North African Club Competitions 2008/09

Organised by the Union Nord Africaine (UNAF); may be considered an extended revival of the Maghreb club tournament in the 1970s (restricted to Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, see the Maghreb Champions Cup and Maghreb Cup Winners Cup document).

While all of Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia participated with their 2007/08 league champions and cup winners (in the case of Morocco, losing cup finalists MAS Fès as FAR Rabat won the double), the reason for Al-Masry's entry in the Cup Winners Cup for Egypt is entirely unclear.

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    North African Champions' Cup 2008/09

    (Dec 17 and 24)
    Club Africain            Tun  Al-Ittihad (Tripoli)     Lby   2-1  1-1  3-2 
    (Dec 19 and 26)
    JS Kabylie               Alg  FAR Rabat                Mor   1-1  0-1  1-2 
    Third Place Match (Jan 8)
    Al-Ittihad (Tripoli)     Lby  JS Kabylie               Alg   1-1
    Final (Jan 8 and 25)
    Club Africain            Tun  FAR Rabat                Mor   0-0  0-0  0-0  3-2p 
    Champions Cup | 2009/10

    North African Cup Winners' Cup 2008/09

    NB: rationale behind Al-Masry representing Egypt unclear; they were 
        eliminated in the 1/8 finals of the 2007/08 domestic cup and 
        finished 9th in the Egyptian league; their last (and only) cup 
        dates back to 1998.
    Preliminary Round (Nov 27 and Dec 3)
    MAS Fès                  Mor  Khaleej Surt             Lby   3-0  1-0  4-0
    (Dec 5 and 26)
    Al-Masry (Port Said)     Egy  JSM Béjaïa               Alg   1-0  0-2  1-2   
    (Dec 18 and 24)
    Espérance (Tunis)        Tun  MAS Fès                  Mor   4-4  1-0  5-4
    Final (Jan 7 and 20)
    JSM Béjaïa               Alg  Espérance (Tunis)        Tun   0-0  1-2  1-2  
    Cup winners Cup | 2009/10

    Champions Cup | Cup winners Cup

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