UEFA Intertoto Cup

Introduced in 1961 as a way to generate toto receipts during the football-free summers. Played into groups, usually of 4 teams, the winners of which qualified for a knock-out competition which lasted until halfway the season, and from which teams that were active in another European Cup were excluded. After 1967, only the group stage was played, until UEFA revamped the tournament into an admission competition for the UEFA Cup in 1995.

Pawel Mogielnicki's complete Intertoto Cup documentation


1961/62 Ajax
1962/63 Slovnaft Bratislava
1963/64 Slovnaft Bratislava
1964/65 Polonia Bytom
1965/66 1.FC Lokomotive Leipzig
1966/67 Eintracht Frankfurt
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Clubwise list of winners

Slovnaft Bratislava       2

Ajax                      1
Eintracht Frankfurt       1
Lokomotive Leipzig        1
Polonia Bytom             1

Countrywise list of winners

Czechoslovakia            2

East Germany              1
Netherlands               1
Poland                    1
West Germany              1


1961/62 Ajax                4-2 Feijenoord
1962/63 Slovnaft Bratislava 0-0 Padova
        Padova              0-1 Slovnaft Bratislava
1963/64 Slovnaft Bratislava 1-0 Polonia Bytom
1964/65 Polonia Bytom       5-1 SC Leipzig
        SC Leipzig          3-0 Polonia Bytom
1965/66 Lokomotive Leipzig  4-0 IFK Norrköping
        IFK Norrköping      1-0 Lokomotive Leipzig
1966/67 Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 Inter Bratislava           [aet]
        Eintracht Frankfurt 3-2 Inter Bratislava

            win   fin
CSSR         2      3
East Germany 1      2
Netherlands  1      2
Poland       1      2
West Germany 1      1
Italy               1
Sweden              1
             6     12

UEFA Cup Qualifiers

1995    FC Girondins Bordeaux (final)
        RC Strasbourg         (2nd round)
1996    Karlsruher SC         (3rd round)
        En Avant Guingamp     (1st round)
        Silkeborg IF          (1st round)
1997    AJ Auxerre            (quarterfinal)
        SC Bastia             (2nd round)
        Olympique Lyon        (2nd round)
1998    Bologna FC            (semifinal)
        Valencia CF           (2nd round)
        SV Werder Bremen      (2nd round)
1999    FC Juventus           (4th round)
        Montpellier HSC       (2nd round)
        West Ham United       (2nd round)
2000    RC Celta (Vigo)       (quarterfinal)
        VfB Stuttgart         (4th round)
        Udinese Calcio        (2nd round)
2001    Paris Saint-Germain   (3rd round)
        ES Troyes AC          (2nd round)
        Aston Villa           (1st round)
2002    Málaga CF             (quarterfinal)
        VfB Stuttgart         (4th round)
        Fulham                (3rd round)
2003    Villarreal CF         (semifinal)
        AC Perugia            (3rd round)
        Schalke 04            (2nd round)
2004    Villarreal CF         (quarterfinal)
        Lille OSC             (4th round)
        Schalke 04            (3rd round)
2005    Hamburger SV          (4th round)
        Olympique Marseille   (4th round)
        RC Lens               (3rd round)
2006    Newcastle United      (4th round)
        AJ Auxerre            (2nd round)
        Grasshoppers-Club     (2nd round)
        OB (Odense)           (2nd round)
        Ethnikos Achnas       (1st round)
        Hertha BSC            (1st round)
        Kayserispor           (1st round)
        Olympique Marseille   (1st round)
        NK Maribor            (2nd qual. round)
        SV Ried               (2nd qual. round)
        FC Twente             (2nd qual. round)
2007    Hamburger SV          (4th round)    
        Atlético Madrid       (3rd round)    
        AaB (Aalborg)         (2nd round)    
        SK Rapid Wien         (1st round)    
        Blackburn Rovers      (1st round)    
        RC Lens               (1st round)    
        Sampdoria UC          (1st round)  
        Uniăo de Leiria       (1st round)  
        Hammarby IF           (1st round)    
        Tobil Qostanay        (2nd qual. round)  
        Otelul Galati         (2nd qual. round)  
2008    SC Braga              (4th round)    
        Aston Villa           (3rd round)    
        Deportivo (La Coruńa) (3rd round)  
        VfB Stuttgart         (3rd round)  
        Rosenborg BK (T'heim) (2nd round)        
        Napoli                (1st round)    
        Stade Rennes          (1st round)     
        FC Vaslui             (1st round)   
        Grasshopper Club      (2nd qual. round)
        SK Sturm Graz         (2nd qual. round)
        IF Elfsborg (Borĺs)   (2nd qual. round)

          nr. teams  best performance
France      16       final
Germany     10       4th round
Spain        7       semifinal
Italy        6       semifinal
England      6       4th round
Denmark      3       2nd round
Austria      3       1st round
Portugal     2       4th round
Switzerland  2       2nd round
Romania      2       1st round
Sweden       2       1st round
Norway       1       2nd round
Cyprus       1       1st round
Turkey       1       1st round
Kazakhstan   1       2nd qual. round
Netherlands  1       2nd qual. round
Slovenia     1       2nd qual. round

NB: Until 2005/06, VfB Stuttgart (2000 and 2002), Villarreal and 
    Schalke 04 (both 2003 and 2004) were the only teams to have 
    qualified for the UEFA Cup (first round proper) through the UIC 
    on two occasions.
    No fewer than 12 different French teams did it once until 2005/06.
    The format changed considerably for 2006/07, allowing 11 UIC
    participants entrance to the 2nd qualifying round of the UEFA Cup,
    of which 8 reached the first round proper in 2006/07 and 9 in
    2007/08.  AJ Auxerre (1995 and 2006), Olympique Marseille (2005
    and 2006) as well as Hamburger SV and RC Lens (both 2005 and 2007)
    joined Schalke 04, VfB Stuttgart and Villarreal in making the 
    first round proper of the UEFA Cup twice through the UI Cup. 
    VfB Stuttgart became the first club to qualify three times in the 
    final edition in 2008, in which Stade Rennes became the 13th
    French club to do so.

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