African Women U-20 Championship 2006

Round 1 
[Mar 4 and 19]
Zambia         0-4 2-1 Mozambique
  [Nadia Simbine 6, Augusta Massingue 39, Atalia Mazuze 72, 
   Aida Camusse 78; in Kitwe]
Liberia          w/o   Guinea              [Guinea withdrew]
[Mar 5 and 19]
Congo-Kinshasa 2-1 1-0 Benin
  [Kiuvu 43pen, Nzuzi 85; Ayandike 46; in Kinshasa]
Kenya            w/o   Congo-Brazzaville   [Congo-Brazzaville withdrew]
Egypt            w/o   Ethiopia            [Ethiopia withdrew]
Madagascar       o/w   Senegal             [Madagascar withdrew]
Round 2 
[Apr 1 and 15]
South Africa   6-0 3-0 Mozambique  
[Apr 2 and 15]
Algeria        2-3 o/w Liberia             [Algeria withdrew after 1st leg]
Mali           1-1 o/w Congo-Kinshasa      [Mali withdrew after 1st leg]
Nigeria        8-0 2-1 Kenya 
Zimbabwe         o/w   Egypt               [Zimbabwe withdrew]
Cameroon         w/o   Senegal             [Senegal withdrew]
Morocco          o/w   Equatorial Guinea   [Morocco withdrew]
Ghana            w/o   Eritrea             [Eritrea withdrew]
[Apr 29 and May 13]
Nigeria        1-1 9-1 Liberia
[Apr 29 and May 14]
South Africa   2-1 0-1 Congo-Kinshasa
Egypt            o/w   Equat. Guinea       [Egypt withdrew]
Cameroon       4-0 n/p Ghana               [both disqualied]
  [Cameroon were disqualified for holding illegal visa, Ghana for
   fielding two overage players]

Semifinals [May 27,28 and Jun 10,11]
Congo-Kinshana   w/o   Equat. Guinea       [Equat. Guinea withdrew]
Nigeria          w/o   [both possibly opponents disqualified.

Congo-Kinshasa and Nigeria qualify for the Women U-20 World Cup.

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