Mexico 1921/22

NB: All the teams from Mexico City
    Matches of 70 minutes

Liga Mexicana de Aficionados al Football Association (official)

Known results

All the mathes in Parque Asturias (Paseo de la Reforma)

Round 1
[Dec 4]
Asturias     –  Tranvías    [Asturias won]

Round 2
[Dec 11]
Asturias     –  Germania FV [Germania won]

Round 3
[Dec 18]
Tranvías     –  Club México [Tranvías won]

Round 4
[Jan 8]
Tranvías     –  Germania FV [Germania won]

Round 5
[Jan 15]
Club México 1-2 Asturias

Round 6
[Jan 22]
Club México  –  Germania FV [Club México won]

Round 7
[Jan 29]
Tranvías     –  Asturias    [Asturias won]

Round 8
[Feb 5]
Germania FV 1-0 Asturias
  [Kurt Friederich]

Round 9
[Feb 12]
Club México  –  Tranvías    [tie]

Round 10
[Feb 19]
Germania FV  –  Tranvías    [Germania won]

Round 11
[Feb 26]
Asturias     –  Club México [Asturias won]

Round 12
[Mar 5]
Germania FV 2-0 Club México
  [Horacio Ortiz 1t, Walter Mues 2t pen]


Germania FV 	6	5	0	1	10 (champion)
Asturias	6	4	0	2	 8
Club México	6	1	1	4	 3
Tranvías	6	1	1	4	 3

Copa Tower 1921-22 (Cup Tournament)

All the mathes in Parque Asturias (Paseo de la Reforma)

[Mar 12]
Germania FV 4-1 Club México
  [Kurt Friederich (2), Campillo, Burkle; n.n.]
[Mar 19]
Asturias    0-0 Tranvías*
*After 6 periods of extra time (10 minutes e/o)

[Mar 26]
Asturias     –  Tranvías    [Asturias won]

[Apr 2]
Asturias    2-0 Germania FV
  [Francisco José Bernot 30 1t, Alberto Caso 15 2t]

Liga Nacional de Aficionados al Football Association (unofficial)

All the matches in Parque España (Paseo de la Reforma)

Round 1
[Dec 4]
RC España           3-1 Tigres

Round 2
[Dec 11]
Luz y Fuerza        unk América

Round 3
[Dec 18]
América             unk Tigres

Round 4
[Jan 1]
RC España           unk Luz y Fuerza
Reforma AC          unk Tigres

Round 5
[Jan 22]
Tigres              unk Luz y Fuerza

Round 6
[Jan 29]
América             unk RC España

Round ?
[Feb 26]
Luz y Fuerza        unk América
L'Amicale Française unk Reforma AC

Round ?
[Mar 5]
América              -  RC España*
Luz y Fuerza         -  Reforma AC*
*Not played

NB: It is uncertain, but apparently Tigres withdrew in mid-season, L'Amicale Française replace them.
    According to the few press reports L'Amicale along with Reforma AC withdrew due to lack of players, 
    so the league announced on Mar. 12 a single match between RC España and América to define the championship.

[Mar 26]
RC España            –  América    [RC España won]

Participant teams:

RC España (champion)
Luz y Fuerza
Reforma AC (withdrew)
L'Amicale Française (withdrew)
Tigres (withdrew)

Copa Eliminatoria 1921-22 (Liga Nacional cup tournament)

[Apr 2]
América      0-1 Luz y Fuerza
RC España    bye

[Apr 9]
RC España    1-0 Luz y Fuerza

On August 28, 1922 emerged a new league called "Campeonato de Primera Fuerza de la Federación Mexicana de Football 
Association" after the merge between the old Liga Mexicana and Liga Nacional.

The irregular seasons 1920-21 and 1921-22 of both leagues (Mexicana and Nacional) were anulled.

Guerra y Marina from Liga Mexicana second level joined the league.

Before the start of season 1922-23, were played 2 editions of the Copa Covadonga (friendly):

Copa Covadonga 1922 I

Group 1

Group 2

Club México
Pachuca AC

España         5-0 Club México

Copa Covadonga 1922 II 

winners: España (Asturias abandoned the final after 3 players were injured)



list of champions.

list of final tables.

list of divisional movements.

list of cup winners.

list of super cup winners.

list of topscorers.

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