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The Introduction Page of the GIEFI

The GIEFI (Grupo de Investigación y Estadísticas del Fútbol del Interior) was founded on April 25th, 2002 by Alejandro de León, Germán Rodríguez Barcos, Julio Andrés Campopiano, Marco Antonio Da Silva Lucas and Martín Tabeira. The goal of this organisation is collecting not only statistical information about Uruguay Interior Football, but also covering the activity in each of the 18 departments in which leagues are ruled by OFI (all except Montevideo).

Since 2001 (even before founding the group), some of us started contributing to the RSSSF, publishing a huge number of files about Uruguay 'interior' football. The first file to be published concerning this matter was the 2000 season of the Liga Mayor de Maldonado, by Martín Tabeira. After that, Alejandro de León communicated with Martín Tabeira, in order to let him know he had a tremendous amount of material about OFI football. Both of them started publishing these historical files, and also kept covering the current seasons.

At the end of 2001 and in the beginning of 2002, other people joined this "un-official organisation": Germán Rodríguez Barcos (Florida), Claudio Ferreira (San José), Julio Andrés Campopiano (Paysandú) and Marco Antonio Da Silva Lucas (Rivera). In April 2002, these football fans, except for Claudio Ferreira who stopped communicating with the rest of the group in March, decided to formalise this "organisation", and created the GIEFI.

Since the creation of the group, the members concentrated in finding new people who might be interested in joining the initiative. Through e-mails and phone-calls, the number of members increased from 5 to 20 in just 4 months, without counting 9 other persons who constantly collaborate with valuable information.

New members are always welcome, whether they could co-operate with historical information, or providing coverage of an uncovered league or competition. If you are interested in becoming a member, please e-mail the group at: giefi@adinet.com.uy stating which data you want to provide, and you'll get a quick answer.

We wish to thank the RSSSF for allowing us to publish our material, and creating this "introduction page". You can access this information in spanish at our website: http://www.futboldelinterior.cjb.net.

All current GIEFI Members, in alphabetical order, together their procedence cities on which they have a certain specialisation, if you wish to contact any member in particular, please direct to giefi@adinet.com.uy:

We also have other people who collaborate regularly or have collaborated in the past with historical or current information:

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