Poland - List of League Cup Finals

Puchar Zlotu Związek Młodzieży Polskiej
1952 OWKS Kraków              5-1 Ogniwo Kraków                        [in Warszawa]
Puchar Ligi
1977 Odra Opole               3-1 Widzew Łódź                          [in Częstochowa]
1978 Górnik Zabrze            2-0 Zagłębie Sosnowiec                   [in Zabrze]
Puchar Ligi Polskiej
2000 Polonia Warszawa         2-1 Legia Warszawa                       [in Warszawa]
2001 Zagłębie Lubin           0-3 Wisła Kraków                         [in Lubin]
     Wisła Kraków             1-2 Zagłębie Lubin                       [in Kraków]
2002 Legia Warszawa           3-0 Wisła Kraków                         [in Warszawa]
     Wisła Kraków             2-1 Legia Warszawa                       [in Kraków]
Puchar Ekstraklasy
2007 Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wlk. 1-0 GKS Bełchatów                        [in Bełchatów]
2008 Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wlk. 4-1 Legia Warszawa                       [in Grodzisk Wielkopolski]
2009 Śląsk Wrocław            1-0 Odra Wodzisław Śląski                [in Wodzisław Śląski]

NB: not played in years other than listed above;
    the 1952 edition was organised by PZPN as the Cup of the Polish Youth
    Association Jamboree and all 12 top level clubs were obliged to enter;
    because of the participants, it was later considered an unofficial
    predecessor of the League Cup;
    the 1978 edition was unofficial as only 11 (of 16) first level teams
    participated; they were joined by 4 Hungarian clubs.

Number of Wins (7; lost finals between square brackets)
 2      Dyskobolia Grodzisk Wielkopolski    

 1 [ 2] Legia Warszawa     
 1 [ 1] Wisła Kraków   
 1      Odra Opole          
 1      Polonia Warszawa  
 1      Śląsk Wrocław    
   [ 1] GKS Bełchatów
   [ 1] Odra Wodzisław Śląski
   [ 1] Widzew Łódź
   [ 1] Zagłębie Lubin

 1      Górnik Zabrze      (unofficial)
 1      Wawel Kraków       (unofficial; as OWKS Kraków)
   [ 1] Cracovia (Kraków)  (unofficial; as Ogniwo Kraków)
   [ 1] Zagłębie Sosnowiec (unofficial)

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