Games of the II. Olympiad

Football Tournament

(Paris, France, 20th May - 28th October, 1900)

For the Paris Olympics, four football matches, all involving a French team, were originally scheduled:

16th September 1900 France vs Switzerland
23rd September 1900 France vs Belgium
30th September 1900 France vs Germany
 7th October   1900 France vs England

As Switzerland and Germany eventually did not send a team, the match involving France and England was moved forward to 20th September.

France's representatives were determined by the USFSA, which elected the Parisian champions Club Français. For Belgium, the 1899/00 national champions, Racing Club de Bruxelles, were invited, but they declined. Eventually the Belgian federation sent a student selection, strengthened by a few non-students, and comprising two non-Belgian nationals; all players were active at Belgian clubs, such as Léopold Club, Racing Club, Skill Club (all three from Brussels), FC Liégeois, SC Louvain and Spa FC. For England, Upton Park FC played.

Both matches were part of the official Olympic programme, which was a haphazard affair, as the entire Olympics suffered from being a mere sideshow to the World Exhibition in Paris that year. No medals were awarded (this habit, in its current form, was started in 1906 only), and the two matches together were never intended as a proper tournament (if one would like to consider them, anachronistically, for any medal count, they should be treated as separate events).

Match Details

Paris, 20th September, 1900

Club Français Paris  0-4 (0-2) Upton Park FC

Club Français Paris (France):
Lucien Huteau - Louis Bach, Pierre Allemane - Virgile Gaillard, Alfred Bloch,
Maurice Macaire - Eugène Fraysse (capt.), René Garnier, Lambert,
R. Grandjean, Fernand Canelle

Upton Park FC (Great Britain):
J.H. Jones - Claude Buckingham, William Gosling - Alfred Chalk, J.E. Barridge,
William Quash - Arthur Turner, F.G. Spackman, J. Nicholas, James Zealey,
A. Haslam (capt.)

Referee: Maignard (France)
Attendance: 500, Vélodrome Municipal de Vincennes

Scorers: J. Nicholas 2; Arthur Turner; James Zealey

Paris, 23rd September, 1900

Club Français Paris  6-2 (1-2) Student XI

Club Français Paris (France):
Lucien Huteau - Louis Bach, Pierre Allemane - Virgile Gaillard, Alfred Bloch,
Maurice Macaire - Duparc, René Garnier (capt.), Gaston Peltier, Lambert,
Fernand Canelle

Student XI (Belgium):
Marcel Leboutte - René Kelecom, Ernest Moreau de Melen - Alphonse Renier,
Gustave Pelgrims (capt.), Eugène Neefs - Eric Thornton, Hendrik van Heuckelum,
Hilaire Spanoghe, Albert Delbecque, Lucien Londot
NB: Hendrik ("Henk", "Kees") van Heuckelum was a Dutch national; Eric Thornton
    was an English national; both were resident in Brussels.

Referee: Jack Wood (England)
Attendance: 1,500, Vélodrome Municipal de Vincennes

Scorers: 1' Gaston Peltier 1-0; Hilaire Spanoghe 1-1; Hendrik van Heuckelum 1-2;
         second half scorers unknown

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