Gabon - List of Champions

In 1897, Owandault Berre introduced football to Gabon.
The first organised match in Gabon took place on 27 November 1927 in the Glass district.
Until 1977, only regional leagues were played, with the winners of the championship of the Province de l'Estuaire (including the capital Libreville) usually being inscribed for the African Champions' Cup.
Championnat de l'Estuaire

NB: 1958 champions presumably were Abeilles, as they qualified for the
    Coupe d'Afrique Equatoriale Française 1958/59 (the only ever edition)

1966/67 Olympique Sportif (Libreville)
1967/68 Aigle Royal (Libreville)
1968/69 Aigle Royal (Libreville)
1969/70 AS Solidarité (Libreville)
1970/71 Olympique Sportif (Libreville)
1971/72 AS Police (Libreville)
1972/73 Zalang COC (Libreville)
1973/74 Orambaka AC (Libreville)
1974/75   abandoned
1975/76   abandoned
1976/77 V. Club Mangoungou (Libreville)

Championnat National

NB: the championship was held as a tournament between the provincial champions (with
    the province de l'Estuaire (including Libreville) and that of Ogooué-Maritime
    (including Port-Gentil) obtaining additional places in some seasons) until
    1984/85, the first season in which the title was decided in a (10-team) league.
1976/77   cancelled
1977/78 FC 105 (Libreville)     
1978/79 Anges ABC (Libreville)                3-1 USM (Libreville)  
1979/80 USM (Libreville)                      1-1 FC 105 (Libreville)                   [aet, 6-5 pen]
1980/81 USM (Libreville)                      4-2 FC 105 (Libreville)
1981/82 FC 105 (Libreville)                   4-0 CAPO (Libreville)     
1982/83 FC 105 (Libreville)     
1983/84 AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)
1984/85 FC 105 (Libreville)     
1985/86 FC 105 (Libreville)     
1986/87 FC 105 (Libreville)     
1987/88 USM (Libreville)    
1988/89 AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)
1989/90 JAC (Libreville)
1990/91 AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)
1991/92 AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)
1993    AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)
1994    AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)
1995    Mangasport (Moanda)
1996    Mbilinga FC (Port-Gentil)
1997      championship abandoned
1998    FC 105 (Libreville)
1999    FC 105 (Libreville)
2000    Mangasport (Moanda)    
2001    FC 105 (Libreville)
2002    USM (Libreville)    
2003    US Bitam
2004    Mangasport (Moanda)   
2005    Mangasport (Moanda)   
2006    Mangasport (Moanda)   
2006/07 FC 105 (Libreville)
2007/08 Mangasport (Moanda)   
2008/09 Stade Mandji (Port-Gentil)
2009/10 US Bitam
2010/11 Missile FC (Libreville)
2011/12 CF Mounana (Libreville)
2012/13 US Bitam
2013/14 Mangasport (Moanda)   
2015    Mangasport (Moanda)   
2015/16 CF Mounana (Libreville)
2016/17 CF Mounana (Libreville)
2018    Mangasport (Moanda)   
2019    Cercle Mbérie Sportif (Libreville) 
2020      championship abandoned
2021      not held
2022    Stade Mandji (Port-Gentil) 

Number of Titles (since 1977; 42):

10 FC 105 (Libreville)                

 9 Mangasport (Moanda)

 6 AS Sogara (Port-Gentil)

 4 USM (Libreville)    

 3 US Bitam
   CF Mounana (Libreville)

 2 Stade Mandji (Port-Gentil)

 1 Anges ABC (Libreville)
   Cercle Mbérie Sportif (Libreville) 
   JAC (Libreville)                   [when playing in Port-Gentil]
   Mbilinga FC (Port-Gentil)
   Missile FC (Libreville)


Army club FC 105 were temporarily known as ASMO (AS Militaire Omnisports).
JAC (Jeunesse Athletic Club) were also known at times as AS Douanes and AS Oprag
  (Office des Portes et Rodes du Gabon), and temporarily played in Port-Gentil.
Mbilinga was the team of the Shell Oil Company and were known as Shell FC until 1992.
AS Sogara (Société Gabonaise des Raffinage) were excluded from the championship 
  in 1994 due to financial irregularities.
USM (Union Sportive Mbila Nzambi), now known as OM (O'Mbilia Nzami) are the team
  of school teachers.

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