Rhodesia and Nyasaland 1961

Professional Rhodesia and Nyasaland Football League 1961

NB: Rhodesia and Nyasaland comprised the territories of current
    Malawi (Nyasaland), Zambia (Northern Rhodesia) and Zimbabwe
    (Southern Rhodesia).

Inaugural Matches [Apr 9; involving South African clubs]
Salisbury XI            3-1 Nyasa United        [Glamis Ground, Salisbury]
City of Salisbury       2-8 Durban City         [Glamis Ground, Salisbury]
Bulawayo XI             0-1 Highland Park       [Showgrounds, Bulawayo]

NB: Salisbury XI were a combined side of Salisbury United and City of Salisbury;
    Bulawayo XI were a combined side of Bulawayo City and Bulawayo United;
    there also was an opening match at Scrivener Stadium, Kitwe

Round 1 [Apr 16?]
City of Lusaka          2-5 Salisbury United    [Queensmead Ground, Lusaka]

Round 2 [Apr 23]
Nyasa United (Blantyre) 1-2 City of Lusaka      [Rangeley Stadium, Blantyre]

NB: Nyasa United withdrew on May 12, 1961 due to financial problems;
    later also Salisbury United and Salisbury City disbanded due to
    lack of sponsorship; the championship was abandoned.  

Castle Cup 1961

Bulawayo City           bt  [?]
City of Lusaka          2-1 Salisbury City

Final [in Raylton Ground, Salisbury]
Bulawayo City           lt  City of Lusaka         

Levy Cup 1961

First Leg [in Bulawayo]
Southern Rhodesia       5-0 Northern Rhodesia
  [Laing (2), McGuigan (2), Smith]

Second Leg [in Salisbury]
Northern Rhodesia       4-2 Southern Rhodesia
  [Lawther (2), Stevenson, Simpson (og); Chalmers, Laing]

NB: apparently independently, another match between regional selection was played

[Scrivener Stadium, Kitwe]
Northern Rhodesia       1-3 Rhodesia and Nyasaland FL XI
  [Pengally; Cravetti, Bresani, Thomas]

Other matches 1961:

City of Lusaka          4-0 Bulawayo XI
Rhodesian XI            7-1 Katanga
Rhodesian XI            1-3 French Congo
  [in Elizabethville, part of the Elizabethville International Fair]

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