Whitaker Challenge Cup

It was the first tournament organised in Sicily, between the team from Palermo and Messina, the first two which were set up in the region. Joshua and Euphrosyne Whitaker offered a Cup for the team which would win three years in a row, but there were just four editions played and none of the teams managed to win it. The trophy remained unassigned and later was lost. The Whitaker Challenge Cup was dismissed due to the earthquake in Messina in 1908.


1905: Messina FBC
1906: Messina FBC
1907: Palermo FBC
1908: Palermo FBC

1905: Messina FBC

[Palermo, Notarbartolo Stadium, 25 Apr 1905]
Palermo-Messina 2-3
Anglo-Palermitan FootBall Club: Smith, Olsen, Oddo Fileti, Young, Morrison, Reid, Schimicci, Williams, Di Benedetto, V. Colombo, C. Colombo.
Messina FootBall Club: Carter, Vaccaro, M. Cannistraci, W. Oates, Ferrario, Zaccone, Skinner, Brown, A. Cannistraci, Stevens, Huleatt.
Referee: Halley (Scotland).
Attendance: 1000.

1906: Messina FBC

[Messina, San Raineri Stadium, 26 Mar 1906]
Messina-Palermo 2-1
Messina FootBall Club: Carter, Vaccaro, M.Cannistraci, De Fourny, Ferrario, Zaccone, Skinner, Brown, A.Cannistraci, Ciaccio, Huleatt.
Anglo-Palermitan FootBall Club: Vitali, Oddo Fileti, V. Colombo, Morrison, Barbera, Beccaria, C. Colombo, Romano, Schimicci, Amato Pojero, Di Benedetto.

1907: Palermo FBC

[Palermo, Notarbartolo Stadium, 2 Apr 1907]
Palermo-Messina 4-0
Palermo FBC: Sergio, V. Colombo, White, Bonanno, C. Colombo, Campanella, Di Benedetto, Barbera, Titze, Schimicci, Vitale.
Messina FBC: Mills, Ciaccio, Botteri, Zaccone, M. Cannistraci, Gregorio, Skinner, Salomone, Huleatt, Wood, A. Cannistraci.

1908: Palermo FBC

[Messina, San Raineri Stadium, 15 Feb 1908]
Messina-Palermo 0-3
Messina FootBall Club: Mills, Ciaccio, Zaccone, Salomone, Brown, Gregorio, Skinner, M.Cannistraci, Huleatt, Wood, A.Cannistraci.
Palermo FootBall Club: Sergio, V.Colombo, Corrao, Barbera, C.Colombo, Vitale, Maggiacomo, Schimicci, Titze, Bonanno, Di Benedetto.

Lipton Challenge Cup 1909-1915

Sicilian Federal Cup 1920

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