Surinam 1947-50

S.V.B. Competitie

The league started on Nov 9, 1947, and lasted for over 2 years due to a great influx of new
clubs (including former N.G.V.B. members such as N.A.K.S. and Spes Patriae; however, it would
appear a number of clubs (including Mata Hari and N.A.K.S.) later returned to the N.G.V.B.)
and interruptions caused by trips and visiting sides (e.g. Trinidad in March 1948 and Brazilian
club side Tuna in September 1949).

Participants to finish the league included:

Spes Patriae
Voorwaarts (defending champions)

Other clubs to play one or more matches:

Mata Hari

Known results (it is not clear whether all matches below belonged to the league;
               matches in italics presumably were lower class matches or friendlies)

[Nov 9, 1947]
Mata Hari         3-2 N.A.K.S.
Robinhood         2-0 Transvaal
  [NB: first match Robinhood in A-Klasse]
[Nov 16, 1947]
Orkaan            1-0 Hindelaya
M.V.V.            1-0 Atlas
  [NB: first match Atlas in A-Klasse]
[Nov 23, 1947]
Paranam           1-1 Voorwaarts
[Dec 5, 1947]
M.V.V.            2-0 K.L.M.
[Dec 7, 1947]
Transvaal         3-0 Arsenal
[Dec 14, 1947]
Orkaan            3-0 W.I.K.
Spes Patriae      1-1 Atlas
[Dec 18, 1947]
M.V.V.            6-0 Hollandia
[Jan 25, 1948]
Hollandia         1-1 Spes Patriae
Transvaal         3-2 Atlas
[Feb 24, 1948]
P.V.V.            2-0 M.V.V.
[May 5, 1948]
Transvaal          -  Hollandia
[Jun 26, 1948]
P.V.V.            4-4 Robinhood
[Jan 16, 1949]
H.V.V.             -  Mata Hari
Hollandia          -  Voorwaarts 
[Nov 13, 1949] 
M.V.V.            3-0 Robinhood
[Nov 20, 1949]
Robinhood         2-0 Voorwaarts
[Nov 27, 1949]
Transvaal         2-0 Paranam
Robinhood         2-1 H.V.V.
[Nov 30, 1949]
Paranam           1-0 Spes Patriae
Voorwaarts        3-0 P.V.V.
[Dec 4, 1949]
Spes Patriae      3-2 Voorwaarts
Transvaal         0-0 Hollandia
[Dec 14, 1949] 
Transvaal          -  Spes Patriae      [apparently postponed from Dec 11]
[Jan 6, 1950]
M.V.V.            6-1 Paranam
[Jan 8, 1950]
Robinhood         1-0 Hollandia
Transvaal         2-1 P.V.V.   

Top Final Table:


NB: as M.V.V., Robinhood, Transvaal, Voorwaarts, Hollandia, Spes Patriae and P.V.V.
    formed the Eerste Klasse for the 1950/51 season, it may be assumed those clubs
    finished in the first seven places, while Paranam (and Arsenal, Atlas and H.V.V.,
    if they remained playing in the league until the end, which is not clear) were 
    apparently relegated.



list of champions.

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