South Pacific Games 1963 (Fiji)

First Round
 29- 8-1963 Fiji              3-1 Papua New Guinea      [HT 2-1] [at Buckhurst Park, Suva]
              [Zikar Ali 30' 33', Satish Dutta [3-1] / Voelker 15']
 30- 8-1963 Solomon Islands   6-3 New Hebrides          [HT 4-2] [at Buckhurst Park, Suva]
              [Mabulou, Famani, Suamoni x2, Beni x2 / Gedeon, Tomoi, Kalbeo]
              [Note: the Solomon Islands team played barefoot]

  1- 9-1963 Fiji              5-0 Solomon Islands       [HT 2-0] [at Churchill Park, Lautoka]
              [Satish Dutta x2, Zikar Ali x3]
  1- 9-1963 New Caledonia     2-1 French Polynesia      [AET]
              [Marc-Kanyan Case 44' 115' / Nena 90']

Third Place Match
  6- 9-1963 Fr. Polynesia    18-0 Solomon Islands

  7- 9-1963 New Caledonia     8-2 Fiji                  [HT 6-2] [at Buckhurst Park, Suva]
              [Paula x3, Bénébig, Marc-Kanyan Case x4 / Yee Gock Sue pen, D.Simmons]

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