Congo-Kinshasa (DR Congo) Women 2023

Coupe du Congo Féminin 2023

NB: 14th edition
NB: in Kinshasa, May 9-25; later moved to Lubumbashi, started May 25;
    four Kinshasa clubs (Amani, Bikira, Don Bosco et Espoir) declined to enter

Groupe A (top-3 qualify for quarterfinals)
   FCF Mazembe [Haut-Katanga]
   JSK [Lualaba]
   CS Manika (Kolwezi) [Lualaba]
   Lusenda Girls [Sud-Kivu]
   Black Star (Nioki) [Mai-Ndombe]
   DC Bweremana [Nord-Kivu]
   Fondation Jacques Kyabula Katwe (FJKK) [Haut-Katanga]
   AS Kabasha [Nord-Kivu]
   TP Mazembe (Kananga) [Kasaï-Central]
   FCF Lupopo (Lubumbashi) [Haut-Katanga]

[May 25]
FCF Mazembe       5-0 Bana FJKK
[May 27]
CS Manika         1-0 TP Mazembe (Kananga) 
FCF Lupopo        2-0 Black Star
[May 29]
FCF Lupopo        7-0 JSK
Black Star        5-1 TP Mazembe (Kananga)
FCF Mazembe      12-0 CS Manika
DC Beweremana     4-1 Black Star
AS Kabasha        3-6 FCF Lupopo

Groupe B (top-3 qualify for quarterfinals)
   FCF Tosepela (Mahagi) [Ituri] 
   FCF Force des Filles [Sud-Kivu]
   31ème CPC [Kasaï Central]
   FCF Amani [Kinshasa]
   DCMP Bikira (Lubumbashi) [Haut-Katanga]
   FCF Okapi [Sud-Kivu]
   Ituri FC [Ituri] 
   FCF Mabanga [Ituri]
   Soleil de l'Est [Nord-Kivu]
   Muselamayi [Kasaï Oriental]

NB. clubs from Ituri excluded for financial reasons

Groupe C (top-2 qualify for quarterfinals)
   OCEK de Kasaji [Lualaba]
   Sainte-Marie de Lulua [Kasaï Central]
   CSF Bikira [Kinshasa]
   Inter Star de Tshopo [Tshopo]
   ASF Espoir de Kinshasa [Kinshasa]
   CFF Don Bosco [Kinshasa]

[May 29]
OCEK              1-2 Ste.-Marie

Playoff Stage

[Jun 6]
DC Bweremana      1-0 Ste.-Marie 
[Jun 12]
AS Kabasha        4-1 Ste.-Marie 
[Jun 20]
AS Kabasha        2-2 OSEC de Kasaji
FCF Mazembe       8-0 FC Lupopo

Quarterfinals [Jun 21]
FCF Mazembe       7-0 OSEC de Kasaji
FC Lupopo         6-3 AS Kabasha
Bana FJKK         0-3 DCMP Bikira       
Black Stars       abd DC Bweremana      [abandoned at 1-4; result stood]

Semifinals [Jun 14]
FCF Mazembe       1-0 FC Lupopo         
DC Bweremana      drw DCMP Bikira       [4-3 pen]

Third Place Match  [Jun 25?]
FC Lupopo         1-1 DCMP Bikira       [4-2 pen] 
Final [Jun 25]
FCF Mazembe       9-0 DC Bweremana      

Kasai Occidental

Championnat Proviciale (3rd ed., played in Kananga and Tshikapa)

Groupe A
   AS Sainte-Marie (Kananga)  [winners]
   FC Dynamo (Mikalayi)
   AS Saint-Pierre (Demba)
   US Tshinkunku (Kananga)

Groupe B
   TP Mazembe Dame (Kananga)  [winners]
   AS Lutulu (Demba)
   AS Bakandi (Mikalayi)

[Apr 2]
AS Sainte-Marie  11-0 FC Dynamo
[Apr 4]
AS Dynamo          -  US Tshinkunku
US Lutulu          -  TP Mazembe Dame  

Final [Apr 11]
AS Sainte-Marie   2-1 TP Mazembe Dame 

NB: both teams qualified for 14th edition of Coupe du Congo



Known result:
[Apr 9]
FCF Inter Star    5-1 AS Les Bâtisseurs

Final Table:

 1.FCF Inter Star (Kisangani)  6   6  0  0         18  [C]  Champions 
 2.CS Okapi (Kisangani)        6   3  0  3          9  [P]
 3.AS Les Bâtisseurs           6   3  0  3          9
 4.RC Boyoma (Kisangani)       6   0  0  6          0  [P]

NB: FCF Inter Star (Kisangani) qualified for 14th edition of Coupe du Congo



list of champions and cup winners

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