging up to 50,000; also for numerous other matches, in particular the semi-final between the hosts and their northern neighbours, contemporary newspapers reported considerably higher attendances than those usually given in modern sources, which makes the discrepancy with the numbers in the official report all the more puzzling – indeed, suspect, as missing spectators would imply missing tickets and missing money, thus raising questions about the bankruptcy of the Olympic Organizing Committee.
While the main venue was the newly constructed stadium at "Het Kiel", the traditional home of Beerschot AC, three other stadiums, two of them in other cities, hosted some matches: that of Beerschot's hated local rivals Antwerp FC at the Broodstraat, the Stadium der ARA Gantoise (nowadays KAA Gent) in Gentbrugge, newly built, inaugurated on 22 August 1920 and (much) later named after Jules Otten, and the Stade du parc Duden in the Brussels suburb of Forest (Vorst), an emergency venue, also known as Stade de la Butte, owned by Union Saint-Gilloise (in 1922 a new stadium was built at the same location, which was named after Joseph Marien in the thirties).

Venue                       Capacity    Matches    Total Att. Average    Paying Att. Average

Stadion, Antwerpen            35,000      12        128,000    10,700        n/a       n/a
Broodstraat, Antwerpen        10,000 ?     1          1,000       600        n/a       n/a
ARA Gantoise, Gent            22,000 ?     1          2,000     2,000        n/a       n/a
Parc Duden, Bruxelles         25,000       3         10,000     3,300        n/a       n/a

total                                     17        141,000     8,300      63,612     3,742

NB: capacity refers to capacity at the time of the tournament;
    overall paying attendance based on p. 171 of the official report;
    estimated total attendances rounded to thousands, corresponding averages to hundreds.

Alternative count by match day rather than match:

Venue                       Capacity     Days      Total Att. Average    Paying Att. Average

Stadion, Antwerpen            35,000       6         85,000    14,200        n/a       n/a
Broodstraat, Antwerpen        10,000 ?     1          1,000       600        n/a       n/a
ARA Gantoise, Gent            22,000 ?     1          2,000     2,000        n/a       n/a
Parc Duden, Bruxelles         25,000       2          7,000     3,500        n/a       n/a

total                                     10         95,000     9,500      63,612     6,361

Match Details

Gold Medal Tournament | Silver and Bronze Medals Tournament | Friendlies


NB: At the time of the draw (on the evening of 20 August), 14 countries had registered,
      so two (Belgium and Czechoslovakia) received a first round bye.  One day later,
      the late registration of Yugoslavia (officially the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and
      Slovenes, and often referred to as Serbia although the majority of their players
      came from Zagreb) was accepted.  On 22 August it was reported Belgium had agreed
      to play Yugoslavia in the first round (on 28 August) but on 24 August Yugoslavia
      had been fixtured to play Czechoslovakia; in retrospect, this was quite relevant,
      given the peculiar set-up of the tournament for the silver and bronze medals and
      the fact that both Belgium and Czechoslovakia reached the final: in fact, in case 
      Czechoslovakia would have won the final, Yugoslavia would have played France for
      the right to contest the silver and bronze medals with Belgium (see below)!
    On 27 August, Switzerland, which had been drawn to play France in the first round,
      withdrew after a conflict between the French and German speaking representatives
      within the Swiss federation, exacerbated by the friendly match against Germany
      on 27 June 1920, which had been boycotted by the Romands; the conflict was only
      resolved after a number of mutual concessions, which included the withdrawal
      from the Olympics demanded by the Deutschschweizer, indignated by the exclusion
      of Germany from the event ([BrK 14]); officially, if somewhat unconvincingly,
      financial difficulties were given as the reason for the withdrawal.
    Another country not to enter the football tournament was the United States, who
      argued that the British team should not have been allowed to enter as England
      was no longer a member of F.I.F.A., and its entry thus contrary to regulations;
      however, at the time Czechoslovakia, Egypt and Greece were not affiliated to
      F.I.F.A. either (Egypt and Greece did not even have a football federation) and
      the Americans had not objected to their taking part in the tournament.
    Finally, contrary to what is claimed in [BuL (Band 3), p. 39] (viz. that there was
      a new draw to establish the pairings ahead of each round, as was done in 1924 in
      Paris) the entire tournament bracket was fixed at the draw on 20 August.

Gold Medal Tournament - First Round

28 August 1920 - Stadion Royal Antwerp FC (Broodstraat), Antwerpen - Att: 600 
Ref: Raphaël van Praag (Net) - Lin: Fanta (Cze), Radovinović (Yug)
CZECHOSLOVAKIA 7 (Vaník 20, 46, 79pen, Janda 34, 50, 75, Sedláček I 43)
HT: 3-0
Czechoslovakia: Klapka - Hojer, Pospišil - Kolenatý, "Káďa" (cap), Perner -
                Sedláček I, Janda, Pilát, Vaník, "Mazal".
Yugoslavia: Vrđuka - Župančić, Šifer - Tavćar, Cindrić, Rupec -
            Vragović, Dubravčić (cap), Perška, Granec, Ružić.
NB: Rupec withdrew injured after 13 minutes;
    Van Praag, usually listed as Belgian, was a Dutchman then living in Antwerpen.

28 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 5,000 (double-header with Sweden-Greece) 
Ref: Job Mutters (Net) - Lin: A. Lagesen (Nor), J. Lewis (Eng)
NORWAY        3 (Gundersen 13, 51, Wilhelms 63)
GREAT BRITAIN 1 (Nicholas 25)
HT: 1-1
Norway: Wathne - Aulie, Skou - Wold, Halvorsen, G. Andersen (cap) - Paulsen,
        Wilhelms, Helgesen, Gundersen, Holm.
GB: Mitchell - Payne, Knight (cap) - Hunt, Atkinson, Harbidge - Nicholas,
    Bunyan, Prince, Sloley, Hegan.
NB: Prince withdrew injured before the first goal but returned after the second;
    Payne withdrew injured after the third goal but returned after a few minutes.

28 August 1920 - Stadium der ARA Gantoise, Gent - Att: 2,000 (was to be double-header with France-Switzerland)
Ref: Paul Putz (Bel) - Lin: Cornelis (Bel), Lippens (Bel)
ITALY 2 (Baloncieri 23, Brezzi 57)
EGYPT 1 (Allouba 30)
HT: 1-0
Italy: Giacone - Bruna, De Vecchi (cap) - Reynaudi, Meneghetti, Lovati -
       Sardi, Baloncieri, Brezzi, Santamaria, Forlivesi.
Egypt: Taha - El-Sayed, Hamdi - Shawki, El-Hassani, G. Othman -
       Abdullah, Allouba, Hegazi (cap), Abaza, Z. Othman.
NB: attendance usually given as 2,000 but one newspaper report gave it as 6,000.

28 August 1920 - Stade du parc Duden, Bruxelles - Att: 3,000 (double-header with Netherlands-Luxembourg) 
Ref: Wim Eijmers (Net) - Lin: Paco Bru (Spa), P. Graae (Den)
SPAIN   1 (Patricio 54)
HT: 0-0
Spain: Zamora - Otero, Arrate - Samitier, "Belaúste" (cap), Eguiazábal -
       "Pagaza", Sesúmaga, Patricio, "Pichichi", Acedo.
Denmark: S. Hansen - N. Middelboe, Blicher - Grøthan, Lykke (cap), Aaby -
         Dannin, Rohde, Vig. Jørgensen, Olsen, Andersen.

28 August l920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 5,000 (double-header with Norway-Great Britain)  
Ref: Charles Barette (Bel) 
SWEDEN 9 (Olsson 4, 79, H. Carlsson 15, 20, 21, 51, 85, Wicksell 25, Dahl 31)
HT: 6-0
Sweden: Zander - Lund, Hillén - Nordenskjöld (cap), Wicksell, Gustafsson -
        Bergström, Olsson, H. Carlsson, Dahl, Sandberg.
Greece: Fotiádis - Gkílis, Kaloúdis - Gótis, A. Nikolaïdis, Péppas - Kalafátis (cap),
        Giá. Andrianópoulos, Th. Nikolaïdis, Chatziandréou, Dimitríou.
NB: Kaloúdis withdrew injured during the first half.

28 August 1920 - Stade du parc Duden, Bruxelles - Att: 3,000 (double-header with Spain-Denmark) 
Ref: Georges Hubrecht (Bel) 
NETHERLANDS 3 (J. Bulder 30, Groosjohan 47, 85)
HT: 1-0
Netherlands: MacNeill - Dénis, Verweij - Bosschart (cap), Kuipers, Steeman -
             Van Rappard, Van Dort, Groosjohan, J. Bulder, De Natris.
Luxembourg: Krüger - Schmit (cap), Koetz - Hamilius, Ungeheuer, Schumacher -
            Metzler, Langers, Elter, Massard, Leesch.
NB: originally John Langenus (Belgium) had been appointed referee for this match,
    but he declined, according to [BuL (Band 3)] because he objected to matches
    being played outside of Antwerp, his home town whose inhabitants nursed an
    acrimonious relationship with Brussels (as also shown at the quarter-final
    between Belgium and Spain); in 1930, he refereed the World Cup final.

28 August 1920 - Stadium der ARA Gantoise, Gent (was to be double-header with Italy-Egypt)
FRANCE      won by walk-over.
SWITZERLAND withdrew on 27 August due to conflicts within the Swiss FA (see above).

NB: Belgium bye. 

Gold Medal Tournament - Quarter-Finals

29 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 5,000 
Ref: Josef Fanta (Cze) - Lin: E. Bulder (Net), Stenborg [other source: Halling] (Swe)
NETHERLANDS 5 (Groosjohan 10, 57, J. Bulder 44, 88pen, De Natris 110)
SWEDEN      4 (H. Carlsson 16, 32, Olsson 20, Dahl 72)
AET; FT: 4-4, HT: 2-3; missed penalty: H. Carlsson (Swe, 70)
Netherlands: MacNeill - Dénis, Verweij - Bosschart (cap), Kuipers, Steeman -
             Van Rappard, Bieshaar, Groosjohan, J. Bulder, De Natris.
Sweden: Zander - Lund, Hillén - Öijermark, Wicksell (cap), Gustafsson - 
        Bergström, Olsson, H. Carlsson, Dahl, Sandberg.
NB: this match started at 10 a.m.; both teams had played their first round match on
    the previous evening (kick-off at 17.30); had the match been drawn after extra
    time, it would have been replayed on 30 August (as announced before the start
    of extra time) – no second extra time was foreseen in the regulations;
    after the match, Sweden, which had been disadvantaged by the refereeing on a
    number of occasions, demanded a replay but this was of course rejected; they
    then withdrew from the silver and bronze medals tournament, forfeiting their
    match against Spain scheduled for 31 August, before being persuaded to play
    that match one day later (which in turn triggered Spanish protests);
    venue often but erroneously given as Stadion Royal Antwerp FC (Broodstraat),
    the originally announced venue; however, eventually "het groote Stadion" at
    "Het Kiel" hosted three of the four quarter-finals played that day.

29 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 10,000 (highly questionable)
Ref: Henri Christophe (Bel) - Lin: G. Barreau (Fra), De Nardo (Ita)
FRANCE 3 (Boyer 10, Nicolas 14, Bard 54)
ITALY  1 (Brezzi 33pen)
HT: 2-1
France: Parsys - "Huot", Baumann - Batmale, Petit, Hugues -
        Devaquez, Boyer,  Nicolas, Bard (cap), Dubly.
Italy: Giacone - Bruna, De Vecchi (cap) - Sardi, Meneghetti, Lovati -
       Ferraris, Baloncieri, Brezzi, Santamaria, Marucco.
NB: attendance usually given as 10,000 but various newspaper reports gave it as
    at least 20,000.

29 August 1920 - Stade du parc Duden, Bruxelles - Att: 4,000
Ref: Charles Barette (Bel) 
CZECHOSLOVAKIA 4 (Vaník 8, Janda 17, 66, 77)
NORWAY         0 
HT: 2-0
Czechoslovakia: Klapka - Hojer, Steiner - Kolenatý, "Káďa" (cap), Seifert -
                Sedláček I, Janda, Pilát, Vaník, "Mazal".
Norway: Wathne - Aulie, Skou - Wold, Halvorsen, G. Andersen (cap) -
        Paulsen, Aas, Helgesen, Gundersen, Holm.

29 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 18,000 (questionable)
Ref: Job Mutters (Net) - Lin: Schwachhoffer (Bel), Paco Bru (Spa)
BELGIUM 3 (Coppée 11, 52, 55)
SPAIN   1 (Arrate 62pen)
HT: 1-0
Belgium: De Bie - Swartenbroeks, Verbeeck - Musch, Hanse, Fierens - 
         Van Hege, Coppée, Balyu, Nisot (cap), Hebdin.
Spain: Zamora - Vallana, Arrate (cap) - Artola, Sancho, Eguiazábal -
       "Pagaza", "Pichichi", Patricio, Vázquez, Acedo.
NB: when the Belgian side, whose line-up had not been announced beforehand, entered 
    the field, they were received by a hostile Antwerp crowd (which clearly exceeded
    20,000 according to newspaper reports), as the team contained nine players from
    Brussels clubs and only one from the host town (Fierens).

Gold Medal Tournament - Semi-Finals

31 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 12,000 (highly questionable)
Ref: Job Mutters (Net) - Lin: "Ráca" (Cze) (60 H. Christophe (Bel)), G. Barreau (Fra)
CZECHOSLOVAKIA 4 ("Mazal" 18, 75, 87, Steiner 70)
FRANCE         1 (Boyer 79)
HT: 1-0
Czechoslovakia: Klapka - Hojer, Steiner - Kolenatý, "Káďa" (cap), Seifert -
                Sedláček I, Janda, Vaník, "Mazal", Plaček.
France: Parsys - "Huot", Baumann - Batmale, Petit, Hugues -
        Devaquez, Boyer, Nicolas, Bard (cap), Dubly. 
NB: Mutters dismissed Czechoslovak linesman "Ráca" after 60 minutes for blatantly
    incorrect calls (in particular numerous offside calls against the French; in
    the incident leading to his dismissal, he had run onto the field to demand a
    corner kick for his team); he was replaced by Christophe;
    other sources credited the third Czech goal as an own goal and the last goal
    to Janda;
    attendance usually given as 12,000 but newspaper reports gave it as 20,000.

31 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 22,000 (highly questionable)
Ref: Johnny Lewis (Eng) - Lin: A. Knight (Eng), Ch. Wreford-Brown (Eng)
BELGIUM     3 (Larnoe 46, Van Hege 55, Bragard 85)
HT: 0-0
Belgium: De Bie - Swartenbroeks, Verbeeck - Musch, Hanse (cap), Fierens -
         Van Hege, Coppée, Bragard, Larnoe, Bastin.
Netherlands: MacNeill - Dénis, Verweij - Bosschart (cap), Kuipers, Steeman -
             Van Rappard, Bieshaar, Groosjohan, J. Bulder, De Natris.
NB: Lewis, who had been the referee of the 1908 Olympic final, had only travelled
    to the Games as linesman (in the first round match against Norway); according
    to Dutch newspaper reports, he was appointed referee for this semi-final after
    Ruben Gelbord (Sweden) had declined, Hugo Meisl (Austria) had been considered
    ineligible (presumably because of his nationality), and Giovanni Mauro (Italy)
    had been rejected (this was before his inept performance in the game between
    Spain and Sweden on 1 September); eventually the choice was made between Lewis
    and Andersen (Norway; probably Per Andersen, referee at the 1924 Olympics in
    attendance usually given as 22,000 but newspaper reports gave it as 30,000
    (which is far more plausible given the interest generated by this match, the
    first Derby der Lage Landen since April 1914; one newspaper article described
    the stadium as tjokvol, so it would appear impossible that it was filled for
    less than two thirds as implied by the usually reported attendance figure).

Gold Medal Tournament - Final

2 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 35,000 (highly questionable)
Ref: Johnny Lewis (Eng) - Lin: A. Knight (Eng), Ch. Wreford-Brown (Eng)
BELGIUM        2 (Coppée 6pen, Larnoe 30)
NB: match abandoned after 39 minutes; Czechoslovakia left the pitch in protest  
    to perceived biased refereeing; the referee asked them to return but they
    declined to do so, and Belgium were proclaimed winners; Czechoslovakia then
    lodged a protest with the Jury of Appeal, which rejected their protest on
    the day after the match (3 September) and formally declared Belgium winners
    by 2 goals to 0; it furthermore decided that there could be no question of
    Czechoslovakia taking any further part in the tournament;
    attendance usually given as 35,000 (i.e. the capacity of the stadium) but 
    the stadium was completely overcrowded and newspaper reports estimated it
    as between 40,000 and 50,000.
Belgium: De Bie - Swartenbroeks, Verbeeck - Musch, Hanse (cap), Fierens -
         Van Hege, Coppée, Bragard, Larnoe, Bastin.
Czechoslovakia: Klapka - Hojer, Steiner - Kolenatý, "Káďa" (cap), Seifert -
                Sedláček I, Janda, Pilát, Vaník, "Mazal". 
Sent off: Steiner (39).


Silver and Bronze Medals Tournament - First Round

NB: this involved the quarter-final losers of the gold medal tournament.

31 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 500 
Ref: Louis Fourgous (Fra) - Lin: G. (R.?) Aas [other source: Hos] (Nor), G. Milano (Ita)
NORWAY 1 (A. Andersen 41)
ITALY  2 (Sardi 46, Badini 123)
A2ET; AET: 1-1, FT: 1-1, HT: 1-0
NB: after 2x15 minutes extra time the match was still drawn; according to the
    regulations, the match was to be replayed (as it had been announced before
    the start of extra time in the quarter-final between the Netherlands and
    Sweden), but after some discussions on the field, both captains agreed to
    play an additional, second period of extra time of 2x15 minutes (according
    to all Dutch and Belgian newspaper reports; [BuL (Band 3)] claims that 2x10
    minutes were played in the second extra time but that is not substantiated
    by any contemporary sources); the match had started at 10 a.m. and finished
    after 150 minutes of play, several breaks and the lengthy discussions after
    the first half hour of extra time, at 13.20, two hundred minutes later.
Norway: Wathne - Aulie, Johnsen - Mohn, Halvorsen, G. Andersen (cap) -
        Paulsen, A. Andersen, Helgesen, Thorstvedt, Holm.
Italy: Campelli (cap) - Rosetta, Bruna - Reynaudi, Parodi, Burlando -
       Roggero, Sardi, Ferraris, Badini, Forlivesi.
NB: venue often but erroneously given as Stadion Royal Antwerp FC (Broodstraat);
    contemporary newspapers clearly identified the venue as "Het Stadion", where
    three matches were played that day (this match and the two semi-finals in
    the Gold Medal Tournament).

1 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 1,500 
Ref: Giovanni Mauro (Ita) - Lin: Paco Bru (Spa), Halling-Johansson (Swe)
SPAIN  2 ("Belaúste" 51, Acedo 53)
SWEDEN 1 (Dahl 28)
HT: 0-1; missed penalty: Wicksell (Swe, 65)
Spain: Zamora - Vallana, Arrate (cap) - Samitier, "Belaúste", Sabino -
       "Pagaza", Sesúmaga, Patricio, "Pichichi", Acedo.
Sweden: Zander - Lund, Nordenskjöld (cap) - Öijermark, Wicksell, Gustafsson -
        Bergström, Olsson, H. Carlsson, Dahl, Sandberg.
NB: match originally scheduled for 31 August, but Sweden had withdrawn from the
    tournament out of protest against the refereeing in the quarter-final against
    the Netherlands; after mediation by Baron de Coubertin they eventually agreed
    to play Spain one day later; Olsson broke his collarbone after 75 minutes;
    several other players were injured as well; at the end of the hostilities,
    instigated by the Spanish players apparently incensed about having to play
    Sweden after all, reportedly only 15 of the 22 combatants were still fit to
    fight; one can only speculate whether the failure of the Italian referee to
    do anything about this was motivated by the fact that the winners of this
    battle were to play Italy the next day;
    venue often but erroneously given as Stadion Royal Antwerp FC (Broodstraat);
    contemporary newspapers clearly identified the venue of the only football
    match played that day as "Het Stadium".

Silver and Bronze Medals Tournament - Second Round

2 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 10,000 (played before gold medal final)
Ref: Paul Putz (Bel) - Lin: H. Christophe (Bel), G. Hubrecht (Bel)
ITALY 0         
SPAIN 2 (Sesúmaga 43, 72)
HT: 0-1
Italy: Campelli - Bruna, De Vecchi (cap) - Parodi, Meneghetti, De Nardo -
       De Marchi, Baloncieri, Brezzi, Badini, Marucco.
Spain: Zamora - Vallana (cap), Otero - Artola, Sancho, Sabino -
       "Moncho Gil", "Pagaza", Sesúmaga, "Pichichi", Silverio.
Sent off: Zamora (79); Silverio took his place in goal.
NB: "Pagaza" withdrew injured after 35 minutes;
    attendance usually given as 10,000 but newspaper reports gave it as 25,000
    (presumably mostly people waiting for the final two hours later).

Silver and Bronze Medals Tournament - Third Round

NB: between second round winners (i.e. Spain, as the "best quarter-final losers") and
    the teams to have lost against gold medalists Belgium in the final, the semi-finals
    and the first round of the gold medal tournament; as final losers Czechoslovakia
    were disqualified and Belgium had received a first round bye, only the Netherlands
    (as semi-final losers against Belgium) were entitled to join Spain in the tournament.
    Note that the team to have lost the semi-final against the losers of the final of
    the gold medal tournament (i.e. France) was not eligible to enter the tournament
    for silver and bronze medals.  Sources claiming that Spain were to play Egypt (as
    winners of a supposed tournament between the first round losers, see below) or
    that the Netherlands were to play France (who allegedly withdrew because their
    players had left already) are wrong.
    There was another peculiar regulation, which would have been applicable if Belgium
    had lost the final: in case two teams were to meet in the silver and bronze medals
    tournament who had already played each other before in the gold medal tournament,
    the result of that earlier match would have been carried over and no second match
    would have taken place.  Thus, if Belgium had lost the final for the gold medals,
    they would have qualified automatically for the final of the silver and bronze
    medals tournament, as they had already beaten Spain in the quarter-finals, and 
    France would have played Yugoslavia (first round victims of Czechoslovakia) for
    the right to play Belgium in the silver and bronze medals tournament final.

4 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
SPAIN          won by walk-over.
CZECHOSLOVAKIA disqualified. 

NB: Netherlands bye (as Belgium had had no first round opponents).  

Silver and Bronze Medals Tournament - Final

5 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 4,000
Ref: Paul Putz (Bel) - Lin: Gerbrants (Bel), A. Mussche (Bel)
SPAIN       3 (Sesúmaga 7, 35, "Pichichi" 56)
NETHERLANDS 1 (Groosjohan 68)
HT: 2-0
Spain: Zamora - Vallana, Arrate - Samitier, "Belaúste" (cap), Eguiazábal -
       "Moncho Gil", Sesúmaga, Patricio, "Pichichi", Acedo.
Netherlands: MacNeill - Dénis, Verweij - Bosschart (cap), Kuipers, Steeman -
             Van Rappard, Van Dort, Groosjohan, Von Heyden, E. Bulder.
NB: the N.V.B. had suspended four players (J. Bulder, Van Linge, De Natris
    and Tempel) from this match for having sampled the Antwerp nightlife.


NB: the match between Egypt and Yugoslavia below is often listed as one belonging to a
    "consolation tournament" but such a tournament was not foreseen in the set-up of the
    official tournament and the actual status of this match is that of a friendly, as
    reported by Belgian and Dutch newspapers at the time.  None of the other first round
    losers entered this fictitious consolation tournament; only the team that had lost
    in the first round to the later gold medalists was eligible to enter the tournament
    for the silver and bronze medals (but as Belgium had had a first round bye, no such
    team existed – however, had Belgium, as widely expected, lost the final, Yugoslavia
    would have played France in a semi-final of the silver and bronze medals tournament,
    which certainly was the main reason the Yugoslav team had remained in town after the
    first round loss to Czechoslovakia).
    A clear additional indication that this was a friendly and not an official Olympic
    match is the fact that Yugoslavia were allowed a substitution; that was not possible
    in the tournament (even though Italy (chi altro?) had illegally managed to substitute
    a player in 1912 against Finland).  Note that the date often given for this match
    (2 September) is incorrect; it was played the day after the final of the gold medal
    Both Egypt and Yugoslavia also played a friendly against an Antwerp city selection,
    all after their first round loss in the gold medal tournament; prior to their first
    round match, Egypt had already tested their side in Verviers, while Greece travelled
    north after their elimination to play Amsterdam club side Blauw Wit.

24 August 1920 - terrain du Panorama, Verviers
Ref: Henri Christophe (Bel)
CS VERVIÉTOIS 3 (Bragard 1, Houben 45, 57)
EGYPT         3 (scorers n/a)
HT: 2-0
Verviers: Jeunehomme - Roy, Quoilin - Degey, Renier, Grooteclaes -
          Franck, Houben, Bragard, Halleux, George.
Egypt: line-up n/a.

30 August 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen
Ref: Raphaël van Praag (Net) - Lin: Delaunay (Bel), G. Othman (Egy)
ANTWERP XI 2 (P. Braine 2, Théron 78)
EGYPT      4 (Abaza 5, 35, 80, Hegazi 70)
HT: 1-2
Antwerpen: Van der Cloot (A) - Ruysseveld (B), Van der Gracht (B) - Ed. Bastin (A),
           J. Suetens (A), Aug. Fierens (B) - A. Van Meenen (A), Dom (A), Théron (A),
           P. Braine (B), Elst (B); (A) = (Antwerp), (B) = (Beerschot).
Egypt: Taha - Mokhtar, El-Sayed - Gabr, El-Hassani, Shawki -
       Hosni, Allouba, Hegazi (cap), Abaza, Safwat.
NB: another source credited both first half Egyptian goals to Hegazi and both second
    half goals to Abaza;
    Van Praag, usually listed as Belgian, was a Dutchman then living in Antwerpen;
    played after a ceremony at the Olympic Stadium at which King Albert handed the
    prizes for the competitions which had already finished to representatives of the
    respective countries.

3 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 100
Ref: Raphaël van Praag (Net) - Lin: Ch. Malevez (Bel), Janssens (Bel)
EGYPT      4 (Allouba 3, Hegazi 46, Abaza ~85, 88)
YUGOSLAVIA 2 (Dubravčić 57, Ružić 80)
HT: 1-0
Egypt: Taha - El-Sayed, Hamdi - Shawki, El-Hassani, G. Othman -
       Abdullah, Allouba, Hegazi (cap), Abaza, Z. Othman.
Yugoslavia: Vrđuka - Porobić, Šifer - Tavćar, Rupec, Vragović -
            Šolc, Simić, Dubravčić (cap), Perška (46 Kojić), Ružić.
NB: Van Praag, usually listed as Belgian, was a Dutchman then living in Antwerpen.

4 September 1920 - Olympisch Stadion, Antwerpen - Att: 2,000
ANTWERP XI 6 (Larnoe 1-0, 2-0, 5-0, P. Braine 3-0, 6-0, D. Bastin 4-0)
HT: 3-0
Antwerpen: Van der Cloot - De Groof, De Clercq - Pelsmaeker, Ed. Bastin,
           Mertens - Wertz, Thys, Larnoe, P. Braine, D. Bastin.
Yugoslavia: Vrđuka - Šifer, Župančić - Rupec, Cindrić, Tavćar -
            Ružić, Granec, Dubravčić (cap), Perška, N.N.
NB: the missing player was listed as "A. Roupetz" (as opposed to "O. Roupetz", in midfield
    and apparently referring to R. Rupec) in one article and as "Neagevitch" in another;
    possibly Nikašinović (who was not part of the official Olympic squad) played;
    other reports credited the sixth goal to Larnoe or Thys;
    Antwerp started the match with nine men as Ruysseveld and André Fierens had failed to show;
    eventually, Declercq and Mertens joined in their place at some point during the first half.

5 September 1920 - Nederlandsch Sportpark, Amsterdam
BLAUW WIT 4 (scorers n/a)
GREECE    2 (scorers n/a)
HT: 3-0
Blauw Wit: line-up n/a.
Greece: line-up n/a.

Final Ranking

Records Gold Medal Tournament
Rk  Country         P  W  T  L   F  A  Pts   GAvg
 1  BELGIUM         3  3  0  0   8- 1    6   8.00
 -  Czechoslovakia  4  3  0  1  15- 3    6   5.00
 3  Netherlands     3  2  0  1   8- 7    4   1.14
    France          2  1  0  1   4- 5    2   0.80 
 5  Sweden          2  1  0  1  13- 5    2   2.60
    Italy           2  1  0  1   3- 4    2   0.75
    Spain           2  1  0  1   2- 3    2   0.67
    Norway          2  1  0  1   3- 5    2   0.60
 9  Egypt           1  0  0  1   1- 2    0   0.50
    Great Britain   1  0  0  1   1- 3    0   0.33  [*]
    Denmark         1  0  0  1   0- 1    0   0.00
    Luxembourg      1  0  0  1   0- 3    0   0.00
    Yugoslavia      1  0  0  1   0- 7    0   0.00
    Greece          1  0  0  1   0- 9    0   0.00
 -  Switzerland     withdrew 

[*] Great Britain, no longer entitled to enter four teams, were in fact the England
    Amateur side (as in 1908 and 1912, when the other Home Nations declined to enter).

NB: Czechoslovakia were disqualified after their walk-off in the final;
    records do not include the silver and bronze medals tournament;
    records do not include the Egypt vs Yugoslavia friendly;
    teams are only ranked by the round in which they were eliminated;
    some sources claim Poland did not show for a first round match against Belgium,
    but they were never part of the first round draw, at which Belgium received a bye;
    the confusion may be related to the late addition of Yugoslavia to the tournament
    (they were first fixtured to play Belgium but eventually played Czechoslovakia).

Records Silver and Bronze Medals Tournament
Rk  Country         P  W  T  L   F  A  Pts   GAvg
 2  Spain           3  3  0  0   7- 2    6   3.50 
 3  Netherlands     1  0  0  1   1- 3    0   0.33
 -  Czechoslovakia  disqualified
 5  Italy           2  1  0  1   2- 3    2   0.67
 6  Norway          1  0  0  1   1- 2    0   0.50
    Sweden          1  0  0  1   1- 2    0   0.50

NB: teams are only ranked by the round in which they were eliminated.


NB: numbers based on goal scorers as listed above; for a few goals, some reports
    gave different scorers.

 7 H. Carlsson (Swe)   [7 in gold medals tournament]
 6 Janda (Cze)         [6 in gold medals tournament]
 5 Groosjohan (Net)    [4 in gold medals tournament, 1 in silver and bronze medals tournament]
 4 Coppée (Bel)        [4 in gold medals tournament]
   Vaník (Cze)         [4 in gold medals tournament]
   Sesúmaga (Spa)                                  [ 4 in silver and bronze medals tournament]
 3 J. Bulder (Net)     [3 in gold medals tournament]
   "Mazal" (Cze)       [3 in gold medals tournament]
   Olsson (Swe)        [3 in gold medals tournament]
   Dahl (Swe)          [2 in gold medals tournament, 1 in silver and bronze medals tournament]

Squad Lists

Belgium | Czechoslovakia | Denmark | Egypt | France | Great Britain (England) | Greece | Italy | Luxembourg |
Netherlands | Norway | Spain | Sweden | Yugoslavia

NB: countries could name up to 22 players;
    Pos = Position (GK = Goalkeeper; DF = Defender; MF = Midfielder; FW = Forward); tr. = Trainer;
    the part of the Full Name used in Match Details section is given in bold face;
    DoB = Date of Birth; DoD = Date of Death;
    Club refers to that at which player was active in the 1919/20 season;
    Caps and Goals refer to full international matches in entire career (does not include matches for
    the England Amateur side);
    additions and corrections are welcome.


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Jan De Bie                             9- 5-1892    14- 5-1961    Racing CB                     37    0
GK    Léon Vandermeiren                      8- 1-1896     3- 5-1955    Daring CB                      3    0
DF    Leopold De Groof                       2- 2-1896    26- 6-1984    Antwerp FC                     2    0
DF    Armand Swartenbroeks                  30- 6-1892     3-10-1980    Daring CB                     53    0
DF    Oscar Verbeeck                         6- 8-1891    13- 8-1971    Union Saint-Gilloise          27    0
MF    Félix Balyu                            5- 8-1891    15- 1-1971    FC Brugeois                    1    0
MF    Julien Cnudde                         22- 5-1897        9-1959    Union Saint-Gilloise           1    0
MF    André Fierens                          8- 2-1898    12- 1-1972    Beerschot AC                  24    0
MF    Emile Hanse                           10- 8-1892     5- 4-1981    Union Saint-Gilloise          11    0
MF    Joseph Musch                          12-10-1893    25- 9-1971    Union Saint-Gilloise          24    3
MF    Auguste Pelsmaeker                    15-11-1899    19-11-1976    Beerschot AC                   4    0
FW    Désiré Bastin                          4- 3-1900    18- 4-1971    Antwerp FC                    35    7
FW    Mathieu Bragard                       10- 3-1895    19- 7-1952    CS Verviétois                  7    5
FW    Robert Coppée                         23- 4-1895          1970    Union Saint-Gilloise          15    9
FW    Frans Dogaer                           6- 7-1897     5- 7-1926    RC de Malines                  3    0
FW    Georges Hebdin                        19- 4-1889    23- 5-1905    Union Saint-Gilloise          12    0
FW    Henri "Rik" Larnoe                    18- 5-1897    22- 2-1978    Beerschot AC                  22   11
FW    Georges Michel                        29- 4-1898    13- 6-1928    Léopold CB [-]                10    3
FW    Fernand Nisot                         11- 4-1895    31- 7-1973    Léopold CB [-]                14   10
FW    Ivan Thys                             29- 4-1897    15- 2-1982    Beerschot AC                  20    7
FW    Louis Van Hege                         8- 5-1889    24- 6-1975    Union Saint-Gilloise          12    3
FW    Fernand Wertz                         29- 1-1894    28-11-1971    Antwerp FC                     5    1
tr.:  Willie Maxwell (Scotland)             21- 9-1876    14- 7-1940
[-] Léopold CB played at the second domestic level.
NB: the above 22 players formed the final squad; they were chosen from a preliminary squad of 23 players
    announced on 18 August, from which George "Gust" van der Gracht de Rommerswael was deleted; the final
    choice was made between him and De Groof:
DF    Gust van der Gracht de Rommerswael    26-12-1894    10- 9-1966    Beerschot AC                   0    0


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Rudolf Klapka                         24- 8-1889    11- 9-1951    SK Viktoria Žižkov             4    0
GK    František Peyr                         5- 8-1896    26-11-1955    AC Sparta Praha                2    0
DF    Antonín Hojer                         31- 3-1894    20-10-1964    AC Sparta Praha               35    3
DF    Miroslav Pospišil                     27- 9-1890          1964    AC Sparta Praha                5    0
DF    Antonín Ratzensberger "Ráca" [*]      18- 6-1893     3-10-1963    SK Slavia Praha                1    0
DF    Karel Steiner                         26- 1-1895    29- 4-1934    SK Viktoria Žižkov            14    3
MF    Jaroslav Hromadník                                                AFK Union Žižkov               0    0
MF    František Kolenatý                    29- 1-1900    24- 2-1956    AC Sparta Praha               28    1
MF    Josef Kuchař                           2- 4-1901    13- 3-1986    AFK Union Žižkov               1    0
MF    Antonín Perner                        29- 1-1899    24-11-1973    AC Sparta Praha               28    1
MF    Karel Pešek "Káďa"                    20- 9-1895    30- 9-1970    AC Sparta Praha               44    1
MF    Emil Seifert                          28- 4-1900    20-10-1973    SK Viktoria Žižkov            18    0
FW    Antonín Janda "Očko"                  21- 9-1892    26-11-1960    AC Sparta Praha               10   12
FW    Josef Janík [*]                                                   SK Slavia Praha                0    0
FW    Václav Pilát                           6- 5-1888    28- 1-1971    AC Sparta Praha                4    0
FW    Jan Plaček                             5-10-1894    18-12-1957    AC Sparta Praha                1    0
FW    Václav Prošek [*]                                                 SK Slavia Praha                0    0
FW    Josef Sedláček I                      15-12-1893    15- 1-1985    AC Sparta Praha               13    6
FW    Otakar Škvajn "Mazal"                  3- 6-1894    12- 9-1941    AC Sparta Praha                6    3
FW    Václav Šubrt                                                      AFK Kolín                      0    0
FW    Jan Vaník                              7- 5-1891    12- 6-1950    SK Slavia Praha               12   10
tr.:  Jake Madden (Scotland)                11- 6-1865    17- 4-1948
[*] Janík and Prošek were included in the squad list but did not travel to Belgium; one of them
    may have been replaced by "Ráca" who was not included on the squad list available on 27 August;
    Ratzensberger did not play in any matches but nevertheless managed to get himself sent off in
    the semi-final – as linesman!


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Poul Graae                            20-10-1899    10- 8-1976    K.B.                           5    0
GK    Sophus Hansen                         16-11-1889    19- 2-1962    Frem                          31    0
DF    Steen Steensen Blicher                11- 1-1899     1- 8-1965    K.B.                          27    5
DF    Christian Grøthan                     19-11-1890     6- 4-1951    B. 93                         31    3
DF    Vilhelm Jørgensen                     27- 5-1897     3-10-1967    B. 1903                       15    0
DF    Ivar Lykke Seidelin-Nielsen            7- 3-1889     9- 1-1955    K.B.                          27    0
DF    Nils Middelboe                         5-10-1887    21- 9-1976    K.B. [+]                      15    7
DF    Svend Ringsted                        30- 8-1893    16- 3-1975    A.B.                           5    0
DF    Fritz Tarp                             2- 8-1899     9- 1-1958    B. 93                         44    0
MF    Gunnar Aaby                            9- 7-1895    22- 8-1966    A.B.                           7    1
MF    Paul Berth                             7- 4-1890     9-11-1969    A.B.                          26    1
MF    Jens Jensen                           15-11-1890    16-11-1957    B. 1903                        1    0
FW    Bernhard V. Andersen                   5- 2-1892     9- 9-1985    Frem                           5    1
FW    Leo Dannin                            26- 3-1898    15- 9-1971    K.B.                           9    0
FW    Carl Hansen                           17- 5-1898    19- 5-1978    B. 1903                        7    3
FW    Viggo Jørgensen                        8- 8-1899    21- 5-1986    B. 1903                       13    6
FW    Poul Nielsen [*]                      17- 6-1895    12- 2-1970    Ø.B.                           1    0
FW    Alf Olsen                              3- 9-1893    18- 8-1976    K.B.                          19    8
FW    Michael Rohde                          3- 3-1894     5- 2-1979    B. 93                         40   22
FW    Samuel Thorsteinsson                   1- 1-1893    25-11-1956    A.B.                           7    1
tr.:  Jack Carr (England)                    7-10-1878    17- 3-1948            
[*] not to be confused with his namesake Poul "Tist" Nielsen, who played at the 1912 Olympic Games.
[+] Middelboe played for Chelsea during the 1919/20 season, which made him ineligible to play for Denmark
    according to contemporary F.I.F.A. regulations; therefore, he had registered with K.B.
NB: the above 20 players formed the final squad; the squad list contained 2 more names to fill all 22 places,  
    but Forchhammer was a medical doctor assisting the team and K. Middelboe had finished his playing career  
    and represented the football federation:
N-P   dr. Holger Forchhammer                21-10-1866    19- 5-1946             
N-P   Kristian Middelboe                    24- 3-1881    20- 5-1965               


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club [*]                    Caps  Goals
GK    Mahmoud Marei [!]                                                 C.I.S.C.
GK    Kamel Taha                                  1897                  N.S.C.     
DF    Mohamed Gabr                                                      C.I.S.C.         
DF    Abdel Salam Hamdi                           1894                  C.S.C. 
DF    Mohamed El-Sayed                                                  E.S.R.I.    
MF    Ali Fahmi El-Hassani                      1-1897                  C.I.S.C.         
MF    Mahmoud Saqr Mokhtar                                              A.S.C.  
MF    Gamil Othman                                                      C.I.S.C.    
MF    Reyad Shawki                                                      N.S.C.  
FW    El-Sayed Fahmy Abaza                                              C.I.S.C.         
FW    Tawfiq Abdullah                       23- 6-1897     1- 1-2000    C.I.S.C.    
FW    Hassan Ali Allouba                                                N.S.C.   
FW    Hussein Hegazi                        14- 9-1891    20-10-1961    C.S.C.         
FW    Khalil Hosni Amin                                                 G.O.A.C.     
FW    Zaki Othman                           14-10-1898    28- 9-1985    C.S.C.  
FW    Abbas Safwat                                                      N.S.C.     
[*] several players appear to have been affiliated to multiple clubs; the clubs listed here are those for
    which the player in question usually played before the start of the Olympics (thanks to Neil Morrison);
    clubs are given by their contemporary English names:
      A.S.C.   = Abbassia Sporting Club;
      C.I.S.C. = Cairo International Sporting Club (El-Qahirah El-Mokhtalat Club), now Zamalek;
      C.S.C.   = Cairo Sporting Club (possibly an invitational team);
      E.S.R.I. = Egyptian State Railways Institute (El-Sekka El-Hadid);
      G.O.A.C. = Government Officials' Athletic Club (from Alexandria);
      N.S.C.   = National Sporting Club (Al-Ahly).
[!] instead of Marei, Mohamed El-Anwar was included in the squad list available on 27 August;
    either Marei, who did not travel to Belgium, was a late replacement or there was a confusion
    about names:
GK    Mohamed El-Anwar                      
NB: the Egyptian FA was founded in 1921; the team was selected by the Union of Egyptian Sports Associations.


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Jean Le Bidois                               [#]    13- 3-1927    Sotteville FC                  0    0
GK    Albert Parsys [!]                      2- 6-1890    24- 2-1980    US Tourquennoise               5    0
DF    Edouard Baumann                        4- 3-1895    12- 4-1985    Racing Club de France          8    0
DF    Léon Poissenot dit "Huot"             31-12-1898    26- 5-1961    CA Vitry                       4    0
DF    Pierre Mony                           23- 3-1896     1- 1-1980    US Boulonnaise                 5    0
DF    Alfred Roth                                 1891     5- 9-1966    AS Strasbourg                  1    0
MF    Jean Batmale                          18- 9-1895     3- 6-1973    USA Clichy                     6    0
MF    Philippe Bonnardel                    28- 7-1899    17- 2-1953    Gallia Club                   23    0
MF    Pierre Gastiger                       28- 2-1893     8- 3-1943    FEC Levallois                  0    0
MF    Maurice Gravelines                    17- 7-1891    31- 1-1973    Olympique Lillois              2    0
MF    François Hugues                       13- 8-1896    15-12-1965    Red Star AC                   24    1
MF    Maurice Leroux                                                    FC Dieppe                      0    0
MF    Nicolas Marguères [*]                                             AS Brestoise                   0    0
MF    René Petit de Ory                      8-10-1899    14-10-1989    Stade Bordelais [+]            2    0
FW    Henri "Bébé Cadum" Bard               29- 4-1892    26- 1-1951    CA Paris                      18    6 
FW    Oscar Bongard                         10- 4-1894                  AS Strasbourg                  0    0
FW    Jean Boyer                            13- 2-1901    24-11-1981    CASG                          15    7
FW    Jules Devaquez                         9- 3-1899    11- 6-1971    Olympique de Paris            41   12
FW    Raymond Dubly                          5-11-1893     7- 9-1988    RC Roubaix                    31    4
FW    Maurice Gastiger                       3-10-1896    22- 1-1966    FEC Levallois                  3    1
FW    André Lassalle                                                    Stade Bordelais                0    0
FW    Paul Nicolas                           4-11-1899     3- 3-1959    Red Star AC                   35   20
tr.:  Fred Pentland (England)               29- 7-1883    16- 3-1962            
[#] Le Bidois was 26 years old (so born in 1900 or early in 1901) when he died keeping goal for SO de l'Est
    against US Suisse, after having been kicked in the carotid artery.
[*] Marguères was included in the squad list but did not travel to Belgium.
[+] Petit played for Real Unión de Irún in Spain, which made him ineligible to play for France according to
    contemporary F.I.F.A. regulations; therefore, he had registered with Stade Bordelais.
[!] Parsys was a late replacement for the originally selected Charles Kuntz:
GK    Charles Kuntz                         10-10-1897                  SC Sélestat                    0    0

Great Britain (England)

Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Fred Mitchell                         18-11-1897    30- 5-1975    Manchester University          1    0
GK    George Wiley                                                      Belmont Mines Athletic         0    0
DF    Basil Gates                           10- 5-1896     7- 1-1974    London Caledonians             0    0
DF    Arthur Knight                          7- 9-1887    10- 3-1956    Portsmouth                     1    0
DF    Humphrey Ward                         20- 1-1899    16-12-1946    Oxford University              0    0
MF    George Atkinson                                                   Bishop Auckland                0    0
MF    Charles Harbidge                      15- 7-1891     1-10-1980    Reading                        0    0
MF    Rev. Kenneth Hunt                     24- 2-1884    28- 4-1949    Corinthian                     2    0
MF    John Payne                             3-12-1889    28- 8-1942    Leytonstone                    0    0
FW    Jack Brennan                          11-11-1893    13- 8-1942    Manchester City                0    0
FW    Harry Buck                                  1884    13- 2-1964    Millwall                       0    0
FW    Maurice Bunyan                        14-10-1894       12-1967    Chelsea                        0    0
FW    Herbert Hambleton                     25- 4-1896     1- 1-1985    Corinthian                     0    0
FW    Wesley Harding                              1893    27-12-1925    Cambridge University           0    0
FW    Kenneth "Jackie" Hegan                24- 1-1901     3- 3-1989    Corinthian                     4    4
FW    Charles Julian                        26- 6-1897     7- 9-1955    Old Westminsters               0    0
FW    Fred Nicholas                         25- 7-1893    20-10-1962    Corinthian                     0    0
FW    Herbert Prince                        14- 1-1892    12- 1-1986    Royal Army Med.Corps Aldershot 0    0
FW    Dick Sloley                           20- 8-1891    17-10-1946    Corinthian                     0    0
tr.:  George Latham (Wales)                  1- 1-1881     9- 7-1939            
NB: the above 19 players formed the final squad; Max Woosnam declined the invitation to captain the team in order 
    to concentrate on the tennis tournament (in which he won gold in the men's doubles and silver in the mixed):
MF    Max Woosnam                            6- 9-1892    14- 7-1965    Manchester City                1    0


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Dimítris Demertzís                                                Panathinaïkós                  0    0
GK    Andónis Fotiádis                            1899                  Paniónios (Smýrni)             1    0
DF    Agamémnon Gkílis                            1891                  Paniónios (Smýrni)             1    0
DF    Nikólaos Kaloúdis                           1899                  Peiraïkí Énosis                1    0
MF    Sotíris Despotópoulos                                             Paniónios (Smýrni)             0    0
MF    Dimítrios Gótis                             1899                  Apóllon Smýrnis                1    0
MF    Apóstolos Nikolaïdis                  19- 4-1896    15-10-1980    Panathinaïkós                  1    0
MF    Chrístos Péppas                             1899                  Peiraïkí Énosis                1    0
FW    Giánnis Andrianópoulos                      1900     6-11-1952    Peiraïkí Énosis                1    0
FW    Gíorgos Andrianópoulos                25-10-1903    24- 2-1980    Peiraïkós Sýndesmos            5    2
FW    Giórgios Chatziandréou                      1899                  Peiraïkós Sýndesmos            1    0
FW    Theódoros Dimitríou                         1898                  Paniónios (Smýrni)             1    0
FW    Giórgos Kalafátis [*]                 17- 3-1890    19- 2-1964    Panathinaïkós                  1    0
FW    Theódoros Nikolaïdis                        1891                  Goudí                          1    0
      Vasílis Sámios                                                    Apóllon Smýrnis                0    0
      Giánnis Stavrópoulos                                              Panathinaïkós                  0    0
[*] Giórgos Kalafátis also was the trainer of the team.      
NB: the Greek FA was only founded in 1926, so the match played at the 1920 Olympic Games is not an official
    international (although it is counted here, as the 11 players listed with 1 cap above clearly represented
    their country); the team was selected by SEGAS (Sýndesmos Ellinikón Gymnastikón Athlitikón Somateíon, the
    Association of Greek Gymnastics Sports Clubs).


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Pierino Campelli                      20-12-1893    20-10-1946    Internazionale                11    0
GK    Giovanni Giacone                       1-12-1900     1- 4-1964    Juventus                       4    0
DF    Antonio Bruna                         14- 2-1895    25-12-1976    Juventus                       5    0
DF    Renzo De Vecchi                        3- 2-1894    14- 5-1967    Genoa                         43    0
DF    Virginio Rosetta                      24- 2-1902    29- 3-1975    Juventus                      52    0
MF    Guido Ara                             28- 8-1888     2- 7-1975    Pro Vercelli                  13    1
MF    Luigi Burlando                        23- 1-1899    12-12-1967    Andrea Doria                  19    1
MF    Gracco De Nardo                       24- 9-1893    22- 4-1984    Spes (Genova)                  2    0
MF    Cesare Lovati                         25-12-1894    22- 7-1961    Milan                          6    0
MF    Mario Meneghetti                       4-12-1893    24- 2-1942    Novara                         4    0
MF    Giuseppe Parodi                       17-12-1892    12- 3-1984    Pro Vercelli                   4    0
MF    Ettore Reynaudi                        4-11-1895     9- 6-1968    Novara                         6    0
MF    Enrico Sardi                           1- 4-1891     4- 7-1969    Genoa                          7    4
FW    Emilio Badini                          4- 8-1897     4- 8-1956    Bologna                        2    1
FW    Adolfo Baloncieri                     27- 7-1897    23- 7-1986    Alessandria                   47   25
FW    Guglielmo Brezzi                      24-12-1898     7- 4-1926    Genoa                          8    5
FW    Adevildo De Marchi                    16- 3-1894    20- 5-1965    Andrea Doria                   1    0
FW    Pio Ferraris                          19- 5-1899     5- 2-1957    Juventus                       4    1
FW    Giuseppe Forlivesi                    28- 3-1894     3- 1-1971    Modena                        10    2
FW    Giustiniano Marucco                   22- 8-1899    24-10-1942    Novara                         2    0
FW    Rinaldo Roggero                       21- 8-1891     6- 7-1966    Savona                         1    0
FW    Aristodemo Santamaria                  9- 2-1892    10-12-1974    Genoa                         11    3
tr.:  Giuseppe Milano                       26- 9-1887    13- 5-1971            


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Charles Krüger                         9- 3-1896     8- 3-1990    Stade Dudelange                1    0
GK    Jean Walin                            21- 5-1899                  US Hollerich                   5    0
DF    Joseph "Jos" Koetz                    29- 5-1897    13- 6-1976    Fola Esch                     11    1
DF    J. Rémy                                                           The National Schifflange [-]   0    0
DF    Thomas Schmit                         26- 4-1894     9- 8-1944    US Hollerich                   4    0
MF    Emile Hamilius [+]                    16- 5-1897     7- 3-1971    Fola Esch                      2    0
MF    Dominique Kelsen                                                  Fola Esch                      0    0
MF    Tiny Langers                          29-12-1896     4-10-1929    Jeunesse d'Esch                8    4
MF    Léon Metzler                           4- 6-1896    13- 3-1930    Young Boys Diekirch [-]        1    0
MF    Camille Schumacher                     6- 5-1896     3- 8-1977    Fola Esch                      2    0
MF    Michel Ungeheuer                      16- 6-1890     9- 2-1969    US Hollerich                   3    0
FW    Robert Elter                          20- 4-1899     2- 5-1991    Sporting Luxembourg            6    5
FW    Charles Kieffer                                                   Jeunesse d'Esch                0    0
FW    Jean Kieffer                                                      Fola Esch                      0    0
FW    Arthur Leesch                         23- 1-1894     8- 5-1905    US Hollerich                   2    0
FW    Jean Massard                          17- 9-1894     3- 2-1930    Fola Esch                      3    4
[+] while the rest of the team travelled to Brussels on Friday 27 August, Hamilius, who at first had not
    obtained leave from his employer, only made the trip on Saturday 28 August, the day of the match.
[-] The National Schifflange played at the second domestic level; Young Boys Diekirch did not play in the
    league structure after being relegated from the first level in 1919.


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Dick MacNeill                          7- 1-1898     3- 6-1963    H.V.V.                         7    0
GK    Frans Tempel [#]                      20- 3-1898    25- 7-1944    Tubantia (Hengelo)             0    0
DF    Koos Boerdam [*]                                                  V.O.C.                         0    0
DF    Henri "Harry" Dénis                   28- 8-1896    13- 7-1971    H.B.S.                        56    0
DF    Eb van der Kluft                      23- 5-1889     5- 7-1970    Blauw Wit (Amsterdam)          4    0
DF    Ben Verweij                            31- 8-1895    14- 7-1951    H.F.C. [-]                    11    0
MF    Leo Bosschart                         24- 8-1888     9- 5-1951    Quick (Den Haag) [-]          19    1
MF    jhr. Felix von Heyden                 11- 4-1890    17-11-1982    Quick (Nijmegen) [+]            1    0
MF    Frits Kuipers                         11- 7-1899    10-10-1943    Quick (Nijmegen)                5    0
MF    Herman Legger                          7- 7-1895     7- 9-1978    Be Quick (Groningen)           2    0
MF    Evert van Linge [#]                   19-11-1895     6-12-1964    Be Quick (Groningen)          13    3
MF    Henk Steeman                          15- 1-1894    16- 2-1979    Sparta                        13    0
FW    Tinus van Beurden                     30- 4-1893    29- 5-1950    Willem II                      1    0
FW    Arie Bieshaar                         15- 3-1899    21- 1-1965    Haarlem                        4    0
FW    Evert Bulder                          24-12-1894    21- 4-1973    Be Quick (Groningen)           1    0
FW    Jaap Bulder [#]                       27- 9-1896    30- 4-1979    Be Quick (Groningen)           6    6
FW    Joop van Dort                         25- 5-1889     1- 4-1967    Ajax (Amsterdam)               5    0
FW    Ber Groosjohan                        16- 6-1897     5- 8-1971    V.O.C.                        14    5
FW    Jan de Natris [#]                     13-11-1895    16- 9-1972    Ajax (Amsterdam)              23    5
FW    Piet Peereboom                        14- 1-1897    14- 2-1980    H.B.S.                         0    0
FW    Oscar van Rappard [!]                  2- 4-1896    18- 4-1962    H.B.S.                         4    0
FW    Jan de Vries [!]                       2- 3-1896    19- 4-1939    Z.A.C.                         0    0
tr.:  Fred Warburton (England)               8- 8-1880    29-11-1948            
[*] not to be confused with former international Willem Boerdam (Sparta, 2 caps 1909-1910).
[+] Von Heyden had left Quick after the end of the 1919/20 season and joined Helmond during the summer.
[#] these four players were suspended for the final of the silver and bronze medals tournament.
[!] Van Rappard and De Vries also entered track and field events (before the football tournament).
[-] Quick (Den Haag) and H.F.C. had been relegated to the second level at the end of the 1919/20
    season and thus played at the second level at the time of the Olympic football tournament.
NB: the above 22 players formed the final squad; the following 4 players had been selected for the original
    squad announced on 10 August, but withdrew for various reasons; instead Boerdam, Van Beurden, De Natris
    and Peereboom were selected:
DF    Piet Stevens                          13-12-1897    26-10-1970    Willem II                      5    0
FW    George Beijers                          3-12-1895     3- 6-1978    V.O.C.                         1    0
FW    Theo Brokmann                         19- 9-1893    28- 8-1956    Ajax (Amsterdam)               1    1
FW    Manus van Diermen                     26- 9-1895    14-10-1946    Blauw Wit (Amsterdam)          5    0
NB: the following player was originally chosen as replacement but failed to obtain leave from work:
MF    Isaak Smitshoek                                                   Tubantia (Hengelo)             0    0


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Alf Lagesen                           24- 6-1897    13- 2-1973    Drammen                        1    0
GK    Sigurd Wathne                         12- 2-1898    26- 3-1942    Brann                         14    0
DF    Otto Aulie                            27- 9-1894     9- 2-1923    Lyn                           28    0
DF    John Johnsen                          17- 3-1895     2- 2-1969    Brann                          9    0
DF    Per Skou                              20- 5-1891    24- 2-1962    Odd                           41    1
MF    Gunnar Andersen                       18- 3-1890    25- 4-1968    Lyn                           46    0
MF    Erich Graff-Wang                      15-10-1902    26- 6-1969    Ready                          2    0
MF    Asbjørn Halvorsen                      3-12-1898    16- 1-1955    Sarpsborg                     19    0
MF    Ellef Mohn                            13- 8-1894     4- 1-1974    Frigg                          3    0
MF    Adolph Wold                           30- 9-1892     5- 2-1976    Ready                         26    3
FW    Rolf Aas                              12-12-1891     9- 4-1946    Mercantile                    19    2
FW    Arne Andersen                         21- 4-1900    26-12-1986    Kvik (Halden)                  6    4
FW    Kaare Engebretsen [*]                 22- 8-1893    16-10-1960    Mercantile                    20    8
FW    Einar Gundersen                       20- 9-1896    29-10-1962    Odd                           33   26
FW    Johnny Helgesen                        1- 1-1897    26-12-1964    Kvik (Halden)                 22    7
FW    Per Holm                              10- 1-1899     8- 9-1974    Sarpsborg                     17    1
FW    Michael Paulsen                        1- 3-1899    18-10-1968    Ørn (Horten)                  20    1
FW    Rolf Semb-Thorstvedt                   3- 4-1898    15-10-1972    Frigg                          2    0
FW    Einar Wilhelms                         2- 8-1895     3- 8-1978    Fredrikstad                   13    5
tr.:  Jim McPherson (Scotland)              13- 4-1891    12- 8-1960            
[*] Engebretsen was included in the squad list but did not travel to Belgium due to injury.


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Agustín Eizaguirre Ostolaza [*]        7-10-1897    28-11-1961    Real Sociedad                  0    0
GK    Ricardo Zamora Martínez               21- 1-1901     8- 9-1978    Barcelona                     46    0
DF    Mariano Arrate Esnaola                12- 8-1892    24-12-1963    Real Sociedad                  6    1
DF    Manuel Carrasco Alonso                27- 1-1894                  Real Sociedad                  0    0
DF    Luis Otero Sánchez-Encinas            22-10-1893    20- 1-1955    Real Vigo Sporting             4    0
DF    Pedro Vallana Jeanguenat              29-11-1897     4- 7-1980    Arenas Club (Guecho)          12    0
MF    Juan Artola Letamendía                28-11-1895          1937    Real Sociedad                  2    0
MF    José María "Belaúste"
           Belausteguigoitia Landaluce      15- 5-1889     4- 9-1964    Athletic Club (Bilbao)         3    1
MF    Ramón Eguiazábal Berroa               14- 4-1896          1939    Real Unión de Irún             3    0
MF    Francisco Emery Arocena [!]           21- 1-1899    19- 1-1965    Real Unión de Irún             0    0
MF    Sabino Bilbao Libano                  11-12-1897    20- 1-1983    Athletic Club (Bilbao)         2    0
MF    José Samitier Vilalta                  2- 2-1902     4- 5-1972    Barcelona                     21    2
MF    Agustín Sancho Agustina               18- 7-1896    25- 8-1960    Barcelona                      3    0
FW    Domingo Gómez-Acedo Villanueva         6- 6-1898    14- 9-1980    Athletic Club (Bilbao)        11    1
FW    Patricio Araboloza Aramburu           17- 3-1893    10- 3-1935    Real Unión de Irún             5    1
FW    Ramón "Moncho Gil" Gil Sequeiros      16- 8-1897    18- 1-1965    Real Vigo Sporting             2    0
FW    Francisco "Pagaza"
           Pagazaurtundúa González-Murrieta 20-10-1894    18-11-1958    Arenas Club (Guecho)           7    0
FW    Rafael "Pichichi" Moreno Aranzadi     23- 5-1892     1- 3-1922    Athletic Club (Bilbao)         5    1
FW    Ramón González Figueroa               10- 2-1899     4-11-1977    Real Vigo Sporting             0    0
FW    Marcelino Silverio
           Izaguirre Sorzabalbere           26- 4-1898    19-11-1935    Real Sociedad                  1    0
FW    Félix Sesúmaga Ugarte                 12-10-1898    24- 8-1925    Barcelona                      8    4
FW    Joaquín Vázquez González              26- 8-1897    21-10-1965    Racing Ferrol                  1    0
tr.:  Francisco "Paco Bru" Bru Sanz         12- 4-1885    10- 6-1962            
[*] Eizaguirre returned to Spain after the first match in which Zamora had excelled.
[!] Emery was a late replacement for the originally selected Ramón Encinas Dios, who did not obtain leave
    from work; however, Emery did not travel to Belgium either due to illness:
MF    Ramón "Moncho" Encinas Dios           19- 5-1893    21- 3-1967    Fortuna de Vigo                0    0


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Sven Klang                            22- 9-1894    26- 2-1958    Mariebergs IK [-]              1    0
GK    Robert Zander                         18- 9-1895    27- 6-1966    Örgryte IS                    20    0
DF    Fritjof Hillén                        19- 5-1893     7-11-1977    GAIS                          15    0
DF    Valdus Lund                            4- 4-1895     9- 5-1962    IFK Göteborg                  29    0
DF    Bertil Nordenskjöld                   24- 5-1891    17- 3-1975    Djurgårdens IF                 8    0
DF    Vidar Stenborg [!]                    21- 5-1894    30- 7-1960    IFK Eskilstuna                 2    1
DF    Henning Svensson                      13-10-1891    23- 1-1979    IFK Göteborg                  20    0
DF    John Torstensson                       5-10-1896    10- 8-1972    Malmö FF [-]                   1    0
MF    Karl Gustafsson                       16- 9-1888    20- 2-1960    Djurgårdens IF                32   22
MF    Nils Karlsson                         26- 1-1900    16- 5-1976    GAIS                           8    0
MF    Rune Wenzel                            4- 1-1901    29- 7-1977    GAIS                          30    1
MF    Ragnar Wicksell                       26- 9-1892    29- 6-1966    Djurgårdens IF                33    3
MF    Albert Öijermark                      16- 2-1900     9- 7-1970    Djurgårdens IF                 4    0
FW    Rune Bergström                         5- 9-1891     7- 5-1964    AIK                           26    5
FW    Fritz Carlsson                         8- 6-1893    30- 1-1966    IFK Eskilstuna                 0    0
FW    Herbert Carlsson                       8- 9-1896    21-10-1952    IFK Göteborg                  20   19
FW    Albin Dahl                             2- 1-1900    15- 2-1980    Landskrona BoIS [-]           29   21
FW    Erik Dahlström                        26- 6-1894    30-10-1953    IFK Eskilstuna                 3    2
FW    Einar Halling-Johansson               14-10-1893     4- 2-1958    Örgryte IS                     6    0
FW    Erik Hjelm                            22- 5-1893    30- 6-1975    IFK Göteborg                  20    2
FW    Albert Olsson                         28-11-1896    20-10-1977    GAIS                          10    5
FW    Mauritz Sandberg                      15-11-1895     4-11-1981    IFK Göteborg                  11    0
tr.:  Anton Johanson                        28- 1-1877    24-12-1952            
[-] Landskrona BoIS, Malmö FF and Mariebergs IK did not play in the Svenska Serien.
[!] Stenborg was a late replacement for the originally selected Karl Karlstrand:
FW    Karl Karlstrand                        3- 1-1893     9- 1-1942    Djurgårdens IF                 8    2


Pos   Full Name                                DoB           DoD        Club                        Caps  Goals
GK    Nikola Stanković                                                  BSK (Beograd)                  0    0
GK    Dragutin Vrđuka                        3- 4-1895    23- 1-1948    Građanski (Zagreb)             7    0
DF    Mihailo Jovanović                                                 Jugoslavija (Beograd)          0    0
DF    Branimir "Brana" Porobić               5- 1-1901    18-12-1952    BUSK (Beograd)                 1    0
DF    Jaroslav Šifer (Schiffer)             12- 8-1895    29-11-1982    Građanski (Zagreb)             6    1
DF    Dragutin Vragović                     18- 9-1897    22- 1-1973    Građanski (Zagreb)             7    0
DF    Vjekoslav Župančić [!]                 7- 2-1900    14- 2-1971    HAŠK (Zagreb)                  1    0
MF    Slavin Cindrić                        10- 8-1901    29- 4-1943    Concordia (Zagreb)             5    3
MF    Rudolf Rupec                          17- 2-1896     3- 7-1983    Građanski (Zagreb)             9    0
MF    Josip Šolc (Scholz)                   30- 1-1898    24- 9-1945    Concordia (Zagreb)             2    0
MF    Stanko Tavčar                          2- 2-1898    11- 7-1945    Ilirija (Ljubljana) [+]        2    0
FW    Artur Dubravčić                       15- 9-1894    14- 3-1969    Concordia (Zagreb)             9    1
FW    Ivan Granec (Granitz)                  8- 9-1897     9- 1-1923    Građanski (Zagreb)             1    0
FW    Andreja Kojić                         28- 8-1896     7- 7-1952    BSK (Beograd)                  1    0
FW    Emanuel Perška                        20- 6-1896     8- 5-1945    Građanski (Zagreb)            14    2
FW    Jovan Ružić                           12-12-1898    25- 9-1973    Jugoslavija (Beograd)          2    0
FW    Nikola Simić                           2-12-1897    22-12-1969    BSK (Beograd)                  1    0
tr.:  Veljko Ugrinić                        28-12-1885    15- 7-1958             
[!] Župančić was a late replacement for the originally selected Milivoj Sekulić:
      Milivoj Sekulić                             1893    10- 5-1941    Concordia (Zagreb)             0    0
[+] Tavčar temporarily played at HAŠK (Zagreb) during the summer of 1920.
NB: the above 17 players were registered for the tournament; three other players travelled with them to Antwerp:
GK    Božidar "Boško" Simonović [*]         12- 2-1898     5- 8-1965    BSK (Beograd)                  0    0
      Jug Nikašinović                                                   BUSK (Beograd)                 0    0
      Vjekoslav "Slavko" Radovinović [#]                                Građanski (Zagreb)             0    0
[*] Simonović, coach of Yugoslavia at the 1930 World Cup, was baptised Simunović but always known as Simonović.
[#] Radovinović acted as linesman in the match against Czechoslovakia.


At most matches, both teams provided one linesman each, as was supposedly required (presumably: allowed or encouraged) by the official regulations, although several exceptions to this were made, first in the first round match between Italy and Egypt, officiated by three Belgians. After Czech linesman Ráca had been sent off by the referee in their semi-final against France for blatant partiality, the last two matches in the gold medal tournament, the semi-final between neighbours Belgium and the Netherlands, already then a rivalry with a long tradition, and the final, were entrusted to an English threesome.
The first of the (three) grounds given by the Czechoslovak delegation for their protest after abandoning the final was the use of neutral linesmen (that required some cheek after what had happened to Ráca in their semi-final), about which they complained to organisation committee secretary (and later F.I.F.A. president) Seeldrayers after walking off (instead of before the match, as they could have; the appointments for the final had been made two days earlier, immediately after the semi-finals had been concluded). As second ground they gave the supposedly many wrong decisions by the referee (against which, true or not, no protest was possible according to the international regulations under which the match was played); the third was the (allegedly provoking) presence of Belgian soldiers in the stadium (stationed there to prevent pitch invasions during the match).
Years after the match, Czech forward Sedláček claimed that Lewis had been biased against Czechoslovakia because he had once been beaten up in Prague by a Czech crowd, but they had not protested his appointment ahead of the final and using (the surmised implications of) their own gross lack of sportsmanship in the past to justify a new instance of it sheds an even more unfavourable light on the Czech attitude.
There were several other refereeing controversies at the tournament. In the quarter-final between the Netherlands and Sweden, Fanta, the Czech (!) referee, made many incorrect calls (in spite of their win, the Dutch press commented scathingly on his performance), mostly disadvantaging the Swedes, who submitted a protest (of course rejected) and initially withdrew from their match against Spain in the tournament for silver and bronze medals; when that match was played one day later than originally scheduled, it degenerated into a violent brawl, with Mauro, the Italian referee, merely looking on and failing to send off a single player while one third of the combatants was being incapacitated.

Full Name                                Country              DoB            DoD       Matches   Fin   SF 
D. Johannes "Job" Mutters                Netherlands       19- 2-1889      8- 3-1974      3             1
Eugène Paul Fernand Putz                 Belgium            1-10-1880      1-10-1955      3
John "Johnny" Lewis                      England           30- 3-1855     13- 1-1926      2       1     1
Charles Barette                          Belgium                 1873     11-10-1947      2
Henri Denis Christophe                   Belgium           23- 7-1884     17- 6-1968      1
Willem "Wim" Eijmers                      Netherlands       15-12-1885     15- 9-1932      1    
Josef Fanta                              Czechoslovakia    29-12-1889     19-10-1960      1
Louis Fourgous                           France                                           1
Georges Louis Joseph Hubrecht            Belgium           26- 7-1880     22- 9-1959      1
Giovanni Antonio Giuseppe Mauro          Italy             21- 7-1888     13- 5-1958      1
Raphaël Leon van Praag                   Netherlands       12- 9-1885     31- 8-1934      1

NB: Johnny Lewis had also refereed the final in 1908;
    Henri Christophe and Job Mutters both also officiated in 1924 and 1928 (where Mutters refereed
    both the final and the final replay); they are the only two referees active at all three Olympic
    football tournaments in the twenties; in addition, Wim Eijmers refereed two matches in 1928 and
    was assigned two matches in 1924 but was replaced for both.

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