Gibraltar - List of Champions

The first (civilian) clubs founded on the peninsula were Prince of Wales FC (1892) and Gibraltar FC (1893; they played their first game in that same year against the King's Rifle Regiment, a military side). The first official match was played on 16 March 1894, in which Gibraltar FC defeated Moorish-Castle 4-0 at the North Front field.
Since 1895 an annual cup tournament (Merchants Cup) was contested; in addition the military organised garrison leagues between 1900 and 1920, usually in two divisions of four teams each.
The first properly structured league was created in October 1907, as the Gibraltar Foot-ball League, by the Gibraltar Civilian Football Association.
That first league had 8 participants, part of them military; civilian clubs to feature in later editions included Europa FC (nicknamed "Los Pepes"), Esmerald FC, Green Star, Manchester United FC, Queen Elizabeth FC, Nelson FC, Malaya FC, Regnaul FC and Cormorant FC, while the military were represented by sides such as Middlesex FC, Sussex FC, Duke of York FC, Suffolks FC, Signals Corp FC, Royal Navy, HMS "Hood", Royal Sovereign FC, South United FC, Exiles FC, Athletic FC, Albion FC, Jubilee FC, Chief Construction FC and Commander of the Yard FC.
1907/08 Prince of Wales FC [other sources: Britannia FC] 
1908/09 Prince of Wales FC
1909/10 South United FC
1910/11 South United FC
1911/12 Britannia FC
1912/13 Britannia FC
1913/14 Prince of Wales FC
1914/15 Royal Sovereign
1915/16   no competition
1916/17 Prince of Wales FC
1917/18 Britannia FC
1918/19 Prince of Wales FC
1919/20 Britannia FC
1920/21 Prince of Wales FC
1921/22 Prince of Wales FC
1922/23 Prince of Wales FC
1923/24 Gibraltar FC
1924/25 Prince of Wales FC
1925/26 Prince of Wales FC
1926/27 Prince of Wales FC
1927/28 Prince of Wales FC
1928/29 Europa FC
1929/30 Europa FC
1930/31 Prince of Wales FC
1931/32 Europa FC
1932/33 Europa FC
1933/34 Commander of the Yard FC
1934/35 Chief Construction FC
1935/36 Chief Constructor FC
1936/37 Britannia FC
1937/38 Europa FC
1938/39 Prince of Wales FC
1939/40 Prince of Wales FC
1940/41 Britannia FC
1941-45   no competition
1945/46 Fortress Royal Engineers
1946/47 Gibraltar United FC
1947/48 Gibraltar United FC 
1948/49 Gibraltar United FC
1949/50 Gibraltar United FC
1950/51 Gibraltar United FC
1951/52 Europa FC (unbeaten)
1952/53 Prince of Wales FC 
1953/54 Gibraltar United FC 
1954/55 Britannia FC (unbeaten)
1955/56 Britannia FC (unbeaten)
1956/57 Britannia FC
1957/58 Britannia FC (unbeaten)
1958/59 Britannia FC
1959/60 Gibraltar United FC
1960/61 Britannia FC
1961/62 Gibraltar United FC
1962/63 Britannia FC
1963/64 Gibraltar United FC
1964/65 Gibraltar United FC
1965/66 Glacis United FC
1966/67 Glacis United FC  
1967/68 Glacis United FC  
1968/69 Glacis United FC  
1969/70 Glacis United FC
1970/71 Glacis United FC
1971/72 Glacis United FC
1972/73 Glacis United FC
1973/74 Glacis United FC
1974/75 Manchester United FC
1975/76 Glacis United FC
1976/77 Manchester United FC 
1977/78   no competition  
1978/79 Manchester United FC    
1979/80 Manchester United FC    
1980/81 Glacis United FC
1981/82 Glacis United FC
1982/83 Glacis United FC
1983/84 Manchester United FC
1984/85 Glacis United FC and Lincoln FC (shared)
1985/86 Lincoln FC
1986/87 St Theresa's FC
1987/88 St Theresa's FC
1988/89 Glacis United FC
1989/90 Lincoln FC  
1990/91 Lincoln FC
1991/92 Lincoln FC
1992/93 Lincoln FC
1993/94 Lincoln FC  
1994/95 Manchester United FC  
1995/96 St Joseph's
1996/97 Glacis United FC 
1997/98 St Theresa's FC
1998/99 Manchester United FC
1999/00 Glacis United FC 
2000/01 Lincoln FC  
2001/02 Gibraltar United FC
2002/03 Newcastle FC (formerly Lincoln FC)
2003/04 Newcastle FC
2004/05 Newcastle FC
2005/06 Newcastle FC
2006/07 Newcastle FC
2007/08 Lincoln FC (formerly Newcastle FC) 
2008/09 Lincoln FC
2009/10 Lincoln FC
2010/11 Lincoln FC 
2011/12 Lincoln FC 
2012/13 Lincoln FC 
2013/14 Lincoln FC 
2014/15 Lincoln FC 
2015/16 Lincoln FC 
2016/17 Europa FC
2017/18 Lincoln FC 
2018/19 Lincoln FC 
2019/20   season abandoned
2020/21 Lincoln FC 
2021/22 Lincoln FC 
2022/23 Lincoln FC 
2023/24 Lincoln FC 

NB: Newcastle FC was a temporary name for Lincoln FC

Number of Titles (111)

28 Lincoln FC [5 as Newcastle FC, one title shared as Lincoln FC]

17 Glacis United FC [one title shared]

16 Prince of Wales FC

13 Britannia FC   

11 Gibraltar United FC

 7 Europa FC
   Manchester United FC

 3 St Theresa's FC

 2 Chief Construction FC
   South United FC

 1 Commander of the Yard FC
   Fortress Royal Engineers
   Gibraltar FC
   Royal Sovereign
   St Joseph's

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