Surinam 1929

S.V.B. - Eerste Klas

Available Results:

[Mar 17]
M.V.V.           1-1 Transvaal        [annulled]
[Jun 16]
Ajax             3-2 Voorwaarts
[Jun 23]
Excelsior        2-1 Voorwaarts       [annulled]
[Jul 14]
Transvaal        0-2 Voorwaarts       
[Aug 4]
Excelsior        2-2 Go Ahead         [annulled]
[Sep 15]
Ajax             2-0 Velocitas        
[Sep 22]
Go Ahead         3-1 Transvaal        
[Sep 29]
Go Ahead         1-0 Velocitas        
[Oct 6]
Ajax             3-1 Transvaal        
[Nov 10]
Go Ahead         2-0 Voorwaarts

NB: the league apparently was never officially finished, although most
      sources claim Ajax won the 1929 title (some also credit them with
      a league win for 1927, which certainly is incorrect; no league 
      was played that year);
    in particular no record could be found of a match between Ajax and
      Go Ahead, which would have been a prerequisite to determine the
      destination of the title;
    also no mention of the award of the trophy at stake has been found;
    M.V.V. withdrew from the S.V.B. on Oct 2; it is not clear whether
      they played any league matches other than that against Transvaal;
    Excelsior also did not finish the league due to lack of players;
      on 3 Dec 1929, they merged with Blauw-Wit into Blauw-Wit-Excelsior,
      with the first team to play as Excelsior and the second as Blauw-Wit.

Barefeet League 1929

First edition of a competition for Blootevoeters.

Final [Nov 24]
Speed            1-0 Achilles

NB: this competition was not recognised by the S.V.B., which 
    first organised a Blootevoeterscompetitie in 1935.

Dragten Wisselbeker 1929

NB: for clubs 1e and 2e klasse S.V.B.

Round 1
Excelsior        1-0 M.V.V.
Ajax             9-0 Venus
[Mar 6]
Velocitas        4-0 H.V.V.
Voorwaarts       3-1 D.E.S.
Go Ahead         2-0 Eno
[Mar 24]
Blauw-Wit        2-1 Transvaal

Round 2
[Mar 31]
Ajax             0-0 Excelsior
[Apr 1]
Velocitas        0-4 Voorwaarts 
[Apr 7]
Go Ahead         0-0 Blauw-Wit

Round 2 Replays
[Apr 14]
Ajax             awd Excelsior        [awarded 5-0, Excelsior walked off]
[Apr 21]
Go Ahead         bt  Blauw-Wit

Semifinal [Apr 28]
Ajax             1-1 Voorwaarts
Go Ahead         bye

Semifinal Replay [May 5]
Ajax             2-1 Voorwaarts

Final [May 12, 1929, Cultuurtuin]
Ajax             4-2 Go Ahead

Emancipatiebeker 1929

Semifinal [May 26]
M.V.V.           0-1 Blauw-Wit

NB: apparently no other matches were played prior to the final.

Final [Jul 1, Cultuurtuin]
Ajax             4-0 Blauw-Wit



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