Lesotho 2003/04

Buddie Premier League

Round 1-2 [Nov 22,23]
Likhopo                 0-2     Lerotholi Polytechnic
Botha Bothe Warriors    0-1     Lifefo 
Chelsea                 0-1     LMPS
Linare                  2-3     LDF
Arsenal                 0-1     Lioli
Matlama                 1-0     LPS
Rovers                  1-0     Chelsea
LPS                     1-0     Linare
LDF                     1-0     Likhopo
Swallows                2-0     Lifefo 
Botha Bothe Warriors    1-1     Arsenal

Round 3
Linare lost

Round 4
[Dec 5]
Linare                  6-0     Lioli

NB: Lioli are in 2nd place (behind LDF?)

[Dec 17]
Matlama                 3-0     Arsenal
[Dec 18]
LPS                     0-1     Matlama

NB: 12th successive league match without a loss for Matlama 

Lesotho Defence Force apparently won championship



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