England (Women) data 1917-1938

Workington Knock-out Competition 1917

Round 1
[Sep 15]
Seaton                        1-0 Maryport
[Sep 29]
Harrington                    lt  Workington Combine 
Cockermouth Derwent Mills     bye
Workington Shell Factory      bye
[Oct 13]
Workington Shell Factory      0-1 Cockermouth Derwent Mills     
[Oct 20]
Workington Combine            1-3 Seaton
Final [Oct 27]
Cockermouth Derwent Mills     1-0 Seaton 

Munitionette's Cup

NB: official name Tyne Wear & Tees Alfred Wood Munition Girls Cup;
    2 editions were played

1917/18 (1st edition)

Known results

Round 1
[Nov 17, New Deleval]
Blyth Spartans                4-2 Gosforth Aviation Athletic
Round 2
[Jan 12, Newcastle]
Blyth Spartans                7-1 North East Marine
Round 3 [Feb 23, Westoe, South Shields]
Blyth Spartans                3-0 Walker Naval Yard 
[Mar 9, Newcastle]
Blyth Spartans                2-1 Armstrong Whitworths 57 Shop
[Mar 9?, Darlington]
Rise Carr Steel Mill          1-1 Bolckow, Vaughan & Co      
Replay [Mar 16, South Bank]
Bolckow, Vaughan & Co         1-0 Rise Carr Steel Mill
Final [Mar 30, Newcastle]
Bolckow, Vaughan & Co         0-0 Blyth Spartans
Replay [May 18, Middlesbrough]
Blyth Spartans                5-0 Bolckow, Vaughan & Co  
Blyth Spartans: Lizzie James, Hannah Weir, Nellie Fairless,
  Agnes Sample, Martha O'Brien, Bella Metcalfe (capt.), Ada Reed,
  Annie Allen, Bella Reay, Mary Lyons, Jennie Morgan
Bolckow, Vaughan & Co: Greta Kirk, V. Martin, Amelia Farrell,
  E. Rowell, Emily Milner, Anne Wharton, Mary Mahon, Mercy Page,
  Winnie McKenna (capt.), Gladys Reece, A. Leach

1918/19 (2nd edition)

18 participating teams; known results:

Round 1 
[Nov 25]
43 Shell Shop                  -  Newcastle Motor Company
Blyth Spartans                bye
Round 2
Blyth Spartans                bt  43 Shell Shop/Newcastle Motor Company  
Round ? [Dec ?]
Teesside                      lt  Palmer's Shipyard 
Round ? [date ?]
Palmer's Shipyard             bt  Blyth Spartans     [probably by default]
[Mar 1]
Palmer's Shipyard             3-2 Foster, Blackett & Wilson's
[Mar 5]
Christopher Brown's Girls     6-2 Dorman Long
Final [Mar 22, James Park, Newcastle, att: 10.000]
Palmer's Shipyard (Jarrow)    1-0 Christopher Brown's (Hartlepool)           
  [Bella Reay; half-time 0-0]

Wearmouth District Ladies' Challenge Cup 1921

Round 1
[Jun 23]
Silksworth Ladies             6-0 Felling Ladies
[Jun 25]
Wearmouth Ladies              3-2 Wardley Ladies 
Round 2
[Jun 28]
Silksworth Ladies             3-1 Wearmouth Ladies
[Jul 16]
Silksworth Ladies             2-1 Washington Ladies

Cup Winners: Silksworth Ladies (unclear whether a final was played)

Walton Cup 1921

Final (South Yorkshire)
Bentley Ladies                5-1 Paynethrope Ladies

Bradford Charity Shield 1922

Participating Teams (6):
Huddersfield Ladies
Huddersfield Atalanta
Huddersfield Alexandra
Doncaster Bentley's Ladies
Hey's Ladies
Round 1 [May 6]
Hey's Ladies                  4-1 Alexandra
Huddersfield Ladies           6-1 Keighley
Atalanta                      bye Doncaster                     
Semifinals [May 17]
Huddersfield Ladies           1-5 Doncaster
Hey's Ladies                  4-0 Atalanta
Final [May 27, Bradford]
Hey's Ladies                  4-0 Doncaster
English Ladies' Football Association Challenge Cup 1922

Round 1
[Mar 4]
Stoke Ladies FC              10-0 Newcastle Ladies
[Mar 11]
Ediswan                       3-1 Osram
Smallthorne                   0-1 Chell United
Huddersfield Ladies           1-3 Huddersfield Atalanta   
[Mar 18]
Grimsby                       1-7 Doncaster & Bentley
[Mar 25]
Plymouth                      2-1 Marazion
[date ?]
Birmingham                    bt  Dunlop
Boston                        lt  Lincoln
Fleetwood                     lt  Manchester United 
Coventry                       -  Aston
Mersey Amazons                awd Rochdale           [Amazons dns; awarded to Rochdale] 
[Apr 1]
Stoke Ladies FC               3-1 Huddersfield Alexandra                       
Round 2
[Apr 15]
Stoke Ladies FC               6-0 Stoke United
[Apr 22]
Huddersfield Atalanta         2-1 Chell United
Doncaster & Bentley          20-0 Lincoln
[date ?]
Rochdale                      lt  Manchester United
Plymouth                      lt  Ediswan
Coventry/Aston                lt  Birmingham   
[May 20]
Manchester United             2-3 Doncaster & Bentley
[date ?]
Birmingham                    1-3 Stoke Ladies FC
Ediswan                       bye
Huddersfield Atalanta         bye  
Semifinals [Jun 3] 
Doncaster & Bentley           4-0 Huddersfield Atalanta  
Stoke FC                      bye (Ediswan scratched)
Final [Jun 24]
Stoke FC                      3-1 Doncaster & Bentley
Championship of Great Britain and the World (see note)

1937 [Sep 8]
Preston Ladies                5-1 Edinburgh Ladies
1938 [date ?]
Edinburgh Ladies              5-1 Preston Ladies 

Note: the English sense of understatement clearly shows here

data 1917-1938


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