Libya 1987/88

Participants (18):

Al-Afriki                      Al-Nasr Bengazi
Al-Agdar                       Al-Tahaddy Bengazi
Al-Ahly Bengazi                Al-Wehda Tripoli
Al-Ahly Tripoli                As-Socour
Al-Dahra Tripoli               As-Swehly 
Al-Hilal Bengazi               Darnes 
Al-Madina                      Al-Ittihad Tripoli
Al-Mahalla                     Rafik
Al-Moroug                      Tersana

Round 1
Dahra                0-0 Ahly T
Agdar                2-1 Tersana
Ittihad              3-0 Moroug
Madina               1-0 Nasr
Swehly               1-0 Afriki
Tahaddy              0-0 Mahalla
Darnes               0-0 Ahly B
Rafik                1-1 Socour
Wehda                 -  Hilal
Round 2
Dahra                0-1 Ittihad
Ahly B               1-1 Tahaddy
Ahly T               0-0 Wehda
Hilal                0-1 Agdar
Madina               0-0 Mahalla
Swehly               0-0 Moroug
Darnes               1-1 Socour
Rafik                1-1 Nasr
Tersana              0-1 Afriki
Round 3
Dahra                1-2 Hilal
Ahly B               7-0 Swehly
Ahly T               1-0 Ittihad
Mahalia              2-1 Rafik
Moroug               1-0 Afriki
Madina               1-1 Wehda
Nasr                 1-1 Tahaddy
Socour               1-1 Agdar
Tersana              1-2 Darnes

Champions: Al-Ittihad Tripoli.



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