Sierra Leone (Women) 2021/22

National Female League 2022

NB: 40 teams to enter regional leagues, from which the top-2 of each qualify for
    the Female Premier League 2021/22, which will consist of 12 clubs;
    start announced for May 2022 but eventually postponed to 2022/23 season

Regional Qualifiers

North-East Region FA, Division One


First Leg [Sep 24]
Suba United FC           1-1 Rising Queens FC
Second Leg [Oct 1]
Rising Queens FC         0-1 Suba United FC

NB: both finalists qualified for national stage.

North-West Region FA, Division One

[date ?]
Mambolo Young Stars      abd Magbema Stars FC         [abandoned in 70' due to Mambolo
[Sep 24]                                               supporters attacking the referee]
Fant FC                   -  Sabereh Queens  
[dates ?]
Patricia Umu Strikers FC 3-1 Queen Amus FC
Patricia Umu Strikers FC 5-0 Koya Queens FC

[Oct 13]
Zone A
Patricia Umu Strikers    5-0 Lungi Queens FC
Zone B
Sella Queens             0-1 Katara FC  
Katara FC                0-0 Koya Queens       

NB: Patricia Umu Strikers qualified for national stage one of the two teams
    from North-West Region

WAFA Female League 2022

Round 1 [Apr 14]
Argenta FC                -  Red Eagles FC
East End Lioness FC       -  VEM Buck FC Female
Tornado FC Female         -  Amazon FC
FC Kallon Female          -  SL Correctional FC Female
SL Police Females         -  Luawa Angels
Round 2 [Apr 17]
East End Lioness FC       -  Amazon FC
Accessiontonians FC       -  Red Eagles FC
Victory FC               1-1 SL Police Females
SLIFA Girls              0-5 Argenta FC
SL Correctional FC Fem.   -  Luawa Angels  
Round ? [date ?]
Accessiontonians FC      0-3 SL Correctional FC Female  
Kambia District Football Promoters Gala Competition

Group A
Katara Ladies (Rokupr) [Kambia District]
Rising Queens (Makeni) [Bombali District]
Future Queens (Port Loko) [Port Loko District]
Grap Go Fenam (Gbalamuya) [Kambia District]
Group B
Patricia Umu Female Strikers (Kambia) [Kambia District}
Sella Queens (Kamakwie) [Karene District]
Marampa Starlets (Lunsar)[Port Loko District]
FC Kallon Female (Freetown) [Western Area]
Group C
Queen Amus (Kambia) [Kanmbia District]
Koya Queens (Mile 38) [Port Loko District]
Suba Queens (Makeni) [Bombali District]
Lungi Queens (Lungi) [Port Loko District]

[Oct ?]
Kallon Female            5-0 Marampa Starlets
[Nov 1]
Katara Ladies            1-0 Rising Queens
[Nov 2]
Patricia Umu              -  Kallon Female
[Nov 3]
Queen Amus                -  Koya Queens
[Nov 4]
Grap Go Fenam             -  Future Queens
[Nov 5]
Marampa Starlets          -  Sella Queens
[Nov 8]
Lungi Queens              -  Suba United

First Legs  
[Nov 11]
Grap Go Fenam             -  Koya Queens
[Nov 12]
Kallon Female             -  Suba Queens
[Nov 15]
Patricia Umu              -  Marampa Starlets
[Nov 16]
Katara Ladies            2-0 Queen Amus

Second Legs
[Nov ?]
Suba Queens               -  Kallon Female            [Kallon qualified, aggregate score 0-6]
[Nov 22]
Queen Amus               bt  Katara Ladies            [Katara qualified]
[Nov ?]
Koya Queens               -  Grap Go Fenam            [Grap Go Fenam qualified]
Marampa Starlets          -  Patricia Umu    

[Nov 27]
Katara Ladies            0-2 Kallon Female
[Nov ?]
Grap Go Fen Am           bt  Marampa Starlets/Patricia Umu
Final [Nov 29, Kambia Town]
Kallon Female            0-0 Grap Go Fen Am           [2-3 pen]
NB: Kallon Female formerly named Mahmoud FC

International Organization for Migration One Day Gala

Semifinals [Mar 21]
Mena Queens              6-1 Malimber Queens
Rising Queens            2-1 Suba United
Final [Mar 21]
Mena Queens              2-1 Rising Queens  
Easter Cup Fiesta Women's Championship

Final [Mar 28]
Kono Queens              0-3 Mahmoud FC 

North-West Region (NWRFA) - Madam Isha Johansen Trophy

NB: first ever edition

[Apr 14?]
Patricia Umu FC          2-0 Katara Ladies  

Ernest Bai Koroma Trophy 2021

Mena Queens (Makeni)     5-0 Albitaya Queens
Patricia Umu FC (Kambia) 2-1 FC Kallon Ladies 
Final [Dec 25]
Mena Queens (Makeni)     0-1 Patricia Umu FC (Kambia)



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