Somalia Champions

Championships were already organised during Italian colonial rule (at least between 1932/33 and 1939/40) but no further data are known apart from the participating (Italian) clubs in 1937/38 and 1939/40.

The first Somali clubs were established in the 1940s, but no organised leagues were held during the war. One of the main teams was called Bondhere (also written Bondere; earlier called SYL "Leego"), established by the SYL (Somali Youth League), which won the second division in 1958, during the time Somalia was a UN trust area under Italian administration (between 1950 and 1960).
Other early Somali clubs to be established were the transport team (Autoparco, later Gaad(i)idka), the Public Works Department (LLPP (=Lavori Publici)/Jeenyo (from Italian Genio)), Shibis, Hamarweyne (also written Hamaruine, Amaruine) and Wardhiigley (also written Uardiglei). The police and military teams became the strongest ones, and as matches between them resulted in conflict and tensions, they were eventually combined to form Horseed.

NB: various of the seasons below (at least prior to 2000) probably
    were fall/spring seasons, but this is only confirmed for the
    championship seasons of Horseed.

as Italian colony
1933    Comando Marina (Mogadishu)   
1934-36   not known
1937    AC Amaruini (Mogadishu)              [aka Hamaruini; now Hamar Uen]
1938    AC Amaruini (Mogadishu)              [aka Hamaruini; now Hamar Uen]
1939    Arabe
1939/40   not known
1941-46   not held
1946/47 AC Mogadiscio                                              
1948-50   not known
as UN trust area
1950/51   not held
1952    SC Genio Officina (Mogadishu)        [aka Jeenyo "LLPP"]
1953/54 AS Corpo di Polizia (Mogadishu)      [aka SC Polizia; later called Somali Police] 
1954/55 Autoparco (Mogadishu)                [aka Gaadiidka] 
1955/56 Autoparco (Mogadishu)                [aka Gaadiidka] 
1956/57 Autoparco (Mogadishu)                [aka Gaadiidka]
1957/58 AS Mogadiscio 
1958/59   apparently not held
1959/60 Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)           [aka Jeenyo "LLPP"]
since independence
1961-66   not known
1967    Somali Police (Mogadishu)            [aka Booliska]
1968    Hoga (Mogadishu)                     [aka Xoogga]
1969    Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)           [aka Jeenyo "LLPP"]
1970    Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)           [aka Jeenyo "LLPP"]
1971    Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)           [aka Jeenyo "LLPP"]
1971/72 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1972/73 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1973/74 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1974/75   unknown
1975/76 Mogadishu Municipality               [aka Muqdisho]
1976/77 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1977/78 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1978/79 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1979/80 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
1980/81 Lavori Publici (Mogadishu)           [aka Jeenyo "LLPP"]
1982    Wagad (Mogadishu)                    [newly promoted]
1983    National Printing Agency (Mogadishu) [aka Madbacadda Qaranka]
1984    Marine Club (Mogadishu)              [aka Badda]
1985    Wagad (Mogadishu)
1986    Mogadishu Municipality               [aka Muqdisho]
1987    Wagad (Mogadishu)
1988    Wagad (Mogadishu)
1989    Mogadishu Municipality               [aka Muqdisho]
1990    Gaadiidka (Mogadishu)                [aka Jadidka]
1991-93   not played (?)
1994    Morris Supplies (Mogadishu)          [aka Shirkadda Morris]
1995    Alba
1996-97   not played (?)
1998    Ports Authority                      [aka Dekedaha Naadiga, Dekedda or Dekadda "Badda"]
1999    Banaadir Telecom (Mogadishu)         [possibly 1999/00]
2000    Elman FC (Mogadishu)
2001    Elman FC (Mogadishu)
2002    Elman FC (Mogadishu)
2003    Elman FC (Mogadishu)    
2004-06 Banaadir Telecom (Mogadishu)    
2007    Ports Authority                      [aka Dekedaha Naadiga, Dekedda or Dekadda "Badda"]
2008/09   not known
2009/10 Banaadir Telecom (Mogadishu)   
2011    Elman FC (Mogadishu)
2012    Elman FC (Mogadishu)
2013/14 Banaadir Telecom (Mogadishu)   
2014/15 Heegan (Mogadishu)   
2015/16 Banaadir Telecom (Mogadishu)   
2016/17 Dekedda (Mogadishu)    
2018    Dekedda (Mogadishu) 
2019    Dekedda (Mogadishu) 
2019/20 Mogadishu City Club
2021    Horseed FC (Mogadishu)
2022    Gaadiidka (Mogadishu) 

NB: the 2003 championship was the 34th edition (since 1967?), meaning 4 are missing from 
      the list above, presumably in the 1990s.  The 2009/10 edition was the 38th.
    Player profiles at the Elman FC homepage would appear to indicate that the 4 national
      titles they won were not from 2000 to 2003 but the first in 1997, the second in 1999,
     the third in 2001 and the last in 2003;
    the 2004 championship (reportedly the 35th edition) started in September 2004 but was
      suspended after a few weeks and not resumed until August 2006;
    Elman's entry in the CECAFA Club Cup 2006 was either based on their 2003 title or the
      fact that they topped the table when the 2004 league was suspended;
    the 2011 edition reportedly was the 36th.

Number of Titles (45 (since 1967); possibly 2 missing)

 9 Mogadishu City Club [includes Mogadishu Municipality, Banaadir Telecom; formerly called Conis]

 8 Horseed FC (Mogadishu)

 6 Elman FC (Mogadishu)

 5 Dekedda (Mogadishu) [aka Ports Authority, Ports FC]

 4 Lavori Publici (Mogadishu) [now called LLPP Jeenyo]
   Wagad (Mogadishu)
 2 Gaadiidka [does not include titles as Autoparco 1955-57]

 1 Alba 
   Heegan (Mogadishu) [may be related to Somali Police]   
   Hoga (Mogadishu)
   Marine Club (Mogadishu) [related to Dekadaha?]
   Morris Supplies (Mogadishu)
   National Printing Agency (Mogadishu)
   Somali Police (Mogadishu) [may be related to Heegan]

Inter-State Championship

Ed. Year    Winners                   Runners-Up
 1  2016    Puntland              1-1 Jubbaland             [5-4 pen]
 2  2017    Jubbaland             1-0 Puntland          
 3  2020    Banadir               2-2 Galmudug              [3-0 pen]
 4  2023/24 Galmudug              0-0 Hirschabelle          [4-1 pen]

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