Laos - List of Champions

1990  Lao Army (Vientiane)
1991  Lao Army (Vientiane)
1992  Lao Army (Vientiane)
1993  Savannakhet (Savannakhet)   [play in Thakhek]
      Lao Army (Vientiane)
1994  Lao Army (Vientiane)
1995  Pakse (Pakse)
      Education Team
1996  Lao Army
1997  Sayaboury (Sayaboury)       [play in Luangprabang]
      Lao Army (Vientiane)
1998  Khammouan Province Team (?)
1999    not known
2000  Vientiane Municipality (national games)
2001  Banks
2002  Telecom and Transportation
2003  Telecom and Transportation
2004  Telecom and Transportation
2005  Vientiane FC
2006  Vientiane FC 
2007  Lao-American College FC
2008  Army
2009    not held
2010  Banks (aka Bank of Laos)
2011  Ministry of Public Works and Transport
2012  Lao Police
2013  SHB Champasak FC   
2014  Hoang Anh Attapeu FC 
2015  Lao Toyota FC
2016  Lanexang United FC 
2017  Lao Toyota FC
2018  Lao Toyota FC
2019  Lao Toyota FC
2020  Lao Toyota FC
2021    abandoned
2022  Young Elephant FC
2023  Young Elephant FC

NB: the tournaments won 1993 by Savannakhet and 1995 by Pakse were
    held without Vientiane teams, who were excluded, and apparently
    organised a second championship.
    The second championship in 1997, won by Lao Army, was the first
    official championship, played by 4 teams from Vientiane and 4 
    from the provinces.
    Public Health Ministry never won the league.
    The 2001 and 2010 champions Bank(s) are identical.
    Lao-American College FC's championship 2007 was their first.

Number of Known Titles (34; in three years, two tournaments were held)

 7 Lao Army (Vientiane)

 5 Lao Toyota FC

 3 Telecom and Transportation

 2 Banks (aka Bank of Laos)
   Vientiane FC
   Young Elephant FC

 1 Army
   Education Team
   Hoang Anh Attapeu FC 
   Khammouan Province Team (?)
   Lanexang United FC 
   Lao-American College FC
   Lao Police
   Ministry of Public Works and Transport
   Pakse (Pakse)      
   Savannakhet (Savannakhet)
   Sayaboury (Sayaboury)
   SHB Champasak FC
   Vientiane Municipality

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