Leeward Islands Tournament

The Leeward Islands Football Association (LIFA) was formed in 1949.

Any additional information is most welcome.

Nevis enter as separate participants since 1974; it is not always clear whether Antigua includes Barbuda or not.


Year  Winners                 Runners-Up         Venue (if known)       
1949  Antigua                                    Antigua
1950  Saint Kitts and Nevis   Antigua            Saint Kitts
1951  Saint Kitts and Nevis                      Montserrat
1952  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1953  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1954  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1955  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1956  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1957  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1958  Saint Kitts and Nevis
1959  Saint Kitts and Nevis

1974    not known 

1977    not known   
1978    not known                                Nevis

1985  Saint Kitts         1-0 Antigua            Antigua 
1986  Br. Virgin Islands      Antigua            Montserrat
1987  Antigua
1988  Antigua
1989  Antigua                                    Tortola
1990  Antigua             2-0 Saint Kitts        Montserrat

1992  Saint Kitts

1994  Antigua                 Sint Maarten       Montserrat
1995  Saint Kitts             Antigua 
1996  Saint Kitts             Antigua            Antigua 
1997  Saint Kitts         2-0 Antigua            Saint Kitts
1998  Saint Kitts         3-1 Antigua            Sint Maarten
1999  Saint Kitts         3-2 Antigua            Antigua 
2000    not held (change of dates)
2001  Saint Kitts         2-0 Antigua            Saint Thomas, US Virgin Islands
2002  Saint Kitts         2-1 Antigua            Antigua
2003    apparently cancelled                     Tortola
200413 not held
2014                                             Montserrat, Sint Maarten

NB: British Virgin Islands only won in 1986.

1949 Tournament

NB: first edition; held 24-27 January in Antigua

Participants: Antigua, Montserrat, Saint Kitts

Known result
26- 1 Antigua               4-2 Montserrat or Saint Kitts 

NB: judging from the format of the 1950 and 1951 editions, it seems likely Montserrat
    and Saint Kitts (the two visiting teams) met on 24 Jan and Antigua played the last
    match on 27 Jan

Winners: Antigua

1950 Tournament

NB: second edition; held 1-4 Feb in Basseterre (Saint Kitts)

19-10 Saint Thomas          2-1 Montserrat
 1- 2 Antigua               2-0 Montserrat      [HT 1-0]
 3- 2 Saint Kitts           1-1 Antigua         [after 15 minutes extra time, both teams
        [0-1 Ralph Camacho, 1-1 Stanley Brown]                          agreed to a draw]
 4- 2 Saint Kitts           3-1 Montserrat

 1.Saint Kitts          2  1  1  0  4- 2  3
 2.Antigua              2  1  1  0  3- 1  3
 3.Montserrat           2  0  0  2  1- 5  0

NB: tie-breaker was total goals scored (not goal average)

1951 Tournament

NB: thid edition; held February in Montserrat

Participants: Antigua, Montserrat, Saint Kitts

Known result
19- 2 Antigua               4-3 Saint Kitts 

NB: given that Saint Kitts reportedly won the tournament, Montserrat must have beaten
    Antigua (on 21 Feb?) and lost to Saint Kitts (on 22 Feb), with the winners decided
    by total goals scored (or goal averega)

1974 Tournament

Nevis entered for the first time and reached the semifinals.
Other semifinalists were Saint Kitts and Antigua (4th semifinalist not known).

1977 Tournament

Qualifying Round [Saint Thomas]
 2-10 Saint Thomas          bt  Saint Croix
 2-10 Saint Kitts           bt  Montserrat
 2-10 Antigua               bt  Nevis
 2-10 British Virgin Isl.   lt  Sint Maarten 

First Legs
 2-10 Antigua               8-0 Saint Thomas
 ?-10 Saint Kitts            -  Sint Maarten
Second Legs
23-10 Saint Thomas           -  Antigua
 ?-10 Sint Maarten           -  Saint Kitts
Antigua                      -  Saint Kitts/Sint Maarten

1978 Tournament

Qualifying Round

First Legs
24- 9 Sint Maarten           -  Saint Thomas
 ?- ? Nevis                 1-0 Saint Kitts     
NB: first ever win of Nevis over Saint Kitts, match played at Grove Park, Charlestown

Second Legs
 1-10 Saint Thomas           -  Sint Maarten
 ?- ? Saint Kitts            -  Nevis
Also participating: Montserrat, St Crioix, Antigua, Tortola

1985 Tournament

Qualifying Round
 ?- ? Anguilla              0-1 British Virgin islands
Beaten semifinalists: Montserrat and Tortola.
Final [Oct ?]
 ?-10 Saint Kitts           1-0 Antigua 

NB: first win for Saint Kitts over Antigua for 10 years;
    Saint Kitts went on to win the 'OECS Tournament' against Dominica,
    winning 2-1 at home and 1-0 away for a 3-1 aggregate victory.

1989 Tournament

Qualifying Round
      Montserrat             -  Nevis
Tournament winners: Antigua  (venue: Tortola)

1990 Tournament

Venue: Montserrat   
Semifinals [Nov 3]
 3-11 Saint Kitts           3-0 Nevis
 3-11 Montserrat            0-6 Antigua
 4-11 Antigua               abd Saint Kitts [abandoned at 3-3 in penalty shooting due to darkness]

Final Replay
18-11 Antigua               2-0 Saint Kitts

1994 Tournament

Qualifying Group C [Christiansted]
14-10 Saint Croix           0-1 Nevis
15-10 Antigua               3-1 Nevis
16-10 Saint Croix           0-2 Antigua 
NB: Antigua qualified
NB: Montserrat qualified as hosts

 4-11 Sint Maarten          bt  [?]
 4-11 Antigua               bt  [?]     
 5-11 Antigua               bt  Sint Maarten [asdet]

1996 Tournament

Qualifying Round 1
19-10 Saint Thomas          2-1 Montserrat
        [scorers unknown; Webb]
20-10 Montserrat            1-3 Saint Thomas [at Saint Thomas]
        [Morris; scorers unknown]

Final Tournament (at Antigua)
winners: Saint Christopher

1997 Tournament

Saint Christopher qualified as holders and hosts

Qualifying Round 1
      Antigua               2-0 British Virgin Islands
      British Virgin Isl.   1-3 Antigua

15-11 Antigua               5-1 Sint Maarten
  -11 Saint Christopher     6-1 Nevis

16-11 Saint Christopher     2-0 Antigua 

1998 Tournament

Saint Christopher qualified as holders; Sint Maarten as hosts

Qualifying Round 1
      Saint Thomas          w/o Anguilla [withdrew]
      Saint Croix           unk British Virgin Islands
25-10 Montserrat            w/o Nevis [did not show]

Qualifying Round 2
      Antigua               bt  Saint Croix or British Virgin Islands
 7-11 Montserrat            unk Saint Thomas [at Antigua]

Final Tournament (at Sint Maarten)

 5-12 Sint Maarten          0-2 Antigua
 5-12 Saint Christopher     bt  Montserrat or Saint Thomas

 6-12 Saint Christopher     3-1 Antigua 

1999 Tournament

Saint Christopher qualified as holders; Antigua as hosts

Qualifying Round 
only one result known
  -11 Nevis                 2-2 British Virgin Islands
  -11 British Virgin Isl.   2-0 Nevis

Final Tournament (at Antigua)

13-11 Saint Christopher     6-1 Saint Croix
13-11 Antigua               5-1 British Virgin Islands
        [White (2), V.Edwards, Perriera, Anthony; scorer unknown]

Third Place Match
14-11 Saint Croix           3-2 British Virgin Islands

14-11 Saint Christopher     3-2 Antigua
        [scorers unknown; D.Edwards (2)]

2001 Tournament

Saint Christopher qualified as holders; Saint Thomas as hosts  (?)

Qualifying Round 1 (in 2000)

28-10 British Virgin Isl.   unk Anguilla
 4-11 Anguilla              unk British Virgin Islands

      Sint Maarten          lt  Antigua

Qualifying Round 2 (in 2000)
      Antigua               bt  [?] [1st leg scheduled for 11-11]

Final Tournament (at Saint Thomas)

20- 1 Saint Christopher     3-0 Saint Croix 
20- 1 Saint Thomas          0-2 Antigua 

21- 1 Saint Christopher     2-0 Antigua 

2002 Tournament

Saint Christopher qualified as holders; Antigua as hosts  (?)


      Sint Maarten          lt  Saint Martin

      Tortola qualified in Virgin Islands Championship 2001

Final Tournament (at St. John's, Antigua)

25- 1 Antigua/Barbuda       3-2 Tortola
        [Dublin (Antigua/Barbuda) sent off]
25- 1 Saint Christopher     3-0 (Fr.) Saint Martin

Third Place Match
26- 1 (Fr.) Saint Martin    1-0 Tortola
        [Hodge 36]

26- 1 Saint Christopher     2-1 Antigua/Barbuda
        [Issac 56, 90; Watts 90]

NB: other sources give Saint Kitts/Nevis rather than Saint Kitts (Christopher) as participants

2014 Tournament

NB: scheduled for Aug 9-17 but postponed to later date due to problems with stadiums and
    availability of players

Group A [Sint Maarten]
Sint Maarten
St Kitts/Nevis
Group B [Montserrat]
British Virgin Islands
Round Robin group stage matches will be played during the first four days of the competition
with the top two advancing to the finals for a criss-cross knock out style competition to 
determine the winner over the weekend. The finals will be held in Montserrat.

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