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Scottish Football League Division Two Champions 1976-2016

The league was re-organised at the end of the 1974-75 season. The teams finishing in the top six positions of the old Division Two formed the new Division One along with the bottom eight teams from the old Division Two. The remaining 14 clubs of the old Division Two formed the new Division Two for the 1975-76 season.

2016   Dunfermline Athletic 
2015   Greenock Morton
2014   Rangers  
2013   Queen of the South
2012   Cowdenbeath   
2011   Livingston   
2010   Stirling Albion   
2009   Raith Rovers
2008   Ross County
2007   Greenock Morton
2006   Gretna
2005   Brechin City
2004   Airdrie United
2003   Raith Rovers
2002   Queen of the South
2001   Partick Thistle
2000   Clyde
1999   Livingston
1998   Stranraer
1997   Ayr United
1996   Stirling Albion
1995   Greenock Morton
1994   Stranraer
1993   Clyde
1992   Dumbarton
1991   Stirling Albion
1990   Brechin City
1989   Albion Rovers
1988   Ayr United
1987   Meadowbank Thistle
1986   Dunfermline Athletic
1985   Montrose
1984   Forfar Athletic
1983   Brechin City
1982   Clyde
1981   Queen's Park
1980   Falkirk
1979   Berwick Rangers
1978   Clyde
1977   Stirling Albion
1976   Clydebank

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Summary 1976-2016 (41 championships)

4  Stirling Albion
3  Clyde, Brechin City, Raith Rovers, Greenock Morton
2  Ayr United, Stranraer, Livingston, Queen of the South, Dunfermline Athletic
1  Clydebank, Berwick Rangers, Falkirk, Queen's Park, Forfar Athletic, Montrose,
   Meadowbank Thistle, Albion Rovers, Dumbarton, Clyde, Partick Thistle,
   Airdrie United, Gretna, Ross County, Rangers

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Scottish Football League 'C' Division Champions 1947-55

At the end of the Second World War, the league was reformed. The sizes of Divisions One and Two were reduced and were now designated 'A' Division and 'B' Division. To accomodate the remaining 6 smaller clubs a third division, 'C' Division was formed. The numbers in this division were made up of Reserve teams of 'A' and 'B' division clubs. The champions of 'C' Division would be promoted to 'B' Division providing they were not a Reserve team. From 1950 two sections, North East and South West were operated, the South West champions are shown first below. In 1955 'C' Division was abandoned when it became apparent that several teams who were unhappy with the existing format intended to withdraw their Reserve teams. 'B' division was expanded to include the 5 clubs which operated their first teams in the 'C' Division of 1954-55 whilst the Reserves teams formed a seperate competition.

1955   Partick Thistle Reserves/Aberdeen Reserves
1954   Rangers Reserves/Brechin City
1953   Rangers Reserves/Aberdeen Reserves
1952   Rangers Reserves/Dundee Reserves
1951   Clyde Reserves/Hearts Reserves
1950   Clyde Reserves/Hibernian Reserves
1949   Forfar Athletic
1948   East Stirlingshire
1947   Stirling Albion

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Scottish Football League Division Three Champions 1924-26

In the 1923 a short lived attempt was made to establish a Third Division of the Scottish Football League. It quickly becamse apparent that the new Division could not be financially viable and it was scrapped at the end of the 1925-26 season with several teams unable to complete their fixtures.

1926  *not completed
1925  $Nithsdale Wanderers (Sanquhar)
1924  $Arthurlie (Barrhead)
$ Nithsdale Wanderers are no longer in existence whilst Arthurlie reformed as a Junior
  club. The town/city of the clubs are shown in brackets.
* The 1925-26 season was not completed and the championship was not awarded. Helensburgh
  had the most points but Leith Athletic had a better points to games ratio.

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List of Final Tables

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