Czech Republic - List of Champions

Note that the championships before 1925 are not considered to be official national titles. A number of regional and ethnic leagues existed, and the Czech (or Bohemian) championships listed below were mostly restricted to the capital Prague. In that city, ethnically German clubs founded the Verband der Prager deutschen Fußball-Vereine (VPdV) in 1900, which organised championships in 1901/02 (contested by up to 8 clubs: DFC Germania (winners), FC Austria, FC Favorit, FC Hellas 1900, Fußball Sektion der Lese- und Redehalle der Deutschen Studenten Prag, FuAC Sport, FC Sturm and Deutscher FC Prag) and 1902/03 (when no champions were determined as the league ended with a 3-way tie at the top, upon which DFC Prag (who had not entered the league) were chosen as the Prague representatives in the first ever German championship; 1902 champions DFC Germania had folded in March 1903 after losing their home ground and relocating to Graslitz (Kraslice)). Soon after, the VPdV was dissolved.

Bohemia as part of Austria-Hungary (Habsburg Empire)

Mistrovství Cech
NB: see Czechoslovakia 1896-1917 for final tables

1896    CFK Kickers Praha    [spring]
1896    Deutscher FC Prag    [fall]
1897    SK Slavia Praha      [spring]
1897    SK Slavia Praha      [fall]
1898    SK Slavia Praha 
1899    SK Slavia Praha 
1900    SK Slavia Praha 
1901    SK Slavia Praha 
1902    ČAFC Vinohrady
1903-05   no championship
1906-08   only cup competitions
Mistrovství CSF
NB: see Czechoslovakia 1896-1917 for final tables

1909-11   only cup competitions
1912    AC Sparta Praha
1913    SK Slavia Praha 
1914      not played
1915    SK Slavia Praha 
1916      not played
1917    Deutscher FC Prag

Meisterschaft Deutscher Fußball Verband in Böhmen
1912/13 Deutscher FC Prag
1913/14 Deutscher FC Prag
1917    Deutscher FC Prag

NB: after World War I, a championship for German clubs in Czechoslovakia was played.
Meisterschaft Deutscher Fußball Verband für Mähren und Schlesien
1912    DSV Troppau             5-4 3-2 SV Bielitz
1913    DSV Troppau             4-1 2-2 SV Bielitz
1914    DSV Troppau             2-2 4-2 SV Bielitz

NB: SV Bielitz were from Bielsko (now part of Bielsko-Biała, in Poland);
    after World War I, a championship for German clubs in Czechoslovakia was played.


Mistrovství Stredoceské zupy
1918-24   see list of Czechoslovak champions.
Profesionální liga
1925-34   see list of Czechoslovak champions.
Státní liga
1935-39   see list of Czechoslovak champions.

Protektorat Böhmen und Mähren

Cesko-moravská liga
1938/39 AC Sparta Praha      [continuation of Czechoslovak league]
1939/40 SK Slavia Praha
1940/41 SK Slavia Praha
1941/42 SK Slavia Praha
1942/43 SK Slavia Praha
1943/44 AC Sparta Praha
1944/45   abandoned


I. liga
1945-93   see list of Czechoslovak champions.

Czech Republic

I. liga CR
1993/94 AC Sparta Praha
1994/95 AC Sparta Praha
1995/96 SK Slavia Praha
1996/97 AC Sparta Praha
1997/98 AC Sparta Praha
1998/99 AC Sparta Praha
1999/00 AC Sparta Praha
2000/01 AC Sparta Praha 
2001/02 FC Slovan Liberec
2002/03 AC Sparta Praha 
2003/04 FC Baník Ostrava
2004/05 AC Sparta Praha 
2005/06 FC Slovan Liberec
2006/07 AC Sparta Praha 
2007/08 SK Slavia Praha 
2008/09 SK Slavia Praha 
2009/10 AC Sparta Praha 
2010/11 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2011/12 FC Slovan Liberec
2012/13 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2013/14 AC Sparta Praha
2014/15 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2015/16 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2016/17 SK Slavia Praha 
2017/18 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2018/19 SK Slavia Praha 
2019/20 SK Slavia Praha 
2020/21 SK Slavia Praha 
2021/22 FC Viktoria Plzeň
2022/23 AC Sparta Praha
2023/24 AC Sparta Praha

Number of titles (37; since 1938/39)
16 AC Sparta Praha            [2 in Cesko-moravská Liga, 14 since 1993]
11 SK Slavia Praha            [4 in Cesko-moravská Liga, 7 since 1993]

 6 FC Viktoria Plzeň

 3 FC Slovan Liberec

 1 FC Baník Ostrava

NB: AC Sparta Praha also won 19 championships (under various names) in
    Czechoslovakia; SK Slavia Praha won 9 official championships and 1
    unofficial title in Czechoslovakia and FC Baník Ostrava were champions
    of Czechoslovakia on 3 occasions.

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