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A UEFA sanctioned 'national' league is only in operation since 1992/93; the Welsh members of the (English) professional league (Cardiff City, Swansea City and Wrexham) refused to enter, preferring instead to keep playing in the English pyramid, and are therefore barred from entry in the European Cups (at least as representatives for Wales). Three non-league clubs (Merthyr Tydfil, Newport County and Colwyn Bay) have remained outside the Welsh league pyramid as well.

Before various leagues existed, generally restricted to parts of Wales; the first of these, both established in 1890, were the South Wales League and the Welsh Senior League (based in the northeast of the country, but without some of the strongest clubs of the area which played in the (mostly English) Combination League).
For most of the time since the Second World War, separate leagues were in operation in the South (known as Abacus League in 1992, and going under the name of 'National Division' after a restructuring in 1983), North (known as Welsh Alliance until 1990) and Centre ('Mid-Wales League' until 1990); in 1990 the latter two merged into the Cymru Alliance, which in turn merged with the Abacus League in 1992 to form the League of Wales.

It should be mentioned that apart from the well-known Welsh clubs in the English Football League (Cardiff City, Swansea Town (later City), Wrexham and the now defunct Newport County), various other Welsh clubs played in English 'Non League' football. At the time of the installation of the League of Wales, these were: Bangor City, Barry Town, Caernarfon Town, Colwyn Bay, Merthyr Tydfil, Newport AFC, Newtown and Rhyl; in particular Bangor, Merthyr and Rhyl spent most of their existence in 'English' leagues, generally of a higher standard than those listed below. Most of these clubs fielded 'Reserves' or '2nd XI's in the relevant 'Welsh' league.

Season  'Southern Champions'         'Northern Champions'   'Mid-Wales Champions'

1945/46  Lovell's Athletic            HMS Glendower         
1946/47  Lovell's Athletic            Caernarfon Town        Llanidloes Town   
1947/48  Lovell's Athletic Reserves   Penrhyn Quarry
1948/49  Merthyr Tydfil Reserves      Llandudno Junction     Aberystwyth Town
1949/50  Merthyr Tydfil Reserves      Holyhead Town          Aberystwyth Town
1950/51  Swansea Town Reserves        Pwllheli & District    Llanidloes Town
1951/52  Merthyr Tydfil Reserves      Pwllheli & District    55th R.A. Tonfannau
1952/53  Ebbw Vale & Cwm              Holyhead Town          55th R.A. Tonfannau
1953/54  Pembroke Borough             55th R.A. Tonfannau    55th R.A. Tonfannau
1954/55  Newport County Reserves      Fflint Town United     Kington Town
1955/56  Pembroke Borough             Fflint Town United     55th R.A. Tonfannau
1956/57  Haverfordwest County         Fflint Town United     55th R.A. Tonfannau
1957/58  Ton Pentre                   Holyhead Town          55th R.A. Tonfannau
1958/59  Abergavenny Thursdays        Borough United         Aberystwyth Town
1959/60  Abergavenny Thursdays        Nantlle Vale           Caersws
1960/61  Ton Pentre                   Pwllheli & District    Caersws
1961/62  Swansea Town Reserves        Blaenau Ffestiniog     Llandrindod Wells
1962/63  Swansea Town Reserves        Borough United         Caersws
1963/64  Swansea Town Reserves        Holyhead Town          Kington Town
1964/65  Swansea Town Reserves        Colwyn Bay             Berriew
1965/66  Lovell's Athletic            Caernarfon Town        Kington Town
1966/67  Cardiff City 'A'             CPD Porthmadog         Llandrindod Wells
1967/68  Cardiff City 'A'             CPD Porthmadog         Welshpool
1968/69  Bridgend Town                CPD Porthmadog         Welshpool
1969/70  Cardiff City 'A'             Holyhead Town          Barmouth & Dyffryn United
1970/71  Llanelli                     Bethesda Athletic      Welshpool
1971/72  Cardiff City 'A'             Blaenau Ffestiniog     Llanidloes Town
1972/73  Bridgend Town                Blaenau Ffestiniog     Welshpool
1973/74  Ton Pentre                   Blaenau Ffestiniog     Llanidloes Town
1974/75  Newport County Reserves      CPD Porthmadog         Welshpool
1975/76  Swansea Town Reserves        CPD Porthmadog         Newtown
1976/77  Llanelli                     Bethesda Athletic      Welshpool
1977/78  Llanelli                     Caernarfon Town        Caersws
1978/79  Pontllanfraith               Caernarfon Town        Newtown
1979/80  Newport County Reserves      Blaenau Ffestiniog     Welshpool
1980/81  Haverfordwest County         Colwyn Bay             Llanidloes Town
1981/82  Ton Pentre                   Courtaulds Greenfield  Newtown
1982/83  Barry Town                   Colwyn Bay             Caersws
1983/84  Barry Town                   Colwyn Bay             Aberystwyth Town
1984/85  Barry Town                   Conwy United           Aberystwyth Town
1985/86  Barry Town                   Conwy United           Caersws
1986/87  Barry Town                   Bethesda Athletic      Newtown
1987/88  Ebbw Vale                    Llanfairpwll           Newtown
1988/89  Barry Town                   Fflint Town United     Caersws
1989/90  Haverfordwest County         CPD Porthmadog         Caersws
1990/91  Abergavenny Thursdays                 Fflint Town United
1991/92  Abergavenny Thursdays                 Caersws

League of Wales 1992/93 Cwmbran Town 1993/94 Bangor City 1994/95 Bangor City 1995/96 Barry Town 1996/97 Barry Town 1997/98 Barry Town 1998/99 Barry Town 1999/00 TNS Llansantffraid 2000/01 Barry Town 2001/02 Barry Town 2002/03 Barry Town 2003/04 Rhyl 2004/05 TNS Llansantffraid 2005/06 TNS Llansantffraid 2006/07 The New Saints 2007/08 Llanelli 2008/09 Rhyl 2009/10 The New Saints 2010/11 Bangor City 2011/12 The New Saints 2012/13 The New Saints 2013/14 The New Saints 2014/15 The New Saints 2015/16 The New Saints 2016/17 The New Saints 2017/18 The New Saints 2018/19 The New Saints 2019/20 Connah's Quay Nomads 2020/21 Connah's Quay Nomads 2021/22 The New Saints 2022/23 The New Saints 2023/24 The New Saints Number of Titles (32; since 1992/93) 16 The New Saints (includes TNS Llansantffraid) 7 Barry Town 3 Bangor City 2 Connah's Quay Nomads Rhyl 1 Cwmbran Town Llanelli

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