Juegos Centroamericanos

Tournament for U-21 teams. Open only to the Central American nations (not Mexico). A women's tournament was first organised in 2001.


Year Month Champions        Silver Medal      Bronze Medal      Venue

1973 (Dec) Panama           Nicaragua         El Salvador       Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala 
1977 (Dec) El Salvador      Panama            Nicaragua         San Salvador, El Salvador
1986 (Jan) Guatemala        Honduras          Nicaragua         Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala 
1990 (Jan) Honduras         Costa Rica        Nicaragua         Tegucigalpa, Honduras
1994 (Jan) Honduras         El Salvador       Costa Rica        San Salvador, El Salvador
1997 (Dec) Costa Rica       Panama            Honduras          San Pedro Sula, Honduras
2001 (Nov) Guatemala        Honduras          Costa Rica        Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala
2006 (Mar)   no football tournament                             San Pedro Sula, Honduras
2010 (Apr)   no football tournament                             Ciudad de Panamá, Panama
2013 (Mar) Honduras         Costa Rica        El Salvador       San José, Costa Rica
2017 (Dec) Honduras         Costa Rica        El Salvador       Managua, Nicaragua

Medal Table

                  G  S  B
Honduras          4  2  1
Guatemala         2     
Costa Rica        1  3  2
Panama            1  2
El Salvador       1  1  3
Nicaragua            1  3

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