Laos 2005/06

Lao League 1

Round 1
[Oct 1]
Vientiane           -  MCTPC
MPS                 -  Lao-American
[Oct 2]
Army                -  Bank
LJA                 -  Nat. University

Round ? [Oct 23?]
LJA                3-0 Vilakone 
Kavin              1-0 Vientiane prov.

Round ? 
[Oct 29?]
MPS                2-2 PMO 
[Oct 30?]
Vientiane prov.    3-0 Vilakone 

NB: Vientiane province and Vilakone only played above 2 matches

[Nov 5 or 12?]
LJA                 -  Kavin
[Nov 6 or 13?]
MPS                 -  Vientiane

Round ? [Nov 5,6]
[unknown]          bt  MPS
[unknown]          bt  PMO

NB: apparently both MPS and PMO lost to newly promoted sides which
    can only apply to Kavin College and Vilakone and possibly
    Vientiane province
    LJA did not lose any of their first four matches

[Jan 7]
Lao-American C.    2-1 Kavin
[Jan 14?]
Army                -  Lao-American College

[Jan 22]
Army                -  PMO        
Lao-American Coll. 1-1 LJA 

Leaders (Jan 22): Lao Journalists' Association FC (LJA) 

[Feb 19]
Vilakone           1-1 Vientiane FC

[Mar 18]
Vientiane FC       2-1 Army FC 

NB: at half-way stage, Vientiane FC are only unbeaten side

Top of Table (Apr 26):
 1.Vientiane FC (unbeaten)
 2.Lao-American College 

[Apr 27]
Vientiane FC        -  Lao-American College 
[Apr 29]
Army FC             -  Kavin College
[May 7]
Vientiane FC       4-0 LJA

[Jun 7]
Vientiane FC        -  Army

(Known) Participants:

 1.Vientiane FC                
 3.Ministry of Public Security (MPS) [formerly National Public Security]
 4.Lao-American College FC    
 5.Army FC                    
 7.National University       
 8.Lao Journalists' Association FC (LJA)  
 9.Vilakone FC               
10.Kavin College             
11.Prime Minister's Office FC (PMO)
12.Vientiane province

NB: PMO withdrew around May 18.

Champions: Vientiane FC 

Relegated: Vilakone FC

National Games 2005 (in Savannakhet province)

NB: Champassak failed to reach quarterfinals

Semifinals [Dec 19]
Vientiane FC       bt  MCTPC
Savannakhet        bt  [?]

Third Place Match
MCTPC              bt  [?]

Vientiane FC       drw Savannakhet     [11-10 pen]

Lao League 2 2005/06

Round ? 
[Oct 29?]
Moon The Night     1-1 Na Video 
Nongtang           1-1 Latthakone
Saymone            2-1 Nahae
[Oct 30?]
Trio               1-0 Thongkhankham
Micro PC           2-0 DoChosaport 
Markmaisot         w/o Army            [Army forfeited]

NB: Markmaisot aka Fresh Fruit

Champions: Trio FC



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