Luxembourg - Coupe 1921-1923

1921/22 | 1922/23

list of finals


Round 1 [Sep 4]
Progrès Grund                   0-2 Red Black Pfaffenthal
Progrès Niedercorn              3-0 Mansfeldia Clausen              [Mansfeldia forfeited]
Marisca Mersch                  3-2 Fold a Ro'd Wiltz
Chiers Rodange                  4-3 AS Differdange
Rapid Neudorf                   3-0 Jeunesse Sportive Verlorenkost  [Verlorenkost forfeited]  
Avenir Beggen                   7-1 Jeunesse Hautcharage
AS Luxembourg                   5-2 FC Young Boys Diekirch
Eclair Bettembourg              2-0 US Merl
The Belval Belvaux              3-0 CS Hollerich
US Rumelange                    3-0 Jeunesse Steinfort              [Steinfort forfeited]
Alliance Dudelange              3-2 Stade Mosellan Grevenmacher
Racing Club Luxembourg         11-1 US Niederwiltz
Union Beckerich                 0-3 SC Tétange                      [Beckerich forfeited]          

Round 2 [Oct 2]
Jeunesse Esch                   4-2 Fola Esch
Eclair Bettembourg              2-3 US Rumelange
AS Luxembourg                   0-8 US Dudelange
Racing Club Luxembourg          3-0 Red Black Pfaffenthal
Marisca Mersch                  1-4 The Belval Belvaux
Tricolore Muhlenweg             0-4 Red Boys Differdange     
Rapid Neudorf                   2-3 Progrès Niedercorn
Chiers Rodange                  0-3 Avenir Beggen                   [Chiers forfeited]
SC Tétange                      0-2 US Hollerich
SC Luxembourg                   3-0 Alliance Dudelange              [Alliance forfeited] 
Stade Dudelange                 bye
US Rumelange                    bye
Round 3 [Nov 6]
SC Luxembourg                   1-6 Racing Club Luxembourg
Stade Dudelange                 2-1 Red Boys Differdange
Jeunesse Esch                   6-0 The Belval Belvaux
Progrès Niedercorn              3-0 Avenir Beggen                   [Avenir forfeited] 
UB Hollerich                    2-1 US Dudelange
US Rumelange                    bye 
Round 4 [Feb 5]
Racing Club Luxembourg          4-0 Stade Dudelange
US Hollerich                    2-1 Progrès Niedercorn  
Jeunesse Esch                   3-1 US Rumelange
Semifinal [Apr 2]
Jeunesse Esch                   8-1 US Hollerich
Final [May 21]
Racing Club Luxembourg          2-0 Jeunesse Esch


Round 1 [Sep 3]
The National Schifflingen       7-1 Marisca Mersch
Progrès Grund                   4-0 Rapid Neudorf
Progrès Niedercorn              3-0 Young Boys Diekirch             [Young Boys forfeited]
Eclair Bettembourg              0-3 Alliance Dudelange              [Eclair forfeited]
US Esch                         4-2 Tricolore Muhlenweg      
AS Luxembourg                   3-1 The Belvaux
US Rumelange                    0-3 CS Rollingergrund               [Rumelange forfeited]
Hoping Club Burange            1-14 Red Black Pfaffenthal
Jeunesse 07 Kayl                2-4 AS Differdange 
CS Hollerich                    1-4 Avenir Beggen
Round 2 [Oct 1]
CS Rollingergrund               1-2 The National Schifflingen       
US Esch                         4-0 Avenir Beggen
AS Differdange                  2-3 Red Black Pfaffenthal
Alliance Dudelange              1-0 Progrès Grund
AS Luxembourg                   3-4 Progrès Niedercorn
Round 3 [Dec 3]
Racing Club Luxembourg          0-3 US Hollerich 
AS Luxembourg                  0-14 Fola Esch  
Progrès Nierdercorn             4-2 SC Tétange
SC Luxembourg                   3-2 Progrès Grund
CS Rollingergrund               1-7 US Esch
Stade Dudelange                 3-0 The National Schifflingen       [The National forfeited]
Jeunesse Esch                   3-2 Red Black Pfaffenthal   
Alliance Dudelange              0-3 Red Boys Differdange            [Alliance forfeited]                                           
Quarterfinals [Jan 7]
Fola Esch                       4-1 Red Boys Differdange
Jeunesse Esch                   2-2 US Esch
Progrès Niedercorn              1-2 US Hollerich 
SC Luxembourg                   3-1 Stade Dudelange
Quarterfinal Replay [date ?]
US Esch                         1-3 Jeunesse Esch
Semifinals [Apr 15]
Fola Esch                       1-0 Jeunesse Esch
US Hollerich                    1-0 SC Luxembourg
Final [Apr 22]
Fola Esch                       3-0 US Hollerich 

list of finals

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