Mitsubishi Trip to South America 1970

Mitsubishi was one of the strongest Japanese clubs in the 1960s and
1970s. They made a trip to South America for two main reasons: to 
promote the company's name in the region and to play a lot of games 
as preparation for Asian events. All players were amateurs and employees 
of the company in Japan. Mitsubishi played its games with four Olympic 
players (Tokio 1964 and Ciudad de México 1968): Kenzo Yokoyama (goalkeeper), 
Hiroshi Katayama and Takaji Mori (midfield), and Ryuichi Sugiyama (forward).


Both games were played at Estadio Olímpico de la Universidad Central 
de Venezuela, Caracas.

Flamengo de Río de Janeiro (Brasil) 3 – Mitsubishi 1
Sao Paulo (Brasil) 8 – Mitsubishi 0
América de Río de  Janeiro (Brasil) 1 – Mitsubishi 0
River Plate (Argentina) 3 – Mitsubishi 1
Selección de Córdoba (Argentina) 1 – Mitsubishi 1
[February 18]
Unión Deportiva Canarias 2 – Mitsubishi 0
[Tony 2, Luis Carlos 42]
[UD Canarias: Juan Arocha, Herrera, Bolina, Sánchez, Chicho, Luis Carlos,
Ancheta, Tony, Reinaldo, Fogli, Cecilio. Manager: Miguel Arias;
Mitsubishi: Yokoyama, Kikukawa, Ohnish, Katamaya, Sekiya, Mori,
Ochiai, Daini, Hosotani, Michio, Sugiyama. Manager: Kengi Mori;
Ref: Iván Barrios, Urbina, Castro (all Venezuelan)]
[February 22]
Liga Mayor de Fútbol de Venezuela* 2 – Mitsubishi 0
[Cecilio 18, Ancheta 40]
[Liga Mayor: Varela, Antonio Ravelo (Sánchez), Boliña, Vicente, Chicho (Pedrito),
Pito Useche, Ancheta, Luis Carlos (Jair), Tejera (Dumaurier), Waldemar, Cecilio;
Mitsubishi: Yokoyama, Katayama, Morita, Sekiya (Yoshimi), Mori,
Ochaiai, Sugiyama, Kikukawa, Daini, Hosotani, Ashikaga. Manager: Kenji Mori;
Ref: Sergio Bini (Venezuela)]
*Group of players of the Liga Mayor de Fútbol de Venezuela:
Deportivo Portugués: Valera, Bolinha (brazilian), Pedrito;
Unión Deportiva Canarias: Antonio Ravelo, Chicho, Cecilio;
Deportivo Italia: Pito Useche, Vicente Arrúa;
Zulia FC: Tejera;
Anzoátegui FC: Dumurier;
Aragua FC: Waldemar (brazilian). 

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