Nigeria - List of Cup Winners

The Beverley Cup was the first ever football competition in Nigeria, contested in Calabar since 1906 between military and school sides. The earliest cup for senior sides was the Mulford Cup, instituted by the influential Frederick Baron Mulford in 1930; it could be said to be the first national football competition, featuring teams such as the Lagos Town Council (LTC), the Calabar XI, P & T XI, Corinthians (owned by the Labour Department), The Police, PWD, and others. It was competed for until 1952. Before, the Bergedorf Cup (later renamed Zard Cup) was founded, contested between junior sides in Lagos. In 1948 the Zard Cup was re-assigned to a competition for secondary schools.
During the war years, the War Memorial Challenge Cup was launched and succeeded by the Governor's Cup in 1945 (with 9 teams, all from Lagos, entering the initial competition (other source: 13 participants); the first team from outside Lagos to enter were Aebokuta in 1946, followed by Port Harcourt, Calabar and Warri in 1948), which was renamed Challenge Cup after Nigeria's independence and developed into the main cup competition of Nigeria. It initially was played in four regional areas (North, East, West and Lagos Capital Territory) who sent their winners to the final play-offs in Lagos. In 1963 the Western Region was split into two, with the Mid-West becoming the fifth region. In 1958, Port Harcourt Red Devils beat Ikot Ekpene 18-0 for the record score in the competition; Ibadan once defeated Ekiti 17-0.

Prior to 1945, various provincial trophies were at stake in different parts of Nigeria: the Comet Cup (in the North), the UNAFRICO Cup (in the East), the Pilot Cup (in Lagos), the Trenchard Cup (in Calabar) and the Thermogene Cup (in the West; involving (city selections from?) Benin, Ibadan, Abeokuta, Warri).

FA Cup

War Memorial Challenge Cup
1942 ZAC Bombers                  1-0 Services
1943 Lagos Marine                 3-2 RAF
1944 Lagos Railways               2-0 Marine
1945 Lagos Railways               1-1 Lagos United     [4-1 pen]  
Governor's Cup
1945 Marine                       1-0 Corinthians
1946 Lagos Railways               3-1 Port Harcourt
1947 Marine                       3-1 Lagos Railways
1948 Lagos Railways               1-0 Warri
1949 Lagos Railways               3-0 Port Harcourt
1950 Lagos UAC                    3-2 Port Harcourt    [*1]
1951 Lagos Railways               3-2 Plateau United (Mid-West)
1952 Lagos PAN Bank               6-0 Warri (Mid-West)
1953 Kano Pillars                 2-1 Lagos Dynamos
FA Cup
1954 St.Patrick's College Calabar 3-0 Kano Pillars
1955 Port Harcourt FC             4-1 Warri
1956 Lagos Railways               3-1 Warri
1957 Lagos Railways               5-1 Zaria            [*2]       
1958 Port Harcourt FC             6-0 Federal United
1959 Ibadan Lions                 1-0 Lagos Police
Nigeria Challenge Cup
1960 Lagos ECN                    5-2 Ibadan Lions    
1961 Ibadan Lions                 1-0 Lagos UAC        [*3]
1962 Police                       1-0 Plateau United   [+]
1963 Port Harcourt FC             1-0 Plateau United   [+]
1964 Lagos Railways               3-1 Plateau United   [+]
1965 Lagos ECN                    3-1 Plateau United   [+]
1966 Ibadan Lions                 w/o Plateau United   [+]
1967 Stationery Stores            3-1 Plateau United   [+]
1968 Stationery Stores            3-1 Warri            [+] [in replay]
1969 Ibadan Lions                 5-1 Warri
1970 Lagos ECN                    3-1 Plateau United
1971 WNDC Ibadan                  2-1 Enugu Rangers
1972 Bendel Insurance         2-2 3-2 Mighty Jets      
1973   no competition
1974 Enugu Rangers                2-0 Mighty Jets      
1975 Enugu Rangers                1-0 IICC Shooting Stars
1976 Enugu Rangers                2-0 Alyufsalam Rocks (Ilorin)
1977 IICC Shooting Stars          awd Racca Rovers     [awarded 2-0; Racca walked off at 1-0]
1978 Bendel Insurance             3-0 Enugu Rangers
1979 IICC Shooting Stars          2-0 Sharks
1980 Bendel Insurance             1-0 Stationery Stores
1981 Enugu Rangers                2-0 Bendel Insurance
1982 Stationery Stores            4-1 Niger Tornadoes
1983 Enugu Rangers                0-0 DIC Bees         [5-4 pen]
1984 Leventis United              1-0 Abiola Babes
1985 Abiola Babes                 0-0 BCC Lions        [6-5 pen]
1986 Leventis United              1-0 Abiola Babes
1987 Abiola Babes                 1-1 Enugu Rangers    [7-6 pen]
1988 Iwuanyanwu Nationale         3-0 Flash Flamingoes
1989 BCC Lions                    1-0 Iwuanyanwu Nationale
1990 Stationery Stores            0-0 Enugu Rangers    [5-4 pen]
1991 El-Kanemi Warriors           3-2 Kano Pillars
1992 El-Kanemi Warriors           1-0 Stationery Stores
1993 BCC Lions                    1-0 Plateau United 
1994 BCC Lions                    1-0 Julius Berger 
1995 Shooting Stars SC            2-0 Katsina United 
1996 Julius Berger                1-0 Katsina United   [aet]
1997 BCC Lions                    1-0 Katsina United
1998 Wikki Tourists               0-0 Plateau United   [3-2 pen]
Coca Cola FA Cup
1999 Plateau United               1-0 Iwuanyanwu Nationale  
2000 Niger Tornadoes              1-0 Enugu Rangers
2001 Dolphin FC                   2-0 El-Kanemi Warriors     
2002 Julius Berger                3-0 Yobe Stars
2003 Lobi Stars                   2-0 Port Harcourt Sharks
2004 Dolphin FC                   1-0 Enugu Rangers
2005 Enyimba                      1-1 Lobi Stars       [aet, 6-5 pen]
2006 Dolphin FC                   2-2 Bendel Insurance [aet, 5-3 pen]
2007 Dolphin FC                   1-1 Enugu Rangers    [aet, 3-2 pen]
2008 Ocean Boys                   2-2 Gombe United     [aet, 7-6 pen]
Federation Cup
2009 Enyimba                      1-0 Sharks
2010 Kaduna United                3-3 Enyimba          [aet, 3-2 pen]
2011 Heartland                    1-0 Enyimba
2012 Heartland                    2-1 Lobi Stars
2013 Enyimba                      2-2 Warri Wolves     [aet, 5-4 pen]
2014 Enyimba                      2-1 Dolphin FC  
2015 Akwa United                  2-1 Lobi Stars
2016 Ifeanyi Ubah                 0-0 Nasarawa United  [aet, 5-4 pen]
2017 Akwa United                  0-0 Niger Tornadoes  [3-2 pen]
2018 Enugu Rangers                3-3 Kano Pillars     [4-2 pen]
2019 Kano Pillars                 0-0 Niger Tornadoes  [4-3 pen]
2020   no competition
2021 Bayelsa United               2-2 Nasarawa United  [4-3 pen]

[*1] UAC = United African Company; Lagos UAC also listed as GO Union.
[*2] Warri beat Igala 18-0 in an early round, the record result in the competition.
[*3] Ibadan Lions beat Redoubtables FC 3-0 aet in the semifinals.
[+]  according to other sources, Plateau United lost the cup final of 1968 but
      not those of 1963 and 1967; [Bak 97] says Mighty Jets lost 5 finals between
    1962 and 1968; in fact the team involved apparently was called Jos Plateau
     Highlanders and is considered a predecessor of Mighty Jets.

Number of Wins (75; does not include 1942)

 8 Shooting Stars (Ibadan) [includes Ibadan Lions and WNDC (now defunct)]

 7 Lagos Railways
 6 Rangers International (Enugu)

 4 BCC Lions (Gboko) 
   Dolphin FC (Port Harcourt) [formerly known as Eagle Cement]
   Enyimba (Aba)
   Stationery Stores (Lagos)

 3 Bendel Insurance (Benin City) 
   Heartland (Owerri) [formerly known as Iwuanyanwu Nationale]
   Lagos ECN (later renamed NEPA)
   Port Harcourt FC [now defunct]

 2 Abiola Babes (Mashood) [now defunct]
   Akwa United (Uyo)
   El-Kanemi Warriors (Maiduguri)
   Julius Berger (Lagos) 
   Kano Pillars
   Leventis United (Ibadan) 
   Marine [now NPA]

 1 Bayelsa United FC (Yenagoa)
   Ifeanyi Ubah FC (Nnewi)
   Kaduna United
   Lagos PAN Bank 
   Lagos UAC
   Lobi Stars (Makurdi)
   Niger Tornadoes (Minna)
   Ocean Boys (Brass)  
   Plateau United (Jos)
   Police (Abuja) 
   St. Patrick's College (Calabar) 
   Wikki Tourists (Bauchi)

Losing finalists known to be defunct:
Alyufsalam Rocks (Ilorin)
DIC Bees (Kaduna)

Number of League-and-Cup Doubles (9) 

 3 Rangers International (Enugu) [1974, 1975, 1981]

 1 BCC Lions (Gboko)             [1994]
 1 Dolphin (Port Harcourt)       [2004]
 1 Enyimba (Aba)                 [2005]
 1 Iwuanyanwu Nationale (Owerri) [1988]  [now known as Heartland]
 1 Leventis United (Ibadan)      [1986]
 1 3SC Shooting Stars (Ibadan)   [1995]

Beverley Cup

NB: first ever football competition in Nigeria, for teams from Calabar, for a cup
    donated by captain W.H.Beverley; first held in 1906; in 1939 it was replace
    by the Trenchard Cup, which was competed for by teams from in and around the
    city of Calabar and dominated by school teams such as the Hope Waddell Institute,
    the Duke Town School and the West African Peoples Institute.

1906 Southern Nigeria Regiment    bt  Duke Town School
1907 Southern Nigeria Regiment

1908 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1909 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1910 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1911 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1912 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1913 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1914 The Hope Waddell Institute 
1915 The Hope Waddell Institute 

Lagos City Cup

NB: instituted in the early 1920s; the 1923 winners included Frederick Baron Mulford 
    and Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe as players

1923 Diamond FC
1932 Zik's Athletic Club (ZAC)

Lagos State Challenge Cup

NB: served as preliminary round for the Nigerian FA Cup; 
    won by Stationery Stores on 13 occasions

Bergedorf/Zard Cup

for junior sides
1938 ZAC                          4-3 LTC Junior       [replay after draw]
1942 ZAC 2nd XI ('Spitfires')
for secondary schools
1948 Methodist Boys HS (Lagos)    2-0 Baptist Academy
1949 St Gregory's College         bt  Baptist Academy
1950 St Gregory's College
1951 St Gregory's College         bt  Baptist Academy
1952 St Gregory's College         bt  Baptist Academy
1953 King's College 
1954 St Gregory's College
1955 Baptist Academy              bt  St Gregory's College 
1960 Ahmadiyya College            bt  CSM Grammar School

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