Egypt 1918/19

EEF (Egyptian Expeditionary Force) Comforts Fund Cup 1919

Final [Jan 16, Mena; att: around 5,000]
Royal Irish Fusiliers        3-1 Field Artillery Brigade 


EEF (Egyptian Expeditionary Force) Championship 1919

Semifinals [Mar 12, Heliopolis]
2/13 London Regiment         3-0 103 Brigade RGA
Alexandria Royal Engineers   3-0 262 Brigade Royal Field Artillery

Final [Mar 14, Gezira]
2/13 London Regiment         2-0 Alexandria Royal Engineers


Cairo Football Military League 1918/19

[Dec 21 (or 28)]
M. Signals                   2-1 Stags
Raffs                        5-0 Del West
School of Instruction        5-1 Citadel RAMC
MGC Base Dept.               5-0 Royals
Citadel Fusiliers            2-0 2nd Echelon
ICCHQ                        4-0 Cairo AVC
M. Signals                   4-1 MIH Shubra
MGC Base Dept. Fusiliers     5-0 Kasr El Nil 

Sultan's Cup 1918/19

Round [Jan ?]
Essex Regiment (Kasr El-Nil) 4-1 R.I.R. (Mena)
E.A.F. (Helmia)              4-1 Div. Signals (Mena)
Infantery Base Depot         2-0 Northamptons (Helmia)
Essex R.F.A. (Helmia)        1-0 Div. R.E. (Helmia)
R.I.F. (Mena)                3-2 R.F.A. (Helmia)
Worcester Yeo.               ppd E.A.F.A.

[Jan ?]
Chelmers Essex Regiment      2-1 R.F.A.
Cairo Sporting Club          4-0 Red Rose  
Chelmers Essex Regiment      3-0 Helmia E.A.F.A.	   
School of Instruction        1-0 Xerds                        [aet]

[Jan ?]
Cairo Signals                1-1 Cairo Sporting Club
School of Instruction        1-0 National Sporting Club
[Mar 1]
Infantery Base Depot         bt  Kantara R.O.D.R.E. 

Replay [Jan ?]
Cairo Signals                1-0 Cairo Sporting Club

Winners: Infantery Base Depot (Kantara)

Alexandria Final [Mar 22]
Welsh                        4-3 A.W. and S.P.


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