Trofeo Naranja (Valencia-Spain) 1959-2023

The Valencia Orange Trophy, better known as Orange Trophy (Trophy Taronja in Valencian) is a summer tournament organized by the Valencia CF.
Valencia Club de Fútbol (also known as Valencia or Los Che) is a Spanish professional football club based in Valencia.
They play in La Liga and are one of the most successful and biggest clubs in Spanish football.
Valencia were founded in 1919, and have played their home games at the 55,000-seater Estadio Mestalla since 1923
Takes place annually in Valencia, Spain at the Estadio Mestalla, usually in August, between the local and invited teams from around the world.
It is the successor to the coveted trophy Orange between 1959 and 1964. It began as an initiative of the board chaired by Vicente Iborra Gil.
The first version of that guests were Brazilian Santos, where Pele played, eventually winning the tournament and Inter Milan. It is played in all four editions until 1970 was introduced in the current Trophy.
The format of competition has varied over time, initially played as a triangular (three league teams) and in recent years has disputed a single match.


Trofeo Naranja
 1 1959 Santos FC 		  * Triangular Trophy
   1960     Not Played
 2 1961 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
 3 1962 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
   1963     Not Played
 4 1964 CR Flamengo 		  * Triangular Trophy
   1965-69  Not played

Trofeo Valencia Naranja
 1 1970 Valencia CF 		  * Triangular Trophy
   1971    Not played
 2 1972 FC Bayern München	  * Triangular Trophy
 3 1973 FK Crvena Zvezda  	  * Triangular Trophy
 4 1974 PSV Eindhoven		  * Triangular Trophy
 5 1975 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
 6 1976 CSKA Sofia 		2-1 Dinamo Moskva
 7 1977 B. Mönchengladbach	  * Triangular Trophy
 8 1978 Valencia CF 		  * Triangular Trophy
 9 1979 Valencia CF 		  * Triangular Trophy
10 1980 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
11 1981 Hungary XI		  * Triangular Trophy
12 1982 FC Kaiserslautern         * Triangular Trophy
13 1983 Valencia CF 	          * Triangular Trophy
14 1984 Valencia CF 	          * Triangular Trophy
15 1985 CA Boca Juniors 	4-2 Valencia CF
16 1986 CR Flamengo 		3-0 Valencia CF	
17 1987 FC Barcelona 		  * Triangular Trophy
18 1988 Valencia CF 		  * Triangular Trophy
19 1989 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
20 1990 Real Madrid CF 		  * Triangular Trophy
21 1991 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
22 1992 Dinamo Moskva		  * Triangular Trophy
23 1993 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
24 1994 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
25 1995 Atlético de Madrid	  * Triangular Trophy
26 1996 Valencia CF		  * Triangular Trophy
27 1997 SE Palmeiras		  * Triangular Trophy
28 1998 Valencia CF 		2-0 Dinamo Bucuresti
   1999   Not played
29 2000 Parma AC		0-0 Valencia CF         [on pen.]      
30 2001 Valencia CF		2-1 CA Peñarol 
31 2002 Valencia CF		5-2 Club Nacional 
32 2003 Real Madrid CF		0-0 Valencia CF         [on pen.]
   2004   Not played
33 2005 Udinese Calcio		  * Triangular Trophy
34 2006 Valencia CF		2-0 AS Roma
35 2007 Parma AC		2-0 Valencia CF
36 2008 Valencia CF		2-1 SBV Vitesse
37 2009 Valencia CF		2-0 Arsenal FC
38 2010 Valencia CF		2-0 AC Fiorentina
39 2011 Valencia CF		3-0 AS Roma
40 2012 Valencia CF		1-1 FC Porto             [on pen.]      
41 2013 Valencia CF		2-1 Olympiakos
42 2014 Valencia CF		2-1 AC Milan
43 2015 AS Roma			3-1 Valencia CF
44 2016 Valencia CF		2-1 AC Fiorentina
45 2017 Atalanta BC		2-1 Valencia CF
46 2018 Valencia CF		3-0 Bayer 04 Leverkusen
47 2019 FC Internazionale	1-1 Valencia CF          [on pen.]
   2020     Not played
48 2021 Valencia CF		0-0 AC Milan             [on pen.] 
49 2022 Valencia CF		2-1 Atalanta BC 
50 2023 Aston Villa FC		2-1 Valencia CF

Number of Wins:

30 Valencia CF

 2 CR Flamengo (BRA)
   Real Madrid CF
   Parma AC (ITA)

 1 Santos FC (BRA)
   FC Bayern München (GER)
   FK Crvena zvezda Beograd (SER) 
   PSV Eindhoven (NET) 
   CSKA Sofia (BUL) 
   VfL Borussia Mönchengladbach (GER) 
   Hungary XI (HUN)
   1.FC Kaiserslautern (GER) 
   CA Boca Juniors (ARG) 
   FC Barcelona 
   Dinamo Moskva (RUS)
   Atlético de Madrid
   SE Palmeiras (BRA)
   Udinese Calcio (ITA)
   AS Roma (ITA)
   Atalanta BC (ITA)
   FC Internazionale (ITA) 
   Aston Villa FC (England)


Valencia CF (Spain)
Santos FC (Brazil)
FC Internazionale Milano (Italy)

[Jun 24]
Valencia CF	4-4 Santos FC 
  [0-1 Pelé 36´, 1-1 Aveiro 38´, 1-2 Coutinho 44´, 1-3 Dornal 64´, 2-3 Aveiro 65´, 3-3 Egea 66´,
   4-3 Pepe 81´, 4-4 Egea]
Valencia CF: Pesudo; Piquer, Sócrates, Mestres; Sendra, Sanabria (Egea),
             Joel, Tercero (Fuertes), Aveiro, Walter, Mañó.
Santos FC:   Carlos; Tazao, Mourao, Getulio; Ramiro, Zito;
             Dorbal, Álvaro (Alfredo), Coutinho, Pelé, Pepe.  

[Jun 26]
Santos FC 	7-1 Internazionale		
  [1-0 Coutinho 18´, 2-0 Pepe (p) 30´, 3-0 Pelé 48´,
   4-0 Pelé 53´, 5-0 Pelé 58´, 6-0 Pelé 60´, 5-1 Angelillo 71´,
   6-1 Pepe 77´]
Santos FC:   Carlos; Tazao, Mourao, Getulio; Ramiro, Zito;
             Dorbal, Zahir, Coutinho, Pelé, Pepe.
Inter M.:    Mateucci; Guarnieri, Faladé, Polchi; Carderilli, Galdiachi;
             Robatti, Castiavillatti, Mascaratto, Angelillo, Sagionni.

[Jun 27]
Valencia CF	1-0 Internazionale
  [1-0 Walter 28´]
Valencia CF: Pesudo; Piquer, Sócrates, Mestres; Sendra, Sanabria; 
             Joel, Fuertes, Aveiro, Walter, Ficha.
Inter M.:    Antoni; Guarnieri, Faladé, Cardarelli; Volchi, Caldiatí; 
             Colombo, Robatti, Mascaratto, Angelillo, Carcierilladi.


Valencia CF (Spain)
Botafogo FR (Brazil)
FC Barcelona (Spain)

[Jun 24]
Valencia CF	3-2 Botafogo FR	
  [0-1 Quincoces (og) 17´, 1-1 Ribelles 33´, 2-1 Kocsis 66´,
   2-2 Didí 71´, 3-2 Egea 85´]
Valencia CF:  Ginesta; Piquer, Quincoces; Egea; Recamán, Sendra;
              Núñez, Kocsis, Paredes, Ribelles, Ficha.
Botafogo FR:  Hernani; Ze Maria, Paulista, Caca; Pampoline, Sicao;
              Garrincha, Didí, Sina, Amarildo, Neivaldo.

* In Valencia CF played, Recamán (RCD Espantol) and Kocsis (FC Barcelona).	

[Jun 27]
FC Barcelona	3-2 Botafogo FR	
  [0-1 Didí 7´, 1-1 Tejada 8´, 2-1 Tejada 46´, 
   3-1 Evaristo 73´, 3-2 Garrincha 87´]
FC Barcelona: Pesudo; Rodri (Olivella), Gensana, Gracia; Verges (Marañón), Garay, 
              Tejada, Kubala, Martinez, Evaristo, Villaverde (Fuste).
Botafogo FR:  Ernani; Jose Sarla, Pampolini, Avistton; Cacca, Silvao; 
              Garrincha, Didi (Eston), Sina (Amoroso), Amarillo, Nivaldo

[Jun 29]
Valencia CF	4-3 FC Barcelona
  [0-1 Evaristo 10´, 0-2 Vergés 20´, 0-3 Evaristo 30´, 
   1-3 Paredes 35´, 2-3 Paredes 42´, 3-3 Kocsis 47´,
   4-3 Kocsis 67´]		
Valencia CF:  Ginesta; Piquer, Sendra, Quincoces; Egea, Recaman; 
              Mano, Héctor Nuñez, Kocsis, Paredes, Ribelles.
FC Barcelona: Pesudo; Rodri, Gensana, Gracia; Verges, Garay; Tejada, 
              Kubala, Martinez, Evaristo, Villaverde (Segarra, Fusté).


Valencia CF (Spain)
Sporting CP (Portugal)
FC Blackpool (England)

[Jun 5]
Valencia CF	5-2 Sporting CP	
  [1-0 Guillot 1´, 2-0 Guillot 7´, 2-1 Lucio 40´,
   3-1 Paredes, 3-2 Geo 73´, 4-2 Waldo 76´, 5-2 Paredes 88´]
Valencia CF:  Ginesta; Mestres (Egea), Piquer, Quincoces II (Recamán), Gil (Mañó), Waldo, 
              Urtiaga, Guillot, Verdú (Dos Santos), Trío, Coll (Paredes).
Sporting CP:  Carvalo; Gomes, Lucio, Hilario; Peride, Mendez; 
              Hugo, Figueiredo, Monterin, Geo, Morai.

[Jun 8]
Sporting CP	3-1 Blackpool FC	
  [1-0 Figueiredo 15´, 1-1 Green 30´, 2-1 Geo 55´,
   3-1 Figueiredo 77´]

[Jun 9]
Valencia CF	6-1 Blackpool FC   
  [1-0 Waldo 20´, 2-0 Guillot 23´, 3-0 Yosu 44´, 
   4-0 Urtiaga 60´, 4-1 ? 65´, 5-1 Urtiaga 71´,
   6-1 Paredes]  
Valencia CF:  Ginesta; Mestres; Quincoces, Verdú; Piquer (Paredes), 
              Roberto; Coll, Urtiaga, Waldo (Egea), Guillot, Yosu.         


Valencia CF (Spain)
Club Nacional (Portugal)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)

[Jun 16]
Valencia CF	4-2 Club Nacional Montevideo 
  [1-0 Waldo 15´, 2-0 Suco 27´, 3-0 Totó 56´,
   3-1 Sanfilippo 75´, 3-2 Pérez 81´,	4-2 Urtiaga 85´]
Valencia CF:  Nito; Piquer, Vilar, Arnal (Vigegany); Roberto, 
              Ribelles; Núñez, Guillot, Waldo, Ficha, Suco (Totó).
C. Nacional:  Sosa; Ramos, Manicera, Méndez; Eliseo Álvarez; Emilio, Alvarez; 
              Urruzmendi, Arias (Baeza), Vergara (León), Sanfilippo, Pérez.

[Jun 18]
CR Flamengo	0-1 Club Nacional Montevideo 
  [0-1 Eliseo Álvarez 6´]
CR Flamengo:  Franz; Murilho, Luis Carlos, Ananias; Nelson, Paulo Henrique; 
              Espanhol, Nelsinho, Airton, Paulinho, Carlos Alberto.
C. Nacional:  Sosa; Modernen, Baeza, Méndez; Eliseo Álvarez, Emilio Álvarez;
              Urruzmendi, Arias, Vergara, Sanfilippo, Pérez.
[Jun 20]
Valencia CF	1-3 CR Flamengo   
  [0-1 Airton 12´, 0-2 Paulo Alves 29´, 0-3 Espanhol 40´,
   1-3 Waldo 56´]
Valencia CF:  Zamora; Piquer, Quincoces, Arnal; Ribelles, Roberto; 
              Núñez, Guillot (Urtiaga), Waldo, Ficha, Suco.  
CR Flamengo:  Franz; Murilho, Ananias, Distao; Paulo Henrique, Nelzinho;
              Nelson, Espanhol, Airton, Paulo Alves, Carlos Alberto.


Valencia CF (Spain)
FK Partizan (Serbia)
CA Independiente (Argentina)

[Sep 1]
Valencia CF    3-1 FK Partizan Beograd
  [1-0 Ansola 10´, 2-0 Claramunt 23´, 3-0 Pellicer 45´,
   3-1 Ivagevic 58´]
Valencia CF:  Abelardo; Sol, Aníbal, Martínez; Antón, Claramunt;
              Claramunt II, Pellicer, Ansola, Paquito, Sergio.
FK Partizan:  Curkovic; Maric, Radakovic, Pejovic; Paunovic, Petrovic
              (Zivagevic); Dardic (Antic), Djordjvic, Katic, Bjekovic.

[Sep 2]
Independiente 3-2 FK Partizan Beograd  
  [0-1 Djordjic 37´, 0-2 Vukotic 46´, 1-2 Maglioni 53´,
   2-2 Giartello 70´, 3-2 maglioni 73´]
Independiente: Santoro; Monge, Pavoni, Commiso; Tardivo, Garisto; Bernao,
               Pastoriza, Maglioni, Adorno, Tarabini (Giartello).
FK Partizan:   Kurkavic; Radekovic, Damjanovic, Nadoueza; Paunovic, Budisic;
               Zivelieuic, Djordjic, Vukotic, Petrovic, Antic.
[Sep 3]
Valencia CF   0-0 CA Independiente      [Valencia 5-2 on pen.]
Valencia:      Abelardo; Aníbal, Martínez, Paquito, Ansola, Pellicer,
               Lloret, Sol, Claramunt, Valdez.
Independiente: Santoro; Monges, Pavoni, Comisso, Raimondo, Bertolloti, Bernao,
               Pastoriza, Maglioni, Adorno, Mircoli,


Valencia CF (Spain)
SC Feyenoord (Netherlands)
FC Bayern München (Germany)

[Aug 9]
Valencia CF	1-1 SC Feyenord 
  [1-0 Valdez 57´; 1-1 Christensen 70´]
Valencia CF:  Cota; Sol, Barrachina, Martínez (Aníbal), Antón; Claramunt I, 
              Sergio (Fuertes); Lico, Quino, Adorno, Valdez.
Feyenoord:    Reitsma; Schneider, Van Daele, Jansen; Duivenbode (Rijsbergen), Hasil; 
              Dejong, Wery (Schoenmaker), Ressel, Van Haeneghem, Christensen.

[Aug 10]
Bayern München	2-0 SC Feyenord
  [1-0 Hoffman 44´, 2-0 Schwarzenbeck 46´]
B. München:  Maier; Hansen (Rjbarzy), Breitner, Schwarzenbeck, Beckenbauer; 
             Toth, Zobel, Krauthausen; Muller, Roth (Schneider), Hoffman.
Feyenoord:   Treytel; Very (Reichberger), Van Daele, Echneider, Vos; Hasil, 
             Jansen, Rasel; De Jong, Van Haeneghem (Schoenmaker), Christensen.

[Aug 11]     
Valencia CF	1-1 Bayern München     
  [0-1 Roth (p) 29´, 1-1 Forment 30´]
Valencia CF: Cota; Sol, Barrachina, Aníbal, Antón; Claramunt I (Forment), 
             Sergio (Claramunt II), Licó; Quino (Pepín), Adorno, Valdez.
B. München:  Maier; Rohr, Breitner, Sohwarzenbeck, Beckenbauer; 
             Roth, Durnberger, Zabel; Müller, Schneider, Hoffmann.	


Valencia CF (Spain)
Standard Liège (Belgium)
Crvena Zvezda (Beograd) (Yugoslavia)

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	0-1 Standard Liège
  [0-1 Bukal 66´]
Valencia CF:   Balaguer; Sol, Barrachina, Aníbal; Antón (Cerveró), Claramunt; 
               Lico, Víctor (Quino), Adorno, Keita, Valdez.      
St. Liége:     Piot; Gerets, Dolmans, Devalque; Beudet, Takac; 
               Murovlc, Van Moer, Bukal, Henrotan (Govaert), Roca.
[Aug 22]
Standard Liège	0-2 Crvena Zvezda      	
  [0-1 Petrovic 11´,  0-2 Panasotovic 62´]
St. Liége:     Piot; Gerets, Dolmans, Dewalque, Beurlet, Takac, Musovic (Lambricht), 
               Van Moer (Brikajacic), Bukal, Henrotay (Govaent), Rora. 
Crvena Zvezda: Racic; Keri, Boficevic, Paulovic, Doscinovski, Baralic, Jankovic,
               Karasi, Panasotovic, Acinovic, Petrovic (Jovanovic).

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	1-2 Crvena Zvezda	
  [0-1 Panasotovic 16´, 0-2 Jankovic 25´, 1-2 Forment 77´]
Valencia CF:   Balaguer (Costa); Sol, Barrachina, Aníbal, Antón, Claramunt, 
               Sergio (Forment), Lico, Adorno, Keita, Valdez.
Crvena Zvezda: Racic; Keri, Bogicedic, Pavlovic, Doicinovski, Baralic (Nikolic),
               Jankovic, Karasi, Panasotovic, Acmovic, Petrovic (Filipovic).


Valencia CF (Spain)
SC Vasas (Hungary)
PSV Eindhoven (Netherlands)

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	1-1 SC Vasas Budapest
  [0-1 Martínez 38´, 1-1 Horvath 66´]	   
Valencia CF:  Balaguer; Martín Villa (Aníbal), Jesús Martínez, Tirapu, Ferrer (Adorno), 
              'Quino' Sierra, Lloret, Sol, Cerveró, Claramunt (Víctor), Jara.
SC Vasas:     Borbely; Varga, Pozsgai, Sebok, Jzsaki, Varsanyi, Somogyi,
              Poczik, Penzes, Stolcz (Clazer), Horvath.
[Aug 22]
SC Vasas 	0-0 PSV Eindhoven 
SC Vasas:     Borbely; Varga, Pozsgai, Jszaki, Somogy, Brandisz, Szebok, Boczik,
              Tenzes (Szabo), Atolze (barsanyi), Horvath (Glaczer).
PSV:          Van Veberen; Kruch, Nordquist, Van Kraay, Deukers, Van de Kerkhof,
              Strick, Dahlquist (Oubars), Luvse, Edstroem, Van de Kuylen.  

[Aug 23] 	
Valencia CF	0-2 PSV Eindhoven 
  [0-1 Edstrom 57´, 0-2 R. Kerkhof 77´]
Valencia CF:  Balaguer; Jesús Martínez, Barrero, Tirapu; 'Quino' Sierra, 
              Lloret (Keita), Sol, Antón Martínez; Cerveró, Claramunt, Jara.   
PSV:          Benerem; Krugh, Nordquist, Kraay, Deykers; W. Kerkhof, 
              Strick, Lubse, Edstrom, Kuylen.	


Valencia CF (Spain)
FC Zürich (Switzerland)
FC Den Haag (Netherlands)

[Aug 19]
Valencia CF	0-1 FC Zürich  
  [0-1 Risi 33´]
Valencia CF: Marro; Tirapu, Cerveró, Barrero; Barrachina, Cordero; Teca (Sancayetano), 
             Claramunt, Quino (González), Planelles (Ocampo), Valdez. 
FC Zurich:   Grob; Heer (Iselin), Rtuschmann, Zigerliz: San Filipo, Kuhn; 
             Martinelli, Scherwiler (Aliech), Risi, Fischbach, Botteron.          	

[Aug 20]
FC Den Haag	4-3 FC Zürich  
  [1-0 Schoenmaker 22´, 2-0 Korevaar 25´, 2-1 Rizi 39´,
   2-2 Risi 47´, 2-3 Fischbach 75´, 3-3 Perazic 81´,
   4-3 Vrees Wyk 83´]
Den Haag:    Thie; Mansvald, Omwehand, Korevaar; Landers, Kila; 
             Perazic, Schoenmaker, Alberten (Been), Van Leekwen, Jol (Vrees Wyk).          	
FC Zurich:   Grob; Heer, Iselin, Zigerliz (Rutschimann); San Filipo, Kuhn; 
             Fleshbach, Scherwelier (Martinelli), Risi, Stierli, Botteron.

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	4-1 FC Den Haag     
  [1-0 Claramunt (p) 20´, 1-1 Schoenmaker 28´, 2-1 Valdez 57´,
   3-1 Claramunt 73´, 4-1 González 74´]
Valencia CF: Marro; Cerveró, Domingo, Tirapu; Ribera, Cordero; San Cayetano, 
             Claramunt, González (Ferrer Díaz), Barrero (Esteban 45´), Valdez.
Den Haag:    Thie; Hudesveld, Toet (Albertsen), Randers; Korevaar, Kila; Perazic, 
             Schoenmaker, Jol, Ven Leeuwin, Ouevehand (Boon).        	


Valencia CF (Spain)
CSKA Moskva (Rusia)
Hércules CF (Spain)
Dinamo Moskva (Rusia)
Semifinals [Aug 17]
Valencia CF	2-2 CSKA Moskva   	 [CSKA Moskva on pen.]
  [0-1 Chesnokov 30´, 0-2 Chesnokov 48´, 1-2 Diarte 60´,
   2-2 Rep (p) 89´]
Valencia CF: Balaguér; Carrete, Martínez, Domingo; Castellanos, 
         Sáura (Teca), Tirapu, Juan Carlos, Rep, Diarte, Kempes.
CSKA Moskva: Astaposvki; Sauch, Shvezov, Visorich; Shalnev, Morozov; Chesnokov, 
             Kopeirin (Kuznezov), Nazarenko, Kolponski (Antonov), Nikowov.
Hércules CF	0-0 Dinamo Moskva	 [Dinamo Moskva on pen.]
Hércules CF: Deusto; José Antonio, Quique, Saccardi (Ferrer Díaz); Giuliano, Rivero; 
             Sancayetano (Charles), Baena (Aracil), Barrios, Carcelén, Lubecke.
D. Moskva:   Gontar; Nikouline, Nvikov, Bubnov; Machovikov, Petruchin; Kramarenka (Minaev),
             Dolmalov (Gerchkovich), Jakubik, Maksimenkov (Povlenko), Sepee.

Third place match [Aug 18]
Valencia CF  	1-1 Hércules CF   	 [Hércules on pen.]
  [1-0 Rep (p), 1-1 Barrios 60´]
Valencia CF: Marro; Carrete, Castellanos, Cerveró; Cordero, Tirapu, Rep, 
             Saura (Domingo), Teca (Jesús Martínez), Juan Carlos, Kempes.
Hércules CF: Dausto; Aracil (Quique), Giuliano, Comisso; Saccardi, Rivera; Sancayetano 
             (Lubeckel, Ferrer Díaz, Barrios (Baea), Caroelén, Betzúen.

Final [Aug 19]
CSKA Sofia	2-1 Dinamo Moskva      	2-1
  [1-0 Kopeikin 8´, 2-0 Morozov 19´, 2-1 Pavlenko 51´]
CSKA Moskva: Astapovski; Sauh, Shezov, Shalnev; Olshanski (Antonov), Morozv; Chesnokov 
             (Radaev), Koperkin, Nazarenko, Kelpovski (Doroflev), Nikonev.
D. Moskva:   Gontar; Nikaline, Leovikov, Bubuov; Machovikov, Parov; Gerchkovich, 
             Minger (Petruchin), Jakubik, Maksimenkov (Gevrouchikin), Sepee (Pavlenko).


Valencia CF (Spain)
Vitoria FC Setubal (Portugal)
Borussia Mönchengladbach  (Germnay)

[Aug 20]
Valencia CF	3-0 Vitoria FC Setubal   
  [1-0 Eloy 45´, 2-0 Arias 52´, 3-0 valdez 76´]
Valencia CF:  Manzanedo; Cordero, Arias (Castellanos), Cabral, Eloy Angulo (Claramunt), 
              Carrete, Botubot, Palmer, Lobo Diarte, Kempes, Saura (Valdez). 
Vitoria FC:   Vaz; Revello, Caica, Narciso, Mendes, Rachao, Tomé (Quim), Liranio, 
              Mirobaldo, Madeira (Joao), Palhares (Formonsinho).	

[Aug 21]
Vitoria FC	0-5 Borussia Mönchengladbach 
  [0-1 Nielsen 27´, 0-2 Bonhof 28´, 0-3 Simonssen 54´,
   0-4 Simonssen 76´, 0-5 Heynckes]
Vitória FC:   Jorge; Rebelo, Caíxá, Narciso, Mendes; Tomé, Libando (Jacteto), 
              Madera (Quím); Mirobaido (Formosinho), Rachao, Palhares. 
Borussia M.:  Knelb; Vogts, Kainknammer, Hannes; Bonhof, Wohzers; Simonssen, 
              Wimmer (Denver), Nielsen, Sohafer, Heynckes.

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	0-0 Borussia Mönchengladbach  
Valencia CF:  Pereira; Cordero, Arias (Álvarez), Cabral, Eloy Angulo, Carrete, 
              Botubot, Palmer, Valdez, Lobo Diarte, Kempes.  
Borussia M.:  Knelb; Vogts, Kzinkhammer, Withkamp, Bonhof, Wohzers, Simonsen, Frank, 
              Schafer, Niezsen (Heidenreich), Winfried, Schafer (Danner ), Heynkes.


Valencia CF (Spain)
CA Huracán (ARgentina)
AFC Ajax Amsterdam (Netherlands)

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	1-0 CA Huracan   
  [1-0 Bonhof (p) 58´]  
Valencia CF: Manzanedo; Cordero, Bonhof, Cabral (Solsona), Carrete; 
             Botubot, Cerveró, Saura; Felman (Arias), Diarte, Kempes. 
CA Huracan:  Baley; Demarta, Ojeda, Cheves, Bade (Domengoni); Houseman,
             Úbeda (Gallardo); Cabrera, Babington, Ferrero.

[Aug 22]
CA Huracan	4-3 Ajax Amsterdam  
  [1-0 Houseman (p) 25´, 1-1 Everse  33´, 1-2 Lerby 39´, 2-2 Ferrero 43´,
   3-2 Houseman 54´, 4-2 Cabrera 75´, 4-3 Lerby 77´]
CA Huracan:  Baley; Demarta, Ojeda, Cheves, Bade, Daulte, Houseman, Übeda,  
             Cabrera, Babington, Ferrero.
AFC Ajax:    Schkyvers; Van Dord, Meutstegs, Evrse, Krol, Lerby, Klarke,
             Arnesen (Kramer) (Kaiser)), Tahamata, Schoemager, Meyer (Zwamborn).

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	1-0 Ajax Amsterdam 
  [1-0 Kepmes (p) 87´]
Valencia CF: Manzanedo (Pereira); Cordero, Arias, Castellanos (Saura), Bonhof;
             Solsona, Carrete, Botubot; Cerveró (Palmer), Lobo Diarte, Kempes.
AFC Ajax:    Schrijvers; Van Dord, Meutstege, Everse, Krol; Larby, Clarke, 
             Tahamata; Schoenmaker, Meyer, Zwarnborn.


Valencia CF (Spain)
RCD Español (Spain)
Borussia Dortmund (Germnay)

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	2-1 RCD Espanyol  
  [1-0 Jiménez 28´, 2-0 Solsona 75´; 2-1 Marañón 89´]
Valencia CF:  Manzanedo; Arias, Castellanos, Solsona, Fabregat, Jiménez, Botubot, 
              Palmer, Cerveró, Saura, Felman.
RCD Español:  Urruti; Lanchas, Verdugo, Molinos, Huertas (Azpilicueta), Ayfuch,
              Fortes (Díez), Amarillo, Morazabal (Bio), Fernández Amado, Marañón.
[Aug 22]
RCD Espanyol	2-3 Borussia Dortmund  
  [0-1 Kulic 4´, 0-2 Nickel 23´, 1-2 Amarillo 47´, 1-3 Lienen 57´,
   2-3 Marañón 79´]
RCD Espanyol: Urruti; Lanchas, Huertas, Padilla, Verdugo (Fernández Amado 42´), 
              Azpílicueta, Amarillo, Molinos, Díez, Marañón, Arabí (Mas 75´).  
B. Dortmund:  Kneib; Schaffer, Danner, Hannes, Ringeis (Bodeker 52´), Schafer, 
              Ocres, Kulik; Nickel, Nielsen, Lienen.    

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	3-1 Borussia Dortmund   
  [0-1 Kulic 25´, 1-1 Saura 28´, 2-1 Felman 31´]
Valencia CF:  Manzanedo, Cabezas, Castellanos, Solsona, Jiménez, Albiol, Botubot,
              Palmer, Cerveró, Saura, Felman.   
B. Dortmund:  Kneib; Schaffer, Danner, Hannes, Bodeker, Schafer, Thychsen (Bruns),
              Kulic, Amrath, Nielsen (Mattahles), Lienen (Gores)


Valencia CF (Spain)
CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
CA Boca Juniors (Argentina)

[Aug 26]
Valencia CF	2-2 CR Vasco da Gama 
  [Kempes 18´, Saura 75´; Küson, Roberto]
Valencia CF:  Pereira; Arias, Tendillo, Castellanos, Solsona, Pablo Rodríguez (Felman), 
              Carrete, Botubot, Saura, Kempes (Subirats), Morena.       

[Aug 27]
Vasco da Gama	1-2 CA Boca Juniors	
  [1-0 Orjando 85´, 1-1 veglio 86´, 1-2 Capurro 87´]
Vasco Gama:   Maazaroli; Paulinho, Juan, Orlando, Carlos, Albertto, Joao Luís,
              Wilson, Paulo Roberto, Katinha, Roberto "Dinamita", Paulo César.
Boca Juniors: Gatti; Córdoba, Sa, Luggeri, Bordón, Robolzi, Sune, Benítez (Veglio),
              Salmas, Randazo (Coch), Perotti (Capurro).

[Aug 28]
Valencia CF	3-0 CA Boca Juniors 
  [1-0 Kempes 10´, 2-0 Felman 61´, 3-0 Kempes 70´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Arias, Tendillo, Castellanos (Subirats), Solsona, Carrete, Botubot, 
              Saura, Pablo Rodríguez (Felman), Kempes, Morena.   
Boca Juniors: Gatti; Sa, Cordón, Córdoba, Sune (Coch), Capurro, Salinas, Rebolzi,
              Randazo (Veglio), Benítez (Robles), Perotti.


Valencia CF (Spain)
CD Millonarios Bogotá (Colombia)
Hungary XI (Hungary)

[Aug 25]
Valencia CF	3-1 CD Millonarios Bogotá     
  [1-0 Saura 7´, 1-1 Ancheta 31´, 2-1 Solsona 50´, 
   3-1 Pablo 89´]
Valencia CF:  Pereira; Tendillo, Castellanos (Subirats), Solsona, Gálvez; Arnessen, 
              Aliaga, Botubot; Cerveró, Saura, Pablo Rodríguez.
Millonarios:  Navarro; Redondo, Camargo (Carlos González), Pinerez, Ancheta; Rodríguez 
             (Morales), Váldorniro, Evangelista (Frank); Moreno, Gómez Voglino, Moroz.

[Aug 26]
CD Millonarios	1-1 Hungary XI   
  [0-1 Torocsik 13´, 1-1 Gómez Boglino 55´]
Millonarios:  Navarro; Redondo, González, Pinerez, Ancheta, Jaime, Valdomiro,
              Romeo, Moreno, G, Voglino, Morán (Moralez).
Hungary XI:   Katzinz; Torek, Kerekes, Toth, Szanto, karoba, Kisa (Bodonyi), 
              Nyljasi, Torocsik (Polosksi), Ombori, Izso (Csapa).        

Final [Aug 27]
Valencia CF	2-3 Hungary XI 
  [1-0 Gálvez 20´, 2-0 Ribes 39´, 1-2 Kiss 45´, 
   2-2 Nyilasi 50´, 2-3 Toroczic]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Carrete (Aliaga), Cerveró, Tendillo, Botubot, Castellanos,
              (Ribes), Saura, Solsona (MIgueli), Gálvez, Roberto, Pablo.
Hungary XI:   Katzirz; Callaia, Kerekes, Toto, Muller (Szapo), Garaba, Kiss,
              (KOvacs), Nyilasi, Toroczic, Rab, Izsco (Csengrali).         	     


Valencia CF (Spain)
Luton Town FC (England)
1. FC Kaiserlautern (Germnay)

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	2-0 Luton Town FC         	
  [1-0 Kempes 31´, 2-0 Ribes 78´]
Valencia CF:   Sempere; Moreno (Castellanos), Arias, Tendillo, Solsona (Ribes), 
               Kempes, Welzl, Carrete, Botubot, Saura, Roberto (Subirats).
Lutton Town:   Findlay; Stophens, Money, Horton, Goodyear; Donaghy, 
               Hill, Esteyen; Walsh, Antic, Moss.

[Aug 24]
Luton Town FC	1-2 1.FC Kaiserslautern  
  [0-1 Brummer 52´, 0-2 Allofs 54´, 1-2 Moss 69´]
Luton Town FC: Findlay (Judge); Thomas, Turner, Horton (Kellock), Goodyear; 
               Donaghy, Hill, Stein (Smatll), Walsh (Bunn), Antic, Moss.
Kiaserlautern: Hellstrom; Melzer (Kitzman), Brehme (Brummer), Dusck, Naves, 
               Briegel, Eilenfeld (Hubner), Geye, Funkel, Bongartz, Allofs.	

[Aug 25]
Valencia CF	0-3 1.FC Kaiserslautern  
  [0-1 Allofs 29´, 0-2 Eilenfeld 63´, 0-3 Brummer 85´]
Valencia CF:   Sempere; Carrete (Solsona), Botubot (Pablo), Arias, Tendillo 
               (Castellanos); Moreno, Saura, Ribes, Welzl; Roberto, Kempes.
Kaiserlautern: Hellstroem; Wolf, Briegel, Brehmer, Dusek; Neves, Eilenfeld 
               (Hubner), Heyes, Nilsson (Brummer); Bongartz, Allofs.


valencia CF (Spain)
SC Internacional (Brazil)
CA Peñarol (Uruguay)

[Aug 16]
Valencia CF	1-1 SC Internacional
  [1-0 Kempes (p) 75´, 1-1 Geraldao 77´]
Valencia CF:  Manzanedo; Tendillo, Castellanos, Kempes, Granero (Revert); Serrat, 
              Botubot, Ribes (Ferrando); Saura, Roberto, Pablo Rodríguez.
SC Internac.: Benítez; Edevaldo, Mauro, Pastor, Galvao; Ademir, André Luiz, Silvio 
              (Paulo Santos); Muller (Gerson), Geraldao, René (Beretta), Silvinho.

[Aug 17]
CA Peñarol	1-1 SC Internacional 
  [1-0 Villarreal 12´, 1-1 Rubén Paz 48´]
CA Peñarol:   Gustavo Fernández; Oliveira, Diego, Bossio, Gutiérrez; D. Silva,
              Saralegui, Zalazar (Fallero); Villarreal (W. Silva), Morena, Ramos.
SC Internac.: Benítez; Berett (Rubén Paz), Galvao, Ademir, Pastor; André Luis, René;
              Gerson; Silvio, Geraldao, Silvinho (Paulo Santos).

[Aug 18]
Valencia CF	1-0 CA Penarol 
  [1-0 Kempes 50´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Aliaga (Revert), Botubot (Moreno 15´, Fernando)), Serrat, 
              Tendillo; César, Idigoras, Subirats, Roberto, Kempes, Gálvez.
CA Peñarol:   G. Fernández; Olivera, Gutiérrez, Diogo, Ortiz (Zalazar); Doroteo Silva,
              Waldir Silva, Saralegui, Morena, Falero (Bossio), Ramos.


Valencia CF (Spain)
CA River Plate (Argentina)
Haburger SV (Germany)
[Aug 15]
Valencia CF	2-1 CA River Plate    
  [0-1 Alfaro 8´, 1-1 Subirats 34´, 2-1 Saura 50´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Arias, Tendillo, Castellanos, Subirats; Cabrera, Granero 
              (Quique Flores), Serrat; Saura, Roberto (Fernando), García Pitarch (Sixto). 
River Plate:  Gay; Borelli, Articoechea, Gordillo, Gallego; Nicosia, Alfaro, Enrique; 
              Francescoli, Alonso, Tegua. (* Merlo, Tapia, Villalba).
[Aug 16]
Hamburger SV	1-0 CA River Plate
  [1-0 Soler 20´]
Hamburger SV: Stein; Wehmeyer, Schuhmann (Wuttke), Schroeder, Groh; 
              Soler, Milewski, Von Heessen, McGhee, Magathh, Rolff.  
River Plate:  Gail; Borelli, Articoechea, Gordillo, Gallego; Nicosia, Alfaro, 
              Enrique (Gorosito), Francescoli, Alonso (Tapia), Peglia.        	

[Aug 17]
Valencia CF	5-1 Hamburger SV  
  [1-0 Cabrera 9´, 2-0 Cabrera 16´, 3-0 Sixto 51´,
   4-0 Cabrera 55´, 4-1 Schroder 63´, 5-1 Fernando 85´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Arias, Tendillo, Castellanos, Subirats (Fernando), Cabrera, 
              Casabona, Granero, Serrat, Saura (Vicente), Roberto. 
Hamburger SV: Stein; Wehmoyer, Schuhmann (Wutke), Schroder, Gron; Soler, 
              Milewsk (Pane), Von Heesssen; McGhee, Magath, Rolf.     


Valencia CF (Spain)
CA Boca Juniors (Argentina)
Final [Aug 20]
Valencia CF	2-4 CA Boca Juniors     
  [ 1-0 Casabona 8´, 1-1 Centurión 23´, 2-1 Cabrera 43´, 
    2-2 Olarticoechea 51´, 2-3 Irazoqui 58´, 2-4 Fernando (og) 51´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere (Bermell); Boro, Arias, Tendillo (Aliaga), Castellanos, Ferrando, 
              Subirats (Ribes), Cabrera, Casabona (Jon García), Revert, Urruti (Fenoll).	
Boca Juniors: Baleiro; Brown, Hrabina, Gómez (Matatos), Olarticoechea (Otero), Pasucci, 
              Graciani, Stafussa, Centurión, Tapia, Irazoqui (Gregorio).


Valencia CF (Spain)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)

Final [Aug 26]
Valencia CF	0-3 CR Flamengo   
  [0-1 Aldair 40´, 0-2 Bebeto 68´, 0-3 Vinicius 74´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere (Serna); Boro, Giner, Ferrando, Montes (Subirats), Alcañiz, 
              Quique Flores (Juanjo), Muñoz Pérez, Revert, Arroyo (Casabona), Fenoll.	
CR Flamengo:  Ze Carlos; Ailton, Leandro, Aldair, Adalberto, Andrade, 
              Bebeto, Waltinho, Julio César, Vinicius, Zinho.	


Valencia CF (Spain)
FC Barcelona (Spain)
AC Fiorentina (Italy)

[Aug 12]
FC Barcelona	3-1 AC Fiorentina  
  [1-0 Roberto (P) 27´, 2-0 Baggio (p) 64´, 2-1 Carrasco 67´, 
   3-1 Hysen (Og) 68´]
FC Barcelona: Zubizarreta (Covelo 78´); Cristobal, Migueli, Moratalla, Julio Alberto; Víctor, 
              Roberto (Calderé 45´), Schuster, Urbano (Carrasco 45´); Hughes, Lineker.  
Fiorentina:   Landucci; Contratto, Carobbi, Battistini, Pin; Hysen, Berti (Gelsi 67´), 
              Onorati, Ramon, Diaz; Baggio, Di Chiara (Bosco 55´).    	

[Aug 13]
Valencia CF	5-0 AC Fiorentina  
  [1-0 Revert 2´, 2-0 Gómez 23´, 3-0 Arroyo 27´, 
   4-0 Bossio 59´, 5-0 Boro 89´]
Valencia CF:  Antonio; Arias, Giner, Bossio (Boro), Subirats, Fernando, Ciraolo (Nando), 
              Alcañiz (Fenoll), Quique Flores, Revert, Arroyo.       
Fiorentina:   Landucci; Contratto, Carobbi (Berti), Gelsi (Di Chiara), Pin, Hysen, 
              Bosco, Battistini, Díaz, Roberto Baggio, Onoratti. 	

[Aug 14]
Valencia CF	0-1 FC Barcelona  
  [0-1 Lineker 36´]
Valencia CF:  Antonio; Quique, Revert, Arias, Giner (Voro 74´); Bossio, Ciraolo, 
              Arroyo (Nando 74´), Alcaniz (Fenoll 74´); Subirats, Fernando.      
FC Barcelona: Zubizarreta; Cristobal (Victor 45´), Migueli (Moratalla 45´), Salva, Julio Alberto, 
              Urbano, Schuster, Roberto, Caldere; Carrasco, Lineker (Hughes 56´).     	


Valencia CF (Spain)
CR Vasco da Gama (Brazil)
FC Porto (Portugal)

[Aug 17]
Valencia CF	2-0 CR Vasco da Gama
  [1-0 Lucho Flores 30´, 2-0 Fernando 51´]
Valencia CF:  Ochotorena; Arias, Giner (Boro), Bossio, Subirats (Zurdi), Fernando (Arroyo), 
              Lucho Flores, Quique Flores, Revert, Nando, Eloy. 
V. da Gama:   Acacio (Regis); Paulo Roberto, Donato, Lira, Ze do Carmo (Sorato), Fernando, 
              Vivinho, Mazinho, Osvaldo, Bismark, William.  	

[Aug 18]
FC Porto	0-0 CR Vasco da Gama     
FC Porto:     Mlynarczyck; Joao Pinto, Lima Pereira, Dito, Branco; Frasco,
              André, Quim; Magalhaes, Gomes, Madjer.
V. da Gama:   Regis; Cocada, Donato, Fernando, Lira; Ze do Carmo, Osvaldo, 
              Wilmar, Mazinho; Bismark, Vivinho.

[Aug 19]
Valencia CF	2-0 FC Porto 
  [1-0 Lucho Flores 16´, 2-0 Alcañiz 69´]
Valencia CF:  Ochotorena; Torres, Boro, Arias, Bossio (Camarasa), Subirats (Fenoll), 
              Fernando, Lucho Flores (Alcañiz), Revert, Nando, Eloy.  
FC Porto:     Mlynarczyck; Joao Pinto, Branco, Lima Pereira, Dito, Bandeirinha, 
              Magalhaes, Rui Aguas, Gomes (Domingos), Quim, André.          	


Club Nacional (Uruguay)
AFC Ajax  (Netherlands)
Valencia CF (Spain)
[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	2-0 Club Nacional Montevideo 
  [1-0 Eloy 21´; 2-0 Eloy 90´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Torres, Boro, Camarasa, Bossio; Subirats (Arroyo), Fernando, 
              Quique Flores, Nando (González); Eloy, Fenoll (Zurdi).    
CA Nacional:  Sere; Toni Gómez, Silva, Milton Gómez, Mozo (Soca); Cardaccio (Saralegui), 
              Silvera (Noé), Morán, Fonseca, Peña, Bianchi (Sergio Olivera).

[Aug 22]
AFC Ajax 	1-3 Club Nacional Montevideo
  [1-0 Scholten 38´, 1-1 José García 46´, 1-2 Soca (p) 54´,
   1-3 Saralegui 84´]
AFC Ajax:     Menzo; Blind, Larsson, Vink, Van Wyk (F. De Boer); H. Schip, Schoten, 
              Bergkamp, Fischer (R. De Boer); Witschge, Roy.
CA Nacional:  Sere; Silvera, Mozo, Milton, Gómez, Cardaccio, Zobpi, Saraegui, 
              Dely Valdés (Morán), Cabrera, José García (Fonseca).

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	3-1 AFC Ajax   
  [0-1 Ronald de Boer 28´, 1-1 Eloy 35´, 
   2-1 Fenoll 62´, 3-1 Fernando (P) 65´]
Valencia CF:  Sempere; Torres, Boro, Arias, González (Camarasa); Subirats, 
              Fernando, Quique Flores (Revert); Nando, Eloy, Fenoll.  
AFC Ajax:     Menzo; Blind (Arnhem), Larsson, Vink, Van Wik (Witschge), Winter (Bergkamp); 
              Schip, Ronald de Boer, Fischer (Scholten); Frank de Boer, Roy.     


CSKA Sofia (Bulgaria)
Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	5-0 CSKA Sofia 
  [1-0 Eloy Olaya 5´, 2-0 Quique Flores 40´, 3-0 Eloy Olaya 46´.
   4-0 Eloy Olaya 50´, 5-0 Fernando Gómez 84´]
Valencia CF:  Ochotorena; Boro, Arias, Giner, González, Fernando, Gomes (Fenoll), 
              Cuxart (Roberto), Quique Flores (Nando), Arroyo, Eloy.  
CSKA Sofia:   Apostolov; Dimitrov, Ivanov, Urakov, Mladenov, Ianshev, Donev (A. Dimitrov), 
              Vitanov, Kirov (Galibarov), Bacalov (R. Dimitrov), Marachciev (Pailov).      	

[Aug 22]
Real Madrid CF	3-1 CSKA Sofia       	
  [0-1 Ivanov 18´, 1-1 Hierro 29´, 2-1 Butragueño 46´, 
   3-1 Hugo Sánchez 65´]
Real Madrid:  Buyo; Chendo, Gordillo, F. Hierro, Solana, Spasic (Tendillo), Butragueño (Villarroya), 
              Míchel, Hugo Sánchez, Hagi (Aldana), Maqueda (P. Llorente). 
CSKA Sofia:   Stoianov; Donev (Marachiev), Ivanov, Mladenov, Jantchev, Bacalov (Pavlov), Urukov, R. Dimitrov, 
              E. Dimitrov (Lliev), A. Dimitrov, Kirov. 

[Aug 23] 
Valencia CF	1-7 Real Madrid CF        	
  [0-1 Villarroya 22´, 0-2 F. Llorente 24´, 0-3 F. Llorente 43´, 
   0-4 Villarroya 68´, 0-5 Losada 75´, 1-5 Arroyo 80´, 
   1-6 Losada 81´, 1-7 Losada 87´] 
Valencia:     Ochotorena; Q. Flores (Torres 45´), Arias, Bossio, Giner (C. Arroyo 42´), Camarasa, 
              Nando, Roberto, Fernando, Toni, Eloy. 
Real Madrid:  Jaro; Tendillo (Míchel 56´), Solana (Gordillo 58´), F. Hierro, Sanchis, Spasic, 
              P. Llorente (Losada 65´), Parra, Aldana, Villarroya , Maqueda (Aragón 36´).


CIS (Confederation Independent States ex-URSS)
São Paulo FC (Brazil)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 20]
Valencia CF	1-1 USSR
  [1-0 Fernando 3´, 1-1 Korneev 27´]
Valencia CF: Sempere; Torres, Boro, Camarasa, Giner, González (Arroyo), Fernando, 
             Rommel Fernández, Penev, Nando, Roberto.
USSR:        Tscherchenssov; Chernishov, O. Koutznesov, Tsveiba, Galiamine, 
             Shalimov, Mikhailichenko, Korneev, Sergueev, Kolivanov, Mostovoi.

[Aug 21]
São Paulo FC	0-0 USSR
São Paulo:   Zetti; Cafu, Antônio Carlos, Ronaldão, Nelsinho, Sídnei,
             Baiano (Müller), Raí, Anílton, Macedo, Elivélton.
USSR:        Dmitriy Kharin, Andrey Chernyshov, Oleg Kuznetsov, Akhrik Tsveyba,
             Dmitriy Galyamin, Igor Shalimov, Aleksey Mikhaylichenko, Igor Korneyev,
             Oleg Sergeyev (Dmitriy Kuznetsov 57'), Igor Kolyvanov, Aleksandr Mostovoy.

[Aug 22]
Valencia CF	1-0 São Paulo FC           	
  [1-0 Rommel Fernández 51´]
Valencia CF: Ochotorena; Torres, Boro, Camarasa, Giner, Gómez, Penev, Rommel Fernández (Mir), 
             Nando, Arroyo (González), Roberto.
São Paulo:   Zetti; Cafú. Antonio Carlos, Ronaldo, Sidnei, Nelsinho, Muller, 
             Amilton (Mauricio), Macedo (Baiano), Rai, Elivelton.


Dinamo Moskva (Russia)
Sampdoria UC (Italy)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 19]
Valencia CF       1-1 Dinamo Moskva
  [1-0 Giner 11´, 1-1 Kassumov 56´]
Valencia CF:   González; Belodedici (Boro), Camarasa, Giner, González (Sánchez), 
               Fernando, Quique Flores, Roberto, Leonardo, Eloy, Álvaro.
Dinamo Moskva: V. Smetanin; Timofeev, Skliarov, Tschadadze, Kalitvedzez (Gavrilin), 
               Krivshtenov (Smetanin), Bout (Oganesian), Simotenkov (Kostionk), 
               Tetradze, Kassumov, Tsarev.

[Aug 20]
Sampdoria UC      1-2 Dinamo Moskva
  [0-1 Simutenkov 5´, 0-2 Mancini og 35´, 1-2 M.Serena 53´]

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF       2-1 Sampdoria UC
  [0-1 Bertarelli 58´, 1-1 Fernando 78´, 2-1 Arrajo 91´]
Valencia CF:   Sempere; Belodedici, Camarasa, Giner (Boro), González, Fernando, 
               Quique Flores (Tárrga), Roberto, Leonardo, Eloy (Arroyo), Álvaro (Sánchez).
Sampdoria UC:  Nuciari; Mannini, Lanna, Walker, Vierchowood, Serena, Lombardo, Jugovic, 
               Bertarelli (Corini), Mancini (Sachetti), Bonetti (Buso).


SC Feyenoord (Netherlands)
Werder Bremen (Germany)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 18]
Valencia CF	5-1 Feyenoord Rotterdam  
  [1-0 Mijatovic 1´, 2-0 Arroyo 2´, 3-0 Belodedici 3´, 4-0 Penev 4´,
   5-0 Gálvez, 5-1 Witschge 75´]  
Valencia CF:   Sempere; Tárraga, Serer, Camarasa (Ignacio), Belodedici, Giner (Eloy), 
               Mijatovic (Rubio), Penev, Gálvez, Arroyo, Roberto (Fernando).
Feyenoord:     De Goy; Refos, Gobbel, Metgod, Heus (Esajas), Dosz (Trustfull), 
               Mass, Taument (Gorre), Obiku, Witschge, Gunnlagson (Petta).

[Aug 19]
SC Feyenoord 	1-5 Werder Bremen  
  [1-0 Maas 20´,1-1 Hobsch 27´, 1-2 Ruffer 49´, 
   1-3 Ruffer (p) 70´, 1-4 Herzog 86´, 1-5 Eitts 88´]
Feyenoord:    De Goey; Gobbel, Refos, Metgod (Trustfull), Esajas; Maas, Gorre, 
              Witschge (Heus), Petta (Gunnlangson); Van Loen, Taurnent.
W. Bremen:    Reck; Schaaf (Votava), Beiersdorfef, Neubarth (Bäsler), Legal; Borowka, Elits,
              Bockenfeld (Wiedener), Herzorg,; Hobsch (Wolter), Rufer.

[Aug 20]
Valencia CF	0-0 Werder Bremen        [3-1 on pen.]
Valencia CF:   González; Serer, Camarasa (Roberto), Belodedici, Giner, Fernando, 
               Mijatovic (Eloy), Penev, Gálvez (Pizzi), Rubio, Arroyo.
Werder Bremen: Gundelach; Bockenfeld, Legat, Votava, Beiersdorfer, Basler, 
               Walter (Unger), Elits, Hobsch, Herzog (Schaaf), Rufer.


FC Barcelona (Spain)
Real Valladolid (Spain)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 17]
Valencia CF	3-2 Real Valladolid
  [0-1 Nilson 20´, 1-1 Fernando 32´, 1-2 Alberto 39´, 
   2-2 Camarasa 55´, 3-2 Mijatovic 87´]
Valencia CF:  Zubizarreta; Maqueda (Arroyo), Camarasa, Giner, Poyatos, Mendieta (Álvaro), 
              Fernando, Mijatovic, Salenko, Romero, Juan Carlos.
Valladolid:   González; Cuaresma, Ramón, Albesa (Miguelo), Zidoncha (Belodedici), 
              Herrero (Chumilla), Matosas, Gracia, Pablo, Nilson (Serrano), Alberto.

[Aug 18]
FC Barcelona	1-0 Real Valladolid
  [1-0 Escaich]
Fc Barcelona: Busquets, Nadal, Guardiola (Eusebio), Abelardo, Sergi, Amor (Ivan), 
              Eskurza, Geli, Escaich, Hagi (Jordi), Begiristain. 
Valladolid:   Gonzalez (Carou), Cuaresma (Quevedo), Cidoncha, Ferreras, Santi Cuesta, 
              Chumilla, Arquero, Matosas (Belodedic), Alberto, Gracia (Herrero), Pablo (Miguelo).

[Aug 19]
Valencia CF	1-0 FC Barcelona
  [1-0 Camarasa 38´]
Valencia:     Zubizarreta; Juan Carlos (Serer), Romero, Camarasa, Giner, Mazinho, 
              Poyatos, Mijatovic, Salenko (Galvez), Fernando, Alvaro (Maqueda). 
FC Barcelona: Lopetegi; Eusebio (Begiristain), Guardiola (Jordi), Koeman, Abelardo (Nadal), 
              Bakero, Eskurza (Amor), Stoichkov, Ivan, Hagi, Sergi.


Atlético de Madrid (Spain)
CD Tenerife (Spain)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 19]
Valencia CF	1-3 CD Tenerife
  [1-0 Gálvez 47´, 1-1 Pizzi (p) 69´, 1-2 Aguilera 79´, 1-3 Robaina 81´]
Valencia:   Zubizarreta; Javi Navarro, Camarasa, Mazinho, Engonga (Serer 60´), 
            Fernando (José Ignacio 62´), Mijatovic, Viola (Romero 58´), Gálvez 
            (Arroyo 74´), Otero, Sietes (Ibáñez 78´).
Tenerife:   Ojeda; Llorente, Alexis, César Gómez, Ramis (Aguilera 20´), Jokanovic, 
            Papal (Robaina 46´), Chano, Pizzi (Latorre 77´), Felipe (Conte 62´), 
            Juanele (Pinilla 74´).

[Aug 20]
CD Tenerife	1-3 Atlético de Madrid
  [0-1 Penev 16´, 0-2 Penev 18´, 0-3 Geli 23´, 1-3 Pinilla 74´]
Tenerife:   Buljubasich; Aguilera, Toni, Mata, Moisés; Robaina, 
            Conte, Latorre (César Gómez 60´), Vivar Dorado; Pinilla, Víctor.
AT. Madrid: Molina; Geli, Solozábal, Santi, Toni (P. Ferreira); Roberto (Dani), Vizcaíno,
            Caminero (Juan Carlos), Simeone (Biagini); Penev (De la Sagra), Kiko.

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	1-1 Atlético de Madrid
  [1-0 Mijatovic (p) 72´, 1-1 Juan Carlos 82´]
Valencia:   Zubizarreta; Serer, Javi Navarro, Camarasa, Mazinho, Fernando, Mijatovic, 
            Viola (Ibáñez 64´), Gálvez (José Ignacio 30´), Otero, Sietes (Romero 50´).
At. Madrid: Molina; Geli, Solozábal, Santi, Toni (López 66´), Tomás, Roberto, 
            Kiko (Juan Carlos 57´), Simeone (De la Sagra 84´), Correa (Vizcaíno 46´), 
            Penev (Biagini 70´).


CR Flamengo (Brazil)
AC Perugia (Italy)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 21]
Valencia CF	3-1 AC Perugia			
  [0-1 Rapaic 3´, 1-1 Romario 17´, 1-2 Moya 66´, 1-3 Vlaovic 86´]
Valencia:   Zubizarreta; Javi Navarro (Poyatos 57´), Patxi Ferreira, Engonga, Fernando, 
            Jose Ignacio (Moya 51´), Viola (Clauido López 57´), Romario (Vlaovic 69´), 
            Romero, Karpin, Eskurza (Mendieta 62´). 
AC Perugia: Kocic; Cottini (Matrecano 45´), Di Chiara, Kreek (Manicone 45´), Dicara, 
            Vierchowood, Pagano (Briaschi 45´), Allegri (Goretti 45´), Negri (Artistico 45´), 
            Gunti, Rapajc.

[Aug 22]
AC Perugia	2-5 CR Flamengo		
  [0-1 Texeira 16´, 0-2 Texeira 21´, 0-3 Gilson 38´, 
   0-4 Angelo 57´, 0-5 Robinho 60´, 1-5 Artistico (p) 72´, 
   2-5 Artistico 88´]

[Aug 23]
Valencia CF	2-0 CR Flamengo	
  [1-0 Moya 54´, 2-0 Moya 89´]
Valencia:   Zubizarreta; Patxi Ferreira (Poyatos 57´), Engonga, Fernando, Claudio López (Viola 52´), 
            Vlaovic, Otero, Sietes (Romero 52´), Moya (José Ignacio 71´), Karpin, Eskurza (Mendieta 73´). 
Flamengo:   Sergio; Leonardo, Santos, Felipe, Nielsen, Mancuso, Helton, Hilson, 
            Robinho (Jacques 45´), Fabio Joaquín (Robertinho 45´), Fabio Texeira, Angelo (Jacinto 45´).


SE Palmeiras (Brazil)
CR Flamengo (Brazil)
Valencia CF (Spain)	

[Aug 20]
Valencia CF	3-1 SE Palmeiras		
  [0-1 Zinho 25´, 1-1 Romario 39´, 2-1 Romario 40´, 3-1 Romario 55´]
Valencia:    Campagnuolo; Javi Navarro, Cáceres, Saïb (Oliveira 60´), Milla, Romario 
             (Vlaovic 65´), Ortega (Claudio López 65´), Angloma, Juanfran, Farinós 
             (Albelda 69´), Morigi (José Ignacio 45´.
Palmeiras:   Velloso; Pimentel, Roque Junior, Cléber, Galeano, Junior (Wagner 60´), 
             Euller (Alex 45´), Amaral (Rogerio 70´), Óseas (Cris 70´), Marquinhos 
             (Emilson 45´), Zinho.

[Aug 21]
SE Palmeiras	2-0 CR Flamengo	
  [1-0 Zinho 21´, 2-0 Oseas 32´]
Palmeiras:   Velloso; Pimentel, Roque, Junior, Cleber, Galeano; Junior (Vagner),
             Euler (Edmilson), Amaral (Marquinhos), Oseas (Cris); Alex, Zinho (Rogerio).
Flamengo:    Clemer; Fabio Baiano, Luis Alberto, Bruno Quadros; GIlberto (Leandro), Lucio (Evandro),
             Jorginho, Renato (Irinildo); Savio, Piekarski (Maurinho).  

[Aug 22]
Valencia CF	1-3 CR Flamengo		
  [0-1 Romario 26´; 1-1 Savio 39´, 1-2 Savio 60´, 1-3 Savio 70´]
Valencia:    Zubizarreta; Javi Navarro (Mendieta 45´), Cáceres, Djukic, Saïb, Milla, 
             Romario (Claudio López 33´), Ortega (Oliveira 61´), Juanfran, Farinós 
             (Poyatos 67´), Morigi (Fernando 58´).
CR Flamengo: Clemer; Fabio Baiano, Junior Baiano, Luiz Alberto, Gilberto, Jamir, 
             Lucio (M. Aurelio 79´), Jorginho, Iranildo (Maurinho 75´), 
             Renato (Evandro 45´), Savio (Kuadros 79´).


Dinamo Bucurest (Romania)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Sep 7]
Valencia CF	2-0 Dinamo Bucuresti
  [1-0 Contra (og), 2-0 Lucarelli 62´]
Valencia:     Bartual, Morigi, Tellez (85 Roche), Camarasa, Djukic, Juanfran, Milla 
              (46 Mendieta), Popescu, Olivera, Lucarelli (67 Carboni), Sabin.
D. Bucuresti: Fonhani, Contra, Ciobotariu, Batrinu (60 Bodea), Iftodi (85 Tilvan),
              Petre (71 Dobre), Mihalcea (76 Gane), Lupescu (65 Chirita), Hildin,
              Nicolae, Florea.


Parma AC (Italy)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 30]
Parma AC	0-0 Valencia CF		[3-0 pen]		
Valencia CF: Canizares, Gerardo, Djukic, Pellegrino, Carboni (59 Albiol), Milla, Ruben  
             Baraja (65 Deschamps), Parri, Elias, Sanchez, Sergio Gonzalez (79 Castillo).
Parma AC:    Guardalben (46 Micillo), Fuser (64 Falsini), Thuram, Baggio (59 Torrisi), 
             Sartor (71 Cannavaro), Lamouchi, Maini, Micoud (58 Montano), Conceicao 
             (88 Strada), Amoroso, Di Vaio (58 Mboma).


CA Peñarol (Uruguay)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 14]
Valencia CF	2-1 CA Penarol Montevideo
  [1-0 Pellegrino 14´, 2-0 Mista 22´, 2-1 Cedres 61´]
Valencia CF: Canizares, Curro Torres, Navarro, Pellegrino, Carboni, Rufete (79 Albiol),
             Albelda (85 Nico), Enguix, Angulo, Mista (71 Jandro), Salva (30 Sanchez).
CA Peñarol:  Berbia, Pilipauskas, Barbosa, De los Santos, Lima, Dos Santos, Rotundo 
             (65 Cesaro), Cedres, Bengoechea, S.Garcia, Bueno (76 Adao). 


Club Nacional Montevideo (Uruguay)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 14]
Valencia CF	5-2 Club Nacional Montevideo
  [1-0 Vicente 3´, 2-0 Fabio Aurelio (p) 51´, 3-0 Carew 59´, 
   4-0 Marchena 62´, 4-1 Webo (p) 73´, 4-2 Webo 78´, 
   5-2 Sánchez 79´]
Valencia CF: Cañizares (Palop 61´), Curro Torres (Garrido 68´), Ayala (Djukic 46´), Pellegrino, 
             Carboni (Fabio Aurelio 46´), Rufete (Carew 46´), Marchena,  
             De los Santos (Albelda 58´), Vicente, Aimar (Sánchez 46´), Angulo.
C. Nacional: Munua, Del Campo (Leites 46´), Lembo, Scotti, Curbelo, Vanzini (Pellejero 69´), Morales 
             (Webo 66´), Coelho (Rodríguez 85´), Varela, Oscar Morales, Lawliz (Machado 46´). 


Real Madrid CF (Spain)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 17]	
Valencia CF	0-0 Real Madrid	CF	 	[Real Madrid 5-6 pen]
Valencia CF: Palop; Garrido, Ayala (Pellegrino 46´), Marchena, Carboni; Jorge López (Sánchez 66´), 
             Albelda (Verdejo 83´), Baraja (De los Santos 73´); Vicente (Canobbio 46´), 
             Aimar (Carew 59´), Oliveira.
Real Madrid: Casillas; Salgado, Pavón, Helguera, Roberto Carlos; Beckham (Guti 63´), Cambiasso, 
             Zidane (Solari 79´), Figo (Núñez 84´); Ronaldo (Portillo 75´), Raúl (Morientes 84´).


Olympiakos Piraeus (Greece)
Udinese Calcio (Italy)
Valencia CF (Spain)

[Aug 12]	
Valencia CF	1-3 Olympiakos Piraeus
 [0-1 Konstadinou 5´, 1-1 Mista 68´, 1-2 Toure 77´, 
   1-3 Babanghida 79´]
Valencia:   Butelle; Pedro López, Ayala, Moretti, Carboni; Angulo, Edu, Albiol, 
            Regueiro; Villa, Mista. (+ David Navarro, Baraja, Fabio Aurelio, 
            Kluivert, Aimar, Di Vaio).
Olympiakos: Nikopolidis; Mavrogenidis, Anatolakis, Koustoulas, Georgatos; Kafes, Stoltidis, 
            Toure, Djordjevic; Rivaldo, Konstadinou. + (Koulouheris, Okkas, Babanghida, 
            Maric, Bulut, Vallas).

[Aug 13]
Udinese	Calcio	4-2 Olympiakos Piraeus
 [1-0 Di Natale 14´, 2-0 Di Natale 22´, 2-1 Babanghida 52´, 
  3-1 Di Natale 60´, 4-1 Iaquinta 68´, 4-2 Babanghida 69´]
Udinese:    Natali; Paoleti, Sensini, Vidigal, Juarez, Zenoni, Iaquinta, Di Natale, 
            Pazienza, Mauri, Pieri. + Felipe, Morosini, Candela, Muntari, Lazzari. 
Olympaikos: Lemmens; Kafes, Babanghida, Bulut, Vallas, Castillo, Schurrer, Taralidis, 
            Koulouheris, Patsatzoglou, Toure. + Kyriakos, Pantos, Mavrogenidis, Al Gheddafi, Sforzini

[Aug 14]
Valencia CF	0-1 Udinese
 [0-1 Di Natale 78´]
Valencia:  Mora; Pedro López, Albiol, Marchena, Moretti, Angulo, Edu (33 Fabio Aurelio), Albelda, 
           Vicente, Villa (65 Di Vaio), Kluivert (46 Aimar).         
Udinese:   Paoletti; Tissone, Natali, Felipe, Juárez (80 Gustavo), Candela, Obodo, 
           Vidigal (46 Mauri), Muntari, Di Natale, Iaquinta. + Pazienza, Zenoni.  


AS Roma (Italy)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 12]	
Valencia CF	2-0 AS Roma
 [1-0 Silva 41´, 2-0 Albelda 83´]
Valencia: Butelle, Curro Torres (Cerra 84´), Albiol, David Navarro (Albelda 46´), 
          Moretti; Silva (Jorge López 71´), Marchena, Edu (Pallardó 87´), 
          Vicente (Gavilán 46´); Villa (Regueiro 46´) y Morientes (Angulo 56´). 
AS Roma:  Doni (Curci 46´), Panucci, Tonetto (Cufre 82´), Chivu (Ferrari 62´), 
          Cassetti; De Rossi (Alvarez 62´), Aquilani (Faty 62´), Mancini, Rosi: 
          Totti (Perrota 46´), Mido (Nonda 69´). 


Parma AC (Italy)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 19]	
Valencia CF	0-2 Parma AC
 [0-1 Budan 7´, 0-2 Morfeo 82´.]
Valencia CF: Hildebrand; Miguel, Albiol, Helguera, Moretti; Angulo, Marchena, Baraja, 
             Gavilán; Villa, Morientes. (+ Mata, Silva, Caneira, Sunny, Joaquín, Alexis). 
Parma AC:    Bucci; Coly, Falcone, Rossi, Castellini; Cigarini, Ferreira, Morrone, Parravicini, 
             Pisanu; Budan. (+ Gasbarroni, Zenoni, Paponi, Tombesi, Paci, Dessena, Morfeo).


SBV Vitesse (Netherlands)
Valencia CF (Spain)

Final [Aug 13]	
Valencia CF	3-1 SBV Vitesse
  [0-1 Prijor 19´, 1-1 Miguel 28´, 2-1 Silva 57´, 
   3-1 Silva 77´]
Valencia: Guaita; Miguel, Albiol, Alexis, Del Horno; Baraja, Edu, Pablo, Mata; Angulo, Villa. 
          (+ Morientes, Silva, Fernandes, Joaquín, Albelda, Helguera, Moretti, Navarro, Vicente, Zigic).
Vitesse:  Van der Sman; Vergaegh, Sprockel, Van der Strujik, Drost; Yakubu, Schreuder, Prijor, 
          Kolk; Claudemir, Junker. (+ Megrelishvili, Van Wolfswinkel, Sansoni, Van Diermen, Buttnet, Pluim).


Valencia CF (Spain)
Atsenal FC (England)

Final [Aug 9]
Valencia CF	2-0 Arsenal FC
  [1-0 Michel 75´, 2-0 Villa 91´]
Valencia CF: Moyà; Miguel, Alexis, Dealbert, Mathieu; Pablo Hernández, Banega, Marchena, Mata; Silva, Zigic. 
             (+ Joaquín, Villa, Albelda, Bruno, David Navarro, Michel, Maduro, Baraja, Miku).
Arsenal FC:  Almunia; Eboué, Gallas, Djourou, Clichy; Bendtner, Song, Fabregas, Diaby, Arshavin; Van Persie. 
             (+ Eduardo, Walcott, Sagna, Silvestre, Traore, Fabianski, Wilshere, Mérida, Gibbs).


Valencia CF (Spain)
AC Fiorentina (Italy)

Final [Aug 18]
Valencia CF	2-0 AC Fiorentina
  [1-0 Soldado 70´, 2-0 Aduriz 76´]
Valencia CF:  Moya; Miguel, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Mathieu; Joaquín, Albelda, Ever Banega, Pablo; 
              Mata, Soldado. (+ Aduriz, Vicente, Tino Costa, Topal, Feghouli, Alba, Fernandes, Dealbert, Bruno).
Fiorentina:   Boruc; Pasqual, Koldrup, Natali, De Silvestri; Zanetti, Montolivo, D'Agostino, Marchionni, 
              Waiho, Gilardino. (+ Donadel, Gamberini, Comotto, Bolatti, Gulan, Seferovic, Agyei, Matos). 


Valencia CF (Spain)
AS Roma (Italy)

Final [Aug 13]
Valencia CF	3-0 AS Roma
  [1-0 Viviani (og) 21´, 2-0 Soldado 36´, 3-0 Alcácer 83´]
Valencia CF: Alves; Bruno, Rami, Dealbert, Alba; Albelda, Tino Costa, Pablo, Bernat, Piatti, Soldado. 
             (+ Banega, Parejo, Topal, Jonas, Mata, Mathieu, Miguel, Maduro, Ricardo Costa, Alcácer).
AS Roma:     Lobont; Rossi, Burdisso, Heinze, Jose Ángel; Viviani, Pizarro, Perrotta; Borriello, 
             Bojan, Totti. (+ Verre, De Cesare, Cassetti, Stekelenburg, Taddei, Antei, Caprari, Okaka, Simplicio).


Valencia CF (Spain)
FC Porto (Portugal)

Final [Jul 28]
Valencia CF	1-1 FC Porto	           [Valencia CF on pen.]
  [0-1 Lucho Gonzalez 57´, 1-1 Olivaira 63´]
Valencia CF: Alves; Pereira, Víctor Ruiz, Ricardo Costa; Feghouli, Tino Costa, Parejo, 
             Guardado; Jonas, Soldado. (+ Viera, Pablo, Bernat, Gago, Barragán, Alcácer).
FC Porto:    Helton; Sereno, Otamendi, Maicon, Miguel Lopes; Fernando, Lucho, Defour; 
             Atsu, Jackson. (+ Moutinho, Addy, Mangala, Castro, Kelvin, Djalma, Varela, Kleber, Iturbe).


Valencia CF (Spain)
Olympiakos (Greece)

Final [Aug 11]
Valencia CF	2-1 Olympiakos
  [1-0 Banega 40´, 2-0 David Fuster 86´]
Valencia CF: Alves; Joao Pereira, Ricardo Costa, Rami, Bernat; Javi Fuego, Michel, Banega; Fede; Viera, Hélder Postiga. 
             (+ Cissokho, Jonas, Robert, Mathieu, Víctor Ruiz, Oriol Romeu, Parejo, Canales, Barragán, Guaita, Chumbi, Guardado).
Olympiakos:  Roberto; Maniatis, Papazoglou, Fejsa, Mitroglou; Holebas, Medjani, Siovas, Campbell; Domínguez, Weis. 
             (+ Saviola, Machado, Samaris, Fetfatzidis, Salino, Megyeri, David Fuster).


Valencia CF (Spain)
AC Milan (Italy)

Final [Aug 17]
Valencia CF	2-1 AC Milan
  [1-0 Pablo Alcacer 15´, 1-1 Honda 25´, 2-1 Rodrigo 36´]
Valencia CF: Diego Alves; Barragán, Rubén Vezo, Otamendi, Gayá; Javi Fuego, André Gomes, Parejo; Rodrigo, 
             Alcácer, Piatti. (+ De Paul, Feghouli, Yoel, Orban, Mustafi, Guardado, Roberto, Carles Gil).
AC Milan:    Diego López; Abate, Bonera, Zapata, Albertazzi; Muntari, Cristante, Poli, Honda; 
             Pazzini, El Shaarawy. (+ Alex, Menez, Armero, Essien, Mastalli, Mexes).


Valencia CF (Spain)
AC Roma (Italy)

Final [Aug 8]
Valencia CF	1-3 AC Roma
  [0-1 Salah 8´, 0-2 Totti 23´, 1-2 Feghouli 30´, 1-3 Gervinho 55´]
Valencia CF: Ryan; Joao Cancelo, Mustafi, Otamendi, Gayà; Enzo Pérez, Parejo, Feghouli; Rodrigo, Alcácer. 
             (+ Negredo, Danilo, Javi Fuego, Piatti, Bakkali, Santi Mina).
AC Roma:     Szceczny; Florenzi, Yanga Mbiwa, Manolas, Torosidis; Nainggolan, De Rossi, Pjanic, Gervinho; 
             Totti, Salah. (+ Ibarbo, Keita, Ashley Cole, Maicon, Iturbe, Iago Falqué, Castan, Ucan).


Valencia CF (Spain)
ACF Fiorentina (Italy)

Final [Aug
Valencia CF	2-1 ACF Fiorentina
  [0-1 Bernardeschi 7´, 1-1 Rodrigo 20´, 2-1Rafa Mir 87´]
Valencia CF: Ryan (Diego Alves, Jaume Doménech)); Montoya (Cancelo), Vezo (Santos), Abdennour, Gayà (Lato); Enzo Pérez, 
             Medrán (Carlos Soler), Parejo, Rodrigo (Fede Cartabia), Paco Alcácer (Rafa Mir), Santi Mina (Bakkali).
Fiorentina:  Tatarusanu; Bernardeschi (Dicks), Tomovic, Gonzalo Rodríguez, Astori; Marcos Alonso, 
             Badelj (Carlos Sánchez), Borja Valero (Matías Fernández); Vecino (Chiesa), Rossi (Ilicic), Kalinic (Zárate). 


Valencia CF (Spain)
Atalanta BC (Italy)

Final [AUg
Valencia FC	1-2 Atalanta BC
  [0-1 Toloi 13´ 1-1 Vezo 20´, 1-2 Palomino 65´]
Valencia CF: Neto; Montoya, Vezo, Javi Jiménez, Gayà; Cancelo, Medrán, Parejo, Carlos Soler; Rodrigo, Zaza. 
             (+ Jaume Doménech, Santi Mina, Nacho Vidal, Maksimovic, Lato, Abdennour, Nacho Gil, Nando).
Atalanta BC: Berisha; Hateboer, Toloi, Palomino, Masiello; Gosens, Bryan, Freuler, Gosens; Alejandro Gomes, 
             Petagna, Kurtic. (+ Timothy, Nicolas, Mancini, Cornelius, Ilicic, Schmith, Orsolini).


Valencia CF (Spain)
Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Germany)

Final [Aug 11]
Valencia CF	3-0 Bayer 04 Leverkusem
  [1-0 Mina 28´, 2-0 Rodrigo 36´, 3-0 Kangin Lee 86´]
Valencia CF: Jaume; Piccini, Garay, Pauulista, Gayà; Parejo, Kondogbia, Carlos Soler, Wass; Rodrigo, Santi Mina. 
             (+ Ferran, Diakhaby, Neto, Vezo, Zaza, Lato, Kangin Lee, Murillo, Racic, Jordi Escobar).
Leverkusen:  Özkan; Weiser, Tah, S. Bender, Wendell; L. Bender, Brandt, Baumgartlinger, 
             Havertz, Alario, Volland. (+ Paulinho, Kohr, Thelin, Dragovic).


Valencia CF (Spain)
FC Internazionale (Italy)

Final [Aug 10]
Valencia CF	1-1 FC Internazionale       [FC Internazionale 6-7 on pen.]
  [1-0 Carlos Soler 38´, 1-1 Politano (p) 82´]
Valencia CF:    Jaume Doménech; Wass, Garay, Gabriel Paulista, Gayá; Carlos Soler, Parejo, Coquelin; Guedes, Rodrigo, Gameiro. 
                (+ Cillessen, Kondogbia, Piccini, Cheryshev, Salva Ruiz, Maxi Gómez, Ferran Torres, Kang In Lee).
Internazionale: Handanovic; D'Ambrosio, De Vrij, Skriniar, Candreva; Barella, Brozovic, Sensi, Dalbert; Lautaro Martínez, Politano. 
                (+ Gagliardini, Vecino, Asamoah, Esposito, Bastoni, Borja Valero, Di Marco, Longo).


Valencia CF (Spain)
AC Milan (Italy)

Final [Aug 10]
Valencia CF	0-0 AC Milan             [Valencia CF on pen.]
Valencia CF: Mamardashvili; Correia, Gabriel Paulista, Alderete, Gayà; Guillamón, Burlamaqui, Remeseiro; Cheryshev, 
             Guedes, Maxi Gómez. (+ Sobrino, Esquerdo, Manu Vallejo, Diakhaby, Jesús Vázquez).
AC Milan:    Maignan; Ballo-Touré, Romagnoli, Tomori, Conti; Maldini, Pobega, Brahim, Tonali; Castillejo, Rafael Leao). 
            (+ Tatarusanu, Krunic, Kalulu, Saelemaekers, Giroud, Theo Hernández, Calabria, Gabbia, Rebic, Di Gesu).


Valencia CF (Spain)
Atalanta BC (Italy)

Final [Aug 10]
Valencia CF	2-1 Atalanta BC
  [1-0 Hugo Duro 43´, 1-1 Ederson 54´,
   2-1 Hugo Duro 80´]
Valencia CF: Mamardashvli; Thierry Correia, Cömert, Diakhaby, Gayà; Hugo Guillamón, Musha, Samu Castillejo, Carlos Soler; 
             Samuel Lino, Hugo Duro. (+ Foulquier, Jesús Vázquez, Fran Pérez, Cristhian Mosquera, Manu Vallejo). 
Atalanta BC: Musso; Hateboer, Okoli, Toloi, Maelhe; De Roon, Koopmeiners, Scalvini, Ederson; Zapata, Muriel. 
             (+ Pasalic, Malinovskyi, Zortea, Miranckuk, Djimisti, Ruggeri). 


Valencia CF (Spain)
Aston Villa FC (England)

Final [Aug ]
Valencia CF	1-2 Aston Villa FC 
  [0-1 Ollie Watkins 21´, 0-2 Buendía 65´, 
   1-2 Pepelu 87´] 
Valencia CF: Giorgi; Gayà (Cenk) , Gabriel (Guillamón), Diakhaby (Tárrega), Thierry (Foulquier); Pepelu, Javi Guerra (Pablo Gozálbez), 
             Fran Pérez (Gurendal), Diego López (Jesús Vázquez), André Almeida (Tejón), Hugo Duro (Hugo González). 
Aston Villa: Emiliano Martínez; Cash (Chambers), Konsa, Mings, Pau Torres (Buendia); Douglas Luiz, Kamara (Coutinho), Mcginn (Jaden); 
             Diaby (Tielemans), Bayley (Digne), Watkins (Archer). 

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