Games of the XVI. Olympiad

Football Qualifying Tournament

(Melbourne, Australia, 1956)

A qualifying tournament was necessary to reduce the number of participants to 16.

Australia        bye
Poland           bye

Bulgaria         2-0 Great Britain 
Great Britain    3-3 Bulgaria         (Bulgaria qualify 5-3 on aggregate)

Yugoslavia       vs  Romania          (Yugoslavia qualify; Romania withdrew)

Hungary          vs  East Germany     (Hungary qualify; East Germany withdrew)

Turkey           vs  West Germany     (both teams awarded byes)

Soviet Union     5-0 Israel
Israel           1-2 Soviet Union     (Soviet Union qualify 7-1 on aggregate)

Ethiopia         1-4 Egypt
Egypt            5-2 Ethiopia         (Egypt qualify 9-3 on aggregate)

Vietnam          5-2 Cambodia
Cambodia         3-4 Vietnam          (Vietnam qualify 9-5 on aggregate)

Iran             vs  Afghanistan      (both teams withdrew)
India            vs  Thailand         (both teams awarded byes)
Japan            2-0 South Korea
South Korea      2-0 Japan            (in Tokyo.  Japan qualify on the drawing of lots)

China            vs  Philippines      (China qualify; the Philippines withdrew)

Indonesia        vs  Taiwan           (Indonesia qualify; Taiwan withdrew)

United States    vs  Mexico           (United States qualify; Mexico withdrew)

East and West Germany agreed to send a combined Germany team.

Poland withdrew and were replaced by Great Britain.

The original draw for the finals (made in Zürich on 1st September 1956) was:

        United States    vs  Yugoslavia
        Bulgaria         vs  Egypt
        China            vs  Turkey
        Germany          vs  Soviet Union
        Vietnam          vs  Indonesia
        Thailand         vs  Great Britain
        Australia        vs  Japan
        India            vs  Hungary

Hungary withdrew.  South Korea declined the invitation to replace them.

Subsequently Egypt, Vietnam, China and Turkey also withdrew, for reasons of finance
and distance.


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