Mexico 1930/31

Regular Season

NB: All the teams from Ciudad de México

Round 1
[Nov 2]
Parque España IV
Marte       4-2 América
  [N.N. 10, Lorenzo Camarena (2), Hilario López; Carral 12, Juan Terrazas 43pen]
Necaxa      1-1 Atlante

Round 2
[Nov 9]
Parque Necaxa
RC España   3-1 Club México
  [Titi, Delgado (og), Miguel Giralt; Amezcua]
Germania FV 1-0 Asturias
  [Francisco Ruiz 47]

Round 3
[Nov 16]
Parque España IV
América     4-5 Atlante
  [Muñoz 8, Suinaga 36, Sánchez 49, Barra 53; N.N.]
Marte       3–3 Necaxa

Round 4
[Nov 23]
Parque Necaxa
RC España   3-3 Asturias
Club México 1-1 Germania FV
  [León 85; Merck 5]

Tournament suspended by the "Juegos de la Revolución" a sporting event commemorating the Mexican Revolution.

*Standings at the moment of cancellation of the season

		 M	 W	 T	 L	GF	GA	PTS
Marte		 2	 1	 1	 0	 7	 5	 3
RC España	 2	 1	 1	 0	 6	 4	 3
Atlante		 2	 1	 1	 0	 6	 5	 3
Germania FV	 2	 1	 1	 0	 2	 1	 3
Necaxa		 2	 0	 2	 0	 4	 4	 2
Asturias	 2	 0	 1	 1	 3	 4	 1
Club México	 2	 0	 1	 1	 2	 4	 1
América		 2	 0	 0	 2	 6	 9	 0

Notes about the cancellation of the season:

On Tuesday, December 16, 1930 the clubs España, America and Necaxa decide to separate 
from the federation causing a schism within the Federation that caused the cancellation 
of the season, three situations are indicated as causing:

1. The annoyance of Club España due to the delay in the start of the tournament because 
the National Team held several friendly matches touring Chile and Peru in August 1930
after its participation in FIFA WC 1930 held in Montevideo.

2. The hiring of the Spanish player Gaspar Rubio by Club España, Rubio had defected of 
Real Madrid to play first in Juventud Asturiana (team of Cuba), Real Madrid raised a 
protest against FIFA; FIFA declared the player in absentia and threatened to sanction the 
federation that decided to hire him. The Mexican Federation urged Club España to comply 
with the FIFA notification; nevertheless, Club España refused generating a conflict 
between the Federation and the League; There are contradictory versions in this regard, 
because while some say that the federation hid and did not notify the Club of the FIFA 
notification in time others assure that the notice arrived out of time. As it was, the 
situation generated divisions within the league with some teams that supported Club España 
and others that requested their disaffiliation for disobedience.

3. While the "Juegos de la Revolución" were playing, Asturias, supported by Atlante,
Marte, Germania and the Club Mexico requested permission to remodel the "Parque Asturias" 
which was in deplorable conditions, Necaxa and España protest since they discover that
apparently this was a part of a plan that sought to build a new stadium owned by the 
federation where the league tournament would be played exclusively and that left out the 
Parque España and Parque Necaxa, these teams that would be losing important income from 
the rental of your property. These concerns were not new, since from previous months these 
teams had expressed their disagreement by having to pay rent for the use of the fields of 
España and Necaxa, the idea of ??a unique stadium owned by the federation sought that no 
team had to pay rent to any other team.

At the end of December the schismatic teams created the "Federación del Centro" inviting 
Alvarado and Toluca, this new federation sought to have the recognition of FIFA; However, 
FIFA continued supporting "Federación Mexicana de Foot-ball".

On the other hand, the so-called "Grupo de los cinco" (Asturias, Germania, Atlante, Marte
and Club Mexico) that remained adhered to "Federación Mexicana" decided to incorporate 
teams Leones and Sporting and form a new league tournament. In order to reaffirm their union, 
on Sunday, January 11 they decide to change the name of Parque Asturias and rename it as 
"Campo Alianza".

While the teams that will be part of the leagues are defined, friendly meetings take place 
on both sides as well as they decide to bring the South American teams Vélez Sarsfield and 
the Bellavista of Uruguay to Mexico, the latter was practically the Uruguayan team that 
had won the previous year the First World Cup. 
On Tuesday, July 7, 1931, after both sides had suffered severe economic losses, they 
finally reached preliminary agreements that led to the creation of "Federación Mexicana 
del Centro de Futbol Asociación" within which the "Liga Mayor del Distrito Federal" was 
integrated into which all the teams of "Primera Fuerza" were affiliated with.

Club España which had internal problems decided not enter to the new league same as 
Club México.

Leones OP and Sporting joined the league after finish in second and third place in a
promotion tournament called as "Pre campeonato".



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