Tournament of Friendly Armies ("Army Spartakiade") 1984

Not to be confused with the Spartakiads.
Matches played in North Vietnam from 5 to 23 December.

First round

Group A
  qualified:  Czechoslovakia, East Germany
  eliminated: Laos, Mozambique
Group B
  qualified:  Soviet Union, Poland
  eliminated: Vietnam I
Group C
  qualified:  Hungary, Angola
  eliminated: Bulgaria
Group D
  qualified:  Cuba, Vietnam II
  eliminated: Cambodia

Second round

Group 1
 1. Hungary
 2. Soviet Union
  eliminated: Czechoslovakia, Cuba
Group 2
 1. East Germany
 2. Angola
  eliminated: Poland, Vietnam II

      Soviet Union   4-1 East Germany
      Hungary        5-2 Angola

Third Place Match
22.12 East Germany   3-1 Angola 

Final place 3rd-4th 
23.12 Hungary        1-1 Soviet Union   [aet, 6-4 (5-3?) pen]

NB: East Germany were represented by Vorwärts Dessau


1975 (Somalia)

1989 (North Vietnam)

Not to be confused with the Spartakiads.

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