Czechoslovakia - List of Champions

Note that the championships before 1925 are not considered to be official national titles.

See also the list of final tables.

Mistrovství Cech

Before 1918: see list of Czech champions.

Mistrovství Stredoceské zupy
Note: no Slovak clubs played in this league, which was restricted to Central Bohemia.
1918    SK Slavia Praha
1919    AC Sparta Praha
1920    AC Sparta Praha
1921    AC Sparta Praha
1922    AC Sparta Praha
1923    AC Sparta Praha
1924    SK Slavia Praha
Profesionální liga
Note: no Slovak clubs played in this league. During the existence of the professional league, also an amateur championship was contested.

1925    SK Slavia Praha               
1925/26 AC Sparta Praha               
1927    AC Sparta Praha               
1927/28 SK Viktoria Žižkov            
1928/29 SK Slavia Praha               
1929/30 SK Slavia Praha               
1930/31 SK Slavia Praha               
1931/32 AC Sparta Praha              
1932/33 SK Slavia Praha              
1933/34 SK Slavia Praha
Státní liga
1934/35 SK Slavia Praha
1935/36 AC Sparta Praha
1936/37 SK Slavia Praha
1937/38 AC Sparta Praha
1938/39   abandoned, with AC Sparta Praha leading, continued as
          Cesko-moravská liga

German champions

During the interbellum, Czechoslovak football had a number of regional and/or ethnic (German and Hungarian) football leagues organising separate championships. The main such league arguably was the 'German' league (DFV), whose clubs were concentrated in the Sudetenland (although the strongest German club, DFC Prag, came from the capital and not the border region). Current Czech city names are listed between square brackets.
Note that a championship for German clubs in Bohemia was already organised in the Habsburg Empire; likewise a competition for German clubs in Moravia and Silesia had existed there.

German amateur champions
1920/21 DSV Leipa (Česká Lípa)
1921/22 DSV Sparta Karlsbad (Karlovy Vary)
1922/23 DFC Prag (Praha)               6-0 DSK Brüx (Most)
1923/24 DFC Prag (Praha)               7-1 Teplitzer FK (Teplice)
1924/25 DFC Budweis (České Budějovice)
1925/26 Sportbrüder Schreckenstein [*] 2-1 DSV Witkowitz (Vítkovice)
1926/27 DFC Budweis (České Budějovice) 1-0 DSV Brünn (Brno)
1927/28 DFC Budweis (České Budějovice) w/o DSK Teschen (Děċin)
1928/29 DFC Prag (Praha)               2-0 DSV Brünn (Brno)
1929/30 Karlsbader FK (Karlovy Vary)   6-1 BSK Brünn (Brno)
1930/31 DFC Prag (Praha)               8-0 DSV Brünn (Brno)
1931/32 DFC Prag (Praha)           6-1 3-2 Karlsbader FK (Karlovy Vary)
1932/33 DFC Prag (Praha)           4-3 2-0 BSK Gablonz (Jablonec)
1933/34 DSV Saaz (Žatec)           3-2 5-2 DFC Prag (Praha)
1934/35 DSV Saaz (Žatec)                   SV Bodenbach (Podmokly)
1935/36 WFK Warnsdorf (Varnsdorf) and DSK Mährisch-Schönberg (Šumperk)
1936/37 DFC Prag (Praha) and DSK Mährisch-Schönberg (Šumperk)
1937/38 Teplitzer FK (Teplice)     5-3 2-1 EV Jägerndorf (Krnov)
during German occupation
1938/39 WFK Warnsdorf (Varnsdorf)      4-0 Teplitzer FK (Teplice)
1939/40 NTSG Graslitz (Kraslice)       2-1 NSTG Gablonz (Jablonec)
1940/41 NSTG Prag (Praha)              4-2 LSV Pilsen (Plzeň)
1941/42 LSV Olmütz (Olomouc)               NSTG Teplitz-Schönau (Teplice-šanov)
1942/43 MSV Brünn (Brno; Gau Böhmen und Mähren), NSTG Brüx (Most; Gau Sudeten)
1943/44 MSV Brünn (Brno; Gau Böhmen und Mähren), NSTG Bodenbach (Podmokly; Gau Sudeten)

[*] Schreckenstein named after the castle of Střekov, in Ústí nad Labem (Aussig)

NB: between 1925 and 1933 the winners qualified for the Czechoslovak amateur championship.

German liga champions
1920/21 Teplitzer FK           
1921/22 Teplitzer FK        
German professional champions
1925/26 DFC Prag           
1926/27 DFC Prag            
1927/28 DFC Prag   
Moravian champions

1925/26 SK Židenice (Brno)             5-1 SK Moravská Ostrava
1926/27   unknown (presumably SK Prostějov) 
1927/28 SK Prostějov                   4-2 SK Židenice (Brno)
1928/29   unknown (presumably SK Moravská Slavia Brno)
1929/30 SK Prostějov                   bt  SK Moravská Ostrava
1930/31 SK Prostějov               
1931/32 SK Baťa Zlín                
1932/33 SK Baťa Zlín      

NB: between 1925 and 1933 the winners qualified for the Czechoslovak amateur championship.
Bohemian provincial champions

1925/26 SK Viktoria Plzeň              3-2 SK Hradec Králové
1926/27   unknown (presumably SK Viktoria Plzeň)
1927/28 SK Náchod                      3-2 SK Plzeň
1928/29   unknown (presumably SK Plzeň)
1929/30 SK Hradec Králové          2-1 1-2 Mladoboleslavský SK
1930/31 Mladoboleslavský SK        5-0 3-0 SK Hvězda Trnovany
1931/32 SK České Budějovice        7-1 1-4 SK Pardubice
1932/33 SK České Budějovice        3-3 5-1 SK Pardubice
1933-37   unknown
1937/38 SK Kopisty                 7-1 1-2 AFK Pardubice
1938/39 SK Viktoria Plzeň          8-1 3-3 AFK Pardubice

NB: between 1925 and 1933 the winners qualified for the Czechoslovak amateur championship.

Cesko-moravská liga and Slovenská liga
1939-45   see list of Czech champions and list of Slovak champions.

I. liga
1945/46 AC Sparta Praha
1946/47 SK Slavia Praha
1947/48 AC Sparta Praha
1948    SK Slavia Praha      [fall championship; not official]
1949    NV Bratislava
1950    NV Bratislava
1951    NV Bratislava
1952    ČKD Sokolovo Praha
1953    ÚDA Praha
1954    Spartak Praha Sokolovo 
1955    Slovan Bratislava
1956    Dukla Praha
1957/58 Dukla Praha
1958/59 Červená hviezda Bratislava
1959/60 Spartak Hradec Králové
1960/61 Dukla Praha
1961/62 Dukla Praha
1962/63 Dukla Praha
1963/64 Dukla Praha
1964/65 Sparta ČKD Praha
1965/66 Dukla Praha
1966/67 Sparta Praha
1967/68 Spartak Trnava
1968/69 Spartak Trnava
1969/70 Slovan Bratislava
1970/71 Spartak Trnava
1971/72 Spartak Trnava
1972/73 Spartak Trnava
1973/74 Slovan Bratislava
1974/75 Slovan Bratislava
1975/76 Baník Ostrava
1976/77 Dukla Praha
1977/78 Zbrojovka Brno
1978/79 Dukla Praha
1979/80 Baník Ostrava
1980/81 Baník Ostrava
1981/82 Dukla Praha
1982/83 Bohemians Praha
1983/84 Sparta Praha
1984/85 Sparta Praha
1985/86 TJ Vítkovice
1986/87 Sparta Praha
1987/88 Sparta Praha
1988/89 Sparta Praha
1989/90 Sparta Praha
1990/91 Sparta Praha
1991/92 Slovan Bratislava
1992/93 Sparta Praha

I. liga CR and I. liga SR
1993-..   see list of Czech champions and list of Slovak champions.

Number of Czechoslovak Titles (61; 1925-1993; without 1948)
19 Sparta Praha (includes Spartak Praha Sokolovo and ČKD Sokolovo Praha)

11 Dukla Praha (includes ÚDA Praha; now Marila Pribram) 

 9 Slavia Praha (and 1 unofficial title 1948)

 8 Slovan Bratislava (includes NV Bratislava)

 5 Spartak Trnava

 3 Baník Ostrava

 1 Bohemians Praha 
   ČH Bratislava (now Internacional Bratislava)
   Spartak Hradec Králové (now SK Hradec Králové) 
   TJ Vítkovice
   Viktoria Žižkov 
   Zbrojovka Brno (now 1.FC Brno)

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