President's Cup (South Korea)

Played annually in South Korea from 1971 to 1989. Since then it is biannual. The official name changed a few times:

1971-1975 Park's Cup Asia Football Championship 
1976-1979 President Park's Cup International Football Championship 
1980-1993 President's Cup 
1995- now Korea Cup 
Participation is both by regional national sides and various club teams and selections from all over the world.


Year    Winners                    Runners-Up   
1971      Burma and South Korea             [shared after two 0-0's] 
1972    Burma                  3-1 Indonesia
1973      Burma and Cambodia                [shared after 0-0]
1974    South Korea            7-1 Medan
1975    South Korea            1-0 Burma
1976      South Korea and São Paulo U-21    [shared after 0-0]
1977    São Paulo U-21         1-0 South Korea    
1978    South Korea            6-2 Washington Diplomats
1979    Vitória FC             2-1 South Korea    
1980    South Korea            2-0 Indonesia
1981      South Korea and Racing (Córdoba)  [shared after 2-2]
1982      South Korea and Atlético Mineiro  [shared after 0-0]
1983    PSV                    3-2 South Korea    
1984    Bangu                  2-1 Hallelujah   
1985    South Korea            1-0 South Korea Olympic
1986      not held due to Asian Games in Seoul
1987    South Korea            0-0 Australia [5-4 pen]
1988    Czechoslovakia XI      2-1 Soviet Union Olympic
1989    Czechoslovakia XI          Brøndby IF
1991    South Korea            2-0 Egypt
1993    Egypt                  1-0 South Korea
1995    Ecuador                1-0 Zambia
1997    South Korea                Yugoslavia
1999    Croatia                    Mexico

Number of Wins

12 South Korea      (4 shared)
 3 Burma            (2 shared)
 2 Czechoslovakia XI   
   São Paulo U-21   (1 shared)
 1 Bangu 
   Vitória FC 
   Atlético Mineiro (shared)
   Cambodia         (shared)
   Racing (Córdoba) (shared)

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