Trofeo Teresa Herrera (La Coruña-Spain) 1946-2022

The Teresa Herrera Trophy (Spanish: Trofeo Teresa Herrera) is a friendly football tournament played annually since 1946 in A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.
The competition is organized by the Ayuntamiento de La Coruña, and is considered one of Spain's most prestigious friendly tournaments due to the high quality of the participating clubs.
Since its first edition, the trophy is competed by four clubs.
The matches are played at Riazor Stadium during the second half of August, and the tournament always has the participation of Deportivo La Coruña, which organizes the tournament

Teresa Herrera was a woman from La Coruña who dedicated 36 years of her life to the poor. She was born in La Coruña on November 10th, 1712. Her house was situated on the Cordonería street.
She soon became known as Teresa dos Demos with her neighbours, because she was thought to be a witch, as she always went on her knees to the San Nicolás Church, where she went to pray.
This showed already a very religious character. She lost her father when she was very young and her mother raised her on her own, and also her 9 brothers.
Seven of them died when they were young. Teresa Herrera, who took care of her mother, also cared about a disabled woman.
In her home she also took care of some other woman of the street. Her dream was to build a hospital of care in La Coruña. Her wish would be fulfilled in 1791, at the age of 79, when the first stone was laid.
She died on October 22 of the same year.
Real Club Deportivo de La Coruña, S.A.D. is a Spanish football club from A Coruña, Galicia, member of the LFP. The club was founded in 1906, and holds home games at the Riazor.


 1 1946   Sevilla FC                 	3-2   Athletic Club de Bilbao
 2 1947   Athletic Club de Bilbao       3-2   CR Vasco da Gama
 3 1948   FC Barcelona               	2-1   FC Porto
 4 1949   Real Madrid CF             	2-1   Racing Club Paris
 5 1950   SS Lazio                   	3-1   Atlético de Madrid
 6 1951   FC Barcelona               	4-2   BSC Young Boys
 7 1952   Valencia CF                	2-1   Olympique de Roubaix
 8 1953   Real Madrid CF             	8-1   Toulouse FC
 9 1954   Sevilla CF                 	3-2   Helsingborgs IF
10 1955   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-1   Athletic Club de Bilbao
11 1956   Atlético de Madrid         	4-1   1.FC Köln
12 1957   Vasco da Gama              	4-2   Athletic Club de Bilbao  
13 1958   Nacional CF 		     	2-1   CR Flamengo
14 1959   Santos FC                  	4-1   Botafogo FR
15 1960   Sevilla FC                 	2-1   Newcastle United
16 1961   Sporting CP        		3-2   Stade de Reims
17 1962   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	4-2   SL Benfica
18 1963   AS Monaco                  	3-2   CR Vasco da Gama
19 1964   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	4-0   Sporting CP (Lisboa)
20 1965   Atlético de Madrid         	2-1   Vitória (Setúbal) 
21 1966   Real Madrid CF             	2-0   RC Deportivo de La Coruña
22 1967   Racing Club Ferrol         	3-0   RC Celta de Vigo
23 1968   Vitória FC Setúbal         	2-1   SK Rapid Wien
24 1969   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	1-0   Nacional CF (Montevideo) 
25 1970   Ferencvárosi TC  		0-0   San Lorenzo de Almagro       [Ferencavaros on pen.]
26 1971   Crvena zvezda     		3-1   RC Deportivo de La Coruña 
27 1972   FC Barcelona               	2-0   FC Den Haag
28 1973   Atlético de Madrid         	2-1   Spartak Trnava
29 1974   CA Peñarol     		3-2   Borussia Mönchengladbach
30 1975   CA Peñarol     		3-3   Cruzeiro EC
31 1976   Real Madrid CF             	2-0   Cruzeiro EC
32 1977   Fluminense FC                	4-1   FK Dukla Praha
33 1978   Real Madrid CF             	2-0   CR Flamengo
34 1979   Real Madrid CF             	1-0   Real Sporting de Gijón
35 1980   Real Madrid CF             	3-1   Real Sporting de Gijón
36 1981   Dynamo Kiev                	1-0   Atlético de Madrid
37 1982   Dynamo Kiev                	4-1   FC Barcelona
38 1983   Athletic Club de Bilbao    	1-0   CA Peñarol 
39 1984   AS Roma                    	2-2   CR Vasco da Gama
40 1985   Atlético de Madrid         	1-0   FC Porto
41 1986   Atlético de Madrid         	1-0   Santos FC
42 1987   SL Benfica                 	1-1   RC Deportivo de La Coruña     [Benfica on pen.]
43 1988   PSV Eindhoven              	3-1   Atlético de Madrid    
44 1989   FC Bayern München          	3-1   Steaua Bucuresti
45 1990   FC Barcelona               	2-0   SL Benfica
46 1991   FC Porto                   	1-0   RC Deportivo de La Coruña 
47 1992   São Paulo FC               	4-1   FC Barcelona
48 1993   FC Barcelona               	1-0   São Paulo FC
49 1994   Real Madrid CF             	1-0   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  
50 1995   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-0   Real Madrid CF
51 1996   Botafogo FR                	4-4   Juventus FC
52 1997   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-2   PSV Eindhoven
53 1998   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-0   SS Lazio
54 1999   RC Celta de Vigo           	1-0   CA Boca Juniors
55 2000   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-2   SS Lazio
56 2001   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-1   Real Madrid CF
57 2002   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	1-0   Cruz Azul FC
58 2003   RC Deportivo de La Coruña       * Triangular
59 2004   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	3-1   Atlético de Madrid
60 2005   RC Deportivo de La Coruña       * Triangular
61 2006   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	3-1   AC Milan
62 2007   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-1   Real Madrid CF
63 2008   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-1   Atlético de Madrid
64 2009   Atlético de Madrid            1-1   RC Deportivo de La Coruña       [At. Madrid on pen.]
65 2010   Newcastle United FC           0-0   RC Deportivo de La Coruña       [Newcastle United FC on pen.]
66 2011   Sevilla FC                    1-1   RC Deportivo de La Coruña       [Sevilla FC on pen.]
67 2012   RC Deportivo de La Coruña  	2-2   Atlético de Madrid              [RC Deportivo 4-3 on pen.]
68 2013   Real Madrid CF		4-0   RC Deportivo de La Coruña 
69 2014   RC Deportivo de La Coruña	1-0   Real Sporting de Gijón
70 2015   RC Deportivo de La Coruña	1-0   Sporting Clube Braga
71 2016   RC Deportivo de La Coruña     2-0   Villarreal CF
72 2017   RC Deportivo de La Coruña     2-0   West Bromwich Albion FC
73 2018   Athletic Club de Bilbao	2-2   RC Deportivo de La Coruña       [Ath. Bilbao on pen.]
74 2019   RC Deportivo de La Coruña	1-0   Real Betis Balompié
75 2020   RC Deportivo de La Coruña	6-0   Combinado AFAC
76 2021   SD Ponferradina		2-1   RC Deportivo de la Coruña 
77 2022   RC Deportivo de La Coruña	4-2   FC Metalist Járkov 

Number of Wins:

24 RC Deportivo de La Coruña

 9 Real Madrid CF

 6 Atlético de Madrid
 5 FC Barcelona

 4 Sevilla CF

 3 Athletic club de Bilbao

 2 CA Peñarol (URU)
   Dinamo Kiev (UKR)

 1 SS Lazio (ITA)
   Valencia CF
   CR Vasco da Gama (BRA)
   Club Nacional (URU)
   Santos FC (BRA) 
   Sporting CP (POR)
   AS Monaco (FRA)
   Racing club de Ferrol
   Vitoria Setubal (POR)
   Ferencvaros TC (HUN)
   Crvena zvezda Beograd (SER)
   Fluminense FC (BRA)
   AS Roma (ITA)
   SL Benfica (POR)
   PSV Eindhoven (NED)
   Bayern Múnchen (GER)
   FC Porto (POR)
   São Paulo FC (BRA)
   Botafogo FR (BRA)
   RC Celta de Vigo
   Newcastle United FC (ENG)
   SD Ponferradina



Sevilla FC (Spain)
Athletic Club de Bilbao (Spain)
Final [30 Jun] I Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Ath. Bilbao	2-3 Sevilla FC
  [1-0 Zarra 17´, 1-1 Araujo, 2-1 Zarra 55´, 2-2 Araujo 70´, 
   2-3 Domenech]
Ath. Bilbao:  Lezama; Bergareche, Gainza I, Celaya; Bertol, 
              Nando; Iriondo, Panizo, Zarra, Iragorri, Bilbao.
Sevilla FC:   Busto; Joaquín, Villalonga, Alconero; Félix, Eguiluz; 
              López, Arza, Araujo, Domenech, Campos.



CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
Athletic club de Bilbao (Spain)
Final [29 Jun] II Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Ath. Bilbao	3-2 CR Vasco da Gama
  [1-0 Panizo 1´, 2-0 Iraragorri 12´, 3-0 Zarra 26´, 
   3-1 Lelé, 3-2 Alfredo]
Ath. Bilbao:   Lezama; Fernández, Oceja, Celaya; Bertol, Nando; 
               Iriondo, Panizo, Zarra, Iraragorri, Gainza.
Vasco da Gama: Barbosa; Augusto, Rosanelli, Alfredo; Ely, Jorge; 
               Djalma, Maneca, Friaga, Lelé, Chico.



FC Porto (Portugal)
FC Barcelona (Spain)
Final [29 Jun] III Trofeo Teresa Herrera
FC Barcelona	2-1 FC Porto
   [0-1 Alfredo, 1-1 Seguer 73´, 2-1 Noguera 88´]
FC Barcelona: Velasco; Elías, Gonzalvo II, Gonzalvo III; Sans, Sagrera; 
              Basora, Seguer, César, Canal, Noguera.
FC Porto:     Barrigana; Alfredo, Guílhar, Joaquín; Romae, Carvalho;
              Lourenço, Córreia, Diez, Gestao, Catolino.



Real Madrid (Spain)
Racing Paris (France)

Final [26 Jun] IV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Real Madrid	1-2 Racing Paris 	
  [0-1 Morell 19´, 1-1 Narro 53´, 2-1 Muñoz 56´]
Real Madrid:  Bañón; Azcárate, Pont, Mariscal; Muñoz, Navarro; Macala 
              (Narro 35´), Olmedo, Pahíño (Marcet 45´), Montalvo, Arsuaga.
Racing Paris: Vignal (Pilet 56´); Gullón, Lauy, Delgado, Arens, Leduc, 
              Gabet, Nicolalich, Vaast, Tosser, Morett. 



Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
SS Lazio (Italy)
Final [04 Jun] V Trofeo Teresa Herrera
At. Madrid 	1-3 SS Lazio 
   [1-0 Juncosa 17´, 1-1 Alzani 25´, 1-2 Sentimenti III 40´, 
    1-3 Magríni 86´]
At. Madrid:    Domingo; Farias, Riera (Babot), Lesmes II; Hernández, Cuenca; 
               Juncosa, Ben Barek (Escudero), César, Carlsson, Miguel.
SS Lazio:      De Fazio; Antonazzi, Sandromi, Placentini; Alzani, Sentimenti III; 
               Pucinelli, Madrini, Arce, Flamini, Nyars.


FC Barcelona (Spain)
Young Boys Bern (Switzerland)

Final [29 Jun] VI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
FC Barcelona	4-2 Young Boys 
   [Kubala 2, Cesar, Martin]
FC Barcelona:   Ramallets, Calvet, Biosca, Segarra, Martin, Seguer, Basora, Kubala, 
             	Cesar, Aldecoa, Nicolau.
Young Boys:  	Eich, Sing, Fulhmann, Weil, Stoll, Zehnder, Haupgli, Wirshung, 
	     	Grutter, Antennen, Stauble.


Valencia CF (Spain)
Olympique de Roubaix (France)

Final [22 Jun] VII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Valencia CF	2-1 Olympique de Roubaix
    [0-1 Boury, 1-1 Badenes, 2-1 Badenes]
Valencia:      López, Sufier, Monzó, Asensi, Mir, Puchades, Gago, 
               Buqué, Badenes, Pasieguito, Seguí.   
O. Roubaix:    Da Rui, Granessi, Mauris, Colliot, Dereudde, 
               Vandeveme, Bohe, Sesia, Kartenar, Boury, Lesth.


Real Madrid (Spain)
Toulouse FC (France)

Final [06 Sep] VIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Real Madrid CF	8-1 Toulouse FC
   [1-0 Olsen 6´, 2-0 Britos 9´, 3-0 Atienza 16´, 4-0 Olsen 18´, 
    5-0 Pérez Payá 39´, 5-1 Fernández 52´, 6-1 Britos 69´, 
    7-1 Olsen 71´, 8-1 Olsen 76´]
Real Madrid:  Pazos; Navarro, Oliva, Lesmes; Becerril (Muñoz 45´), Zárraga, 
              Britos, Joseíto; Pérez Payá, Olsen, Atienza I.
Toulouse FC:  Lazare; Broccolimi, Hadda, Swietek, Nikitis, Meergerman, Brodd, 
              Gabet (Fernández 45´), Bouchet, Cheffer, Zapa (Simón 45´).


Sevilla CF (Spain)
Helsinborgs IF (Sweden)

Final [29 Jun] IX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Sevilla FC	3-2 Helsinborgs IF
  [1-0 Pepillo 25´, 2-0 Domenech (p) 59´, 3-0 Ayala 64´, 
   3-1 ? 80´, 3-2 ? 83´]
Sevilla FC:  Manolín; Romero, Campanal, Varela, Riquelme, Enrique,
             Qirro, pepillo, Araujo, Domenech, Loren.
Helsinborgs: Svensson; Torisson, Anderson, Peterson, Svenespling, Roslun,
             Naskeson, Frickson, Joensson, Wikdhal.


RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Athletic club de Bilbao (Spain)

Final [29 Jun] X Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	4-1 Athletic club de Bilbao
   [0-1 Arteche 40´, 1-1 Pahíño 52´, 2-1 Pahiño (extra-time)]
Deportivo:    Otero. Rodólfo, Manín, Irusquieta,  Botana, Juananco, 
              Arsenio, Pahiño, Juan, Lechuga, Polo.
Ath. Bilbao:  Carmelo, Orue, Garay, Canito, Mauri, Maguragui, 
              Arteche, Marcaida, Arieta, Uribe, Gainza.


Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
1. Fc Köln (Germany)
Final [Jun 29] XI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
At. Madrid	4-1 1. FC Köln
    [1-0 E. Collar, 1-1 Muller (p, 
     2-1 Rafa 51´, 3-1 Rafa 66´, 4-1 A. Collar 87´]
At. Madrid:   Pazos; Martín, Méndez, Verde; Agustín, Cobo; Llorente,
              Miguel (A. Collar 46´), Rafa, Peiró, E. Collar (Callejo 22´).
1. FC Köln:   Hansen; Janisth, Stellenwe, Cajkowiski; Bregeia, Hirchis; 
              Sturn, Muller, Gosart, Tachtele, Schafer (Minichel).


CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
Athletic club de Bilbao (Spain)
Final [Jun 16] XII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Ath. Bilbao	2-4 CR Vasco da Gama
    [0-1 Vavá 23´, 0-2 Walter 24´, 1-2 Bilbao 54´, 
     1-3 Walter 73´, 1-4 Vavá 79´, 2-4 Echaniz 80´]
Ath. Bilbao:   Carmelo; Orué, Garay, Canito, Mauri, Maruregui, Arteche, 
               Marcaida, Uribe, Aguirre, Gainza.
Vasco da Gama: Carlos Alberto; Dario, Viana, Ortunho, Laerte, Orlando, 
               Sabara, Livinho, Vavá, Walter, Pinga.   


Club Nacional (Uruguay)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)
Final [Jun 15] XIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Club Nacional	2-1 CR Flamengo
    [0-1 Duca, 1-1 Héctor Nuñez, 2-1 Escalada 70´]
Nacional:     Walter Taibo; Horacio Troche, Edelbert Di Fabio; Roque Fernández, Jorge Gómez (RubÉn González), Juan Carlos Mesías; 
              Héctor Núñez, Raúl Núñez, Juan Ángel Romero, Héctor Rodríguez, Guillermo Escalada.
CR Flamengo:  Fernando; Jover, Milton, Jordan, Tomires, Dequinha, 
              Saba, Duca, Hemrique Frande, Mamelinhol, Alfredinho.


Botafogo FR (Brazil)
Santos FC (Brazil)
Final [Jun 21] XIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Santos FC	4-1 Botafogo FR
    [1-0 Pepe (p) 43´, 2-0 Pelé 60´, 
     3-0 Pepe 67´, 3-1 Zagalo 70´, 4-1 Pepe 78´]
Santos FC:     Carlos; Pavan, Maurao, Getulo, Ramiro; Zito, Dorval, 
               Dair, Alfonso (Coutinho 22´), Pelé, Pepe.
Botafogo FR:   Ernani; Thome, N. Santos, Borces, Airton, Chícao, 
               Garrincha, Didí, Paulinho, Waldir, Zagalo.


Sevilla FC (Spain)
Newcastle FC (England)
Final [May 29] XV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Sevilla FC	2-1 Newcastle FC
    [1-0 Agüero 17´, 1-1 Bell 55´, 2-1 Pereda 75´]
Sevilla FC:  Mut; Santín, Maraver, Valero, Ruiz-Sosa, Achucarro, 
             Aguero, Dieguez, Antoniet, Pereda, Szalay. 
Newcastle:   Harvey; Keith, Stokoe, Momichael; Scoutar, Bell; 
             Hughes, Eastham, White, Allchurch, Luke.


Sporting CP (Portugal)
Stade Reims (France)
Final [Jun 29] XVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Sporting CP	3-2 Stade Reims
    [1-0 Lucio 7´, 2-0 Hugo 10´, 3-0 Seminario 38´, 
     3-1 Di Antony 60´, 3-2 Moreau 73´]
Sporting CP:    Carvalho; Marto, Morato, Hilario, Ferreira, Pinto;
                Lucio, Hugo, Diego, Faustino, Seminario.
Stade Reims:    Jaquet (Colonna); Wendling, Hiesel, Leblond (Moreau); Rodzik, Slatka;
                Giowacki, Muller, Faivre, Piantoni, Vincent (Henn).


RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
SL Benfica (Portugal)
Final [Sep 09] XVII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	4-2 SL Benfica
    [1-0 Montalvo 17´, 1-1 Simoes 31´, 2-1 Veloso 37´, 
     2-2 José Augusto 53´, 3-2 Ruíz 75´, 4-2 Jaime Blanco 85´]
RC Deportivo:Padrón; Miche, Rifé, Domínguez, Antonio Ruiz, Aurre, 
             Loureda, Escola, Veloso, Jaime Blanco, Montalvo.
SL Benfica:  Costa Pereira; Angeló, Germano (Raúl), Cruz, Cavem, Humberto, 
             José Augusto, Eusébio, Aguas, Coluna, Simoes.


AS Monaco (France)
CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
Final [Jun 16] XVIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
AS Monaco	3-2 CR Vasco da gama
    [1-0 Gess 12´, 1-1 Saúl 13´, 1-2 Joao 41´, 
     2-2 Gess 51´, 3-2 Gess 59´]
AS Monaco:     Hernández; Cassolari, Arteleza, Courtin (Thomas); Hidalgo, 
               Biancheri ; Civril, Gess, Cossu, Theo, Taberner (Carlier).
Vasco de Gama: Ita; Joel, Iluso, Brito; Maranjad, Darío; 
               Joao, Sabara, Saúl, Lorico, Ronaldo (Fagundes).


RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
FC Porto (Portugal)
Sporting CP (Portugal)
AS Roma (Italy)

Semifinals [Aug 28, 29]
RC Deportivo 	2-0 FC Porto
   [1-0 Veloso 22´, 2-0 Lamelo 86´]
RC Deportivo: Benegas; Carlos, Rifé, Domínguez; Manolete (Muñoz), Aurré; 
              Loureda, Jaime Blanco, Veloso, Lamelo, Duarte.
FC Porto:     Américo; Festa, Almeida, Jorge; Rolando, Paula;
              Jaime, Bernardo, Artur (Waldir), Pinto, Nobrega.
Sporting CP	3-1 AS Roma
   [1-0 Serra 9´, 1-1 Niccolé 26´, 2-1 Serra 75´, Silva 78´]
Sporting CP:  Carvalo; Lino, A. Batista, Pedro Gómez; Méndez, José Carlos; 
              Serra , O. Silva, Figueiredo (Lauro), F. Pinto, Moray.
AS Roma:      Matenchi; Tomasin, Carpanessi, Arnizzon; Losi, Lamini; 
              Salvori, Tamborini, Niccolé, Franchesconi, Dori.

Third place match not played

Final [Aug 30] XIX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	4-0 Sporting CP
    [1-0 Lanuelo 11´, 2-0 Loureda 20´, 3-0 Veloso 62´, 
     4-0 Veloso 68´]
Deportivo:    Benegas; Manolete, Lanuelo, Loureda, Jaime Blanco, Veloso....
Sporting CP:  Carvalho; Lino, Battista, Gómez, Méndez, José Carlos,
              Serra, Silva, Louro, Pinto, Alves.


Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Vitoria FC Setubal (Portugal)

Final [Sep 2] XX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
At. Madrid      2-1  Vitória Setúbal
    [1-0 Luis 7´, 1-1 Oswaldo (p) 10´, 2-1 Jones 56´]
At. Madrid:  Rodri; Rivilla, Griffa, Calleja, Martínez Jayo, Glaría,
             Ufarte, Adelardo, Luís (Jones), Mendoza, Cardona.
Vitoria FC:  Moudinho; Conceiçao, Leiria, Carriço (Carlos Torpe 24´), Jaime Graça,
             Herculano, Nelson, José María, Oswaldo, Augusto, Quin.


Real Madrid (Spain)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)

Final [Aug 21] XXI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-0  Real Madrid CF
    [0-1 Grosso 77´, 0-2 Veloso 85´]
RC Deportivo:   Juanet (Giraldez); García Verdugo, Gatell, Domínguez; Santos, 
                Manolete (Campanal), Suco, (Lámelo), Sertucha, Loureda, 
                Sánchez Lage, Montalvo.
Real Madrid:    Araquistain (Betancort), Pachín, De Felipe, Sanchís; Pirri (Félix Ruiz), 
                Zoco, Serena (Veloso), Amancio, Grosso, Velázquez, Gento.


Racing Club de Ferrol (Spain)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Pontevedra CF (Spain)
RC Celta de Vigo (Spain)

Semifinals [June 25]
Celta de Vigo	3-2 Pontevedra CF
  [0-1 Martín Esperanza 12´, 1-1 Suco 29´, 1-2 Kiko (pp) 42´,
   2-2 Abel 57´, 3-2 Abel 92´]
RC Celta:       Lucho; Pedrito, Manolo, Herminio; Costas, Kiko (Viñas),
                Lezcano, Silvestre, Abel, Rivera, Suco.
Pontevedra:     Celdrán; Irulegui, Batalla, Cholo; Antonio, Calleja;
                Odriozola, Martín Esperanza, Neme (José Jorge), Norat, Yosu.
RC Deportivo	2-2 Racing Ferrol    [R. Ferrol 3-2 on pen.]
  [0-1 Castro 17´, 0-2 Sornichero 28´, 1-2 Loureda 31´,
   2-2 Sertucha (p) 37´]
Rc Deportivo:   Joanet; Suco, Gatell Domínguez; Goñi, Manolete; Loureda, 
                Sertucha, Pellicer, José Luis, López Ribada.
Racing Ferrol:  Zumalave; Pepino, Arturo, Ocaña; Igartua, Bernal; 
                Arroyo, Castro, Sornichero, Ledo, Varilla.
* Ocaña, Bernal, Varilla (At, Madrileño players), Arroyo (Ath. Bilbao player)

Third place [June 29] 
RC Deportivo	3-1 Pontevedra CF
  [1-0 Pellicer 35´, 1-1 Neme 42´, 2-1 Ribada 49´,
   3-1 Beci 88´]
RC Deportivo:   Joanet; Suco, Gateil, Domínguez: Sertucha, Manolete; 
                Ribalda, Beni, Pellicer, Loureda, López.
Pontevedra CF:  Celdrán; Irulegui, Batalla, Cholo; Calleja, Vallejo; 
                Odriozola, Martin Esperanza, Neme (Norat), Fernández, Yosu.

Final [Jun 29] XXII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Racing Ferrol   3-0 RC Celta de Vigo
  [1-0 Varilla 52´, 2-0 Arroyo 71´, 3-0 Ledo 90´]
Racing Ferrol:  Zumalabe; Pepiño, Arturo, Ocaña; Igartua, Bernal; Arroyo, 
                Santiago Castro, Sornichero (Juan), Ledo, Varilla.
RC Celta Vigo:  Lucho; Pedrito, Manolo, Herminio, Corta, Viña, 
                Lezcano, Lito (Silvestre), Abel, Rivera, Succo.


Vitoria FC Setubal (Portugal)
SK Rapid Wien (Austria)

Semifinals missing

Final [Jul 6] XXIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Vitória Setúbal  2-1 SK Rapid Wien
  1-0 Arcanjo 5´, 1-1 Lindmann 33´, 2-1 Guerreiro 40´]
Vit. Setubal:   Vital; Conceiçao, Caldoso, Herculano, Carrizo, Tomo, Víctor Batista, 
                Guerreiro, José María, Figueiredo (Wagner), Arcanjo (Petita).
SK Rapid Wien:  Fuchsbicher; Baier (Gebhard), Glechner, Pak. Njerregaard, Skocik, 
                Fritsch, Flogel, Grausam, Lindmann, Sondegaard (Baier).


RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Olympique Charleroi (Belgium)
Bayern München (Germany)
Nacional Montevideo (Uruguay)

Semifinals [June 26, 27]
RC Deportivo 	1-0 Olympique Charleroi 
  [1-0 Luís Suárez]
RC Deportivo:   Joanet; Bello, Manolete, Cholo, Luís Suárez, Domínguez, Cortés (Beci),
                Loureda, Del Puerto, José Luís (Cervera), Beci (Ramón Martínez).
Ol. Charleroi:  Tosini; Termolle, Sprock, Collart, Huttmacher, Collase, Spaute,
                Vandenbossche, Boulet (Surin), Bissot, Bertoncello.
Club Nacional 	2-0 Bayern München 
  [1-0 Espárrago 20´, 2-0 Morales 64´]
Club Nacional:  Manga; Blanco, Ramos, E. Álvarez, Brunel; Prieto (Saravia), Silveira, 
                Maneiro (R. García); Espárrago (Duarte), Celio, Morales.
Bayern Múnchen: Maier; Clark, Schwarzemtedc, Pum; Beckenbaüer, Schtnit; 
                Roch, Bolhamger, Muller, Skarec, Brefinger.

Third place match [June 28]
O. Charleroi	1-0 Bayern München 
   [1-0 VerDist 31´]
O. Charleroi:   Tosini; Termolle, Sprosck, Collart; Huttmatcher, Collase (Surin); 
                Spauste, Vondenbossche, Van Schooneck, Bissot, Verdist (Najchrowski).
Bayern München: Maier; 0lk (Stegmann), Pumn, Sehwarzenceck; Beckenbauer (Gilinger), 
                Schmidt; Michl, Ohlhauser, Muller, Roch, Brefinger.

Final [June 29] XXIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	1-0 Nacional Montevideo 
   [1-0 Ramón Martínez 57´]
RC Deportivo:  Joanet; Bello, Manolete, Cholo, Sertucha, Domínguez, Beci, Loureda, 
               Del Puerto (Cortés 58´), Cervera (José Luis 80´), Ramón Martínez.
Club Nacional: Manga; Blanco, Brunel, Silveira, Emilio, Alvarez, 
               Espárrago, Maneiro (Duarte 72´), Celio, Prieto, Morales.


Ferencvárosi TC (Hungary)
CA San Lorenzo de Almagro (Argentina)

Final [Aug 26] XXV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Ferencvárosi TC  0-0 CA San Lorenzo Almagro   [Ferencvaros 4-2 on pen.]
Ferencvárosi: Geczy; Balint, Pancsis, Megysi, Juhasz, Velpi, Skoze (Havarth 45´),
              Branikovics, Albert, Muha, Fusi.
San Lorenzo:  Buttice; Calisc, Rols, Scanfianza, Telch, Albreht, Occo,
              Tojo, González, Fischer, Aureijenole.


RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Crvena zvezda (Serbia)

Final [Jul 3] XXVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo  	 1-3 Crvena zvezda 
  [0-1 Dzajich, 1-1 0-2 Jankovic 60´, 1-2 Beci 67´,
   1-3 Karai 68´]
RC Deportivo:  Seoane; Bello (Collazo I), Luis, Cholo; Manolete (Cobas), Bordoy, 
               Juanito, Loureda, Beci, Cervera, Rubiñán.
Crvena zvezda: Dujkovic; Klinkouski, Bojisevio, Clioucucha; Antonijevic, Paulovich, 
               Jaukovic; Karazi, Filipovic, Acimovic (Keri), Dzajic.


FC Barcelona (Spain)
FC Den Haag (Netherlands)

Final  [May 28] XXVII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
FC Barcelona    2-0 ADO Den Haag
   [1-0 Zabalza 61´, 2-0 Asensi (p) 71´]
FC Barcelona: Reina; Rifé, Torres, Juan Carlos; Romero (Costas 45'),  
              Zabalza, Rexach (Alfonseda), Marcial, Bustillo, Asensi, Pérez.
Den Haag:     Thie; Wisnggart, Korewall, De Zoete; Advocaat, Mansueld;  
	      Kila, Van Aerden, Van Vliet, Pas, Roochet 
              (+ Ovehan, Hijkook, Jansen).


Atlético Madrid (Spain)
Ujpest Dozsa (Hungary)
AFC Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Spartak Trnava  (Slovakia)

Semifinals [Aug 3, 4]
At. Madrid	4-2 Ujpest Dozsa
  [1-0 Becerra 23´, 1-1 Bene 27´, 2-1 Ovejero 30´, 3-1 Luís 53´,
   4-1 Becerra 56´, 4-2 bene 62´]
At. Madrid:   Reina; Melo, Ovejero (Eusebio 65´), Capón, Bermejo, Benegas, 
              Ufarte (Alberto 65´), Luís, Gárate, Irureta, Becerra.
Ujpest Dozsa: Szenttmíhaiyi; Nosko, Harsanyi, Nagy, Dunai III, Horvath, 
              Fazekas, Toth, Bene, Dunai II (Kellner 69´), Zambo.
Spartak Trnava	5-3 Ajax Amsterdam
  [0-1 Rep 10´, 2-0 Hulsaff 16´, 3-0 Neeskens 54´, 
   3-1 Hagara 56´, 3-2 Adamec 58´, 3-3 Krajvovick  72´, 
   4-3 Kuna 76´, 5-3 Adamec 89´]
Sp. Trnava:   Kekety; Magenic, Dobias, Hagara, Vardin, Hursecky, Kuna,
              Krajvovick, Martinkovic, Adamec, Kabat (Kramlic).
AFC Ajax:     Stuy; Souvrbier, Hulsaff, Blakemburg, Krol, Neeskens,
              G. Muhren (A. Muhren), Haan, Rep, Cruyff, Keizer.

Third place match [Aug 5]
Ujpest Dozsa	0-0 Ajax Amsterdam		[Ujpest on pen 4-3]
Ujpest Dozsa: Szenttmíhaiyi; Rolar, Harsanyi, Nagy, Dunai III, Horvath, 
              Hegyi, Toth, Bene, Kelliner, Zambo.
AFC Ajax:     Wever; Suurbier, Hulshaff, Blakemburg, Krol, Neeskens, 
              G. Muhren, Haan, Rep, Cruyff, Keizer.

Final [Aug 5] XXVIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Atlético Madrid	2-1 Spartak Trnava
   [1-0 Gárate 46´, 1-1 Dobias 64´, 2-1 Gárate (aet)]
At. Madrid:   Reina; Meló, Eusebio, Capón, Adelardo (Alberto 71´), Benegas, 
              Ufarte (Bermejo 71´), Luis, Gárate, Irureta, Becerra.   
Sp. Trnava:   Kekety; Dobias, Hagara, Magnenic, Veradin, Bruseckey, 
              Martokovi, Krajcovic, Kuna, Adamec, Kramlic.


CA Peñarol Montevideo (Uruguay)
FC Barcelona (Spain)
Atlético Madrid (Spain)
Borussia Mönchengladbach (Germany)

Semifinals [Aug 13,14] 
CA Peñarol	1-0 FC Barcelona
 [1-0 Morena 77´]
CA Peñarol:   Walter Corbo; Sandoval, H. Fernández, M.González, Nelson Acosta,
              Mario Zoryez, José Cruz (80' V.García), Unanue, Morena, Ramón
              Silva, Julio César Jiménez (46' Quevedo).
FC Barcelona: Mora; Rifo, Gallego, Torres, De La Cruz, Juan Carlos, Rexach,
              Neeskens, Johan Cruyff, Asensi, Clares.
Borussia Mön.	1-1 Atlético de Madrid		[Borussia on pen]
  [0-1 Ayala 40´, 1-1 Heynckes 89´]
Borussia M.:  Kleff; Vogts, Rosnel, Víttkamp, Bonhof, Koestner (Klinkhammer 46´), 
              Koeppel, Simonssen, Hilkes, Stielicke, Heynckes.
At. Madrid:   Reina; Meló, Heredia, Panadero Díaz; Adelardo, Eusebio; Salcedo, 
              Ayala, Gárate (Leal 67´), Irureta, Becerra (Luís 46´).

Third place match [Aug 15]
FC Barcelona	2-2 Atlético de Madrid     	[Barcelona on pen]
  [0-1 Becerra 5´, 0-2 Luís, 1-2 Bermejo (og), 
  2-2 Sotil 84´]
FC Barcelona: Mora; Tome, Torres, Costas, De la Cruz, Neeskens, 
              Martí Filosia, Asensi, Juanito (Clares), Marcial, Sotil.
At. Madrid:   Pacheco; Melo, Heredia, Benegas; Capon, Marcelino, 
              Luis; Bermejo, Alberto, Leal, Becerra.

Final [Aug 15]  XXIX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
CA Peñarol	3-2 Borussia Mönchengladbach
 [0-1 Heynckes 23´, 0-2 57´, 1-2 Quevedo 65´, 2-2 Quevedo 80´, 
  3-2 Morena 103´]
CA Peñarol:    Walter Corbo, Sandoval, Acosta, M. González, V. García, Zoryez,
               José Cruz (Santelli), JC. Jiménez (Unánue), Morena, Silva, Quevedo
Borussia M.:   Kleff, Bonhoff, Klinkhamer, Berti Vogts, Simonsen, Wittkamp, 
               Hilkes, Stielike, Kostner, Koebbel (Rosnel 69´), Josef Heynckes


CA Peñarol de Montevideo (Uruguay)
Cruzeiro EC Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Stoke City FC (England)

Semifinals [Aug 8,9]
Peñarol		3-2 Atlético Madrid
 [0-1 Ayala 7´, 1-1 Ramón Silva 13´, 1-2 Becerra 37´, 
  2-2 Morena 39´, 3-2 Quevedo 57´]
CA Peñarol:  Corbo, Peruena, Garisto, M. González, Acosta, Zoryez, Quevedo,
             Unanue, Morena, Ramón Silva, José Cruz.
At. Madrid:  Reina, Melo, Heredia, Benegas, Capón, Marcelino, Irureta, Alberto,
             Becerra, Gárate, Ayala.
Cruzeiro EC	3-0 Stoke City FC
  [1-0 Nelinho (p) 14´, 2-0 Nelinho (p) 47´, 3-0 Nelinho 90´]
Cruzeiro EC: Raúl; Eduardo, Piazza, Darci Menezes, Nelinho, Wanderley, R. Batate (Jesum 83´), 
             José Carlos, Palinha, Dirceu Lopes (Roberto César 50´), Joaocinho.
Stoke City:  Shiilton; Dodd, Pejic, Mahoney, Smith, Bloob, Skeels (Hurts 59´), 
             Greenhoff, Conrey, Hudson, Salmons.

Third place match [Aug 10]
At. Madrid	0-0 Stoke City FC		[At. Madrid on pen]
At. Madrid:  Tirapu; Fraguas, Heredia, Capón (Laguna 60´), Sena (Salcedo 70´), 
             Banegas, Ayala, Irureta, Gárate, Alberto, Baena (Becerra 45´).
Stoke City:  Shilton; Bowers, Rujio, Mahonay, Smith, Bloor, Skaels, 
             Greenhoeff, Hurat, Hudson, Salmons.

Final [Aug 10]  XXX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
CA Peñarol 	3-3 Cruzeiro EC	                [Peñarol on pen]
 [0-1 Nelinho 39´, 1-1 Morena 42´, 1-2 Palinha 78´,
  2-2 Unánue 80´, 2-3 Palinha 112´, 3-3 Unánue 114´]
CA Peñarol:  Corbo; Perurena, Çarcía, Garisto, Mario Martínez Mario Soryer, 
             Quevedo, Unánue, Morena, Ramón Silva, Cruz (Barbosa).
Cruzeiro EC: Raul; Eduardo,Picaza, Darcy- Menezes, Nelinho, Wanterley, 
             Roberto Batate, Ze Carlos, Palinha, Dirceu (Jesum), Joaocihno.


Real Madrid (Spain)
Peñarol Montevideo (Uruguay)
Cruzeiro EC (Brazil)
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Semifinals [Aug 13,14]
Real Madrid CF	5-2 CA Peñarol Montevideo
   [1-0 Santillana 17´, 2-0 Jensen 31´, 3-0 Santillana 32´, 
   4-0 Guerini 64´, 5-0 Guerini 73´, 5-1 Morena 82´, 5-2 Silva 84´]
Real Madrid:   Miguel Ángel (García Remón); Sol, Benito, Pirri (San José), Camacho, Breitner, 
               Del Bosque, Velázquez, Jensen (Aguilar 79´), Santillana, Guerini.
Peñarol:       Corbo; Garisto (Perurena), Olivera, Belson, Acosta, M. González, 
               Soryez, Unanue, Silva, Cruz, Morena (Villalba).
Cruzeiro EC 	2-0 PSV Eindhoven
   [1-0 Nelinho 36´, 2-0 Jairzinho 57´]
Cruzeiro:      Raúl; Nelinho, Morais, Darci, Wanderley, Eduardo, Piazza, Ze Carlos,
               Jairzinho (Waldo), Palinha (Reinaldo), Joaozinho.
PSV:           Beveren; Krijgls, Van Kray, Stevens, Daloquist, Kuytey, pooblet, W. Kerhof,
               Postuma (Deacy), Deykers (Lubse), Kerkhof.

Third Place Match [Aug 15]
PSV Eindhoven	1-1 CA Peñarol Montevideo	[PSV on penn 4-3]
   [1-0 Lubse 12´, 1-1 Morena (p) 30´]
PSV:           Beveren; Krijgls, Van Kray, Stevens, Daloquist, Willy Kerkhof, 
               Kuylay, Der Kuylen, Deacy, Postua, Lubse.    
Peñarol:       Corbo; Oliveira, Perurena, González, Acosta, Soryez, 
               Cruz, Unanue, Morena, Silva, Villalba.

Final [Aug 15]  XXXI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Real Madrid CF	2-0 Cruzeiro EC 
  [1-0 Pirri (p) 79´, 2-0 Guerini (p) 89´]
Real Madrid :  Miguel Ángel; Sol, Benito (Uría 74´), Camacho, Pirri; Del Bosque, 
               Jensen, Breitner; Santillana, Velásquez, Guerini.
Cruzeiro EC:   Raúl; Isidro, Morais, Osiris, Vanderley; Eduardo (Silva 89´), 
               Piazza (Waldo 89´), Ze Carlos, Ronaldo; Jaírzinho, Joanzinho.


Real Madrid (Spain)
Fluminense FC (Brazil)
Feyenoord Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Dukla Praha (Czech Republic)
Semifinals [Aug 5,6]
Real Madrid	2-2 Dukla Praha			[Dukla on pen 4-5]
 [0-1 Bilski 22´, 1-1 Juanito 47´, 2-1 Juanito 56´, 
  2-2 Nehoda 86´.]
Real Madrid: Miguel Ángel; Camacho, Pirri, Benito (Sol 45´); Stielike,
             Del Bosque, Wolff, Jensen; Juanito, Guerini, Isidro (Santillana 45´).
Dukla Praha: Netolica; Macela, Samak, Caplovic (Novak 71´), Fiala, Rott, 
             Pelc (Vizek 77´), Stambacker, Bilski, Nehoda, Gajdusek.
Fluminense FC	2-0 SC Feyenoord Rotterdam
 [1-0 Luís carlos 4´, 2-0 Doval 82´]
Fluminense:  Wendell, Rubens Galaxe, Tadeu, Edinho, Marinho Chagas;
             Luís Carlos, Kléber, Rivelino; Doval, Zezé.
Feyenoord:   Trytel; Mansweld (Korput 60´), Scheeneider, Rijsbergen, Winstcker, 
             Jansen, Snoeck, Kreutz, Yalem, V. Zeysen, Deisen.

Third Place Match [Aug 7]
Real Madrid	4-2 Feyenoord Rotterdam
  [0-1 Kreuz 12´, 0-2 Vresen 18´, 1-2 Roberto Martínez 32´, 
   2-2 Roberto Martínez 42´, 3-2 Juanito 47´, 
   4-2 Roberto Martínez 60´]
Real Madrid: García Remón; Sol (San José 45´), Camacho, Wolff, Benito; Del Bosque, 
             Juanito (Santillana 74´), Stielike; Jensen, Guerini (Vitoria 45´), R. Martínez.
Feyenoord:   Trytel; Manveld, Schneider, Ruidergen, Kinsleker, Jensen, Kreuz, 
             Melis (Snock 45´), Vanderlen (Verheyen 19´), Vresen (Ernst 45´), Van Dysen.

Final [Aug 7]  XXXII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Fluminense FC	4-1 Dukla Praha
 [1-0 Luis Carlos 38´, 2-0 Zezé  54´, 3-0 Logo 61, 
  4-0 Chagas; 4-1 Vicek 76´]
Fluminense:  Wendell, Rubens Galaxe, Tadeu, Edinho, Marinho Chagas;
             Luís Carlos, Kléber, Rivelino; Doval, Zezé.
Dukla Praha: Netolika; Macela, Jamek, Fiala, Novak, Bilski, Roth,
             Stambacker, Neoda, Vizek, Gajdusek.        


Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)
Fluminense FC (Brazil)

Semifinals [Aug 11, 12]
RC Deportivo    2-5 Real Madrid CF
   [0-1 Juanito, 0-2 Pirri 43´, 0-3 Stielike 47´, 1-3 Castro 57´, 
   1-4 Juanito 75´, 2-4 Albino 85´, 2-5 Isidro 89´]
RC Deportivo: Jorge; Pardo, Gallego, Piris (Ballesta 60´), Richard; 
              García (Albino 60´), Montero, Pina, Pousada, Cantudo, Castro.
Real Madrid:  Miguel Ángel; Sol, Benito, Pirri, San José (Isidro 70´); Wolff (García Hernández 76´), 
              Del Bosque, Stielike, Juanito; Santillana (Roberto Martínez), Jensen.
CR Flamengo	0-0 Fluminense FC		[Flamengo on pen]
CR Flamengo:  Raúl; Toninho, Manguito, Moisos (Nelson 20´), José Luís, Junior, Tiao, 
              Carpeggiani, Edi Carlos, Claudio Adao, Adilio.
Fluminenese:  Wendel; Miranda, Carlinhos, Ruben, Edinho, Marinho, Robertinho,
              Carlos Alberto, Geraldo (Ginzimar 67´), Arthur, Zeze.

Third place Match [Aug 13]
RC Deportivo	1-2 Fluminenses FC
   [0-1 Robertinho 30´, 1-1 Castro 53´, 1-2 Zezé 65´]
RC Deportivo: Buyo; Pardo, Rodri, Richard, Pina; Piris, Gallego (Ballester), 
              Pousada, García; Albino (Montero), Cantudo, Castro.
Fluminense:   Wendell; Miranda, Carlinhos, Rubens, Edinho, Marinho, Robertinho, 
              Carlos Alberto, Geraldo (Mimar) (Rogelio), Arthur, Zezé.

Final [Aug 13]  XXXVIIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Real Madrid	2-0 CR Flamengo
 [1-0 Jensen 24´, 2-0 Aguilar 57´.]
Real Madrid:  Miguel Ángel; Sol, Pirri, Benito, San José; Del Bosque,
              Wolf, Stielike; Aguilar, Jensen, Juanito.
CR Flamengo:  Raúl; Toninho, Manguitos, Ramírez, Jorge Luiz; Junior, Guiao (Leandro 57´), 
              Paulo César, Eli Carlos; Claudio Adao (Tita 84´), Abilio.


Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Real Sporting de Gijón (Spain)
Honved Budapest (Hungary)
West Bromwich Albion (England)

Semifinals [Aug 13]
Real Madrid	1-1 BP Honved 		[Real on pen]
   [1-0 Pirri 51´, 1-1 Kozma 83´]
Real Madrid:    García Remón; San José (Portugal 67´), Pirri, Camacho, Isidro; Ángel, 
                Del Bosque, Stielike; Juanito (R. Martínez 81´), Santillana, Cunningham.
BP Honved:      Guidar; Paroczai, Nagy, Cóccix, Varga (Bodonyi 64´); Pal (Gymesi 64´), 
                Pinter, Lukacs, Kozma; Dajka, Weimper.
Sporting Gijón	1-0 West Bromwich Albion 
  [1-0 Quini 65´]
Sp. Gijón:      Castro; Redondo, Uría, Doria, Jiménez, Mesa (Andrés 43´), Abel, 
                Joaquín, Quini (Aguilar 75´), David, Ferrero (Pedro 41´).
West Bromwich:  Godden; Batson, Statham, Trewick, Wiel, Robertson, Robson,
                Ally Brown (David Mills 78´), Owen, Barnes.

Third Place Match [Aug 15]
BP Honved 	1-0 West Bromwich Albion 
  [1-0 Bodonyi 56´]
BP Honved:      Gudjar; Paroczai, Kocsis, Varga, Pal (Bodonyi 46´); 
                Nagy, Fejes; Lukacs; Weimper (Gyimesi 50´), Kozma, Djka.
West Bromwich:  Stewart; Batson (Bennet 80´), Statham, Wile; Mills, Pendrey; 
                Robson (A. Brown 83´), Summerfild, Tony Brown, Wen, Barnes (Moses 69´)

Final [Aug 15]  XXXIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Real Madrid	1-0 Sporting Gijón
  [1-0 Jiménez (pp) 43´]
Real Madrid:    García Remón; García Cortés, Pirri, García Navajas, Camacho; Ángel (Portugal 82´), 
                Del Bosque, Stielike; Juanito, Santillana, Cunningham (R. Martínez 60´).
Sp. Gijón:      Castro; Redondo (Andrés 69´), Doria, Jiménez, Uría; Joaquín, 
                Mesa (Javi 69´), David; Abel (Aguilar 46´), Quini, Ferrero.


Real Madrid (Spain)
Real Sporting de Gijón (Spain)
FC Porto (Portugal)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)

Semifinals [Aug 8,9]
Real Madrid	2-1 FC Porto
   [1-0 Juanito 30´, 2-0 Cunningham 47´, 2-1 Gomes 71´]
Real Madrid:   García Remón; Pérez García, Camacho, Benito, Gallego; Stielike, Ángel, 
               García Hernández; Santillana, Juanito (Rincón 86´)Cunningham (Pineda 84´).
FC Porto:      Fonseca; Gabriel, Simoes, Freitas, Ze Luis; Frasco (Albertinho 45´), 
               Rodolfo, Sousa (Quinito 54´); Romeu, Costa, Gomes.
Sporting Gijón	1-1 CR Flamengo	       [Sporting on pen]
  [1-0 Abel 28´, 1-1 Tita 29´]
Sp. Gijón:     Castro; Redondo, Doria, Jiménez, Cundi (David 45´); Joaquín, Ciriaco, 
               Abel (Mesa 66´), Uría; Aguilar, Ferrero (Óscar Ferrero 77´).
CR Flamengo:   Carlos Alberto; Rondinelli, Mozer (Marinho 45´), Junior, Andrade; 
               Tita, Atilio; Nunes, Julio César, Rolando (Gilson Paulinho 55´).

Third Place Match [Aug 10]
FC Porto	4-1 CR Flamengo
  [Sousa (3), Costas; Nunes]
FC Porto:      Fonseca; Gabriel, Freitas, Ze Luís, Simoes, Rodolfo, Sousa, 
               Romeu, Frasco, Cabral, Costa.
CR Flamengo:   Canterel; Gibson, Marinho, Júnior, Rondinelli, Andrade, Adinho, 
               Tito, Carlos Alberto, Nunes, Julio César.

Final [Aug 10]  XXXV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Real Madrid	3-1 Sporting de Gijón
  [1-0 Juanito 45´, 2-0 Pineda 59´, 2-1 Javi 73´, 
   3-1 Juanito 79´]
Real Madrid:   García Remón; Pérez García, Camacho, Benito, Gallego (Portugal 80´); Stielike, 
               Ángel, García Hernández; Juanito (Rincón 80´), Santillana, Cunningham (Pineda 45´).
Sp. Gijón:     Castro; Javi, Doria (Maceda 65´), Jiménez, Cundi; Joaquín (Mesa 55´)
               Ciriaco, David, Uría; Abel, Enzo Ferrero (Óscar Ferrero 65´). 


RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
FC Barcelona (Spain) 
Atlético Madrid (Spain)
Dinamo Kyiv (Ukraine)

Semifinals [Aug 07, 08]
FC Barcelona	1-2 Dynamo Kyiv
   [1-0 Simonssen 1´, 1-1 Buryak 50´, 1-2 Bloochin 60´]
FC Barcelona:   Artola; Ramos, Migueli, Alexanco, Olmo; Schuster, Martínez 
                (Morán 63´), Esteban, Zuviría (Manolo 63´); Simonsen, Quini.
Dynamo Kyiv:    Mikhaelov; Konkov, Baltacha, Bal, Dernrmenko, Lozinsky (Hapsalie 82´), 
                Buriak, Halus, Bolko, Veremeev (Evtushenko 87´), Bloochin.    
RC Deportivo 	0-3 Atlético de Madrid
   [0-1 Arteche 5´, 0-2 Rubén Cano(p) 34´, 0-3 Mínguez 86´]
RC Deportivo:   Jorge; Lolo (Pardo II 42´), Piña, Carreras, Silvi; Moreno, 
                Muñoz (Albiol 45´), García, Traba, José Luís, Castro.
At. Madrid:     Mejías; Marcelino, Julio Alberto, Arteche, Balbino; Ruiz, Pedro Pablo,
                Julio Prieto; Rubén Cano (Marián 60´), Dirçeu (Minguez 60´), Rubio (Cabrera 87´).

Third Place Match [Aug 09]
RC Deportivo	0-5 FC Barcelona
   [0-1 Simnonssen (p) 15´, 0-2 Schuster 26´, 0-3 Simnonssen 55´,
    0-4 Simonssen 81´, 0-5 Schuster 84´]
RC Deportivo:   Jorge; Piña, Carreras, Ballesta, Pérez Durán (Lelo 71´); Villanueva, 
                Albiol (Pardo 85´), Moreno, García; José Luís, Castro (Muñoz 45´).
FC Barcelona:   Urruticoechea (Amador, 63’); Olmo (Ramos 60´), Migueli, Alesanco, Manolo;
                Zuviría, (Martínez 45´), Schuster, Esteban (Landáburu  71´); Carrasco, Ouini, Simonsen.

Final [Aug 09]  XXXVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Dinamo Kyiv	1-0 Atlético Madrid
   [1-0 Blokin 27´]
Dynamo Kyiv:    Mikhaelov; Lozinsky, Baltacha, Konkov, Demirmenko; Halus, Bal, Buriak, 
                Veremeev; Boiko (Hapsalis 20’, Evtushenko 73’), Blochin (Olefirenko 82’).
At. Madrid:     Aguinaga; Ruiz, Arteche, Balbino (Marián 78’), Julio Alberto; Juanjo, 
                Dirceu (J. Prieto 58’), Mínguez; Marcos, Cabrera (Rubén Cano 70’), Pedro Pablo.


FC Barcelona (Spain)
Dinamo Kyiv (Ukraine)
SC Internacional Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Bayern München (Germany)

Semifinals [Aug 13, 14]
FC Barcelona	1-0 SC Internacional
  [1-0 Carrasco 15´]
FC Barcelona:  Artola, Gerardo, Alexanco, Migueli, Julio Alberto, Esteban, Alonso, 
	       Estella, Moran (Carrasco 15´), Quini, Pichi Alonso (Manolo 70´).
Internacional: Benitez, Edevaldo, Mauro Pastor, Andre Luiz, Mauro Galvao, Ademir, 
               Silvio (Ruben Paz 39´), Cleo, Paulo Cesar, Roberto (Geraldao 72´), Silvinho.
Dinamo Kyiv	2-1 Bayern München
   [1-0 Demianenko 15´, 2-0 Lozinski 49´, 2-1 Mathy 58´]
Dynamo Kyiv:   Chanov; Besonov, Beltacha, Zhuraviev, Demianenko; 
               Lozinski, Bal, Dumanski, Hlus; Evtushenko, Bloochim.
B. München:    Pfaff; Pflugger, Augenthaler, Grobe, Horsmann; Durnberger, 
               Nachtweih, Dremmler, Del Haye; Hoennes, Mathy.

Third Place Match [Aug 15]
Bayern München	4-0 SC Internacional
   [1-0 Del Haye 30´, 2-0 Dieter Hoennes 61´, 3-0 Dieter Hoennes 76´, 
    4-0 Pfluger 89´]
B. München:    Muller; Dremnmler, Horrsmann, Grobe (Pfluger 16´); Augenthaler, 
               Durnberger, Beieviopuzels, Natchweig; Hoeness, Hevlots, Mathy. 
Internacional: Benítez; Edevaldo, Mauro Pastor, André Liz, Ademir; Mauro Galvao, 
               Paulo César, André (Multer 46´), Fernandao (Geraldao 46´, Joarzinho 78´));
               Cleo, Silvinho.

Final [Aug 15] XXXVII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Dinamo Kyiv	4-1 FC Barcelona
 [1-0 Baltacha 8´, 2-0 Dumanski 11´, 3-0 Evtushen 36´,
  4-0 Blokhin 38´,4-1 Pichi Alonso 80´]
Dinamo Kyiv:  Chanov; Orizarnko, Baltacha, Zhuralev, Demianenko; Lozinski,
	      Bal, Dumanski (Sorokalev 70´), Huls; Eutechenko, Blokhin.
Barcelona :   Urruti; Manolo, Olmo, Julio Alberto, Alexanco; Urbano, Alonso
	      (Esteban 45´), Estella; Marcos, Quini (Pichi Alonso 62´), Carrasco.


Athletic Bilbao (Spain)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Dinamo Kyiv (Ukraine)
Peñarol Montevideo (Uruguay)

Semifinals [Aug 12,13]
Ath. Bilbao	1-0 Real Madrid CF
  [1-0 Sarabia 55´]
Ath. Bilbao : Zubizarreta, Urquiaga, Liceranzu, Núñez, Goicoechea, Gallego, Sola 
	      (De la Fuente 63´), Urtubi, Dani (Noriega 14´), Sarabia (Endika 73´), Argote.
Real Madrid : Miguel Ángel; Chendo, Camacho, Metgod, San José; Gallego, 
	      Ángel (Pineda 85´), Lozano, Del Bosque; Santillana, Juanito (Julio 65´),

CA Peñarol 	0-0 Dinamo Kyiv			[CA Peñarol 5-3 on pen]
CA Peñarol:   G. Fernández; Olivera, Montelongo, Bossio, Gutiérrez; Saralegui, 
              Diogo, Zalazar; Silva (Villarreal 82´), Morena, Ramos.
Dinamo Ktiv:  Chanov (Mijailov 89´); Bal, Majina, Evseev, Demieanenko; Lozinsky, 
              Jlus (Evtuschenko 49´), Zavarov; Bruiak, Dumanski, Blokhin.

Third place Match [Aug 14]
Real Madrid	3-2 Dinamo Kyiv
  [0-1 Buriak 41´, 0-2 Buriak 44´, 1-2 San José 50´, 
  2-2 Santillana 55´, 3-2 Bernardo 73´]
Real Madrid : Miguel Ángel; Juan José, Camacho, Metgod, San José; Gallego, Ángel, 
              Lozano, Del Bosque (Fraile 45´); Julio (Bernardo 45´), Pineda (Santillana 45´).
Dymano Kyiv:  Chanov; Bal, Majina, Essaev, Demianenko; Buriak, Guiganov, Lozinski; 
              Dumanski (Klus 74´), Zavarov, Blokhin (Evtushenko 36´)

Final [Aug 14] XXXVIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Ath. Bilbao	1-0 Peñarol Montevideo
   [1-0 Sola 59´]
Ath. Bilbao:  Zubizarreta; Urquiaga, Núñez, Goicoechea, Gallego; P. Salinas, De la Fuente 
              (Sola), Urtubi; Endika (Julio Salinas), Sarabia, Argote (Elguezábal).
CA Peñarol:   Fernández; Olivera, Gutiérrez, Montelongo (Silva), Bossio; Diogo, 
              Villarreal, Saralegui; Zalazar, Morena y Ramos.


Athletic Bilbao (Spain)
CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
AS Roma (Italy)
Manchester United (England)

Semifinals [Aug 10, 11]
Vasco da Gama 	2-2 Athletic Bilbao		[Vasco da Gama on pen]
  [0-1 Endica 23´, 0-2 Sarabia 79´, 1-2 Roberto 81´, 
   2-2 Mauricinho 89´]
V. da Gama:   González; Airton, Oliveira, Nené, Mauricinho; Mario; Geovani, 
              Roberto "Dinamita", Marco Antonio (Romulo 12´,Claudio José 70´)).
Ath. Bilbao:  Zubizarreta; Urquiaga, Goicoechea, Liceranzu, De la Fuente; 
              De Andrés (Sola 80´), Gallego, Urtubi; Endica (Salinas 73´),
              Noriega (Sarabia 65´), Argote.
AS Roma		2-1 Manchester United
   [1-0 Falçao 41´, 2-0 Grazziani 59´, 2-1 Hughes 82´]
AS Roma:      Malgioglii; Oddi (Lucci 73´), Bonetti, Righetti, Falçao (Buriani 77), 
              Maldera,Conti, Cerezo; Pruzzo (Antonelli 80´), Chierico, Graziani.
Manchester:   Bailey; Duxbury, Albiston( Gidman 29´), Moses, Morán, McQueen, 
              Robson, Muhren (Strachan 69´),Hughes, Brazil, Olsen.

Third place Match [Aug 12]
Manchester U.	1-0 Athletic Bilbao
  [1-0 Whiteside 30´]
Manchester:   Bailey; Duzbury, Hogg, Moses, Moran; McQueen, Robson, 
              Strachan; Whiteside, Brazil (Davis 60´), Olsen.
Ath. Bilbao:  Zubizarreta; Urqúiaga, De la Fuente, Liceranzu (Goicoechea 53´); 
              Núñez, Salinas, Arrien, Sola; Sarabia, Urtubi (Azpiazu 58´), Argote.

Final [Aug 12] XXXIX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
AS Roma		2-2 CR Vasco da Gama		[Roma on pen]
  [0-1 Robero "Dinamita" 30´, 1-1 Pruzzo 53´, 
   1-2 Geovani 107´, 2-2 Antonelli 11´]
AS Roma:      Malgioglii; Oddi, Bonetti, Righetti, Falçao; Maldera, Conti,
              T. Cerezo, Pruzzo; Chierico (Buriani 110´), Grazziani (Antonelli).
V. da Gama:   Roberto Costa; Edevaldo, Daniel González, Airton, Pires, Nené,
              Mauricinho, Mario (Iván 99´), Geovani, Roberto "Dinamita", Oliveira (Rómulo 78´).


Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Atlético Madrid (Spain)
Fluminense FC (Brazil)
FC Porto (Portugal)

Semifinals [Aug 9, 10]
At. Madrid	2-0 Real Madrid CF
  [0-1 Setién 59´, 0-2 Mínguez 87´]
At. Madrid : Mejías; Tomás, Clemente, Arteche, Ruíz; Julio Prieto (Pedro Pablo 63´),
	     Marina (Mínguez), Quique Ramos; Landáburu, Setién, Rubio
Real Madrid: Ochotorena; Chendo, Camacho, Maceda, Sanchis (San José 67´); Salguero 
	     (Santillana 77´), Gallego, Míchel; Butragueño, Hugo Sánchez, Valdano.
FC Porto	1-0 Fluminense FC
  [1-0 Cemedo 79´]
FC Porto:    Ze Beto; Joao Pinto, Laureta, Lima Pereira, Eirico; 
             Paquito, Frasco (Vermelinho 72´); Cemedo, Gómez, Futre, André.
Fluminense:  Paulo Vitor; Tulio, Vica, Aldo, Jamdir; Branco, Romerito, Delly; 
             Washington (Wilsinho 71´), Assis, Tato (Paulino 78´).

Third Place Match [Aug 11]
Fluminense	2-0 Real Madrid CF
   [1-0 Washington 11´, 2-0 Assis 22´]
Fluminense : Paulo Víctor, Aldo, Tulio, Renato, Vica, Deley, Jandir (Leomir 84´),  
	     Assis, Romerito, Washington, Tato (Paulinho).
Real Madrid: Agustín; Chendo, Camacho, Maceda (Juanito 45´), Sanchís; Salguero, Míchel, 
             Gallego (Valdano 70´), Gordillo; Butragueño, Hugo Sánchez (Santillana 38´).

Final [Aug 11] XL Trofeo Teresa Herrera
At. Madrid	1-0 FC Porto
   [1-0 Rubio (p) 85´]
At. Madrid:  Mejías; Tomás, Arteche, Ruiz, Clemente (Pedro Pablo 65´); Julio Prieto 
             (Mínguez 45´), Landáburu, Marina, Quique (Manolo 86 ´); Quique Setién, Rubio.
FC Porto:    Ze Beto; Joao Prieto, Lima Pereira, Eurico, Laureta; Paquito 
             (Paulo Ricardo 87´), Frasco (Vermelinho 65´), Semedo; Andrés, Gomes, Futre.


Atlético Madrid (Spain)
Real Madrid (Spain)
Santos FC (Brazil)
São Paulo  FC (Brazil)

Semifinals [Aug 8, 9]
At. Madrid	3-1 Real Madrid
  [0-1 Butragueño 44´, 1-1 Julio Prieto 54´, 2-1 Quique Setién 58´, 
   3-1 Julio Salinas 70´]
At. Madrid : Elduayen; Tomás, Quique Ramos, Arteche, Ruiz; Setién, Julio Prieto, 
	     Landáburu, Marina; Da Silva, J. Salinas (Sergio 86´).
Real Madrid: Buyo; Chendo, Camacho, Gallego, Mino, Solana (Santillana 74´), Martín Vázquez 
             (Salguero 74´), Míchel (Juanito 81´); Hugo Sánchez, Butragueño, Valdano.
Santos FC	1-0 São Paulo  FC
  [1-0 Serginho 81´]
Santos FC:   Rodolfo; Celso, Paulo, Gilberto, Dumca (César 32´); Toninho, 
             Macinho (Serginho II 38´), Pédro; Serginho, Júnior, Ribauma (Gersoñ 21´).
São Paulo :   Gilmar; Teodoro, Wagner, Dario Pereira, Bernardo (Marcelo 72´); Nelsinho, 
             Muller, Silas; Careca, Pita (Marcio Arajo 83´), Sydney (Manu, 59´).

Third Place Match [Aug 10]
Real Madrid	1-1 São Paulo  FC		[Real Madrid 3-2 on pen]
  [1-0 Hugo Sánchez 49´, 1-1 Muller 89´]
Real Madrid: Buyo; Chendo, Camacho, Gallego, Mino; Salguero, Míchel, Juanito;
             Hugo Sánchez (Solana 75´), Butragueño (Santillana 45´), Valdano.
São Paulo :   Gilmar; Ze Teodoro, Wagner, Fonseca, Bernardo (Marcelo 71´); Nelinho, 
	     Manu (Muller 54´), Silas (Sidney 64´); Careca, Pita, M. Araujo.

Final [Aug 10] XLI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
At. Madrid	1-0 Santos FC
   [1-0 Da Silva 13´]
At. Madrid:  Elduayen; Tomás, Arteche, Ruiz, Quique; Setién, Julio Prieto, 
             Landáburu, Marina; Julio Salinas (Uralde 46´), Da Silva (Sergio 89´).
Santos FC:   R. Rodriguez; Celso, Paulo Robson, Gilberto (Cesar Sampairo 46´), 
             Dunga (Ze Sergio 69´), Tonino Carlos, Mazinho, Pedro Paulo, Gerson; 
             Junior, Ribamar (Gersinho 46´).


Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Sporting Gijón (Spain)
SL Benfica (Portugal
Everton FC (England)

Semifinals [Aug 7, 8]
RC Deportivo 	1-1 Sporting Gijón		[Deportivo 4-2 on pen]
  [0-1 Ablanedo I 14´, 1-1 Vicente 90´]
Deportivo:   Jorge; Sagarzazu, Sivi, Portela, Arzubialde; Cayetano, 
             Vicente, Gil; Fontana, Aspiazu, Donowa.
Sp. Gijón:   Ablanedo II; Tati, Ablanedo I, Jiménez, Cundi, Jaime, 
             Eraña (Joaquín 57´), Esteban, Zurdi, Eloy, Cabrera (Felipe 57´).
SL Benfica	0-0 Everton FC			[Benfica 5-3 on pen]
Sl Benfica:  Silvino; Beloso, Edmundo, Alvaro, Mozer; Dito, 
             Chinquinho, Nunes, Ruiagua, Elzo, Diamantino.
Everton FC:  Mimms; Harper, Van Den Hauwe, Ratcliffe, Watson; 
             Reid, Steven, Clarke, Sharp, Snodin, Power.

Third Place Match [Aug 9]
Sporting Gijón	2-1 Everton FC
  [0-1 Steven 16´, 1-1 Espinosa 36´, 2-1 Joaquín (p) 58´]
Sp. Gijón:   Ablanedo II (Pedro 59´); Tati, Cundi, Espinosa, Jiménez; Esteban, 
             Juanma (Emilio 52´), Joaquín, Cabrera; Jaime (Eraña 84´), Eloy (Villa 59´).
Everton FC:  Chamberlain; Van den Haume, Pointon, Ratclife, Mountfiéld; 
             Adams (Reriid 46´), Steven, Clark, Marshall, Harper, Power.

Final [Aug 9] XLII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	1-1 SL Benfica	[Benfica on pen]
  [1-0 Aspiazu 27´, 1-1 Rui Aguas 76´]
Deportivo:   Jorge; Sagarzazu, Portela, Arzubialde, Silvi; Cayetano, Gil (Ramón 61´), 
             Azpiazu (Blesa 61´), Vicente, Fontana (Alfredo 80´), Donowa.
SL Benfica:  Bento; Yeloso, Edmundo, Alvaro, Mozer, Dito (Manolo 61´), Chiquinho, 
             Nunes, Rui Aguas, Elzo (Carlos Péreirá 65´, Samuel 67´), Diamantino.


Atlético Madrid (Spain)
Liverpool FC (Engalnd)
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Real Sociedad (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 12, 13]
At. Madrid	5-1 Liverpool FC
  [1-0 Baltazar 13, 2-0 Manolo 25´, 3-0 Baltazar 36´,
   3-1 McMahon 51´, 4-1 Baltazar (p) 60´, 5-1 Futre 78´]
At. Madrid:   Abel; Tomás ,Arteche, Sergio, Juan Calos, Parra; Luis García, Orejuela; 
              Manolo (Carlos 67´), Baltazar (Marcos 72´), Futre (Guerrero 80´).
Liverpool:    Grobbelaar; Gillespie, Venison, Nicol, Spackman; Hansen 
              (Houghton 16´, Molby 46´)), Beardsley, Aldridge; Whelan, Barnes, McMahon.
PSV Eindhoven	2-1 Real Sociedad
  [1-0 Linskens 27´, 0-2 Vanenburg 36´, 1-2 Goicoechea 48´]
PSV:          Breukelen; Geréts, Nielsen, Koeman, Heintze; Lerby, Linskens 
              (Kruzen 72´), Vanenburg (Lanckohr 83´); Valcjs, Kief, Gilhaus.
R. Sociedad:  Arkonada; Iturrino (Múgika 60´), Goicoechea, Larrañaga, Górriz; Gajate, 
              Zúñiga (Uría 67´), Aldalur, Loren (loinaz 72´), Zamora, Bengoechea.

Third Place Match [Aug 14]
Liverpool FC	4-0 Real Sociedad
  [1-0 McMahon 51´, 2-0 Barnes 71´, 3-0 Gillespie 73´,
   4-0 McMahon 88´]
Liverpool:    Grobbelar; Gillespie, Venison, Nicol, Whelan; Molby, Tanner 
              (Blackmrann 76´); Aldridge (Beardley 72´), Houghton, Barnes, MacMahon.
R. Sociedad:  Arconada; Iturrino (Mújica 52´), Goicoechea (Urbieta 55´), Larrañaga 
              (Bakero 53´); Górriz, Gajate, Bengoéchea, Dadie, Loren, Andalur, Uría.

Final [Aug 14] XLIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
PSV Eindhoven	3-1 Atlético Madrid
  [0-1 Orejuela 20´, 1-1 Valckx 90´, 2-1 Koeman 93´, 
   3-1 Vanenburg 97´]
PSV:          Breukelen; Gerets, Nielsen (Koot 45´), Koeman, Heinze; Kruzen, 
              Linskens, Vanenburg (Brhuigs 106´), Valckx, Kieft, Gilhaus.
At. Madrid:   Abel; Tomás, Arteche, Sergio, Juan Carlos; Luis García, 
              Orejuela, Parra; Futre, Baltazar, Manolo (Marcos, Armando)).


Real Madrid (Spain)
Bayern München (Germany)
Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

Semifinals [Aug 11, 12]
Steaua B. 	2-1 Real Madrid CF
   [0-1 Michel 15´, 1-1 Dimitrescu, 1-2 Hagi 71´]
Steaua b. :    Lung; Petrescu, Ungureanu, Bumbescu, Minea; Iovan, Dumitrescu  
	       (Balint 45´, Mastacan 88´)), Hagi (Grigoras 82´); Lacatus, Muzsnay, Rotariu.
Real Madrid:   Buyo; Chendo, Solana, Fernando Hierro, Sanchis; Gordillo (Paco Llorente 59´), 
               Schuster, Martín Vázquez (Aldana 65´), Míchel; Hugo Sánchez (Losada 78´), Butragueño.
Bayern München	3-1 PSV Eindhoven
   [1-0 Wolfhart 5´, 2-0 Thon 22´, 3-0 Macinally 32´, 
    3-1 Kieft (p)]
B. München:    Aumann; Johnsen, Pfügler, Kholer, Wohlfarth (Bender 72´); Flick, 
               Kogl (Reuter 70´), Sluwall, Thon (Dorfner 71´), Macinall, Augenthaler.
PSV:           Nederburgh; Gerets, Koot, Nielsen (Valckx 76´), Heintze; Lerby, 
               Van Aerle, Vanenburg; Gilhaus (Jong 76´), Kieft, Boerebach.

Third Place Match [Aug 13]
Real Madrid	4-2 PSV Eindhoven
  [1-0 F. Hierro 4´, 1-1 Kieft 8´, 2-1 Michel, 3-1 F. Hierro 22´, 
   4-1 Gordillo 75´, 4-2 Valckx 83´]
Real Madrid:   Buyo; Chendo, Solana, Ruggeri (Esteban 64´), F. Hierro; Sanchis, Míchel (Aldana 77´), 
               Schuster, Martín Vázquez (Gordillo 70´); Hugo Sánchez, Butragueño.
PSV Eindhoven: Nederburgh; Gerets, Van Aerle, Koot, Heintze; De Jong (Chovanec 57´), 
	       Boerebach (Nielsen 73´), Vanenburg; Lerby (Valckx 57´), Kieft, Gillhaus.

Final [Aug 13] XLIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Bayern München	4-1 Steaua Bucuresti
  [1-0 Kholer 7´, 1-1 Lacatus 24´, 2-1 Kastemaier 44´, 
   3-1 Bender 57´, 4-1 Johnsen 89´]
B. München:    Aumann; Grahammer, Krastenmaier, Kholer, Johnsen; Dorfner, Kogl, 
               Reutern, Bender; Mihajlovic, Strunz( Schwabl 78´).
S. Bucuresti:  Lung (Stingaciu 46´); Petrescu, Ungureanu (Stán 78´), Bumbescu (Mastacan 46´); 
               Minea, Ióvan, Dumitrescu (Balint 46´); Muzsnay, Hagi, Lacatus, Rotariu.      


RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
FC Barcelona (Spain)
SL Benfica (Portugal)
Bayern München (Germany)

Semifinals [Aug 16, 17]
RC Deportivo    0-2 FC Barcelona
  [0-1 M. Laudrup 67´, 0-2 Beguiristain 75´]
RC Deportivo: Jorge; Gustavo, Sabin, Blibao, Antonio; Albistegui, Aspiazu (Albis 67´), 
              Villa (P. Uralde 81´), Mujika, Gil, Fran, Stojadinovic (Jose Ramón 57´).
FC Barcelona: Busquets; Serna, Alexanko (Begiristain 45´), Rekarte, Koeman; Amor, 
	      Eusebio (Ferrer 45´), Soler; Goikoetxea, Salinas, M. Laudrup (Pinilla 76´).
SL Benfica	2-1 Bayern München	
   [1-0 Schwartz 9´, 2-0 Rui Aguas 84´, 2-1 McInally 89´]
SL Benfica:   Silvino; Samuel (Ze Carlos 45´, Paulo Sousa 81´)), Wiliam, Veloso, Ricardo; 
              Paneira, Sánchez (Hernani 75´), Schwattz, Thern; Rui Aguas, Isaias.
B. München:   Aumann; Grahammer, Aughentaler, Kholer (McInally 85´), Pfluger; 
              Strunz, Reuter, Dorfner (Bender 45´), Effenberg (Schwabl 73´); 
              B. Laudrup, Wohlfarth.	

Third Place Match [Aug 18]
RC Deportivo	2-3 Bayern München	
  [1-0 P. Uralde 23´, 1-1 McInally 39´, 1-2 McInally 53´, 
   1-3 McInally 80´, 2-3 Mújica (p) 82´]
RC Deportivo: Jorge; Gustavo (Molinos 62´), Albistegui, Antonio, Sabín Bilbao; José Ramón, 
              Gil, Aspiazu (Mújica 68´), Fran; Stojadinovic (Villa 71´), Uralde.
B. München:   Aumann; Kastenmaier, Effenberg (Grahammer 45´), Strunz, Bender; 
              Sternkopf, Dorfner, Schwalb, Ziege; Mihajlovic, McInaIly.

Final [Aug 18] XLV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
FC Barcelona	2-0 SL Benfica
  [1-0 Beguristain 27´, 2-0 Goicoetxea 68´]
FC Barcelona: Zubizarreta; Nando, Serna, Koeman (Sergi 41´), Ferrer; Amor (Alexanco 80´), 
              Bakero, Laudrup (López Rekarte 65´); Goikoetxea, Stoichkov, Begiristain.
SL Benfica:   Neno; Samuel (Schwartz 62´), Ricardo, William, Veloso; Paneira, 
              Sousa (Sánchez 46´), Thern, Hemani (Lima 70´); Rui Aguas, Isaias.


RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Real Madrid CF (Spain) 
AFC Ajax (Netherlands)
FC Porto (Portugal)

Semifinals [Aug 15, 16]
FC Porto	2-1 Real Madrid
 [1-0 Mitharsky 37´, 2-0 Kostadinov 46´ 2-1 Prosinecki 56´]
FC Porto:     Vitor Baia; Joao Pinto, F.Couto, Aloisio, Ulk; Magalhaes (Morgado 78´), 
              Semedo (Ze Carlos 22´), Kiki; Timofte, Mihtarsky, Kostadinov.
Real Madrid:  Buyo; Chendo, Villarroya (Gordillo 65´), Sanchis, Rocha; Míchel, F. Hierro 
             (Milla 79´), Prosinecki, Hagi; Luis Enrique (Alfonso 68´), Butragueño.
RC Deportivo 	1-0 AFC Ajax 
  [1-0 López Rekarte 11´]
RC Deportivo: Liaño; Gustavo, Sabin Bilbao, Djukic, M. Lasarte; José Ramón, Kanatiarovsky, 
              Kiriakov, Fran; López Recarte (Mariano 53´), Claudio (Kirov 58´).
AFC Ajax:     Menzo; Blind, Wink, Wounters, De Boer; Winters, Petersson, Gronendijk, 
              Brian Roy (D. Petersen 34´); Van Schip (Willems 70´), Van Loen.

Third Place Match [Aug 17]
AFC Ajax 	2-0 Real Madrid CF
 [1-0 Wouters 15´, 2-0 Bergkamp 67´]
AFC Ajax:     Menzo; Blind, Vink, Hansen, Krek (De Boer 70´); Wouters, Winter, 
              Petterson (Jonk 46´), Groenendijk; Bergkamp, Van Loen (Willens 81´).
Real Madrid:  Buyo; Chendo (Maqueda 65´), Villarroya, Tendillo, Sanchis; F. Hierro,
              Míchel (L. Enrique 65´), Prosinecki, Hagi (Jaro 33´); Aldana, Butragueño.

Final [Aug 17] XLVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	0-1 FC Porto	
  [0-1 Aloisio 92´]
Rc Deportivo: Yosu; Albistegui, Sabín Bilbao, Gustavo, Djukic; Aspiazu (Kanatlarovski 45´),
              López Rekarte, Kiriakov, Stojadinovic; Fran (José Ramón 45´), Villa.
FC Porto:     Vitor Bahia; Joao Pinto, Ulk, Aloisio, Couto; Ze Carlos, Magalhaes (Xosé 68’), 
              Kostadinov (Jorge Andrade 83’); Mitharski, Timofte, Kiki.


Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
FC Barcelona (Spain)
São Paulo FC (Brazil)
CA Peñarol Montevideo (Uruguay)

Semifinals [Aug 13]
RC Deportivo	1-2 FC Barcelona    
  [0-1 Stoichkov 34´,1-1 Claudio 42´, 1-2 Nadal 72´]
RC Deportivo:  	Liano, Albistegui, Nando (Sabin Bilbao), Ribera, Djukic, Mauro Silva, 
	        Rekarte, Aldana (Villa), Claudio (Kiriakov), Fran, Bebeto.
FC Barcelona: 	Busquets, Juan Carlos, Nadal, Koeman, Pablo (Begiristain), Bakero (Soler), 
              	Goikoetxea (Salinas), Stoichkov, Laudrup (Alexanko), Witschge, Amor

São Paulo FC	2-2 CA Peñarol            [5-4 pen]
  [0-1 Diego Aguirre 46´, 1-1 Palhinha 59´, 2-1 Rai 76´, 
  2-2 Martínez 76´]
São Paulo FC:   Zetti; Cafu, Adilson, Ronaldao, Marcos Adriano (Macedo); 
                Ivan, Dinho, Pintado, Rai; Palhinha, Muller.  
CA Peñarol:     Oscar Ferro; Aspeggiano, Sanchez, Rosa, William Castro; Martin Dorta
                (R. Castro), Myes, Barrios. Paz; Diego Aguirre (Martinez), Correa. 

Third Place Match [Aug 14]
RC Deportivo	1-1 CA Peñarol            [4-5 pen]
  [0-1 Aguirre 53´, 1-1 Bebeto 76´]
Deportivo:      Jose; Albistegui, Sabin Bilbao, Ribera (Kiriakov), Djukic;
                Mauro Silva, Lopez Rekarte, Aldana, Fran, Claudio, Bebeto.
CA Penarol:      Oscar Ferro; Aspeggiano, Sanchez (Baltierra), Rosa, W. Castro; M. Dorta 
                (R. Castro), Barrios, Aguirre, Paz; Martinez (Pedrucci), Aguirre (Myes), Correa.

Final [Aug 15] XLVII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
FC São Paulo	4-1 FC Barcelona
  [0-1 Salinas 3´, 1-1 Muller 7´, 2-1 Mauricio 60´, 
   3-1 Rai 61´, 4-1 Rai 63´.]
São Paulo FC:  	Zetti, Cafu, Adilson, Ronaldo, Dinho, Ivan, Muller, Pintado, 
                Palhinha (Mauricio), Rai, Macedo.
FC Barcelona: 	Zubizarreta, Herrera (Busquets), Nadal, Koeman, Soler, Bakero (Juan Carlos), 
              	Salinas, Stoichkov (Goikoetxea), Amor, Witschge, Begiristain.


FC Barcelona (Spain)
São Paulo FC (Brazil)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
SS Lazio (Italy)

Semifinals [Aug 12,13]
RC Deportivo	0-1 FC Barcelona
  [0-1 Nadal 55´]
FC Barcelona:  Busquets, Ferrer (Koeman), Nadal, Amor, Juan Carlos, Bakero (Guardiola), 
               Goikoetxea, Stoichkov (Romario), Laudrup, Eusebio, Begiristain (I´´an).
RC Deportivo:  Alex, Voro, Nando, Ribera (Serna), Djukic, Donato, Mariano (Rekarte), 
	       Alfredo (Jose Ramon), Manjarin, Fran, Marcos Vales (Pedro Riesco).
São Paulo  FC	3-1 SS Lazio
  [0-1 Signori 4´, 1-1 Lula 18´, 2-1 Cate 54´, 
   3-1 Jamelli 87´]
São Paulo :     Rogerio; Gilmar, Lula, Ronaldao, Ronaldo Luis (Jamelli); Goiano,
               Dinho, Matosas (Juninho), André Luiz (Marcos Adriano); Caté, Guilherme.       
SS Lazio:      Marchegiani; Negro, Cravero, Bergodi, Favalli; Bacci, Winter (Corino), 
               Di Matteo, Gascoigne (Marcolin); Casiraghi (Di Mauro), Signori (Saurini).

Third Place Match [Aug 14]
RC Deportivo	1-1 SS Lazio              [Deportivo 5-3 on pen]
  [0-1 Casiraghi 42´, 1-1 Ramon 83´]
RC Deportivo:  Alex; Paco (José Ramón 73´), Serna (Voromin 78´), Djukic, Donato;
               Nando, López Rekarte (Mariano 78´), Fran, Alfredo (Ramón 75´);
               Manjarín, P. Riesco.
SS Lazio:      Marchegiani; Cravero, Bergodi, Marcolin, Bacci; Gascoigne (Solosa 52´),
               De paola, Di Mauro (Di Matteo 87´), Corino (Winter 67´), Casiraghi,
               Signori (Di Vaio 68´).

Final [Aug 15] XLVIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
FC Barcelona	1-0 São Paulo  FC
  [1-0 Romario 18´]
FC Barcelona:  Zubizarreta; Ferrer, Nadal, Koeman, Juan Carlos; Bakero (Begiristain 46´), 
               Eusebio (Vucevic 70´), Ivan (Goikoetxea 57´); Ivánn, Stoichkov 
               (J. Salinas 46´), Romario. 
São Paulo  FC:  Rogerio; Murilo, Lula (Adriano), Gilmar, Matosas (Jamelli 64´),Luiz Carlos; 
               Caté, Dinho, Guilherme (Claudio 46´), Ronaldo Luis, André.



FC Porto (Portugal)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Sampdoria UC (Italy)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 11, 12]
Real Madrid      2-1 Sampdoria UC
  [0-1 Mihailovic 5´, 1-1 Zamorano 73´, 2-1 Laudrup (p) 90´]
Real Madrid:  Buyo; Alkorta (F. Hierro 45´), Lasa, Quique, Sanchís, Redondo, Míchel (L. Enrique 45´), 
              Laudrup, Martín Vázquez; Dubovsky (Zamorano 63´), Alfonso (Amavisca 80´).
Sampdoria:    Zenga; Serena, Sacchetti (Ferri 45´), Platt, Vierchwood; Mihailovic, 
              Lombardo, Jugovic, Melli (Salsano 88´), Bertarelli (Mancini), Evani (Maspero 63´).
RC Deportivo     2-1 FC Porto
  [1-0 Ribera 38´, 2-0 Julio Salinas 71´; 2-1 Ribera (og) 85´]
RC Deportivo: Liaño; Voro (Villaroya 59´), Ribera, Djukic, Nando; López Rekarte, Donato, Aldana 
              (Alfredo 64´), Fran (P. Riesco 85´); Manjarín, Julio Salinas (José Ramón 73´).
FC Porto:     Vitor Bahía; Joao Pinto, Jorge Costa (Ze Carlos 75´), Aloisio, Rui Jorge, Secretario 
              (Drulovic 61´), Emerson (Rui Filie 68´), Paulinho, Domingos (Nsuda 68´); Rui Barros, Folha.

Third Place Match [Aug 13]
Sampdoria UC	2-1 FC Porto
  [0-1 Rui Felipe 37´, 1-0 Mancini 39´, 2-1 Bertarelli 59´]
Sampdoria:      Zenga; Serena, Sacchetti, Ferri, Maspero; Lombardo, Mihailovic, Platt (Salsano 80´), 
                Evani (Invernizzi 69´); Melli, Mancini (Bertarelli 56´).
FC Porto:       Vitor Baia; Joao Pinto, Aloisio, Ze Carlos, Nsuda (Jorge Couto 72´); Paulinho, 
                Rui Filipe, Emerson, Rui Barros (Walter Paz 72´); Domingos, Folha (Trulovic 62´).

Final [Aug 13] XLIX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	0-1 Real Madrid CF
  [0-1 Zamorano 71´]
RC Deportivo:	Canales; Paco, Nando, Ribera (P. Riesco), Djukic; Donato (L. Rekarte 74´), 
                Villarroya, Aldana (Alfredo 56´), José Ramón; Fran, Manjarín (Claudio 76´).
Real Madrid:	Cañizares; F. Hierro (Nando 39´), Lasa, Quique, Sanchis (Chendo 46´); Redondo, 
                Míchel (Amavisca 69´), Laudrup, Luis Enrique; Alfonso (Martín Vázquez 64´), Zamorano.


Deportivo (Spain)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Benfica (Portugal)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)

Semifinals [Aug 18]
Real Madrid	2-0 SL Benfica
  [1-0 Amavisca 70´, 2-0 Raúl 71´]
Real Madrid:  Cañizares; Quique, Lasa, F. Hierro, Sanchis (Alkorta 45´); Milla (M. Soler 62´), 
              Luis Enrique, Míchel (Laudrup 62´); Esnaider (Redondo 26´), Raúl, Amavisca.
SL Benfica:   Preud´Homme; Paulo Pereira, King, Ricardo Gomes, Dimas, Paulo Bento, Lliev (Joao Pinto 53´), 
              Edgar (Kenedy 58´), Paulao (Heider 53´) Valdo, Panduru (Marcelo 58´).
RC Deportivo	3-0 CR Flamengo
   [1-0 Bebeto 19´, 2-0 Manjarín 24´, 3-0 Bebeto 48´]
Deportivo:    Canales; Voro, Djukic, Ribera, Nando; Alfredo, Donato, Begiristain (Aldana 59´), 
              Fran (Julio Salinas 77´); Manjarín (López Rekarte 68´), Bebeto.
CR Flamengo:  Paulo César; Robson, Ronaldao, Pingo, Claudio, Fabiano, 
              Marquinhos, Djair Brito; Savio, Edmundo, Romário.

Third Place Match [Aug 19]
CR Flamengo	2-1 SL Benfica
  [1-0 Romario 3´, 1-1 Joao Pinto 12´, 2-1 Romario 13´]
CR Flamengo:  Paulo César; Fabiano, Claudio, Ronaldo, Pingo; Borgio, 
              Edmundo, Marquinhos, Djair; Savio, Romario. 
SL Benfica:   Preu d´Homme; Heider (Marinho 51´), King, Dimas, Paulo Bento; 
              Iliev, Joao Pinto (Luis Gustavo 70´), Paulao, Valdo, Panduru (Edgar 58´).

Final [Aug 19] L Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-0 Real Madrid
  [1-0 Radchenko 80´, 2-0 Bebeto 90´]
Deportivo:    Canales; Paco, Alfredo, Ribera, Djukic, Donato (Aldana 64´), Nando, 
              Manjarín (Radchenko 55´), Fran, Beguiristaín (L. Rekarte 55´) 
Real Madrid:  Buyo; Chendo, Lasa, F.Hierro (Alkorta 56´), Sanchis, Redondo, Raúl, 
              Luis Enrique, Milla, Laudrup (Amavisca 65´), M.Soler (Míchel 45´).



AFC Ajax (Netherlands)
Botafogo FR (Brazil)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Juventus FC (Italy)

Semifinals [Aug 8, 9]
RC Deportivo	1-2 Botafogo FR
  [1-0 Beguiristain (P) 6´, 1-1 Bentinho 39´, 1-2 Tulio 42´]
RC Deportivo:  Kouba; Armando (Alfredo 73´), Djukic (Maikel 82´), Naybet, Bonnissel (Nando 73´);
               Paco, Mauro Silva, Martins, Manjarín (Viqueira 55´), Madar, Beguiristain (Deus 45´).
Botafogo FR:   Wagner; Wilson Goiano, Gottardo, Grotto, Souza; Jefferson, Otacilio, 
               Bentinho, Marcelo Alves (Alemao 77´), Tulio (Ze Carlos 89´), Sorato (Maurizinho 83´).
Juventus FC	6-0 Ajax Amsterdam
  [1-0 Padovano 18´, 2-0 Padovano (p) 22´, 3-0 Padovano 60´,
   4-0 Del Piero 61´, 5-0 Amorouso 81´, 6-0 Di Livio 90´]
Juventus:     Peruzzi; Ferrara, Pessoto, Iuliano (Rorricelli 72´), Montero; Conte, 
              Deschamps, Zidane, Boksic, Del Piero (Di Livio 63´), Padovano (Amorouso 63´).
Ajax:         Van der Saar; Marcio Santos, Scholten, M. Juan, F. de Boer; R. de Boer;
              Wooter, Mussampa, Kluivert, Lounapess (Litmanen 75´), Van der Bergh.

Third Place Match [Aug 10]
RC Deportivo	2-0 AFC Ajax
  [1-0 Naybet 44´, 2-0 Madar 80´]
RC Deportivo: Songo´o; Armando, Bonissel, Naybet, Djukic; Mauro Silva (Beguiristain 75´), 
              Paco, Manjarí (Deus 65´), madar, martins, Viqueira (Donato 63´).
Ajax:         Van der Saar; Scholten, F. De Boer, Juan, Willens; R. De Boer (Witschge 46´),
              Wooter, Musampa; Kluivert, Litmanen (Louhenapess 46´), Van der Bergh.

Final [Aug 10] LI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Botafogo FR	4-4 Juventus FC          [Botafogo 3-0 on pen]
  [0-1 Vieri 25, 1-1 Tulio 55´, 1-2 Amoruso 75, 2-2 Franca 77´, 
   2-3 Amoruso 93´, 3-3 Tulio 100´, 3-4 Amoruso 115´, 4-3 Tulio (p)119´]
Botafogo FR:  Wagner; W. Goiano, Gottardo, Grotto, Jefferson, Souza, Otalicio, 
              M. Alves (M. Aurelio 90´), França (Ze Carlos 87´), Tulio, Zorato (Mauricinho 59´).
Juventus:     Peruzzi; Ferrara, Montero, Porrini, Torricelli; Di Livio, Vieri, 
              Jugovic, Del Piero, Deschamps, Padovano (Boksic 90´).


Participants :

CR Vasco de Gama (Brazil)
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Atletico Madrid
RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 12, 13]
RC Deportivo	4-0 CR Vasco de Gama
  [1-0 Rivaldo 8´, 2-0 Rivaldo 22´, 3-0 Manjarin 52´, 
   4-0 Luizao 88´]
RC Deportivo:  Songo’o; Armando, Helder (Ramis 72´), Naybet (Paco 46´), Nando; 
               Mauro Silva, Donato, Manjarín (Deus 73´), Djahninha, Rivaldo, Luizao.
V. de Gama:    Caetano; César Prates, Mauro Galvao, Moisés, Felipe (Marica 49´); Nasa, Valber 
               (Odvan 68´), Ramón, Pedrinho (Mauricinho 63´); Edmundo, Evair (Fabrizio 82´).
PSV Eindhoven	2-2 At. Madrid		[PSV 4-2 on pen]
  [0-1 Caminero 2´, 1-1 Bruggink 6´, 1-2 Lardin 58´, 
   2-2 Zenden 76´]
PSV Eindhoven: Waterreus; Vampeta, Stam, Valchx, Numan; Jonk, Petrovic, 
               Degryse (Molter 71´); Cocu, Bruggink (Iwan 88´), Zenden.    
At. Madrid:    Molina; Aguilera, Santi, Prodan, Geli; Bejbl, Pantic, Lardín (Andrei 84´), 
               Caminero (Roberto 13´); Vieri (José Mari 69´), Kiko (Bogdanovic 46´).     

Third place Match [Aug 14]
At. Madrid	4-3 CR Vasco de Gama
  [1-0 Roberto 10´, 2-0 Andrei 16´, 2-1 Edmundo 26´, 2-2 César Prates 29´,
   3-2 Bogdanovic 58´, 4-2 Andrei (p) 89´, 4-3 Edmundo 90´] 
At. Madrid:    Jaro; Toni, Andrei, Aguilera (Bebjl 46´), López (Prodan 69´); Vizcaino,
               Ezquerro (Pantic 61´), Roberto, Bogdanovic; Paunovic, Vieri (José Mari 46´).
Vasco de Gama: Gaetano; Maricá, Osmaán, Moisés, Fabrizio (Lucinho 59´); César Prates 
               (Felipe 52´), Padrinho (Mauricinho 46´), Valber, Sorato, Edmundo, Ramón.
Final [Aug 14] LII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Deportivo	2-2 PSV	Eindhoven		[Deportivo on pen]
  [1-0 Luizao 55´, 2-0 Luizao 64´; 2-1 Demo 85´, 2-2 Moller 89´]
RC Deportivo:  Songo´o (Nuno 84´); Armando, Helder, Naybet, Alfredo (Paco 75´); Mauro Silva,
               Donato, Nassir (deus 63´), Djalminha, Rivaldo, Luizao (Padín 82´).
PSV Eindhoven: Koch; Peynenburg (Zenden 89´), Schepens, Van der Weerben, Jensen; 
               Temroukov, Iwan, Stinga, Demo; Claudio, Möller.



Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
SS Lazio (Italy)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 12, 13]
Real Madrid      2-2 SS Lazio              [aet, SS Lazio 7-8 on pen]
  [1-0 Morientes 14´, 1-1 Nedved 35´, 1-2 Salas 40´, 2-2 Savio 50´]
Real Madrid:  Illgner; Panucci (Roberto Carlos 45´), Rojas, Hierro, Sanchís; Redondo, 
              Víctor (Seedorf 45´), Jaime, Morientes (Mijatovic 45´), Raúl (Iván Campo 79´), Savio.
SS Lazio:     Marchegiani; Negro (Gottardi 60´), Couto (Gustavo López 71´), Mihajlovic, 
              Favalli, Sergio Conceiçao (Venturin 44´), De la Peña , Stankovic (Protti 78´), 
              Nedved, Manzini (Rambaudi 86´), Marcelo Salas.
RC Deportivo       2-0 Atletico de Madrid
  [1-0 Bassir 33´, 2-0 Djalminha 57´]
RC Deportivo: Songo´o; Armando, Naybet (Schurrer 82´), Ramis, Romero (Bonissel 65´); 
              Mauro Silva (Donato 65´), Flavio, Fran, Ziani (Scaloni 46´), Pauleta 
              (Turu Flores 46´), Bassir (Djalminha 46´).
At. Madrid:   Molina; Mena (Toni 80´), Santi, Torrisi, Serena, Bejbl (Vizcaíno 82´), Jugovic,
              Roberto (Njegus 46´), lardín (Juninho 46´), Jose mari (Correa 70´), Vieri.
Third Place Match [Aug 14]
Real Madrid      4-0 Atletico de Madrid
  [1-0 Raul 23´, 2-0 Morientes 44´, 3-0 Savio 45´, 
   4-0 Raúl 47´]
Real Madrid:  Contreras; Panucci, Roberto Carlos, Hierro (F. Sanz 58´), Iván Campo; Redondo (Karembeu 45´), 
              Raúl (Víctor 77´), Savio (Amavisca 58´), Seedorf (Guti 65´); Suker (Mijatovic 45´), Morientes.
At. Madrid:   Molina; Aguilera, Torrisi (Santi 46´), Chamot, Serena (Toni 76´); Vizcaíno (Mena 61´), 
              Njegus (Roberto 46´), Jugovic, José Mari (Valerón 46´); Juninho, Correa (Lardín 61 ´).

Final [Aug 14] LIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Deportivo        2-0 SS Lazio
  [1-0 Djalminha 22´, 2-0 Flavio Conceiçao 75´]
RC Deportivo: Songo' o; Manuel Pablo, Ramis (Helder), Schurrer, Bonnissel, Scaloni (Flavio Conceiçao), Donato, 
              Ziani (Mauro Silva), Javi López, Pauleta (Turu Flores), Djalminha (Bassir (Fran)).
SS Lazio:     Marchetiani; Negro (Gustavo López), Couto, Mihajlovic, Favalli, Gottardi (Rambaudi), 
              Stankovic (Marcolin), De la Peña, Nedved (Venturin), Mancini, M. Salas. 


Participants :

CA Boca Juniors (Argentina)
SC Corinthians (Brazil)
RC Celta de Vigo (Spain)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 13,14]
RC Deportivo	1-3 RC Celta de Vigo	
  [0-1 Kaviedes 11´, 0-2 Celades 39´, 0-3 Turdo 59´, 
   1-3 Iván Pérez 67´]
RC Deportivo: Kouba; Manuel Pablo, César (Schurrer 77´), Donato (Naybet 46´), Romero (Manel 65´),
              Víctor (Scaloni 46´), jaime, Mauro Silva, Djalminha, Makaay (Turu Flores 46´),
              Pauleta (Iván Pérez 65´).
RC Celta:     Dutruel; Coria, Cáceres, Sergio, Juanfran, Makelele, Celades (Bruno Caires 83´),
              Karpin, Kaviedes (Revivo 56´), Tomás (Gustavo López 69´), Turdó (McCarthey 74´).
Boca Juniors	2-0 SC Corinthians
  [1-0 Riquelme 32´, 2-0 Samuel 35´.]
Boca Juniors: Córdoba; Valdez, Traverso, Samuel (Bermúdez 66´), Matellán, Gustavo Schelotto 
              (Arruabarrena 66´), Serna (Basualdo 66´), Riquelme, La Paglia (Cagna 46´), 
              Martín Palermo, Guillermo Schelotto (Banjo 46´).
Corinthians:  Dida; César Prates (Indio 81´), Joao Carlos, Marcio Costa, Augusto, 
              Marcelinho Carioca (Luís Mario 87´), Vampeta, Rincón, Ricardinho (Edu 77´),
              Luisao (Baiano 77´), Edilson.

Third Place Match [Aug 15]
RC Deportivo	1-1 CR Corinthians	  	[Corinthians on pen.] 
  [1-0 Schüerrer 17´, 1-1 Joao Carlos 90´]
Rc Deportivo: Songoó; Manuel Pablo, Ramis, Manel, Schürrer; Jaime, Scaloni, 
              Víctor; Makaay, José Ramón, Turu Flores.
Corinthians:  Mauricio; Indio, Marcelo, Luciano, Marcio Costa; César Prates,
              Senna, Edú, Luis Mario, Ewerthon, Fernando Baiano.    

Final [Aug 15] LIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Celta Vigo	1-0 CA Boca Juniors
  [1-0 Mc Carthy 70´]
Rc Celta:     Pinto; Coira (Juanfran 46´), Cáceres, Sergio, Tomás (Bruno Caires 93´), Celades, 
              Giovanella, Karpin (Makelele 46´), Revivo (Turdo 80´), Gustavo López (Jonathan 84´), 
              McCarthy (Adriano 90´). 
Boca Juniors: Muñoz; Ibarra, Bermúdez, Matellán, Arruabarrena, Gustavo B. Schelotto (Riquelme 65´), 
              Asualdo, Cagna (B. Schelotto II 90´), La Paglia (Palermo 65´), Barijho, Traverso. 



RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
SS Lazio Roma (Italy)

Final [Aug 11] LV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-2 SS Lazio		[RC Depotivo 4-3 on pen.]
  [0-1 Claudio Lopez 42´, 1-1 Víctor 46´, 1-2 Stankovic 50´, 
   2-2 Pandiani 93´]
Deportivo: Songo'o (Molina 58´), Manuel Pablo, Donato, Helder, Romero, Victor, 
            Jokanovic (Duscher 46´), Mauro Silva (Diego Tristán 58´), Fran,  
            Pauleta (Pandiani 73´), Turu Flores (Naybet 58´).
SS Lazio:   Marchegiani, Negro (Gottardi 46´), Nesta, Mihailovic, Pesaresi 
            (Colonnese 77´), Stankovic, De la Pena (Couto 58´), Baronio,  
            Nedved (Lombardo 46´), Ravanelli, Claudio López.



Cruz Azul (Mexico)
CA Peñarol (Uruguay)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 9,10]
RC Deportivo	2-1 CA Peñarol
  [1-0 Makaay 1´, 2-0 Pandiani 17´; 2-1 F.Cannobio 35´]
RC Deportivo: Molina; Manuel Pablo, Donato, Djorovic, Romero; Víctor, Duscher (Changui 86´), 
              Valerón (Emerson 46´), Amavisca (José Manuel 46´), Makaay (Jaime 78´), Pandiani.
CA Peñarol:   Adrián Berbia; Pilipauscas, Barbosa, De Los Santos, Lima; Serafín García, 
              Rotundo, Bengoechea; Canobbio, Jose Aoao, Gabriel Ceores.
Real Madrid      1-1 Cruz Azul          [R. Madrid 3-1 on pen.]
  [0-1 Zepeda 55, 1-1 Raúl 87´.]
Real Madrid:  Casillas; Salgado, Geremi, Hierro, Karanka (Solari 74´); Makelele (Flavio 58´), 
              Helguera; Figo, Guti (Morientes 58´), Mcmanaman (Savio 58´); Raúl. 
Cruz Azul:    Oscar Pérez; Omar Rodríguez, Reynoso, Almaguer, Brown; Zepeda,
              Victorino, Galdames, Pinheiro; Morales, Mora.
Third Place Match [Aug 11]
CA Peñarol	2-1 CD Cruz Azul
  [1-0 L.Pilipauskas 10´, 1-1 J.C.Pineiro 52´, 2-1 C.Bueno 58´ ]
CA Peñarol:   Adrián Berbia; Barbosa, De Los Santos (Aguirregaray 57´), Lima, Dos Santos; Pilipauskas, Rotundo, 
              Cesaro (Casanova 78´), Canobbio (Bengoechea 84´); Serafín García (Ceores 84´), Carlos Bueno (Adao 90´). 
CD Cruz Azul: Roberto Pérez; Norberto Angeles, Reinoso, David Mendoza, Campos; Cabrera (Pinheiro 46´), 
              Miguel Gómez (Galdames 46´); Ledesma (Zepeda 46´), Resendiz (Mora 55´), Zandona; Astudillo.

Final [Aug 11] LVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-1 Real Madrid CF
  [0-1 Figo 46´, 1-1 Makaay 51´, 2-1 Tristán 72´] 
Deportivo:   Molina; Manuel Pablo, Cesar, Helder, Capdevila, Duscher,Emerson, Victor (Fernando 80´), 
             Valeron (Jaime 70´), Amavisca (Diego Tristan 52´), Makaay (Scaloni 80´).
Real Madrid: Cesar, Salgado (Miñambres 61´), Geremi, Ivan Campo, Karanka (Solari 82´); Flavio 
             (Helguera 72´), Celades, Figo, Zidane; Raul, Morientes (Savio 61´).



CD Cruz Azul (Mexico)
Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 8,9]
RC Deportivo	4-0 Club Nacional
  [1-0 Makaay 6´, 2-0 Víctor 45´, 3-0 Víctor 58´, 4-0 Djalminha 83´]
Deportivo:    Molina; Scaloni, César (45´), Naybet, Capdevila (Romero 45´); Duscher, Mauro Silva (Sergio 45´); 
              Víctor, Valerón (Djalminha 68´), Fran; Makaay (Pandiani 45´).
Nacional:     Gustavo Munúa; Del Campo (Machado 45´), Scotti, Lembo, Curbelo, Laluz (Julio Rodríguez 68´); Vanzini (Webo 45´), 
              Óscar Morales, Coelho (Gustavo Méndez 68´); Richard Morales, Varela. 
At. Madrid	0-1 CD Cruz Azul
  [0-1 Palencia 4´]
At. Madrid:  Burgos; Otero, García Calvo, Coloccini (Hibic, 46'), Sergi, Aguilera (Dani, 46'), Emerson, 
             Movilla, Sergio Torres (Stankovic, 58'), Fernando Torres, Javi Moreno (Correa, 46').
Cruz Azul:   O. Pérez, Gutierrez, Osorio, Almaguer, M. Brown, Pinheiro, José Hernández (F. Davino, 79'), 
             Zepeda (Leiva, 74'), T. Campos, J.F. Palencia (Mariano Messera, 56'), W.S. Abreu.

Third Place Match [Aug 10]
At. Madrid	2-1 Club Nacional
  [1-0 Correa 38´, 1-1 Richard Morales 66´, 2-0 Fernando Torres 67´]
At. Madrid:  Sergio Sánchez; Aguilera, Amaya, Hibic, Carreras; Dani (Otero 51´), Santi, Colsa, 
             Stankovic; Correa (Sergio Torres 62´), Javi Moreno (Fernando Torres 51´).
Nacional:    Bava; Del Campo, Scotti, Curbelo, Leites (Castro 80´), Pellejero (Camejo 59´), 
             Méndez (Varela 59´), Machado, Sosa (Laluz 46´), Richard Morales, Webo (Silva 67´).

Final [Aug 10] LVII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	1-0 CD Cruz Azul		[aet]
  [1-0 Makaay 120´]
Deportivo:  Molina; Héctor, César (46 Donato), Andrade, Capdevila (46 Romero); Sergio (65 Pandiani), 
            Mauro Silva, Víctor, Valerón (70 Djalminha); Amavisca (46 Acuña), Makaay.
Cruz Azul:  Oscar Pérez (119 González), Víctor Gutiérrez, Norberto Angeles, Almaguer, Melvin Brown, 
            Ossorio, Pinheiro, Campos (67 Zepeda), Leiva (113 Messera); Palencia (70 Ledesma), Abreu.


Participants: (Triangular Trophy)

RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Club Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay)
Club América (México)
Triangular LVIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera

[Aug 4]
RC Deportivo 	2-2 Club América		[Club América 3-4 on pen.]
 [1-0 Valerón 17´, 1-1 Abreu 18´, 1-2 Ortiz 24´, 2-2 Torres 68´ (og)]
RC Deportivo: Juanmi; Manuel Pablo, Andrade, Djorovic (Héctor 46), Romero; Sergio, Mauro Silva; 
              Víctor (Scaloni 46), Valerón, Fran (Luque 46´, Capdevila 77)); Tristán (Pandiani 61).
C: América:   A. Ríos; J. Castro, Á. Ortiz (J.A. González 90), R. Rojas, A. Salinas; I. Torres 
              (S. Blanco 83), P. Pardo, F. Oviedo, J. Mendoza; C. Blanco (H. Castillo 83), S. Abreu.

[Aug 5]
Club América	2-2 Nacional Montevideo		[Club Nacional 3-4 on pen.]
 [0-1 Dely Valdez 49´, 0-2 Benoit 63´, 1-2 Pavel Pardo 82´, 2-2 Germán Villa 89´]
C. América:   Becerra; Blanco, Alfredo González, Macías (O. Rojas 68), Ramírez; Torres (F. Oviedo 63), 
              Villa, Martínez (P. Pardo 63), Patiño; Castillo (Torres 76), Efrén (W.S. Abreu 63).
C. Nacional:  Munúa; Benoit (Valdez 75), Machado, Curbelo (Ferreira 93), Wesley; Eguren, Scotti, 
              Morales (Julio Rodríguez 72), Vázquez (Dadomo 65); Dely Valdés, Peralta.
[Aug 06]
RC Deportivo 	3-0 Nacional Montevideo
 [1-0 Pandiani 12´, 2-0 Valerón 73´, 3-0 Amavisca 85´]
RC Deportivo: Juan García; Héctor Berenguel, Andrade, Djorovic (Pablo Amo 46), Capdevila; Víctor 
              (Scaloni 46),Duscher, M. Silva (Jaime 46), Amavisca; Pandiani, Tristán (Valerón 68).	
C. Nacional:  Munúa; Benoit, Machado, Curbelo, Wesley (Dadomo 69); Scotti, Eguren (Coelho 80), Morales, 
              Julio Rodríguez (Guerrero 68); Peralta,  Dely Valdés (Ferreira 73).



RC Deportivo de La Coruña (Spain)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Sporting Clube de Portugal (Portugal)
Real Zaragoza (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 13]
Deportivo 	2-0 Sporting CP
 [1-0 Pablo Amo 24´, 2-0 Acuña 82´]
RC Deportivo: Munúa; Héctor, Pablo Amo, Andrade (Romero 79´), Capdevila; Sergio (Acuña 61), Jaime, 
              Scaloni (Changui 79´), Valerón (Momo 46); Munitis (Jesús Muñoz 61´), Pandiani (Abreu 46).
Sporting CP:  Ricardo; Miguel García, Hugo, Polga, Paíto; Rogério (Liedson 70), Custódio, 
              Tinga, Tello (Paulo Sergio 46), Niculae (Pinilla 46), Douala.
At. Madrid	3-2 Real Zaragoza
 [0-1 Villa 10´, 1-1 Luccin 37´, 2-1 Ibagaza 42´, 
  3-1 Ibagaza 50´, 3-2 Ponzio 77´]
At. Madrid:   Leo Franco; Molinero, Santi, Pablo, Antonio López; Luccin (Simeone 81), Colsa (Gabi 81), 
              Jorge (Paunovic 85), Ibagaza; Nano (Musampa 74), Torres (Arizmendi 77).
R. Zaragoza:  Luis; Ponzio, Alvaro, Milito, Aranzábal; Galleti, Generelo (Soriano 72), Movilla, 
              Granero (Cani 72), Drulic (Oscar 66), David Villa (Moreno 66).
Third place match [Aug 15]
Real Zaragoza	2-0 Sporting CP
 [1-0 Soriano 19´, 2-0 Savio 38´]
R. Zaragoza: Luis; Cuartero, César (Alvaro 61), Toledo, David Pirri (Aranzábal 74); Cani, Zapater (
             Generelo 74), Soriano (Movilla 74), Savio (Capi 61); Javi Moreno, David Villa (Camacho 61). 
Sporting CP: Tiago; Miguel García (Veloso 46), Enakarhire (Hugo 46), Polga (Paíto 46), Tello; Tinga, 
             Rogério, Pedro Barbosa (Douala 46), Paulo Sergio (Custodio 46); Pinilla (Saleiro 68), Liedson. 

Final [Aug 15] LIX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	3-1 Atlético de Madrid
 [0-1 Paunovic 12´, 1-1 Pandiani 21´, 2-1 Pandiani 57´, 
  3-1 Romero 83´]
RC Deportivo: Munúa; Manuel Pablo, César (Pablo Amo 65´), Andrade, Romero, Sergio, Duscher (Acuña 64´), 
              Víctor (Héctor 84), Valerón (Capdevila 78´), Munitis (Momo 46´), Pandiani (Rubén 69). 
At. Madrid:   Cuéllar (Aragoneses 46); Molinero, Santi, García Calvo (Pablo 71), Sergi; Novo (Jorge 62), 
              Gabi (Nano 78), Colsa (Luccin 46), Musampa; Paunovic, Arizmendi (Torres 46). 


Participants: (Triangular Trophy)

RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay)
Peñarol de Montevideo (Uruguay)
Triangular LX Trofeo Teresa Herrera

[Aug 13]
RC Deportivo 	2-1 Nacional de Montevideo
 [1-0 Tristán 5´, 2-0 De Guzmán 69´, 2-1 Victoriano 79´]
RC Deportivo: Munúa; De Guzmán, César, Juanma, Capdevila; Víctor (Héctor 46´), Scaloni (J. Muñoz 75´), 
              Duscher (Acuña 60´), Momo; Valerón (Iago 61´), Diego Tristán (Senel 46´). 
C. Nacional:  Burián; Rariz, Valdez, Victoriano, La Luz, Machado, Morales (Mancilla 59´), 
              Coelho, Silva; Suárez (Alvez 65´), Castro (Márquez 63´). 

[Aug 14]
Club Nacional 	3-1 CA Peñarol Montevideo
 [1-0 Jaume 8´, 2-0 Albin 17´, 3-0 Alvez (p) 26´, 
  3-1 Pablo Russo 90´]
C. Nacional:  Bava; Victorino, Jaume, Pallas (Valdez 46´), Leites; Morales, Vazquez, Vanzini 
             (Silva 88´), Albin (Coelho 64´); Castro (Romero 77´), Alvez (Suarez 81´). 
CA Peñarol:   Flores; Ramírez, Pierre, Moller, Alonso; Césaro (Correa 64´), Fadeuille, Cedres, 
              Tejera (Russo 64´); Apellaniz (Rodríguez 69´), Guglielmone.
Final [Aug 15]
RC Deportivo 	2-1 CA Peñarol Montevideo
 [1-0 Munitis 14´, 2-0 Munitis 26´, 2-1 Gaglianone 88´]
RC Deportivo: Dani Mallo; Manuel Pablo, Héctor, Romero, Capdevila; Munitis, Duscher (De Guzmán 71´), 
              Acuña, Iván Carril (Momo 79´); Rubén (Valerón 69´), Tristán (Ribera 60´).	
CA Peñarol:   Flores; Ramírez, Pierre, Moller, Alonso; Rotundo, Acosta, Fadeuille (Correa 59´), 
              Gaglianone, Russo (Rodríguez 67´); Pizziquilo (Apellaniz 67´). 



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay)
AC Milan (Italia)
Atlético Madrid (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 12,13]
RC Deportivo 	3-0 Nacional
 [1-0 Rodri 16´, 2-0 Sergio 38´, 3-0 Juan Rodríguez 54´]
RC Deportivo: Aouate; Barragán, Lopo, Arbeloa, Rodri; Coloccini (Verdú 56´), Sergio (Iago 61´); 
              Arizmendi (Cristian 64´), Juan Rodríguez (De Guzmán 71´); Bodipo (Estoyanoff 46´) y Riki. 
C. Nacional:  Bava; Caballero, Diego Jaume, Pallas, Leites; Britez, Vanzini (Viana 66´); 
              Vázquez (Arismendi 72´), Delgado (La Luz 72´), Castro (Márquez 46´); y Garcés (Laéns 83´). 
At. Madrid	0-1 AC Milan
 [0-1 Ambrosini 52´]
At. Madrid:   Leo Franco; Seitaridis (Varela 57´), Pablo, Perea, Pernía; Maxi (Galletti 80´), 
              Luccin (Constinha 59´), Gabi (Miguel 72´), Petrov; Agüero (Mista 59´),Torres. 
AC Milan:     Dida; Bonera, Simic, Favali, Jankulovski; Brocchi, Vogel (Kaká 65´), Gourcuff (Cafú 80´), 
              Ambrosini (Gattuso 73´); Borriello (Gilardino 85´), Amoroso (Foggia 60´). 

Third Place [Aug 13]
At. Madrid	2-1 Nacional
  [1-0 Kezman 19´, 1-1 Garcés 41´, 2-1 Luccin 56´]
At. Madrid:  Cuéllar; Valera, Zé Castro, Azcárate, Antonio López; Costinha; Gabi (Luccin 46´), 
             Miguel (Maxi; m.64), Mario; Mista (Agüero 56´), Kezman.
C. Nacional: Viera; Romero (Caballero 87´), Favaro, Leites, La Luz; Arismendi 
             (Rodrigo Vázquez 83´), Britez, Jorge Martínez, Viana; Garcés, Juárez.

Final [Aug 13] LXI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	3-1 AC Milan
 [1-0 Coloccini 7´,  1-1 Kaká 30´, 2-1 Riki 34´, 
  3-1 Juan Rodríguez 93´]
RC Deportivo: Mackay; Barragán, Lopo, Arbeloa, Rodri; Sergio (Manuel Pablo 88´), Coloccini; 
              Arizmendi (Verdú 90´), Juan Rodríguez (Iván Pérez 94´), Riki (Cristian 84´); Bodipo (De Guzmán 70´).
AC Milan:     Coppola; Cafú, Costacurta, Favalli, Serginho (Amoroso 77´) ; Gattuso (Foggia 72´), Pirlo, 
              Seedorf (Jankulovski 72´), Kaká; Inzaghi (Brocchi 46´), Gilardino. 



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
CF Os Belenenses (Portugal)
Atalanta BC (Italy)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)

Semifinals [Aug 7,8]
RC Deportivo	1-1 Atalanta BC
    [1-0 Carrozzieri (pp)50´, 1-1 Adriano Pereira 68´]    [RC Deportivo 7-6 on pen. ]
RC Deportivo:  Aouate; Barragán, Lopo, Coloccini, Manuel Pablo; Cristian (Pablo Alvarez 46´), 
               Sergio (Verdú 68´), De Guzmán (Juan Rodríguez; m.68), Guardado; Riki, Xisco (Taborda 82´). 
Atalanta BC:   Coppola; Adriano Pereira (Manfredini 75´), Carrozzieri, Rivalta, Bellini; 
               A. Ferreira (Muslimovic 67´), De Asentís, Guarente (Capelli 46´), 
               Tissone; Doni y Zampagna (Floccari 67´).
Real Madrid	1-0 Os Belenenses
    [1-0 Robinho 90´]
Real Madrid:   Iker Casillas; Ramos, Pepe, Cannavaro, Torres; Balboa (Baptista 68´), 
               Diarra, Guti, Robinho; Raúl, Saviola (Soldado 46´).
Os Belenenses: Marco; Cándido, Rolando, Devic, Alvim; Rubén Amorim, G. Gómez (Oliveira 68´), José Pedro, 
               Silas (Fernando Moura 46´); Mendonca (Bastos 63´) (Amaral 74´), Roncatto.

Third Place [Aug 09]
Os Belenenses	2-1 Atalanta BC
    [1-0 Rafael Bastos 3´, 1-1 Padoin 24´, 2-1 Roncatto 62´]
Os Belenenses: Dragovic; Cándido Costa (Amaral 46´), Devic (Weverson 46´), Rolando, Alvim; R. Bastos, 
               G. Gómez (Amorim; m.46), José Pedro (Roncatto 46´, Nicolás Muñoz 76´), 
               Fernando (Mano 71´); Joao Paulo, Silas.
Atalanta BC:   Coppola; Rivalta, Carrozzieri, Capelli, Bellini; Adriano Ferreira, Bernardini (Guarente 62´), 
               De Ascentis, Padoin (Tissone 68´); Doni (Muslimovic 46´), Floccari (Manfredini 54´). 

Final [Aug 09] LXII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Deportivo	2-1 Real Madrid
    [1-0 Riki 40´, 1-1 Baptista 47´, 2-1 Verdú 48´]
RC Deportivo:  Munúa; Rodri, Lopo, Coloccini, Manuel Pablo (Filipe Luis 73´); Pablo Álvarez, 
               Juan Rodríguez (Sergio 72´), Verdú, Guardado (De Guzmán 63´); Riki, Taborda. 
Real Madrid:   Dudek; Míchel Salgado, Ramos (Pepe 46´), Agus, Marcelo; Cicinho, De la Red, 
               Gago (Balboa 60´), Adrián (Saviola 60´), Baptista, Soldado.



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Real Sporting de Gijón (Spain)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
CD Cruz Azul (México)

Semifinals [Aug 17, 18]
RC Deportivo	2-1 CD Cruz Azul
  [0-1 Vigneri 38´, 1-1 Juanan 80´, 2-1 Sergio (p) 85´]
RC Deportivo: Aranzubia; Laure, Piscu, Juanan, Filipe Luis; Juan Rodríguez (Valerón 67´), 
              Antonio Tomás; Pablo Alvarez, Verdú (Sergio 75´); Cristian (Riki 61´), Mista.
Cruz Azul:    Gutiérrez; Bonet, Beltrán, Domínguez, Chavel (Viades 75´); Villaluz, Velasco, 
              Riveros, Lozano (Andrade 67´); Zeballos, Vigneri (Vela 67´).
At. Madrid	3-3 Sporting de Gijón   [At. Madrid on pen]
  [1-0 Maniche 10´, 1-1 Gerard 13´,  2-1 Luis García 31´, 
   3-1 Diego Costas 75´, 3-2 Barral 78´, 3-3 Barral (p)87´]
At. Madrid:   Coupet; Valera, Pablo, Domínguez, Pernía; Camacho; Santana, Maniche, 
              De las Cuevas (Diego Costa 61´); Luis García (Cedric 80´), Forlán. 
Sp. Gijon:    Cuéllar; Cámara, Gerard (Iván Hernández 79´), Neru, Canella; Matabuena, 
              Míchel; Pedro (Maldonado 65´), Mateo (Barral 72´), Castro, Bilic.
Third Place [Aug 19]
Sporting Gijon	2-2 CD Cruz Azul     [Cruz Azul 4-5 on pen.]
  [1-0 Carmelo 35´, 2-0 Jorge 66´, 2-1 Villaluz 80´, 2-2 Vigneri 93´]
Sp. Gijón:    Sergio; Sastre, Iván Hernández, Jorge, José Ángel; Diego Camacho (Andreu 46´), 
              De Lucas, Luis Morán (Pina 65´), Omar (Pedro 80´); Carmelo (Maldonado 46´), Barral.
Ctuz Azul:    Blanco; Chávez (Domínguez 66´), Castro, Hassam, Lozano; Lugo (Villaluz 46´), 
              Gutiérrez (Velasco 46´), Vela (Carrusca 66´), Andrade (Galván 86´); 
              Orozco (Zeballos 46´), Sabah (Vigneri 46´).

Final [Aug 19] LXIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-1 Atlético de Madrid
    [1-0 Sergio (p) 8´, 2-0 Sergio 37´, 2-1 Abreu 45´]
RC Deportivo: Aranzubia; Laure, Lopo, Adrián López "Piscu", Filipe Luis; Sergio, Antonio Tomás (Bodipo 69´); 
              Pablo Alvarez, Valerón (Rodri 77´), Verdú (Juan Rodríguez 46´), Mista (Riki 56´). 
At. Madrid:   Leo Franco; Valera, De Abreu, Pablo Ibáñez (Domínguez 46´), Antonio López; 
              Luis García (De las Cuevas 46´), Maniche (Cléber Santana 56´), Assuncao, 
              Cedric (Didi 52´); Forlán (Diego Costa 46´), Sinama Pongolle.



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Final [Aug 09] LXIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	1-1 Atlético de Madrid
    [1-0 Iván Pérez 53´, 1-1 Jurado 77´(p)]
    [Penalties: 1-0, Sergio; 1-1, Jurado; 2-1, Lafita; 2-2, Borja; 2-2, out Valerón; 
     2-2, out Koke; 3-2, Juan Rodríguez; 3-3, Sinama-Pongolle; 3-3, out Iván Pérez; 3-4, Raúl García.
RC Deportivo:  Aranzubia; Laure, Zé Castro (Piscu 73´), Lopo, Angulo; Juan Domínguez (Sergio 62´), Juca (Valerón 46´), 
               Juan Rodríguez; Pablo Álvarez (Bodipo 61´), Adrián López (Iván Pérez 46´), Riki (Lafita 30´).
At. Madrid:    Roberto; Valera, Domínguez, Pablo, Antonio López (Cabrera 46´); Assunção (Koke 46´), Santana (Raúl García 84´); 
               Pacheco (Borja 46´), Jurado, Reyes (Keko 84´); Sinama-Pongolle.



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Newcastle United FC (England)

Final [Aug 03] LXV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	0-0 Newcastle United FC
     [penalties: 0-1; Lovenkrands. 1-1; Zé Castro. 1-2; Nolan. 1-2; Riki falla. 1-3; Carroll. 
      2-3; Aythami. 2-4; Taylor. 3-4; Guardado. 3-5; Barton]
RC Deportivo:  Manu; Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Aythami, Stopira (Laure 46´); Juan Rodríguez (Juan Domínguez 46´), 
               Rubén Pérez (Zé Castro 71´); Saúl (Valerón 67´), Míchel, Urreta (Guardado 46´), Riki.
Newcastle Utd: Harper (Krul 46´); Taylor, Perch (Tavernier 52´), Coloccini, José Enrique; Routledge, Barton, 
               Guthrie (Nolan 46´), Xisco (Jonás Gutiérrez 46´); Best (Lovenkrands 74´), Carroll.



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Sevilla FC (Spain)
Final [Aug 14] LXVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo    1-1 Sevilla FC
      [1-0 Riki 5´, 1-1 Coke 84´]
      [penalties: 3-4 Sevilla FC]
RC Deportivo:  Aranzubia; Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Aythami, Ayoze; Bruno Gama (Pablo Álvarez 27´), Álex Bergantiños, 
               Jesús Vázquez, Guardado (Salomao 64´); Valerón (Xisco 80´); Riki (Lassad 72´).
Sevilla FC:    Dani J.; Martín Cáceres, Alexis, Bernardo (Coke 75´), Alberto; De Mul (Salva 45´), Fazio (Medel 45´), 
               Campaña (Perotti 45´), Armenteros (Trochowski 64´); Negredo, Luis Alberto (Manu del Moral 68´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
Final [Aug 11] LXVII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-2 At. Madrid   [RC Deportivo 4-3 on pen.]
  [1-0 Valerón 8´, 1-1 Koke 11´, 2-1 Gama 56´, 2-2 Falcao 87´]
RC Deportivo:  Aranzubia; Manuel Pablo, Marchena (Roderick 46´), Aythami, Evaldo (Seoane 46´); Abel Aguilar, 
               Juan Domínguez (Álex Bergantiños 84´); Bruno Gama, Valerón (André Santos 77´), Pizzi; Riki (Nélson Oliveira 62´).
At. Madrid:    Courtois; Juanfran, Miranda, Godín, Filipe Luis; Adrián López, Gabi (Raúl García 68´), 
               Mario Suárez (Tiago 56´), Koke ('Cebolla' Rodríguez 59´), Arda Turan; Falcao.



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Final [Aug 29] LXVIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	0-4 Real Madrid CF
  [0-1 Kaká 6´, 0-2 Morata 12´, 0-3 Casemiro 16´, 0-4 Kaká 86´]
RC Deportivo: Lux (Fabricio 46´); Laure (Seoane 46´), Kaká Bezerra (Uxío 61´), Insua (Dani Iglesias 75´), Luisinho (Manuel Pablo 46´); 
              Wilk (Álex Bergantiños 46´), Juan Domínguez (Teles 75´); Arizmendi (Juan Carlos 46´), Culio (Cañi 75´), 
              Rudy (Bicho 61´); Borja Bastón (Luis 61´).
Real Madrid:  Casillas (Mejías 82´); Carvajal (Arbeloa 46´), Pepe (Mateos 46´), Nacho, Marcelo (Casado 46´); 
               Casemiro, Isco (Di María 46´), Kaká; Morata (Benzemá 61´), Jesé, Cristiano Ronaldo (Özil 46´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Real Sporting de Gijón (Spain)
Club Nacional de Montevideo (Uruguay)
Sporting CP (Portugal)

Semifinals [Aug 9]
Sp. de Gijón	2-0 Sporting CP
  [1-0 Bernardo 80´, 2-0 Luis Hernández 85´]
Sp. Gijón:    Cuéllar; Luis Hernández, Julio (Iván Hernández 71´), Bernardo, Lora (Alex Menéndez 46´); Carmona, Rachid, 
              Alex Barrera (Sergio Alvarez 65´), Jony (Santi Jara 73´); Stefan Scepovic (Guerrero 65´), Dani (Alex Serrano 73´).
Sporting CP:  Rui Patricio; Ricardo Esgaio, Mauricio Nascimento, Faustino Rojo (Paulo Oliveira, Jefferson Nascimento (André Geraldes 46´); 
              Adrien Silva (Slimani 62´), Oriol Rosell, André Martins (Tanaka 62´), Diego Capel; André Carrillo (Carlos Mané 46´), 
              Fredy Montero (Joao Mario Eduardo 62´).
RC Deportivo	3-0 Club Nacional
  [1-0 Fariña 8´, 2-0 Fariña 12´, 3-0 Toché 56´]
RC Deportivo: Lux; Laure, Lopo (Wilk 61´), Insua, Canella; José Rodríguez (Alex Bergantiños 27´), Juan Domínguez (Iago 71´); 
              Cavaleiro (Cuenca 61´), Fariña (Juan Carlos 71´), Luisinho; Toché (Borja 61´).
Nacional:     Munúa; Pablo Alvarez, De los Santos, Rafael García, Manuel Díaz (Alfonso Espino 90´); Leandro Barcia (Gonzalo Porras 66´), 
              Diego Arismendi (Sebas Fernández 66´), Santiago Romero, Gastón Pereiro (Carlos Pena 66´); Ignacio González (Maximiliano Calzada 66´), 
              Iván Alonso (Taborda 66´).

Third place match [Aug 10]
Sporting CP	2-0 Club Nacional (p) 49´, 2-0 Jeffersson Nascimento 52´]
  [1-0 Adrien Silva 
Sporting CP: Rui Patricio (Marcelo Boeck 46´); Soares, Mauricio Nascimento, Sarr, Jefferson Nascimento; Carvalho; 
             Carrillo (Carlos Mané 65´), André Martins (Joao Mario Eduardo 80´), Adrien Silva (Slavached 80´), Ramos; Slimani.
Nacional:    Munúa; Cordero, Aja, Arismendi (De los Santos 80´), Espino; Ramos (De Pena 66´), Calzada, Porras, 
             Giménez (Santiago Romero 66´); Sebastián Fernández (Iván Alonso 73´), Mascia (Taborda 73´).

Final [Aug 10] LXIX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	1-0 Sporting de Gijón
  [1-0 Alex Serrano (ogc) 40´]
RC Deportivo: Fabricio; Manuel Pablo (Laure 30´), Lopo (Insua 46´), Alex Bergantiños, Canella (Luisinho 46´,  Iago 89´); 
              José Rodríguez, Wilk; Cuenca (Lucas Pérez 61´), Juan Carlos (Juan Domínguez 73´), Cavaleiro (Fariña 46´); Borja.
Sp. Gijón:    Cuéllar; Lora, Julio (Luis Hernández 61´), Iván Hernández, Alex Menéndez (Isma López 46´); Sergio Alvarez (Alex Barrera 61´), 
              Nacho Cases; Santi Jara, Alex Serrano (Pablo 46´), Bustos (Scepovic 71´); Guerrero (Castro 61´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Sporting Clube Braga (Portugal)

Final [Aug 8] LXX Trofeo Teresa Herrera
Rc Deportivo	1-0 SC Braga
  [1-0 Fede Cartania (p) 53´]
RC Deportivo: Fabricio; Laure (Juanfran 46´), Arribas (Óscar 'Pinchi' 74´), Sidnei (Lopo 46´), Fernando Navarro; Juan Domínguez (Álex Bergantiños 69´), 
              Pedro Mosquera; Cani (Fede Cartabia 46´), Luis Alberto (Fayçal Fajr 46´), Luisinho; Oriol Riera.
SC Braga:     Kritciuk; Baiano, André Pinto, Aderlan Santos, Djavan; Joan Román (Mauro 66´), Luiz Carlos (Pedro Santos 66´), 
              Nikola Vukcevic, Rafa Silva (Fábio Martins 74´); Crislan, Rodrigo Pinho (Alan 74´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Villarreal CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 9] LXXI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	2-0 Villarreal CF
  [1-0 Florin Andone 8´, 2-0 Crales Gil 92´]
RC Deportivo: Lux (Tyton 46´); Juanfran (Laure 69´), Albentosa (Arribas 75´), Sidnei, Navarro; Mosquera (Álex Bergantiños 75´), 
              Guilherme (Borges 69´); Emre Çolak (Luisinho 69´), Fayçal Fajr, Bruno Gama (Carles Gil 75´); Florin Andone (Borja Valle 75´).
Villarreal:   Andrés Fernández (Asenjo 46´); Mario (Rukavina 63´), Musacchio (Rodrigo 46´), Víctor Ruiz, Jaume Costa (José Ángel 63´); 
              N'Diaye, Trigueros, Jonathan dos Santos, Soriano (Cantalapiedra 72´); Sansone, Pato (Soldado 46´,  Mario González 59´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
West Bromwich Albion FC (England)

Final [Aug 9] LXXII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo 	2-0 West Bromwich Albion FC
  [1-0 Bruno Gama 71´, 2-0 Borja Valle 81´]
RC Deportivo: Ruben; Juanfran, Schär, Sidnei, Luisinho; Mosquera, Guillerme, Bakkali, Colak; Fede Cartabia, Andone. 
              (+ Navarro, Borges, Valverde, Borja Valle, Bruno Gama y Edu).
West Bromwich: Foster; Evans, Nyon, Hegazi, Dawson; MaCClean, Jacob, Rodríguez, Phillips; Livermore, Rondon. 
              (+ Wilson, Kanu, Field, Roberts, Leko, O,Shea, Myhill).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Athletic Club de Bilbao (Spain)

Final [Nov 14] LXXIII Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	2-2 Athletic club de Bilbao    [RC Deportivo on pen.]
  [0-1 Córdoba 10´, 1-1 Santos 17´, 1-2 Aduriz 50´, 2-2 Saúl 86´]
RC Deportivo: Ortolá; Gerard Valentín, Bóveda, Somma (Fornos 90´), Saúl García; Didier Moreno (Víctor García 81´), Pedro Mosquera, 
              Krohn-Dehli (Vicente 69´); Fede Cartabia (Carles Gil 56´); Borja Valle, Christian Santos (Joni Montiel 81´).
Ath. Bilbao:  Iago Herrerín; Capa (De Marcos 69´), Nolaskoain (Aduriz 46´), Iturraspe, Balenziaga (Beñat 46´); Guruzeta, 
              Unai López (San José 46´), Dani García (Yuri Berchiche 64´), Córdoba (Williams 64´); Raúl García (Ganea 46´), 
              Mikel Rico (Susaeta 33´, Lekue 81´)).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Real Betis Balompié (Spain)

Final [Aug 10] LXXIV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	1-0 Real Betis
  [1-0 Eneko Bóveda 63´]
RC Deportivo: Dani Giménez; Bóveda (David Simón 65´), Lampropoulos (Bourdal 76´), Somma (Mujaid 78´), Caballo (Luis Ruiz 66´); 
              Bergantiños (Gandoy 65´), Shibasaki (Vicente Gómez 65´); Borja Galán (Valín 78´), Aketxe (David Sánchez 65´), 
              Borja Valle (Javi Sánchez 78´); Koné (Christian Santos 65´).
Real Betis:   Joel Robles; Emerson (Barragán 70´), Bartra (Feddal 27´), Sidnei, Pedraza; Fekir (Juanmi 79´), 
              William, Kaptoum (Javi García 70´); Canales (Tello 70´), Loren (Raúl 79´), Lainez (Joaquín 70´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
Combinado Coruñés AFAC (Spain)

Final [Dec 20] LXXV Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	6-0 Combinado AFAC
  [1-0 Rui Costa (p) 31´, 2-0 Rui Costa 47´, 
   3-0 Mosquera 56´, 4-0 Mosquera 65´, 
   5-0 Lara 77´, 6-0Borges 85´]
RC Deportivo: Lucho García (Pablo Brea 46´); Pescador (Israel 46´), Álex Bergantiños, Derik, Héctor Hernández; Gandoy, 
              Agbo, Celso Borges, Borja Galán (Manu Mosquera 46´); Rui Costa, Lara.
Sel. AFAC:    Damián Seijoso (Diego López 46´)´; Rodrigo Ramos (Brais Lema 46´), Miguel Fiuza (Samu Rey 46´), Rubén Rivera (Jorge Raña 46), 
              Santi Torres (Sergio Canosa 30´); Antón Garda (Joao Paulo 60´), Brandariz (Jacobo Lazcano 46´), Juan Pérez (Gonzalo Rodríguez 60´), 
              Álex Sánchez (Rifón 60´), Manuel Eiroa (Kata 53´), Pablo Jiménez (Dani Gómez 30´).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
SD Ponferradina (Spain)

Final [Aug 8] LXXVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera
RC Deportivo	1-2 SD Ponferradina
  [0-1 Espiau 43´, 0-2 Naranjo 51´,
   1-2 Miku 65´]
RC Deportivo:    Mackay; Trilli, Trigueros, Jaime, Héctor; Bergantiños; Villares, Menudo, De Vicente; 
                 Quiles, Miku. (+ William de Camargo, Aguirre, Lapeña, Keko, Granero, Calavera, Peque, Noel).
SD Ponferradina: Amir; Iván Rodríguez, Amo, Copete, Ríos Reina; Agus Medina, Erik Morán, Dani Ojeda, Edu Espiau; 
                 Naranjo, Yuri. (+ Pascanu, Adot, Kaxe, Pujol, Becerra, Castellano, Crespo).



RC Deportivo La Coruña (Spain)
FC Metalist Járkov  (Ukraine)

Final [Aug 13] LXXVI Trofeo Teresa Herrera 
RC Deportivo	4-2 FC Metalist Járkov 
  [0-1 Pidlepenets 13´, 0-2 Pidlepenets 20´,
   1-2 Quiles 41´, 2-2 Quiles 46´, 3-2 Quiles (p) 57´,
   4-2 Víctor Narro 64´]
RC Deportivo: Mackay; Antoñito (Trilli); Lapeña (Borja Granero), Jaime Sánchez, Retu (Víctor Narro); Bergantiños, 
              Isi Gómez (Jairo); Quiles (Yeremay), Soriano, Rubén Díez; Gorka Santamaría. 
Metalist J.:  Kharkiv: Rybka; Mizuk (Avramenko), Porokh (Riazantstev), Romaniuk, Kaplienko (Shopin); Raliuchenko, Panasenko (Knysh),  
              Tankovsky (Chidomere); Pidlepenets (Saimon Pambu), Kartushov (Kaidalov), Bagachansky (Fedoriv). 

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