Racing Club and Stade Lausanne Tournament (Switzerland)

Preseason tournament for 1st league teams of Switzerland.
In 1951 Racing Club Lausanne take the name of Union Sportive Lausanne.


1942  FC Fribourg
1943   unknown
1944  Racing Club Lausanne
1945  Stade Lausanne
1947  ES Malley
1948  Yverdon

1954  Vevey-Sports
1955  Lausanne-Sports Réserves (B team)
1956  Forward Morges
1957  Lausanne-Sports


[July 11-12]

Stade Lausanne		3-3 CA Genève
Stade Lausanne		0-1 FC Fribourg
FC Fribourg		1-0 CA Genève

winner : FC Fribourg


[Aug 19-20]

Racing Lausanne		0-0 Stade Lausanne		[Racing on coin toss]
Urania Genève		2-0 Forward Morges

Third place match
Stade Lausanne		4-1 Forward Morges

Racing Lausanne		3-2 Urania Genève


[Aug 18-19]

Stade Lausanne		4-1 Racing Lausanne
ES Malley 		2-1 CS International Genève

Third place match
CS International 	2-0 Racing Lausanne

Stade Lausanne		1-0 ES Malley


[Aug 26-27]

Racing Lausanne		1-0 Stade Lausanne
ES Malley 		2-1 Ambrosiana Lausanne

Third place match
Stade Lausanne		7-0 Ambrosiana Lausanne

ES Malley 		2-1 Racing Lausanne


[Aug 21-22]

Yverdon			2-1 Racing Lausanne
Stade Lausanne		2-1 Montreux-Sports

Third place match
Montreux-Sports		4-2 Racing Lausanne

Yverdon			2-1 Stade Lausanne


[Aug 14-15 at Stade de Bois-Gentil]

Vevey-Sports		3-2 US Lausanne
CS La Tour-de-Peilz	1-0 ES Malley

Third place match
ES Malley		5-0 US Lausanne

Vevey-Sports		2-1 CS La Tour-de-Peilz


[Aug 21-22 at Stade de Bois-Gentil]

Vevey-Sports		3-0 CS La Tour-de-Peilz
Lausanne-Sports Res.	6-3 US Lausanne

Third place match
CS La Tour-de-Peilz	4-3 US Lausanne

Vevey-Sports		3-4 Lausanne-Sports Réserves	[aet]


[Aug 11-12 at Stade de Bois-Gentil]

Montreux-Sports		2-2 US Lausanne
 US Lausanne give the victory to Montreux

Forward Morges		2-2 CS La Tour-de-Peilz		[aet]
 Morges is qualified on coin toss

Third place match
CS La Tour-de-Peilz	2-1 US Lausanne

Forward Morges		5-1 Montreux-Sports


[Aug 10-11 at Stade de Bois-Gentil]

CS La Tour-de-Peilz	5-3 US Lausanne
Lausanne-Sports		3-0 Forward Morges

Third place match
US Lausanne		2-1 Forward Morges

Lausanne-Sports	       10-0 CS La Tour-de-Peilz

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