France - List of Cup Finals

Full Results French Cup (from 1/8 finals on).
D.O.M./T.O.M. Teams in French Cup.

1918 Olympique de Pantin      3-0 FC Lyon                      
1919 CA de la Soc. Générale   3-2 Olympique de Paris           [aet]
1920 Cercle Athl. de Paris    2-1 Havre Athletic Club          
1921 Red Star Amical Club     2–1 Olympique de Paris           
1922 Red Star Amical Club     2–0 Stade Rennais UC             
1923 Red Star Amical Club     4–2 FC Cette                     
1924 Olympique de Marseille   3–2 FC Cette                     [aet]
1925 CA des Sports Généraux   1–1 FC Rouen                     [aet]
 rep CA des Sports Généraux   3–2 FC Rouen                     
1926 Olympique de Marseille   4–1 AS Valentigney               
1927 Olympique de Marseille   3–0 US Quevilly                 
1928 Red Star Olympique Aud.  3-1 Cercle Athlétique de Paris  
1929 Sp. Ol. Montpelliérrains 2-0 FC Sète 
1930 FC Sète                  3-1 Racing Club de France        [aet]
1931 Club Français            3-0 Sports Ol. Montpelliérains  
1932 AS Cannes                1-0 Racing Club Roubaisien      
1933 Excelsior AC Roubaix     3–1 Racing Club Roubaisien      
1934 FC Sète                  2-1 Olympique de Marseille      
1935 Olympique de Marseille   3–0 Stade Rennais UC             
1936 Racing Club de Paris     1–0 FC Olympique de Charleville 
1937 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard   2–1 Racing Club de Strasbourg   
1938 Olympique de Marseille   2–1 FC Metz                      [aet]
1939 Racing Club de Paris     3-1 Olympique Lillois            
1940 Racing Club de Paris     2–1 Olympique de Marseille      
1941 Girondins A.S.P.         2–0 Sporting Club de Fives      
1942 Red Star Olympique Aud.  2-0 Football Club de Sète       
1943 Olympique de Marseille   2–2 Girondins A.S.P.             [aet]
 rep Olympique de Marseille   4–0 Girondins A.S.P.           
1944 Équ. Féd. Nancy-Lorraine 4–0 Équ. Féd. Reims-Champagne    
1945 Racing Club de Paris     3-0 Lille OSC                    
1946 Lille OSC                4-2 Red Star Olympique Audonien  
1947 Lille OSC                2–0 RC Strasbourg                
1948 Lille OSC                3–2 Racing Club de Lens          
1949 Racing Club de Paris     5-2 Lille OSC                    
1950 Stade de Reims           2–0 Racing Club de Paris         
1951 RC Strasbourg            3–0 US Valenciennes-Anzin        
1952 OGC Nice                 5–3 Girondins A.S.P. de Bordeaux 
1953 Lille OSC                2–1 FC Nancy                     
1954 OGC Nice                 2-1 Olympique de Marseille       
1955 Lille OSC                5–2 Girondins de Bordeaux FC     
1956 UA Sedan-Torcy           3–1 AS Troyes                   
1957 Toulouse FC              6-3 SCO Angers                 
1958 Stade de Reims           3-1 Nîmes Olympique              
1959 Havre Athletic Club      2-2 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard       [aet]
 rep Havre Athletic Club      3-0 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard       
1960 AS Monaco                4-2 AS Saint-Etienne             [aet]
1961 UA Sedan-Torcy           3-1 Nîmes Olympique             
1962 AS Saint-Etienne         1-0 FC Nancy                     
1963 AS Monaco                0-0 Olympique Lyonnais           [aet]
 rep AS Monaco                2-0 Olympique Lyonnais           
1964 Olympique Lyonnais       2-0 Girondins de Bordeaux FC     
1965 Stade Rennais UC         2-2 UA Sedan-Torcy               [aet]
 rep Stade Rennais UC         3-1 UA Sedan-Torcy               
1966 RC Strasbourg            1-0 FC Nantes                    
1967 Olympique Lyonnais       3-1 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard       
1968 AS Saint-Etienne         2-1 Girondins de Bordeaux FC    
1969 Olympique de Marseille   2-0 Girondins de Bordeaux FC     
1970 AS Saint-Etienne         5-0 FC Nantes                    
1971 Stade Rennais UC         1-0 Olympique Lyonnais           
1972 Olympique de Marseille   2-1 SEC Bastia                   
1973 Olympique Lyonnais       2-1 FC Nantes                    
1974 AS Saint-Etienne         2-1 AS Monaco                    
1975 AS Saint-Etienne         2-0 Racing Club de Lens         
1976 Olympique de Marseille   2-0 Olympique Lyonnais           
1977 AS Saint-Etienne         2-1 Stade de Reims              
1978 AS Nancy-Lorraine        1-0 OGC Nice                    
1979 FC Nantes                4-1 AJ Auxerroise                [aet]
1980 AS Monaco                3-1 US Orléans                  
1981 SEC Bastia               2-1 AS Saint-Etienne            
1982 Paris Saint-Germain FC   2-2 AS Saint-Etienne             [aet, 6-5 pen]  
1983 Paris Saint-Germain FC   3–2 FC Nantes                    
1984 FC Metz                  2-0 AS Monaco                    [aet]
1985 AS Monaco                1-0 Paris Saint-Germain FC       
1986 Girondins de Bordeaux FC 2-1 Olympique de Marseille       [aet]
1987 Girondins de Bordeaux FC 2-0 Olympique de Marseille       
1988 FC Metz                  1-1 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard       [aet, 5-4 pen]
1989 Olympique de Marseille   4-3 AS Monaco                    
1990 Montpellier-Hérault FC   2-1 Racing Club de Paris         [aet]
1991 AS Monaco                1-0 Olympique de Marseille       
1992   no final (see below)
1993 Paris Saint-Germain FC   3–0 FC Nantes                    
1994 AJ Auxerroise            3-0 Montpellier-Hérault SC     
1995 Paris Saint-Germain FC   1–0 RC Strasbourg           
1996 AJ Auxerroise            1-0 Nîmes Olympique    
1997 OGC Nice                 1-1 En Avant Guingamp            [aet, 4-3 pen]
1998 Paris Saint-Germain FC   2-1 Racing Club de Lens          
1999 FC Nantes                1-0 CS Sedan-Ardennes            
2000 FC Nantes                2-1 Racing Union FC Calais      
2001 RC Strasbourg            0-0 Amiens SC                    [aet, 5-4 pen]
2002 FC Lorient Bretagne Sud  1-0 Sporting Club de Bastia  
2003 AJ Auxerroise            2-1 Paris Saint-Germain FC      
2004 Paris Saint-Germain FC   1-0 La Berrichonne Châteauroux
2005 AJ Auxerroise            2-1 CS Sedan-Ardennes  
2006 Paris Saint-Germain FC   2-1 Olympique de Marseille
2007 FC Sochaux-Montbéliard   2-2 Olympique de Marseille       [aet, 5-4 pen]
2008 Olympique Lyonnais       1-0 Paris Saint-Germain FC       [aet]      
2009 En Avant Guingamp        2-1 Stade Rennais UC
2010 Paris Saint-Germain FC   1-0 AS Monaco                    [aet]
2011 Lille OSC                1-0 Paris Saint-Germain FC
2012 Olympique Lyonnais       1-0 US Quevilly
2013 Girondins de Bordeaux FC 3-2 Evian-Thonon Gaillard FC  
2014 En Avant Guingamp        2-0 Stade Rennais UC
2015 Paris Saint-Germain FC   1-0 AJ Auxerroise   
2016 Paris Saint-Germain FC   4-2 Olympique de Marseille
2017 Paris Saint-Germain FC   1-0 SCO Angers    
2018 Paris Saint-Germain FC   2-0 Vendée Les Herbiers
2019 Stade Rennais UC         2-2 Paris Saint-Germain FC       [aet, 6-5 pen]
2020 Paris Saint-Germain FC   1-0 AS Saint-Etienne
2021 Paris Saint-Germain FC   2-0 AS Monaco          
2022 FC Nantes                1-0 OGC Nice                    
2023 Toulouse FC              5-1 FC Nantes                
2024 Paris Saint-Germain FC   2-1 Olympique Lyonnais

Note on World War II Cups:
Cups held during WW2 had lesser significance. They were played in three 
zones in 1940/41, 1941/42 and 1942/43 : the "forbidden", "occupied" and 
"free" zones. Two of them had to play off, the winning team meeting the 
winner of the last zone for the final. In 1944, 16 regional teams were    
authoritatively created by the the État Français (Vichy) government to 
be entered the Federal Championship and the Cup.

Note on 1992:
No final was held in 1992 because of the tragedy at Furiani stadium in 
Bastia, just before the semi-final Sporting Club de Bastia – Olympique 
de Marseille. A temporary stand collapsed killing 19 and injuring about 
2.200. The match obviously did not take place and, due to the shock, it 
was decided not to play it at all, thus leaving the competition unfinished. 
The winner of the other semi-final, Association Sportive de Monaco, were
designated to play in the Cup Winners' Cup, but no title was awarded.

Winners list

Paris Saint-Germain Football Club                 15

Olympique de Marseille                            10  
Lille Olympique Sporting Club                      6  
Association Sportive de Saint-Etienne              6  
Red Star [AC, OA]                                  5   
Racing Club de Paris                               5   
Association Sportive de Monaco                     5  
Olympique Lyonnais                                 5 
Association de la Jeunesse Auxerroise              4
Girondins de Bordeaux [ASP, FC]                    4   
Football Club de Nantes                            4  

Olympique Gymnaste Club de Nice                    3    
Racing Club de Strasbourg                          3
Stade Rennais Université Club                      3  

Club Athlétique S.G. (Paris)                       2    
Football Club de Sète                              2 
Stade de Reims                                     2    
Union Athlétique de Sedan-Torcy                    2 
Football Club de Metz                              2 
Football Club de Sochaux-Montbéliard               2
En Avant Guingamp                                  2

Olympique de Pantin                                1  
Club Français (Paris)                              1
Cercle Athlétique de Paris                         1  
Sports Olympiques Montpelliérains                  1
Association Sportive de Cannes                     1  
Excelsior AC Roubaix                               1 
Équipe Fédérale de Nancy-Lorraine                  1
Toulouse Football Club [1st version]               1 
Association Sportive Nancy-Lorraine                1   
Montpellier-Hérault Sport Club                     1   
Havre Athletic Club                                1  
Sporting Étoile Club de Bastia                     1 
Football Club Lorient Bretagne Sud                 1
Toulouse Football Club [2nd version]               1

Note: Red Star Amical Club becoming Red Star Olympique Audonien were 
      founded as Red Star in February 1897 in Paris but play in 
      Saint-Ouen since October 24th 1909.
      Toulouse FC [1st version] were moved to Paris and absorbed by
      Red Star in 1967; Toulouse FC [2nd version] were founded as
      US Toulouse in 1970 and changed name to Toulouse FC in 1979.

Venue of the final
All the finals apart from that of 2024 have taken place in Paris:

    1918         + Légion Saint-Michel ground
    1919         + Parc des Princes (the first one)
    1920         + Bergeyre stadium
    1921-1924      Pershing stadium, in Vincennes
    1925-1937      Stade Olympique (1925-1927) becoming Stade Yves-du-Manoir   
                   (1928-1937), in Colombes
    1938         + Parc des Princes
    1939           Stade Yves-du-Manoir, in Colombes
    1940         + Parc des Princes
    1941           Saint-Ouen stadium, in Saint-Ouen
    1942           Stade Yves-du-Manoir, in Colombes Colombes stadium
    1943-1944    + Parc des Princes
1945-1964	   Stade Yves-du-Manoir, in Colombes [but Parc des Princes
               (the second one) was the staduim for the replay in 1963]
    1965-1967    + Parc des Princes (the second one)
    1968-1971      Stade Yves-du-Manoir, in Colombes 
    1972-1998      Parc des Princes (the third one)
    1999-2023      Stade de France, in Saint-Denis
    2024           Stade Pierre-Mauroy, Villeneuve d'Ascq (near Lille)

 + No longer existing grounds

Organization of the French Cup

Any French club may take part in the French Cup, regardless of its level
(division) or its status (amateur or professional). Yet, there seems to be
some rules about the size of the playing ground, but they are much less
restrictive than in England. Now, more than 6.000 teams thus enter
the competition.

Note about the stadiums that from the 1/32 finals onwards they must meet some
requirements (luminosity, size of the pitch...), but if the receiving club
does not own such a stadium, the match will be played in the nearest fitting
one (designated by the organizing committee).

The French League being globally pyramid-like, the first rounds concern the
very bottom divisions and one higher division enters in every following round 
until the Division 1 clubs enter in 1/32 finals, which correspond to the 9th 
round. Every round is decided on a single-match basis, with extra-time and 
penalties shoot-out if required. The games are played on the ground of clubs 
chosen first by drawing of lots  until 6th round. From 7th round to semi-finals, 
if there is a difference of 2 divisions or more between the two teams, the 
match is automatically played on the ground of the lower-division club.

Divisions entering in the...
   Pr round     District levels
   1st round    District levels              
   2nd round    Ligue levels (DH+PH+PL, 6th, 7th and 8th levels) 
   3rd round    Championnat de France Amateur 2 (CFA2, 5th level)              
   4th round    Championnat de France Amateur (CFA, 4th level) 
   5th round    (none)                       
   6th round    National (N, 3rd level)
Until 6th round, each region ("ligue") organises the competition. An extra round 
may be added between the 2nd and 3rd ones.
   7th round    Winners of the French regional cups of the Overseas              
                Departments and Territory (*) [assimilated to DH level] and 
                Ligue 2 (L2, 2nd level)
   8th round    (none)
   1/32 finals  Ligue 1 (L1, 1st level) and the last finalists regardless
                their levels.

(*): the French Overseas Departments (D.O.M.) or Territories (T.O.M.) qualifying 
     a team for the 7th round are Guadeloupe, Guyane (French Guyana), Martinique, 
     Mayotte, Réunion (Reunion Island), Nouvelle Calédonie (New Caledonia), Tahiti.

Note: explanations about the various levels can be found in the archive file
      on the French League.

For the Trophée du France 1907-1914 and the Coupe Sochaux 1931-1932, please
refer to the French League file.

Coupe du Midi 1919-1923

1919 Montpellier Hérault SC   4-2 VGA Médoc Bordeaux
1920 FC Cette                 2-0 VGA Médoc Bordeaux     
1921 FC Cette 
1922   not known (not FC Cette)
1923 FC Cette                  

Full Results French Cup (from 1/8 finals on).
D.O.M./T.O.M. Teams in French Cup.

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